30 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-19-19

  1. 🙂 A nice visit at our house with married daughter (2nd Arrow) and her hubby this week.

    🙂 When they had come here on Christmas Eve, they didn’t have the gift they’d bought for 5th Arrow because it hadn’t been delivered until an hour into their journey here, and they didn’t want to turn back around, extending their journey two extra hours, to get it. So they brought the gift along this week when they were in our area for other business.

    🙂 Fifth Arrow was quite pleased with his new hooded sweatshirt with a picture of a shift knob and six gears. A great Christmas gift for a young motorhead. 😉

    🙂 Daughter and son-in-law brought another wrapped package, gave it to hubby and me (we were sitting next to each other on the couch), and told us to open it together.

    🙂 In our living room there is now a nice wooden wall-hanging with a picture of a tree and tire swing on it. On the item are printed the words, “Grandma and Grandpa’s Place: Memories Made Here.”

    🙂 And the refrigerator door is sporting a magnetic photo frame with a little Adorable’s ultrasound pic. ETA: circa July 2019.

    🙂 🙂 Delight and joy!! God is so good.

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  2. 😦 Insomnia. Two nights in a row of being up into the wee hours.

    🙂 Is it weird to be scrubbing a dish drainer with a toothbrush at 2 a.m.?

    😦 Possibility of ice along with snow predicted for tonight–my husband missed the last four Sundays due to illness, and a couple of weeks not long before that, and I missed last week (I came home with him after Sunday school because there was just enough iciness in the driveway that I didn’t want to negotiate it without him, or ask anyone else to drop me off).

    🙂 Some beautiful hawk sightings this week.

    🙂 I’m starting on my annual Valentine’s cards for nieces and girls in my church (and we have a bigger church this year, so I probably need to get started)–and this year I have a dedicated craft area complete with my own little table. 🙂 I can leave stuff out for days or weeks without being “clutter” or getting in anybody’s way!

    🙂 I also get to send one to a granddaughter for the first time!

    🙂 Half a dozen ladies from church have been getting together monthly (though not during the holidays) to make craft stuff, and I volunteered to host the next one, to make V-Day cards. I already have tons of heart-themed supplies, so it’s a natural and fun one to host, plus it may help me use up some of my “excess” supplies. It’s also a natural one to make chocolate candy for the snack.

    🙂 I got to have lunch with a friend from church Wednesday–and it turns out O’Charley’s has “free pie Wednesday,” so I got to bring home a slice of pie to share with my beloved.

    🙂 I have editing work in January, and books I like.

    Time to try again to get some sleep . . .

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  3. There has been some talk in recent weeks about curbing “toxic masculinity”. And an e-mail this morning says Gillette is ‘”shaving away masculinity”.
    if their objective is to keep boys from becoming men, it’s a losing battle.
    They may ruin some lives, but they can’t do it.
    It’s inbred. It comes with the gender. Doesn’t wait for puberty, it’s inbred
    I think I mentioned this before:

    I have a picture, tried to bring it over but don’t know how, of chuck, a toddler in diapers, handing his mother something. I don’t know if that’s the event, but he once gave her a flower.
    He picked a dandelion and gave it to Elvera.
    She treasured that dandelion like is was a rose. Put it into a glass of water and kept it a couple of days.

    Thing is: He never gave me a flower. He always wanted to help me do what I was doing.

    This is 13 years before puberty. He knew he was male, not female. He never thought about it, it’s just what he was.
    And girls play with dolls.
    That’s the way it is and there will be trouble when they try to change it.
    Can’t be done.

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  4. 🙂 Cheryl, being able to leave out your crafts will save so much time!

    🙂 Husband’s surgery went well

    😦 Pharmacists who think they know better than doctors (and better than our Google search – well, they should know better than a Google search but the search confirmed why the doctor prescribed the painkiller despite potential interactions of long term use)

    😦 Now husband doesn’t have the drugs he needs, it’s too cold to safely go to town, what do I do now?

    😦 It’s cold

    🙂 My cheerios tasted good this morning (just trying to end on a happy note)

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  5. Kare, did the pharmacist simply refuse to give them, or caution you and you decided not to fill the prescription, or what? I’m so sorry he doesn’t have them.

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  6. 😦 Sorry about the drugs, kare.

    😦 My husband has to play his fiddle at the memorial service today for his jam group friend’s 46 yr. old daughter. The whole group will be playing, but the friend’s harmonica and my husband’s fiddle are the biggest part. It will be difficult. Our friend also has a eulogy he wrote, with help of another member of the jam, for his daughter. This he thinks will be his real challenge. Their story is one of redemption and forgiveness. He did wrong and she forgave. Their last years and his care of her during her years of struggling with cancer were sad, but beautiful to watch. Prayers for all today.

    😦 Funerals remind us of all those past funerals and losses.

    🙂 Funerals, rightly done, remind us of God’s precious gift of eternal life.

    😦 The push to force Christians to violate their consciences. Not surprising since we are to rejoice when we are persecuted for righteousness sake. Still, such a change in our country.

    🙂 God’s faithfulness and love.


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  7. Kathaleena, it will definitely be hard, but can also be so sweet. Our worship teamed played for the funeral of one of our singer’s 5 year old daughter who died accidentally. It was very, very tough but also such a blessing to all of us.

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  8. Cheryl, #2–No.

    A week of storms and I stayed home in my stretchy exercise pants and a sweatshirt almost the whole time. I’m trying to decide if I can get away with it today, too!

    🙂 No, I can’t because we’re having dinner with Coast Guards friends we’ve known since 1982 in CT. We love seeing them and hearing all the wild things God is up to in their lives.

    🙂 Such a joy to have friends for so many years who have walked with God.

    😦 Other dear friends from the same time are divorcing. I never thought I’d hear that. Untreated mental illness is a terrible thing and unscrupulous lawyers possibly preying on that mental illness is even worse.

    😦 WHERE does God keep the millstones and rope?

    🙂 Nearly two pounds at 26 weeks. So very grateful.

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  9. Chas – Over on the news thread, I posted a couple brief articles with different perspectives on that Gillette commercial. I thought each one had good points to consider.

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  10. Karen, I watched the commercials. (The second seemed the amen as the first so I backed out soon after it started.)
    I didn’t see anything good or bad in them.
    Didn’t make me want to buy their blades.
    Or anything else. My blades are Schick,

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  11. 😦 We didn’t have my “official” birthday celebration with Chickadee today after all. She texted Emily that the McK’s oldest cat (who will be 20 this year) is lethargic and not eating, and she is afraid that Princess is dying. Chickadee was the only one home, and didn’t want to leave the cat. (I understand that, especially since she is a serious cat-lover.)

    Nightingale was ticked off at her, and replied, “That’s f____d up.” I winced when she told me that, wishing she hadn’t said that to her sister. She told me she thought that one of the McKs should have gone home to be with Princess. (Two of them have legitimate reasons for not being able to go home – work and a Saturday class – and the other two may have been tied up with other plans.)

    So we rescheduled the celebration for next Saturday.

    🙂 Nightingale then had time to get the grocery shopping done this afternoon instead of going out this evening. Now she and The Boy are spending some quality time together upstairs.


  12. Kare–I agree that their playing at the service can be a real blessing. They have played at several. This was the youngest person’s though. Her father did a great job. Another player’s wife also spoke. Monika was in bible study with her. When she told her bible study about the cancer, her first words were, “I get to go see Jesus!” Monika made her bible study friend promise she would tell everyone she won, because she did get to go see Jesus. What a different perspective we gain from God’s word!

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  13. Seth Jeffs bought (with a company) land in a remote area up here. He is related to Warren Jeffs in the polygamous family. Apparently, a building over 5,000sq. ft. will be put up. Not a good thing. 😦


  14. Kathaleena, 8:58, ew. I read Rachel Jeffs’ book Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs. A powerful book, but not for the faint of heart.

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  15. Sorry, I realized right as I clicked “Post Comment” that I hadn’t closed the italics. Last sentence is mine, not part of the title.


  16. 🙂 Chickadee reports that Princess is back to her old self today, loudly meowing and eating well. She told me that she loves Princess as much as she loves our Rudy and Angel, and is not ready to lose her yet. (Since Chickadee has been living there, for almost five years now, Princess has attached herself to her.) She cried so much yesterday, she gave herself a headache. (That’s a 😦 )

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  17. Husband is off on his cruise and should be out of contact for the next week at least. Then it is off to visit some of the grands. Oh, and our son and daughter in law in Florida.


  18. He’s doing quite well considering all things. He made supper (reheated leftovers and cooked pasta) for us as I suddenly felt extremely nauseated. I think I’m just overtired. I felt bad that he had to do that.

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