14 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-24-19

  1. The bigotry at the heart of things.


    “The Bigotry At The Heart Of The Covington Affair Belongs To The Left

    After days of outrage and condemnations, the Covington affair has revealed a disturbing bigotry among far too many media figures and outlets on the left.

    At a few days’ remove from the Covington Catholic High School incident at the Lincoln Memorial, we can be reasonably sure there will be no apologies or corrections forthcoming from the major media outlets that rushed to vilify the students involved. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and dozens of lesser news organizations that condemned the high schoolers from Kentucky have not retracted or walked back their initial, warped narrative: that racist white teens harassed an elderly Native American man.

    Nor will there be any public contrition from many individual members of the media who were in the vanguard of the online mob. CNN’s Reza Aslan tweeted an image of one of the boys and asked, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Filmmaker Michael Green tweeted the same image with the comment, “A face like that never changes. This image will define his life. No one need ever forgive him.”

    Despite additional video footage that largely exonerated the students, neither of those public figures have deleted their tweets or apologized. Same for James Fallows at The Atlantic, who initially compared the high schoolers to Arkansas segregationists in the 1950s then doubled down, noting that because the kids were white and wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, they must be guilty.

    Although some journalists have recanted at length, and others have apologized and deleted their early, emotionally charged reactions, plenty of others have not and will not. They believe that whatever the video footage actually reveals about the incident— specifically, that the elderly Native American man, Nathan Phillips, approached the kids and initiated a confrontation after they had been harassed by a bizarre racist group called the Black Hebrew Israelites—is irrelevant to what they say is the larger point: that “privileged” white teenage boys who wear MAGA hats are racist bigots and deserve no mercy.

    The Covington kids are certainly getting none. They and their families have been doxxed, harassed, and threatened for days on end. On Tuesday, Covington Catholic High School was closed over security concerns.”


  2. It’s because certain faith groups are being made into second class citizens by today’s leftists.


    “Today’s Left Now Openly Aims To Make Christians Second-Class Citizens

    Centuries ago, the British imposed penal laws on Irish Catholics and dissenting Protestant minorities. Might we be moving in a similar direction here?”

    The left wants to penalize Christians for their faith. The most recent example is the freakout over the vice president’s wife, Karen Pence, teaching part-time at a Christian school that holds students and staff to traditional Christian standards of doctrine and conduct, including sexual conduct.

    These requirements are not exceptional among Christian schools (and those of other religions often have similar restrictions), but they have been treated as the vilest bigotry, deserving censure and punishment. CNN’s John King even suggested that teaching at this school should mean forfeiting Pence’s government-provided security.

    As a practical pastoral matter, the school is almost certainly more focused on fornication and adultery than on denouncing sodomy. But the media is obsessed over the aspects of traditional Christian sexual ethics that relate to LGBT identity and actions.

    The Washington Post, for example, flatly asserts that Pence has been hired by an “anti-LGBT Christian school” that “seeks to exclude homosexual and transgender students and staff members”—as an aside, note how LGBT ideology sexualizes children and defines them by their still-developing sense of sexuality—but that is not how traditional Christians view these matters.”

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  3. Same goes for Jews.


    “Ilhan Omar’s outrageous lies about the Covington Catholic boys, since deleted, illustrate an important lesson. Omar is a notorious anti-Semite; she goes so far as to advocate for the BDS movement. So, is it surprising that her venom has now been directed against Catholics?

    Not at all. The people who hate Jews are, for the most part, the same people who hate Christians. In the last few months, we have seen the Left ramp up its attacks on Catholics: Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee assaulted Amy Barrett’s religious faith; some of those same senators demanded, incredibly, that Brian Buescher resign from the Knights of Columbus; and now, the Left has, in unison, baselessly slandered the Covington Catholic boys who attended the March for Life in Washington.

    Some have theorized that the Democrats’ escalating attacks on Catholicism are preparing the ground against the day when Ruth Ginsburg dies or is unable to continue on the Supreme Court. President Trump is almost certain to nominate Amy Barrett to replace her, and Democrats will make Barrett’s religious faith the basis for their inevitable smears. Their theme will be, explicitly or implicitly, that no practicing Catholic should be allowed to serve on the Court.

    I don’t disagree that the Democrats have Barrett in mind when they attack Catholics, but the phenomenon goes much deeper. The modern Left is a secular movement that is deeply hostile to religion. Many Leftists hate Judaism, but they hate Christianity even more. (Go into the bakery business if you have any doubt about that!) There is good reason why we refer to the Judeo-Christian tradition. Christianity comes from Judaism; three-quarters of the Christian Bible is Jewish scripture. The twin pillars of Western civilization, it has long been said, are Athens and Jerusalem. Christianity is a principal feature of Western civilization, which Leftists detest and want to destroy. So, if they are hostile to Judaism, they are even more bitterly hostile to Christianity.

    So far, the Left’s animus has been directed mostly against Catholics. That may be because the leaders of some Protestant denominations have taken a favorable view of abortion. But don’t be fooled: there is no distinction between Catholic and Protestant that Leftists care about. They may be coming for Catholics today, but they will come for Protestants next.”

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  4. The EU wants to be bigots too.


    “Israel Slams EU for Funneling Millions to BDS Campaign

    “EU has continued to transfer millions of euros in 2017-2018 to NGOs which promote boycotts of Israel.”

    “Israel has called out the European Union for continuing to finance the boycott movement against the country. The EU funneled millions of euros to organizations and activists running the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign between 2017 and 2018, a detailed report issued by the country’s Minister of Strategic Affairs revealed.

    “Contrary to statements by EU Foreign Minister Federico Mogherini opposing Israel boycotts, [the report] reveals that funds continued to be transferred to organizations which promote boycotts against the State of Israel in 2017-2018,” Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs said in its press release Wednesday.

    The findings fly in the face of repeated assurances given by the EU foreign policy chief Mogherini that Brussels was not involved in financing the BDS Movement. “We are confident that EU funding has not been used to support boycott of Israel or BDS activities and certainly not to finance terrorism,” she declared in July.

    The report urged the EU to “stop funding of organizations promoting boycotts against the State of Israel, and stipulate that any future funding will be contingent on a commitment not to promote such boycotts.” It also asked Brussels to ensure that public “funds do not reach or benefit EU-designated terrorist groups in any way, including by halting funding to NGOs with connections to terror groups,” referring to the ideological and operational links between the BDS Movement in the West and the leading Palestinian terrorist organizations.

    “The time has come for the EU to begin a deep reexamination of its policies. Instead of hiding behind empty statements, the European Union needs to implement its own declared policy and immediately cease funding organizations that promote boycotts against the State of Israel,” Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said responding to the findings of the report. “Instead of hiding behind empty statements, the European Union needs to implement its own declared policy and immediately cease funding organizations that promote boycotts against the State of Israel.””


  5. All of this has been to soften folks up for the bigotry yet to come. Catholic and pro-life?

    We can’t have that……


    “Now The Democrats Want To Impeach Brett Kavanaugh”

    As John Sexton pointed out a couple of days ago, Colorado freshman Congressman Joe Neguse (D) is on the Judiciary Committee in the House and is wasting no time trying to move the liberal agenda forward. His chosen issue is to launch an investigation into the confirmation process of Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh because there’s “no question” in Neguse’s mind that he committed perjury by lying during Senate questioning.

    Despite not offering any specific proof that Kavanaugh knowingly lied under oath, Neguse seems to be skipping over the muss and fuss of holding hearings and going straight to talk of impeachment. (The Independent)”


    “To say that Neguse is treading on thin ice here is a bit of an understatement. The only testimony given by Kavanaugh that seems to be up for debate involves the specific date when he found out about one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct and whether or not he was giving the real definitions of slang terms scrawled in his high school yearbook. If that’s all you’ve got for a possible perjury charge, you’re probably going to make a laughingstock of the Judiciary Committee.

    What this is really about seems fairly obvious. The Democrats are still angry about not only losing the presidential election but Donald Trump’s ability to replace the key swing vote on the Supreme Court. Neguse is seeking to right this perceived “wrong” by cooking up a way to take Kavanaugh off the court. That’s a fairly big hill to climb, however. The only time a sitting Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached was when Thomas Jefferson took a run at Samuel Chase after the elections of 1800. And even then, the Senate failed to convict Chase and he remained on the court until his death.”


  6. Bring your cameras, because they will have their’s.


    ““The lesson anybody on the right needs to learn, is you need to have your own video cameras running”

    The activist who confronted Covington Catholic High School students in D.C. showed up with numerous supporters ready to film the confrontation he created for the cameras.”

    “While the airwaves and internet have been flooded with discussion of the interaction in D.C. between Covington Catholic High School students and an activist who is Native American, there has been very little focus on what I consider a critical fact.

    The activist approached and waded into the crowd of students accompanied by numerous supporters carrying video cameras.

    Why does that matter? I explained in my post, Leftist Activism 101: Get in someone’s face and then play victim for the cameras:”


    “The D.C. confrontation had all the hallmarks of a set up. A deliberate provocation for the cameras. It’s certainly common for there to be passersby and people in a crowd who pull out their cell phones to record, but the activist here showed up ready to film the encounter he created.

    A video posted by WaPo shows pretty well the numerous video cameras held by supporters of the activist filming the confrontation from numerous angles. (See also featured image.)”


    Don’t fall for the set-up.


  7. This fraud has been in govt for too long to not know how it works.


    It seems to be a requirement now that the Democrat nominees be clueless. And even more clueless voters keep electing these frauds.

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  8. And BDS isn’t just for college campuses anymore. That’s why they need to be hit head-on.


    “Federal Court upholds constitutionality of Arkansas anti-BDS law

    “Because engaging in a boycott of Israel, as defined by Act 710, is neither speech nor inherently expressive conduct, it is not protected by the First Amendment.”

    “The U.S. has had a federal anti-Boycott law on the books since the 1970s, to counter the Arab League Boycott of Israel.

    There is under consideration in Congress, and many states have passed, laws to modernize the anti-Boycott laws to take into account the new form of the boycott, the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. As I have proven, BDS is a new form not only of the anti-Jewish boycotts of the 1920s and 1930s, but also of the Arab League Boycott, The REAL history of the BDS movement.

    The popular wisdom is that such laws are an unconstitutional infringement on free speech. This popular wisdom is based on a misunderstanding of the law and the laws.

    A decision in Arkansas upholding Arkansas’s anti-BDS law is a case in point.”


    “The court then dismissed the case.

    In Arkansas, as elsewhere, anti-Israel pro-BDS activists still can dress up as peppers to protect America from Zionist vegetables. But they can’t contract with the state if they conduct their business with the state in a discriminatory fashion by boycotting Israel.

    Roz Rothstein of the pro-Israel StandWithUs is thrilled:

    “We commend the wisdom of the judge’s decision,” StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein said. “As the court recognized, taxpayers need to be protected from being complicit in discrimination, which both undermines state policy and harms its economy.”

    I’m sure the reaction from anti-Israel activists will be furious.”


    Let’s hope so, because when bigots lose, we all win.


  9. Clarification of my 7:35
    “”Bigotry is defined as staring into space while an Indian beats a drum in your face”
    Thing is:
    Anything else he might have done is bigotry also.

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  10. Tell me something I don’t already know…


    “The conventional wisdom is that conservatives are closed-minded, only listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and are intolerant. There’s some very dodgy, but popular (with the left) social science that purports to back up this convenient narrative.

    I’ve been sitting on an interesting piece of social science that came across the transom that is freshly relevant in the wake of the Covington Catholic school disgrace (the media/left disgrace—not the school or its students). The fall 2018 issue of the Journal of Social Media and Society published an article entitled “Social Networking Site as a Political Filtering Platform: Predicting the Act of Political Unfriending and Hiding.” While repeating some of the commonplace claims, the authors however find:

    It is plausible that liberals are more likely to embrace cross- cutting ideas than conservatives, however, several studies found that liberals are more likely to block, unfriend, or hide contacts because of polarizing messages. Colleoni et al. (2014) argued that online networks of Democrats are actually more homogeneous than those of Republicans. Even though liberals are known as open-minded to political information, such results suggest plausible evidence for liberals to unfriend others to achieve a homogeneous space. . .

    There follows the usual highly dense statistical regression analysis of a sample population of social media users, in the usual thick prose of social scientists. But the adverse finding for the liberal narrative pokes out in several places despite the academic fog machine:

    The more liberal an individual was, the more likely s/he was to unfriend their contacts. . . The findings differ from the general stereotype of liberals, who are known as much more open-minded than conservatives (Jost et al., 2003). However, Gervais (2015) found that liberals tend to express “their aversion to disagreeable incivility by reprimanding the uncivil perpetrator” while conservatives are more likely to “use incivility when exposed to the uncivil messages,” but they did not become emotionally angrier and did not critique the original messenger. [Translation: angry liberals call you names, while angry conservatives point out how stupid liberal arguments are.] Gervais’ study can offer a plausible explanation that liberals tend to resolve their anger by unfriending. Also, Colleoni et al. (2014) found that liberal networks on Twitter were more homogeneous than conservative ones. Liberals may enact in the relationship dissociative behaviors to achieve a homogeneous sphere. . .

    Translation: Liberal put their fingers in their ears.”

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  11. So you are telling me that my eleven year old knows more about how our government is set up than people in Congress? That is scary. Maybe she should run in a few years.

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  12. New crime on the books folks.

    Smirking while white.

    Act accordingly.


    “What about the specific boy in question, whose name I will not repeat in a futile effort to respect what little privacy he has left after Friday’s incident?

    He did not move. He did not say a word. You could almost say he was stoic (I say almost because the stoics are not known for their smiles). He stood there motionless for almost three minutes as Phillips, who had walked over to him, loudly banged a drum in his face and chanted—rather obnoxiously, one might observe.

    But it wasn’t a smile, the mendacious media explained. It was—brace yourselves—a smirk! The boy stood there and smirked. And for that he must be “punched in the face,” expelled from school and denied admission to college. His name should forever be ruined on the internet. He should become the face of evil in the 21st century—or at least until the next manufactured scandal erupts.

    It goes without saying that if Covington had been an all-black school, a girls’ school or a Mexican high school visiting the US, the video would have sunk without a trace in the great abyss of unwatched YouTube videos. And it also goes without saying that if the boys had been wearing “Love Trumps Hate” or “Feel the Bern” caps, the episode would not have sent the media into an Orwellian frenzy of hate.

    The kid in question, however, was part of the accursed white race that has wrought unspeakable evils onto humanity. He was a male and thus complicit in the patriarchal structures of oppression that subjugate women. He was the embodiment of power and privilege.

    Worst of all, he wore a MAGA cap. Therein lies his crime. The inherited diseases of whiteness and masculinity, though incurable, can at least be mitigated and contained if the patient is willing to demonstrate good will by embracing leftist views and perpetually flagellating himself publicly for the sins of his race and his sex. A MAGA hat is incontrovertible evidence that you refuse to take your medicine. While it does not necessarily make you a white supremacist, it (at least) suggests you could be. It indicates that you might belong to the half of Trump supporters whom Hillary Clinton put into her basket of deplorables, “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.””


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