9 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-24-18

  1. Since it’s almost Christmas, I’m doing a 1 good, 1 bad theme, so it’s not all bad news. 🙂

    First up……


    “We all know Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus have been married for years, possibly centuries.

    But a St. George man finally popped the question to the woman he loves, 40 years after they met at a St. George middle school.

    The two 53-year-olds were hired by photographer Alyssa Ence for a family party in St. George.

    Ence is a professional photographer based in St. George.

    Troy Thode, who was set to play Santa, told Ence his plans and said he’d do the gig for free in exchange for some professional photos.

    During the staged photo shoot, Thode proposed to Cheryl Hawker, whom he met when both were 13.

    The two had crushes on each other during middle and high school, but they never went on a date.

    “It’s a sweet story that started 40 years ago when he first asked me out on a date and I told him, ‘No. my dad will get mad!'” Hawker said on Instagram.
    After school, the pair drifted apart and started their own families.

    They finally reconnected in 2018, realized they were both single, and started dating.

    Hawker had been playing Mrs. Claus to his Santa at several events this holiday season before Thode got down on one knee to has for her hand in marriage.

    “I was ugly crying, too!” Hawker said on Instagram. “I was so surprised and so concerned when he took a knee! I thought he was just picking up his Santa bag! I wanted to help him. Then he pulled out a box!! I began ugly crying immediately!!!”

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  2. This jerk gets coal in his stocking.

    This is yet another lie from Comey. I guess we should just assume everything he says is a lie at this point because most of what he says at this point is a lie…


    Now the truth…..



    Plus, every single time this happens they are paid retroactive to the shutdown. They don’t lose a dime. Comey knows this. But he lies if he thinks it harms Trump. Same as always.


  3. It’s amazing how good overcomes evil, even when it happens in the small things. 🙂


    “Without ISIS, Mosul Ladies and Men Flock to Salons for Makeovers”

    “Salons give people a chance to achieve beauty goals, but also find comfort and friends after spending three years under ISIS.”

    “I shed a few tears after reading this article. People in Mosul, Iraq, had to endure hell for three years under Sharia law was set in place by the Islamic State (ISIS). This meant women covered head to toe in black while men had to grow long beards.

    Without the terrorist group around, men and women have now dashed to salons for makeovers, plastic surgery, and dental treatments.

    AFP found that five salons have opened in Mosul. Everyone loves this freedom to express their beauty, and the stores cannot keep up with demand.

    Muhannad Kazem opened the first salon in Mosul called Razan. His business “offers teeth whitening services and other dental care.” He told AFP that his “employees came from Lebanon, and the treatments and machines were imported.”

    Men make up the majority of their customers. From AFP:

    Raji Najib, a Syrian living in Mosul, recently made use of the city’s aesthetic offerings.

    The 40-year-old had long been self-conscious of his bald spots, until his Iraqi friends told him what had worked for them — hair implants at a new clinic in their hometown.

    “They told me the equipment was modern, the nurses competent and the prices good,” Najib said.”

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  4. This is why we can’t have nice things……….

    Because there’s always somebody to ruin it.


    “Two-year-old Harlyn had been waiting in line for more than an hour, grinning as she explored Santa’s sleigh and jumped around in artificial snow in the Christmas exhibit at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax County.

    But when her turn finally came to visit Santa on his big purple armchair, the tired-out toddler was not having it. As her mother readjusted the girl’s pigtails and pink bows for the photo session, Harlyn burst into tears.

    “Wanna see the puppy?” one of the photographers asked while bobbing a stuffed dog up and down in front of her. “I’m just trying to make sure we get a good smile!”

    Harlyn’s mother, Ivory Testerman, weighed what she should do. If her daughter was crying and resisting a photo on Santa’s lap, should she make her go through with it?

    A photo with Santa is still a childhood rite of passage for many Americans, a cultural tradition as synonymous with Christmas as eggnog and gift exchanges. Every year, photos of scared infants and toddlers wailing on Santa’s lap make the rounds on social media and in family text-message chains.

    Many parents don’t see a problem with participating in what they view as an innocent tradition. But some have begun questioning the way the culture approaches photos with Santa amid the #MeToo movement and a national conversation over how to teach young children about consent and physical boundaries.

    If parents force their children to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo, some have asked, what kind of message does that send them later on in life? The discussion echoes advice given by the Girl Scouts last year, reminding parents that their daughters don’t “owe” relatives hugs during the holiday season.

    Some say it’s a matter of simply listening to children and not forcing them to follow through with photos if they are scared or uneasy. Others have opted out of taking their children to meet Santa in the first place.”


  5. This one is for comedic purposes. It’s not good or bad…….

    Unless that was your mailbox…… 🙂

    It’s like the only reason he stopped was to get that mailbox. 🙂


  6. Its Christmas be nice to Comey. After all, Trump is responsible for the original lie; Mexico is going to pay for it

    I never understood why parents forced their children to sit on some stranger’s lap. You don’t have to be am overly sensitive SJW to find it creepy


  7. I’m consistent. 15 years ago I said the US has no business in Iraq and I still thinks they have no business there. But i do wonder…. the current Trump supporters said Obama cut and run when he pulled soldiers out of Iraq. I think I’m entitled to a huge I told you so. Although, I do worry about the Kurds


  8. And Veith on papers:


    The Last Newspaper

    We got word a few days ago that the Oklahoma City newspaper will no longer deliver to our town, an hour and a half away. So my longtime habit of reading the newspaper during my morning coffee will come to an abrupt end. I realize that I am among the last Americans to actually read newspapers, so I will probably survive, but I am mourning the fast-approaching end of a medium.

    The paper will still deliver in its city, of course, and it will be online, for a subscription fee. The Daily Oklahoman was bought by a big national corporation that holds lots of other papers, and I have watched as it has gotten thinner and thinner, its corporate masters squeezing it down to try to make it profitable. Now it has taken the step of saving newsprint, transportation, and delivery expenses by not sending it to the hinterlands. …

    … I enjoy my hard-copy, tactile newspaper, but of course I get much of my news online. We are all used to getting our news free that way, so why pay for a subscription at all?

    The problem is, most of the news we get from the internet–Google News, Apple News, Drudge Report, etc.–is from news aggregators. That is, sites that link to newspapers. And while we don’t need the news to be actually printed on paper, the stories need to be written by someone, who needs to be paid for doing so. Gathering news and writing it up is hard work, and few people would do it without being paid.

    Can newspapers migrate online while charging a subscription fee? Some of the big ones–the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post–are doing this, with, I am told, quite a bit of success. The smaller ones, not so much, though I’ll probably try with the Oklahoman. There have been some online news and information ventures, which paid their writers, but those are in financial trouble too. …

    …. The whole promise of the internet was the decentralization of information, but it seems like it is centralizing all over again. What I’ll miss is the local news, which can hardly attract any kind of national following that could be profitable.

    And if all newspapers go under and journalists can’t get jobs, news on the internet will be reduced to gossip, hearsay, and “fake news.” Oh, wait. That is already happening.

    Journalists haven’t been doing themselves any favors for their profession by their flagrantly biased coverage and patronizing stance towards their readers. No wonder the reputation of the news media has become so negative.

    But we do need reporters and news media. Otherwise, how can citizens be informed enough to participate in the democratic process?

    The internet wants to be free, as they used to say. That is, we want everything on the internet to be free. So far the business model has been for sites to make money from advertising. This has led directly to the violations of privacy that we are complaining about today, as technology is used to learn everything about us so that ads can be effectively targeted. I wonder if other revenue models might be possible. For example, perhaps a Netflix-like system could be developed, where people could subscribe for various packages of sites. …


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