19 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-18-18

  1. Pardon everyone.

    Except the rat……


    “Let’s stop pretending that America in 2018 has a “justice system.” It’s not a justice system. It’s a set of elite institutions that swing the law like a sledgehammer to crush threats to the ruling class’s monopoly on power. You know, threats like the people we elect to represent our interests against the elite. And we are under no moral obligation to pretend it is anything else.

    This painful to admit it, but we need to grow up. There are two sets of law in America today, meaning there is no rule of law in America today. Oh, there are statutes, and there are courts, and there are agencies full of people with guns willing to enforce the will of aspiring tyrants, but there is not rule of law. There is only power, theirs and ours. Time to get woke to the undeniable fact that the Fredocons deny up and down. Justice is no longer blind. Her blindfold is off and she’s picking favorites.

    You are not one of her favorites.

    You, and those you elect, are not equal under the law to members of the elite.

    It’s all about power. And the guy we elected to act as a wrecking ball should use the power we gave him to make it right.

    Unconvinced? Let’s try an example. If you are ex-military, or if you know anyone who was in the military, or if you aren’t a mouth-breathing half-wit, ask yourself – if you had done a fraction of what that Looming Doofus James Comey says Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit did with classified material, what would you be doing right now?

    Not her, though. Not a member of the establishment. The rules apply to us Normals. The rules do not apply to them. She’s not only free, but she’s living large, idolized by millions of divorced cat ladies and guzzling off-brand Chardonnay as she staggers about in her muumuu.”


    “They are not even pretending now. Imagine, just imagine, if Trump had erased 30,000 emails that were under subpoena. Hillary did, and it’s cool. Andrew McCabe and Comey lied through their teeth to Congress. They’ll never be charged. Ever.

    The FBI cabal set up Mike Flynn and they don’t feel like coming clean to the judge so they just aren’t going to. Mueller’s Democrats erased a boatload of texts, but who cares? Nothing matters. They get a pass. Who in the DoJ is ever going to prosecute anyone other than whatever Trump administration official or eccentric hanger-on is gullible enough to talk to the Feds?

    This is all a lie and a scam. And Donald Trump can and should use his pardon power to highlight this fraud before he drives a stake into the heart of the elite’s soft coup play.

    He should pardon everyone.

    I mean everyone.

    Pardon Flynn, and Manafort, and Papadopliswhateverhisnameis. Pardon Stone and Corsi. Pardon Don, Jr., Jared, and Ivanka. Pardon Melania and Barron. Pardon Pence, and Pence’s pets. And then he should pardon himself.

    For everything. Take it all off the table. Strip the elite of its ability to coerce perjury and ruin lives for the sin of dissenting.

    Pardon everyone, for everything.

    It’s all a lie and a scam anyway, and there’s no sense pretending this is all some kind of legit truth-seeking exercise in support of lofty and noble principles. It’s a tawdry frame job by a failed elite desperate to hold on to the power that the people revoked in November 2016. We owe the ruling class no respect; there’s no reason to pretend this Mueller farce is anything but a transparent attempt to claw-back the authority the elite forfeited by being terrible.

    Oh no, they’ll impeach him! They’re going to impeach him anyway. He might as well flip them this bird first. When they get 67 senators, we can start caring. Until then, pardon this, jerks.”


  2. Democrats are out with their 2020 slogan.

    “Vote for us and we’ll give you free cash you didn’t earn and we’ll make other people pay for it.”


    “Three of the Democrats’ aspiring 2020 contenders, specifically Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown, haven’t done all that well in the early polling. Even that last CNN poll of Iowa Democrats left all three of them in single digits, well behind two old white guys. So how do they start gaining some traction? Simple. If people don’t love you yet, just offer to deliver some bags of cash to their doorstep. (NBC News)

    As Democrats gear up to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, several possible contenders are testing out a simple pitch: Would you like some more money?

    A suite of big ticket bills by Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J., Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., would directly transfer upwards of trillions of dollars in cash directly to Americans. While low-income workers would be the biggest beneficiaries, the proposals would apply to large chunks of the middle class as well.

    “It’s almost, on the face of it, obvious,” Brown told NBC News. “I want to reward work, but I also want to bring people out of poverty who don’t make enough money.”

    “It’s almost obvious,” says Sherrod Brown. Well… I should think so. There’s nothing to get people’s attention like the prospect of free money. But precisely what are these three talking about?

    It’s not exactly some sort of socialist European universal basic income (UBC) scheme. (Or at least not yet.) Brown’s plan would “massively expand” the earned income tax credit (EITC) as well as the child tax credit. Harris is much closer to a UBC proposal, offering to just send $500 a month to families or $250 per month to single people who earn below a given income level. Booker’s plan is at least somewhat more interesting, proposing to give a $1,000 “baby bond” to every child at birth, adding up to another $2,000 per year until they reach age 18.

    What do all of these plans have in common? They will cost trillions of dollars with no matching cuts in costs or increases in revenue. And I’ll give you one guess as to how they plan to pay for them. Wait… you don’t even need a guess. They all want to roll back the tax cuts everyone received under the Trump administration. (You know… the crumbs.)

    We often make jokes about Democrats getting elected on the basis of giving away “free stuff.” But this takes it to a whole new level, doesn’t it? I mean, it might not technically be bribery under conventional legal definitions, but it’s still a deal which essentially says, “vote for us and we’ll just send you lots of money.”

    Of course, such plans have to be paid for by the taxpayers. ”


    Yeah….. No.


  3. Please do.


    “Trump Pledges To Review Case Of Former Green Beret Charged With Murder Of Suspected Taliban Bombmaker”

    “President Trump on Sunday vowed to review the case of a former Army Green Beret who has been charged with the killing a man in Afghanistan whom he suspected was a Taliban bombmaker.

    Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn was charged with murder on Thursday, long after he acknowledged the killing in a 2016 Fox News interview.

    “Major Matthew Golsteyn’s immediate commander has determined that sufficient evidence exists to warrant the preferral of charges against him,” said Lt. Col. Loren Bymer, a spokesman for U.S. Army Special Operations Command. “Major Golsteyn has been charged with the murder of an Afghan male during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan,” he said.

    Philip Stackhouse, Golsteyn’s lawyer, wrote on Twitter the former soldier has been charged with “premeditated murder, a death penalty offense for allegedly killing a Taliban bomb-maker during combat operations in Marjah, Afghanistan.”

    Trump said that many have requested he look into the case, which he pledged to do.

    “At the request of many, I will be reviewing the case of a “U.S. Military hero,” Major Matt Golsteyn, who is charged with murder. He could face the death penalty from our own government after he admitted to killing a Terrorist bomb maker while overseas,” he wrote on Twitter.

    “The murder charge was brought in the unusual case seven years after Golsteyn disclosed the killing during a CIA polygraph test,” NBC News reported. “Golsteyn was applying for a job with the spy agency when he admitted to fatally shooting the man who he said was a suspected Taliban bomb maker, military officials said.””


  4. Thoughts?

    My wife’s company has gotten somewhat on board. They now let you work from home one day a week, and in the office 4 days a week.


    “Burnout, stress lead more companies to try a four-day work week”

    “It sounds too good to be true, but companies around the world that have cut their work week have found that it leads to higher productivity, more motivated staff and less burnout.

    “It is much healthier and we do a better job if we’re not working crazy hours,” said Jan Schulz-Hofen, founder of Berlin-based project management software company Planio, who introduced a four-day week to the company’s 10-member staff earlier this year.

    In New Zealand, insurance company Perpetual Guardian reported a fall in stress and a jump in staff engagement after it tested a 32-hour week earlier this year.

    Even in Japan, the government is encouraging companies to allow Monday mornings off, although other schemes in the workaholic country to persuade employees to take it easy have had little effect.

    Britain’s Trades Union Congress (TUC) is pushing for the whole country to move to a four-day week by the end of the century, a drive supported by the opposition Labour party.

    The TUC argues that a shorter week is a way for workers to share in the wealth generated by new technologies like machine learning and robotics, just as they won the right to the weekend off during the industrial revolution.

    “It would reduce the stress of juggling working and family life and could improve gender equality. Companies that have already tried it say it’s better for productivity and staff wellbeing,” said TUC economic head Kate Bell.”


  5. THIS is what collusion looks like kids.

    And HRW, THIS is a collapsing narrative.







  6. re Aj’s 6:51
    I don’t know all the details of this, but this should stop now.
    He was fighting an enemy.

    Some years ago I was reading about a B-17 in WW II. It was flying over Germany but got lost and couldn’t find the target.
    So? They dropped their bomb load on a German town and went home.
    Thinking nothing about it.
    What they did is kill a bunch of innocent Germans. No thought about it.
    A terrible thing in my reckoning.
    But it was war.

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  7. Well Mueller released the redacted form 302 from the Flynn entrapment case. As expected, it provides the judge with adequate and legitimate reasons to toss his guilty plea.

    Let’s hope he does. This has been a miscarriage of justice.


    “Now-released FBI form 302 of interview with Flynn does not help Mueller’s case”

    “My reading of this FD-302 is that nothing that was discussed was in fact material to any legitimate FBI concerns or duties.

    It simply is not the FBI’s job to interview every national security or foreign policy official of the US government after they have a contact with a foreign official in order to test their memory or even their truthfulness.

    The FBI has access to electronic intercepts of all those conversations. If they have any counterintelligence concerns arising from such contacts, they can open a counterintelligence investigation. It’s clear that this did not happen in this case.

    The interview was simply an attempt to elicit statements from Flynn that could be interpreted as contradicting the official record, i.e., the recording of the conversations. In other words, it was a setup and, as such, the case should be dismissed because the agents weren’t conducting legitimate FBI business.”


  8. More….

    “How the FBI set up an American patriot for the kill.”


    “Flynn, a decorated thirty year Army man, has pled guilty to the charge and is about to be sentenced by the court. But, despite Flynn’s guilty plea, a great deal of mystery surrounds his case. For, in the context of his decades of devotion to duty and honorable service to the country, the charges against him make no sense. Why did he do it? How could it happen that this decent and courageous man would take this wrong turn so late in his otherwise exemplary life? How was it that he became a criminal just as he was assuming his new role as President Trump’s National Security Adviser?

    The sentencing memorandum filed by his lawyers provides some of the answers to these questions, and they aren’t pretty. Don’t get me wrong. The information in the memorandum doesn’t reflect badly on the general. No, the recited facts present a stomach-churning account of James Comey’s FBI intentionally targeting and effectively destroying this decent man for base and nakedly partisan political purposes.

    Recall that, as the president’s incoming National Security Adviser, Flynn had communicated on different occasions with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Even though these conversations were entirely legal and appropriate, they had — like every other electronic communication in this country — been intercepted, catalogued, and stored by our omniscient surveillance state.

    We know now that these intercepts gave Comey’s FBI a predicate for the fatal interview that was the means by which Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s band of Hillary Clinton acolytes were able to ruin Flynn. At the direction of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, virulently anti-Trump Special Agent Peter Strzok (who later joined Team Mueller), and another agent were dispatched to the West Wing of the White House to question Flynn about these recorded calls.

    As set forth in the defense sentencing memorandum, the FBI knew the “exact words” spoken by Flynn to the ambassador. In short, Comey and McCabe had no real investigative purpose in having Flynn questioned about his entirely legal, legitimate, and proper conversations with the ambassador. But law enforcement and national security formed no part of their agenda. They were on a mission to undermine Trump’s new administration by any means necessary, and the intercepts gave them a way to set a trap for the president’s National Security Adviser.

    The following is taken verbatim from the defense sentencing memorandum which quotes from documents produced by the special counsel’s office pursuant to court order:

    At 12:35 p.m. on January 24, 2017, the first Tuesday after the presidential inauguration, General Flynn received a phone call from then-Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, on a secure phone in his office in the West Wing. General Flynn had for many years been accustomed to working in cooperation with the FBI on matters of national security. He and Mr. McCabe briefly discussed a security training session the FBI had recently conducted at the White House before Mr. McCabe, by his own account, stated that he “felt that we needed to have two of our agents sit down” with General Flynn to talk about his communications with Russian representatives.
    Mr. McCabe’s account states: “I explained that I thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between [General Flynn] and the agents only. I further stated that if LTG Flynn wished to include anyone else in the meeting, like the White House Counsel for instance, that I would need to involve the Department of Justice. [General Flynn] stated that this would not be necessary and agreed to meet with the agents without any additional participants.”

    Less than two hours later, at 2:15 p.m., FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok and a second FBI agent arrived at the White House to interview General Flynn. By the agents’ account, General Flynn was “relaxed and jocular” and offered to give the agents “a little tour” of the area around his West Wing office. The agents did not provide General Flynn with a warning of the penalties for making a false statement under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 before, during, or after the interview. Prior to the FBI’s interview of General Flynn, Mr. McCabe and other FBI officials “decided the agents would not warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed, and they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport,” one of the agents reported. Before the interview, FBI officials had also decided that, if “Flynn said he did not remember something they knew he said, they would use the exact words Flynn used… to try to refresh his recollection. If Flynn still would not confirm what he said… they would not confront him or talk him through it.” One of the agents reported that General Flynn was “unguarded” during the interview and “clearly saw the FBI agents as allies.” [Emphasis added.]

    Got that? Flynn was “relaxed and jocular” and the FBI wanted to keep him that way. McCabe sent Strzok to set a trap which, once sprung, would destroy Flynn’s life. But they didn’t want to warn Flynn that he was facing danger, that he had better choose his words carefully and think long and hard before he answered their questions. It was contrived to be just a friendly, low-key, unguarded, and relaxed chat among “allies.”

    Uncle Al and La Cosa Nostra couldn’t have set it up better. This was right out of their playbook. The FBI went to Flynn as friends and then — BAM! — they figuratively blew his brains out.

    Now it’s one thing for mob hitmen to use this kind of soulless, underhanded treachery, but is it too much to ask that our FBI adhere to a slightly higher standard of conduct? You know, something ethical and old-fashioned like letting Flynn know that his life and liberty were on the line if he happened not to answer Strzok’s questions to McCabe or Comey’s satisfaction? Maybe even letting him know that they already knew the exact contents of the conversation about which he was being questioned?

    But none of that happened. Instead, concealing the real reason for the interview and posing as colleagues and allies, the McCabe and Strzok lulled Flynn into a false sense of security and led him down the primrose path to his destruction.

    In its sentencing memorandum, the special counsel’s office has recommended non-incarceration based on Flynn’s cooperation. But, even without cooperating, under the federal sentencing guidelines he was never in danger of going to prison.

    But for Flynn, like anyone targeted by the government, the process is the punishment. As a result of being arrested and charged, he has been bankrupted and forced to sell his home and possessions to pay legal fees as he tries to defend himself and his family. Under these circumstances, whether or not Flynn goes to prison, he and his family have been devastated.

    Measured by the suffering and financial ruination of Flynn and his loved ones, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Team Mueller have amply achieved their purpose. By wantonly destroying this good and decent man, they have sent a warning to others who might wish to serve or support our duly elected president and have succeeded in intimidating anyone who would dare to act contrary to the wishes of the politicized, permanent, and immutable deep state cadre that controls the levers of governmental power.

    So, where does this leave those of us who want our government staffed by honest and capable individuals? With Flynn’s ambush as precedent, how are we to encourage serious people to make the sacrifice of entering government service? Now that it is no longer safe for public servants to even talk to one another without first engaging legal counsel and conducting all communications through their lawyers, how are they to efficiently conduct the affairs of government? In short, why would any sane person ever consider stepping into such a snake pit?”


  9. The longer this continues, the worse it looks for the FBI regarding Flynn. It is entirely possible that he pleaded guilty to prevent his son from also being harassed into bankruptcy. :–(

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  10. Like they were doing to him as well……..

    But FBI leadership didn’t care about him, his service, or his finances, or family. They wanted Trump, by any means necessary…..

    Even the illegal, unethical, and unjust ones they employed.

    Time to declassify and release it all, let the chips fall where they may. It’s the only way to stop their constant obstruction and continued miscarriages of justice.


  11. The many phases of grief, for the desperate sore losers.


    “The attempt to undo the 2016 election has gone through various phases, some overlapping in time period.

    The first phase was the attempt to prevent the transfer of power by intimidating Electoral College Electors into not following their respective state votes.

    Then came the protest phase, fueling the Inauguration protests and Women’s March, and Antifa.

    Then came the Mueller phase, Part I, which is ongoing, but to date has not revealed publicly any meaningful evidence of campaign collusion with Russia. And then the Mueller phase, Part II, which is obstruction of justice for firing James Comey, someone who has revealed himself in the subsequent months to be worthy of firing, and a disgrace who has done much damage to the FBI. Then the Mueller Phase, Part III, involving non-Russian actors, reportedly from the Middle East. And then the Mueller Phase, Part IV, which so far has been the only successful phase, rounding up various people whose only crime was lying to the FBI about things that we not themselves criminal.

    And throughout it all, the momentum has been sustained by the “scoop” fever of the mainstream media, falling all over each other to sustain continuous news cycles meant to freeze the administration. Often those scoops were nothing more than “sources close to the Mueller investigation indicate that Mueller is looking into such such, or considering such and such.” But it creates a never-ending cycle of 2-3 day news cycles.

    But as we’ve been documenting, the current phase of The Resistance is the public lawfare against all things Trump, led by Democrat state attorney generals. Unlike the prior phases, the public lawfare is not just against Trump, his campaign or inner circle, it’s an attempt to take down Trump World.

    And starting in January, House committees will join this public lawfare, and possibly the House as a whole through impeachment proceedings.”


    “This is a full frontal attack on Trump World. And it’s just a continuation of the refusal to accept the results of the election with a Lilliputian strategy to tie down the giant. The sheer breadth of investigations is the point.”


    So the strategy is for Democrat and NT monkeys to keep flinging poo in the hopes of hitting something, anything really.

    It smacks of desperation, and gutter politics.


  12. This might make things interesting. California could/will push the party too far left and then they end up with a radical leftist who can’t win on the national stage. Get your petards ready!


    “California has jumped ahead in the primary line. Usually holding their primary in June, months after Iowa’s kickoff in February, California’s Democrat primary will be held on March 3, 2020, allowing the state to have a greater influence in the primary game, reports the Wall Street Journal.

    From the WSJ:

    The move from a June primary in 2016 will press hopefuls to consider a West Coast perspective on issues such as immigration and the environment, empower the state’s growing Latino and Asian populations and drastically increase the amount of money candidates must raise to mount a competitive campaign.

    California’s calendar change is one of several developments reshaping Democrats’ primary process. Following the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary—two predominately-white electorates that are the traditional vetters of presidential candidates—at least six of the next nine states on the 2020 calendar will take Democrats through a swath of states where black and Hispanic Democrats dominate primary elections, including Texas.”


    “Also upending the traditional focus on Iowa and New Hampshire is a heavier emphasis on early voting, a process that has become more popular with each election. Millions of California voters will receive their ballots 29 days before its primary, on the same day as the Iowa caucuses. Vermont’s early voting will begin Jan. 18, two weeks before Iowans choose a candidate.

    California politics might benefit, but so will the left-wing Democrat candidates, given California’s penchant for supporting far left-wingers. And so, the Democrats will swing further away from the partisan middle in picking someone to oppose Trump.”


  13. John Ziegler waxes poetic for his and NTers failed efforts. Always the drama queens….


    “The moment that the state of Pennsylvania was shockingly called for Donald Trump back in November of 2016, the fate of “Never Trump” conservatism was as doomed as that of an openly liberal host on Fox News in primetime. While this cause was on life support through 2017, however, it wasn’t until 2018 when it officially, and in many ways literally, died.

    We are often too prone to attributing more significance to events that are largely symbolic than is really deserved. In this case, however, the figurative and the actual tell very much the same story, sometimes simultaneously.

    This year, in very real terms, we lost George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, Charles Krauthammer, and John McCain. Each of them was a conservative of a different stripe — arguably far more so than Trump himself — but they all shared at least some level of disdain for our allegedly Republican president.

    Their deaths, all at advanced ages, are largely symbolic of the old guard of traditional Republicanism quickly fading away. But there was also a substantial practical impact of their collective passing. Had all of them lived and remained at least somewhat vibrant into 2019, a year when it looks as if the Trump presidency will be threatened by an attempt to impeach him, their highly credible personas could have been critical in convincing non “Cult 45” Republicans that it is time to finally stop selling our souls to a corrupt conman.

    With their voices now all silenced (and, without their parents around to provide a nod of approval to get back into the game, George W. and Jeb Bush likely to remain on the sidelines) it is very difficult to see how any sort of legitimate counter to Trump gains traction in conservative political and media circles. For instance, with McCain gone from the Senate, and Krauthammer missing from Fox News, there are very few respected figures who would be willing and able to provide significant cover for anyone else who might dare to break away from the cult.

    This underrated problem has been recently exacerbated with the retirement of Never Trump conservatives Jeff Flake and Bob Corker from the Senate. While Mitt Romney is “replacing” them, it is currently unknown if he will be bringing his balls to Washington with him. And it is quite clear that with John McCain no longer by his side, Lindsey Graham has lost his, probably due to playing too much golf with Trump.

    On the media side of this equation, obviously the death of the Weekly Standard magazine, which had been a bastion of principled anti-Trumpism, is a huge blow to the cause of keeping the candle of true conservatism burning during this most hellacious of storms. When Trump had the audacity to go out of his way, just before Christmas, to stomp on their grave, and received almost no blowback from elected Republicans, it really did feel like the entire movement had just been effectively buried.”


    The pearl clutching from NTers goes on……

    So it was a good year…… 🙂

    Literally. 🙂


  14. The younger Flynn had been employed for years by his father, serving as chief of staff at the Flynn Intel Group.

    Guilt by association.


  15. If there’s still anyone doubting whose party it is now, take note.


    “Trump Reelection Campaign, RNC Merge Into One Body Called ‘Trump Victory’”

    “The campaign and RNC hope this move alleviates any tension they had in 2016.”

    “President Donald Trump has shown us that he does things differently and his 2020 reelection campaign is no different.

    Politico reported that Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) will merge into one group named Trump Victory.

    From Politico:

    The goal is to create a single, seamless organization that moves quickly, saves resources, and — perhaps most crucially — minimizes staff overlap and the kind of infighting that marked the 2016 relationship between the Trump campaign and the party. While a splintered field of Democrats fight for the nomination, Republicans expect to gain an organizational advantage.

    There is another benefit as well: With talk of a primary challenge to Trump simmering, the act of formally tying the president’s reelection campaign to the resource-rich national party will make it only harder for would-be Republican opponents to mount a bid.

    “We are going to streamline this presidential campaign like no presidential campaign has been streamlined before,” said Chris Carr, a veteran party strategist who has been tapped to serve as political director on the Trump reelection effort.

    Speaking to the departure from presidential campaign tradition, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called it “the biggest, most efficient and unified campaign operation in American history.”

    Usually the incumbent president has his own campaign that works with the national committee of his party.

    Politico called Trump’s campaign more as “a stark expression of Trump’s stranglehold over the Republican Party.”

    However, it looks like it might be the right strategy after the confusion that took place in Michigan and Florida in 2016, two key states for elections:

    By melding the Trump campaign and the RNC field programs, party officials hope to avoid the tensions that hampered the 2016 effort. In one notable instance, Trump organizers in Florida bitterly clashed with committee officials who’d been dispatched to the state — a dispute that led to a late personnel shake-up in the all-important battleground.

    In other key states like Michigan, party officials recalled confusion between the two sides over how to plan for rallies and get-out-the-vote events.

    Trump ended up winning both states.”


  16. Not sure why you think the narrative is collapsing; Flynn just had a rough day in court. The right seems go think he was trapped but the judge feels differently. He wants to throw him in jail despite prosecutors willingness to let him walk.

    Meanwhile, the Trump Foundation is being shut down for “highly illegal” activity and references have been made to the IRS and the electoral commission. Maryland and DC are investigating violations of the enoulement clause.

    Its now been admitted by just about anybody that Russia did interfere in the election to favour Trump. Apparently Republicans have no problem with their candidate and president bring a favourite of Putin since there’s been no attempt to diminish the ability of Russia to interfere nor do they seem worried that their party and its leader are preferred by Putin.

    Mueller thus has only one thing left to do; find out if the Trump campaign cooperated or coordinated with Russia and why Trump and/or Putin prefer each other.

    Comey, Clinton, Steele are minor ploy lines to the narrative, like false leads in a detective story.

    And if the populist right want to cry prosecutorial overreach, they’re little late to the party. The left and minorities have been complaining about overreach and the FBI for decades. Its ironic to see the right complain when its rich white guy who may be the one in the crosshairs. Perhaps, the right should’ve realized eventually the police state would come for them.


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