43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-19-18

  1. Adorable header, AJ. They are the Lovables!

    We are having a quiet morning. Art has asked for eggs so his appetite is good. Hopefully he will be much improved after another day of home care. The washing machine continues to be busy but is winding down from overtime.

    Can anyone recommend what they use for teeth whiteners? My teeth are stained from tea and coffee and I need to lighten them but don’t want to spend a lot or damage them with over processing.


  2. Good Morning Chas and Everyone. I will be working from home today.
    BG came over yesterday afternoon and wrapped presents for me. We fed her and she is supposed to come back today. She will be helping me get the house cleaned up for Christmas. She and Mr. P seem to be patching their relationship back together.
    At Thanksgiving, she had gained quite a bit of weight. She has slimmed back down some. She is going to a group counseling program 3 mornings per week. Wednesdays are Walk and Talk. She had an appointment last week with the endocrinologist, her Dad went with her with a list of questions I had sent to him.
    She is now on Wellbutrin. She has only been on it a week and it takes about 4 weeks until you can see a real difference. I think she is experiencing some of the placebo effects. She knows she is taking something that is going to help her with depression so she already feels better. She is taking better care of herself and is taking her thyroid medication as she should. She has an alarm set on her phone to take everything at 6 pm. Another thing is that she told American Eagle she cannot work overnight any more stocking for them and I think that is making a difference. There is a reason we need sunlight. Vitamin D Therapy!
    We have one more hurdle coming up January 17th. After that, we can start figuring out what to do next. For right now she is employed by Mama. I am holding my breath and praying that what I am seeing is real change and not just a really good con job.

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  3. My two youngest return home this morning for Christmas–indeed, they should be on their ways to the airport.

    I think one of my gifts is they’re flying into our local airport and landing at the same time (one from Seattle, the other from LA). To have to make on one airport trip and to the airport 25 minutes away is an enormous blessing!

    I worked like a dog the last couple days and most of my gifts are now wrapped and 2/3 of the Christmas cards are done. This may happen.

    Of course, all my gifts seem lame now that I’ve looked at them . . . so there may be a bookstore trip in my future. I think everyone will get socks, too, just because that will make them laugh. πŸ™‚

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  4. Good morning, Fellow Wanderers.

    I made the mistake of getting into a kind of theological discussion on a Facebook friend’s post. It started with me simply correcting a misunderstanding about Abraham, and somehow morphed into a discussion about the meaning of sin. Unfortunately, there were no other Christians involved, except for a self-professed progressive Christian who “takes the Bible too seriously to take it literally”, and agreed with much of what an unbeliever was writing. The other guy went so far as to say that he knows the Bible better than most Christians, and accused me of sugar-coating the meaning of sin.

    That was because I was explaining that sin includes our thoughts and attitudes, while he was insisting that sin means transgressing “divine law” – the Old Testament laws. He insisted that if we really believed in the true biblical concept of sin, we would be stoning homosexuals.He also kind of hinted that he thought I was ignorant of what the Bible really teaches.

    I kept my comments as brief and friendly as possible, not wanting to get into a big debate. When I saw how the discussion was turning, I decided not to continue my part in it much more, only to reply to comments aimed at me. A non-believer (or former believer) who thinks they know the Bible better than the believer is not going to be open to reasonable discussion. So I prayed that the Holy Spirit would move in his heart, and also in the man who claims to be a progressive Christian.

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  5. I’m getting too used to sleeping in this week.

    House picking up and cleaning is on the schedule for today. No fun.

    No word from painter/handyman so maybe Santa can put my address numbers up when he comes.

    I had my teeth whitened at my dentist’s office maybe 15 years ago and it was pretty painful (for me). I think I just have sensitive teeth, but it worked beautifully. Unfortunately, it’s not permanent.

    I’ve not tried the Crest white strips, I think they may be one of your better options (though kind of an uncomfortable hassle). I do think the OTC products, including the whitening toothpastes, have have gotten better over the years.

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  6. “Progressive” Christians … No good deed goes unpunished by Woke Evangelicalism β€” especially Woke White Evangelicalism, a movement composed of middle-class white activist types who love nothing more than asserting and performing their intersectional bona fides β€” for Jesus, naturally. …

    (I have a Christian FB friend who loves these these types; ‘graceless’ is a good description of them and their Christianity in my view)

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  7. Kizzie, unfortunately it is true that NO one’s mind has ever been changed by a Facebook post or “discussion”. Just scroll on by. That’s what I do. I am experiencing a lot less frustration and am happier.

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  8. I used to try to engage with my friend who loves the new Christian progressive pharisees, but now when she posts something from them — chastising all the rest of us — mostly as being heartless toward the poor and gays — she’ll add the phrase “no need to comment if you disagree.” Ha. Yeah, we wouldn’t want another opinion to be aired. At that point it becomes pumper sticker comments.

    Boring, and even rude, shedding heat and no light.

    I honestly think social media can provide for some good discussions on serious matters. It happens. These threads invariably are time-consuming and can be mine fields. A calm, respectful tone is always important (and frankly hard to maintain sometimes). But if both sides are serious about exploring a topic (or if a topic, especially with spiritual implications, is just being horribly misrepresented and cries out to be countered), I say go for it. And then know when to bow out.

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  9. I’m not so convinced about political threads, which I tend to think are mostly a waste of time in the end. But ones that engage in topics of Christian faith, doctrine and life, I think, can be a source of light.

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  10. Kim – I agree that there are times when it is a futile effort to engage on spiritual/biblical matters on social media – maybe even most of the time – but I also agree with DJ that sometimes doing so can shed some light, either to those involved in the discussion or others reading along.

    ISTM that with many of us, it took layers of being witnessed to (in whatever forms that came in) to finally sink in and make us ready to “receive Jesus”. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, our words may some day come to the memory of some of these folks who are arguing against biblical truth. So they may not change their minds now, but one day they may.

    In the discussion I was in, everyone stayed calm and respectful, except for that one comment by the non-believer who said he knows more about the Bible than most Christians.

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  11. Made a super market run and discovered they have some very nice and rather large potted Christmas trees on sale, I may go with that … put a string of lights on it, the few ornaments I did find and call it my tree. Put it on a table in the front window. It could even go on the porch, I suppose.

    The only problem with those is you have to somehow figure out what to do with them after the holiday since they are ‘live’ trees. The former owners here planted theirs in the backyard and it’s humongous now.


  12. Yay. My address sign is up. Looks beautiful! Now Santa can find me.

    The ‘crew’ now is finishing up little spots that were missed (including the Narnia light post next to the front steps). The ladder is up, they’re talking loudly, it’s just like old times.

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  13. “Remember that neighbor we had with the crazy escapee dogs?”
    ” Yep, that’s the one, the one who had painters come and cover our wall with plastic and then made loud noise with their machines all day and evening.”
    ” Oh, yes, and the year she had her whole driveway dug up…”
    “Didn’t she have a construction site going for about eight years? Something about fixing a leak in the bathroom started it, or was it when her bedroom ceiling fell in?”
    “And look, she planted that Christmas tree and now it has to have airplane warning lights on it and its roots have torn out everybody’s sewer lines.”
    “But she left a cute Narnia lamppost.”

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  14. Just to let you all know, the tide turned late yesterday afternoon, and I now have a place to stay. I have a feeling this place is going to be an interesting experience. But then again, I have lived in a lot of interesting experiences.

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  15. I avoid FB discussions. Everything moves too fast for any meaningful discussion to take place, and it is far too public. I like a good discussion, but this is one of the few places where such a discussion is given time to take place, and where the participants play by the rules of civil discussion.

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  16. LOL mumsee — yes, I want to contribute something to my neighborhood.

    I’ll ask my gardener if there’s *any* possible place it could be planted – I have quite a few trees in the back and the concern always is how they’ll eventually wreak havoc with foundations, plumbing, etc.

    I put little white lights on the Charlie Brown Tree — 2 sets, it’ll need 4. And they aren’t programmable so on special nights I’ll just plan to turn them on and off manually. Or let the batteries run out.

    Spent the day mopping floors.

    My front porch furniture I ordered is coming way sooner than I realized, should be here on Friday. I’m concerned about the color. But I’ll have to learn to live with it, even though it’s a small table and 2 chairs, it’s too much hassle to try to return. If I hate the color in the long run, I can transition it to the back patio and try again.


  17. The company emailed an answer to my question about the color right after it had shipped. Not helpful.

    Oh well. It’ll probably be fine. If not, there are colored cushions and pillows and horse blankets to use as coverings πŸ™‚


  18. Made it safely to Colorado. My friend drove me to the airport, a blessing, I checked my bag and got tsa precheck, another blessing. Then went to my gate nd said that I was traveling standby. Instead of telling me to come back in an hour, she handed me a boarding pass.
    The only hitch was that my phone could not connect with my daughters. Finally I borrowed a phone from a random stranger nd we connected.

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  19. DJ- Make sure you call the utilities to mark where all the lines are before digging a hole. In Missouri we dial 811. I’ve also seen ads PSAs for 1-800-DIG-RIGHT. Wouldn’t want you to accidentally hit a gas line and read about the new crater in San Pedro.


  20. Lol –

    My gas line is marked by a yellow flag in front, but as I reall there was a special agency that came out to mark where lines were when the guys were tearing up the driveway. But good reminder !


  21. Well, I had to come to work to get some rest. On Monday, we slaughtered 2 beefs. It was a big job, but glad to have it hanging in the cooler. Tuesday, I cut up 2 deer, and got the 6 children at my house on to baking. Today, I prepared the pork for tamales. We had barbacoa from the beef. Pumpkin rolls are made, and have dough for gingersnaps and sugar cookies chilling in the fridge.

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  22. We are at ER tonight since Art had unexpected bleeding increase through the kidneys (not the incision site). It’s cold in here. We await seeing the ER doc to see what they will do. We are at our smaller affiliate hospital. It will be a long night. Prayers appreciated. The incision site quit draining and is only an inch or so and can barely be seen. That part is good at least.

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  23. Hopefully a clearer picture of what’s going on and how to treat it will result β€” but no fun in the middle of the night, especially


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