53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-17-18

  1. Serious question, not a trick, I’m asking because I don’t know.
    If Elizabeth was cousin to Mary, what kinship did Jesus and John have?
    Second cousins? Is that what it is?


  2. Never mind. I just asked Elvera. She knows that kind of thing. That means that Jesus and John had the same great grandparents.
    I’m asking because next Sunday’s SS lesson is about the annunciation. Notice, Catholic friends, I said “annunciation” not “consultation::.
    The thing is, I’m getting frustrated by getting calls at 4 pm asking if I will teach tomorrow.
    I am going to start thinking a bit ahead. Most Saturdays I don’t get those calls, and I’m glad. But I really hate getting last minute calls because I don’t have time to prepare.

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  3. Chas, I think most translations (and apparently the original language) said they were “relatives,” not specifically cousins. I know the KJV says cousins.


  4. The photo is a Carolina wren. I saw it not because it was out in the open (which it was) but because it was singing. It was late November I think, and most birds aren’t sitting out there singing away. But it was the first good photo I’d gotten of the species. (The birds chasing each other in the undergrowth a couple weeks later gave me more chances.) Tiny, secretive, brown birds aren’t always easy to photograph. But when they focus on something else than you, like singing or chasing each other, you have a better chance!

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  5. Thanks Mumsee, but talking about the annunciation for an hour is different from giving an answer for our hope. Actually about 45 minutes. We always chatter for a while before (I or Bob) says< "Let's have a prayer".
    I suspect "cousins" is correct, I can't think of any other kind of "relative" it might be.
    But having a week to cogitate on the subject gives insight about to mention, like Jn.. 1:14 "The word became flesh". All of that is important to the subject.


  6. We went to the mall yesterday afternoon to see the “singing Christmas tree” our church had.
    Other than “Silent Night” in three languages, they didn’t have a single familiar carol. It was religious music, but no familiar carols. That’s what I miss.
    I did notice, there is lots of ambient noise in the mall. Not just then, but afterwards, I noticed it all the time. Lots of racket. Just loud buzz.
    I had Elvera in a wheelchair. she enjoyed her outing. And I likely would not have gone, but for her.

    It’s 48 degrees in Greensboro and snow is mostly gone. I need to get up and get busy.

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  7. Son has been playing the game and he lost again. I gave him six forty as his time to leave the property in the morning, so I would have time to get out and get my chores done before the smaller folk get up and I am not leaving him alone in the house with them. He has been pushing it and today I came in at seven and he was still in his room, with seventeen year old daughter hanging around outside his door. His new time will be back to six fifteen.


  8. Other son, one of the twenty ones, has also been playing the game and lost. Apparently will not be allowed back into Job Corps. Sounds like a drug infraction. He is making good money working for his bio great uncle at about twenty dollars an hour doing stucco. Sadly, he is living in a state where marijuana is legal and very accessible. Quickly slipping back into old ways.

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  9. From Michelle’s link
    “Gabriel said the Holy Spirit would come upon Mary and she would become pregnant, but did not indicate when that would happen.”

    She was surely pregnant when she visited Elizabeth. I presume that because of the response. As for her family, it likely didn’t matter because she married Joseph. We aren’t told exactly when this happened. But soon enough to make Mary beyond reproach. Only she, Joseph and Mary’s kin knew about this. I don’t know how old Mary was, but evidently very young.

    So? I have always thought that it happened just as Gabriel finished talking. But that is presumption. But I see no reason to change. We don’t know when she and Joseph were married. Likely after the three month visit to Beth’s house. I say that because of the episode of joseph and the dream.
    Lots of speculation here. But none of it matters in the larger picture.

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  10. Chas, what do you mean soon enough to make Mary beyond reproach? We know from Scripture that (1) Joseph was hesitant to marry her because she was pregnant; (2) when they went to Bethlehem for the census (and Jesus’ birth), she was Joseph’s “betrothed” and they had not yet consummated the marriage–interestingly, we are not actually told when they married; was she now legally his wife and they could consummate the marriage (surely their choice to travel together must not have been scandalous) but were simply waiting out of respect that Jesus be born of a virgin and not just conceived of one? Is “betrothed” used only because they had not consummated and thus were not actually husband and wife? (Incidentally, this is a good argument for those who believe Mary was a perpetual virgin–if she was a perpetual virgin, then she did not in fact marry Joseph, since it isn’t marriage without consummation. He would actually have been disobeying the command to go ahead and take her as his wife if he never did so!) But we also know (3) that his townfolk at one time (at least) told him “We were not born of fornication” implying that He was a “bastard” and should hardly be lecturing them. At any rate, Joseph did not marry Mary until after Jesus was born, and the townfolk knew enough of the details of when the marriage actually took place that they saw Jesus as being conceived out of wedlock.


  11. Hello from Laundryville. The doc did not use a tube at the back incision for drainage so ha could be more comforable. I am glad for that, but it is a drippy mess. We are using those plastic pads everywhere, but still things move around and things that were not suppose to get wet do. He is cutting back on pain med so that is good. He is very careful with that.

    I am so thankful that I already bought most of our Christmas gifts since I can’t drive. We have ordered some headphones and a poster for Wesley.

    Someone had put ten things in my shopping cart on Amazon. It was lots of bead kits and some inexpensive headphones all of which totaled $190.00. I deleted it all and changed my password. I wondered if they thought I would order without noticing all the items and then they would watch for delivery. I have not reported it because I did not want my account shut down. Has this happened to anyone else?


  12. That’s odd, Janice, are you sure they weren’t things you’d ‘browsed’ or looked at and accidentally added to the cart? Or maybe it was a computer or an Amazon glitch. Were the items completely unfamiliar to anything you’d looked at? Or maybe you sleep-shopped. Nothing for Miss Bosley?

    That little bird looks cold! I really took advantage of my 2nd week of vacation and slept in today, only to get up to find an urgent text from one of the editors that I’d forgotten to turn in my (electronic) time card for last week and they needed it asap for me to get paid.

    So I did that right away on the computer, with Annie crying-crying-crying, FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME NOW. She was up on the table, butting in between me and my computer, knocking a pens off the table, MEOWMEOWMEOW.

    When I finally finished the time card and fed her, i couldn’t believe how quiet the house suddenly got. That was so annoying that even the dogs went outside to escape the racket.


  13. I made my first luminary last night and it turned out great ๐Ÿ™‚ The only hassle will be (especially if I decide to do several to line the front steps) will be having to separately turn the little flickering battery tea candles inside the paper bags on and off with every use. A pretty and simple — but high maintenance — decoration.

    Meanwhile, I have one string of battery lights outside on the porch rail that really don’t operate correctly so they usually have to be turned on and off manually while all the others go on and off as (and when) they’ve been pre-timed to do. There’s some problem with that one string but I don’t want to hassle taking them back at this point.

    All the lush poinsettias are also very festive on the front porch during the day.

    I don’t think we’ll get our hoped-for rain today, but it is very overcast outside, maybe just fog instead. Someone said we have a 50% chance of rain on Christmas Day but that’s a fairly long-term forecast that could easily change in one direction or another. Is it really only a week until Christmas Eve? It comes upon us so fast in the end!

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  14. Also, I think there is somewhere in the gospels where someone refers to Jesus as Mary’s son, which could have been a dig at his “illegitimate” birth.


  15. Janice – Your mention of having bought most of the Christmas gifts already reminds me of one of my theories (I guess you could call it), which is : Do it now (or at least soon), because you never know what trouble may pop up at the last minute.

    And that brings me to this. . .

    About a week and a half ago or so, I mentioned that my friend Susan asked me if I would like to provide the scripture verses on pieces of paper to go into the blessing bags that she and others will be handing out later this week to some homeless people in Hartford. Ordinarily, I would have gotten to that right away. But the computer downstairs that is connected to the printer is not working well, for one thing. I kept thinking it would work better the next time I turned it on, since it sometimes works well and sometimes doesn’t. (But we would be able to print from Nightingale’s laptop if we needed to – which we would.) (For some reason, we haven’t been able to connect my laptop to the printer.)

    Then there was the matter of realizing we did not have any more printer paper, nor any extra inks in case we ran out. Nightingale planned to go to Staples to get those things, but has been too busy.

    Last night, realizing I only had two days to get them done, and Nightingale still needed to go to Staples, I was getting anxious. I was wishing I had nudged her to go sooner. (Remember, we live in a small town, so buying certain things means a trip to a couple towns over in one direction or another, not a quick trip.)

    This morning I sent Susan a private message, apologizing for not having them finished yet, but telling her they should be ready sometime tomorrow, and explaining what had happened. She told me not to worry, that there was someone else who had volunteered to do the scripture verses, and was all set up and ready to go. And she thanked me, twice, in our exchange of messages, for being willing to do them.

    So maybe next time I will be ready and able to do some. (Right now, I am feeling relieved.)


  16. Speaking of computer problems. . . There is a man in the next town over who runs a computer repair business, and he makes house calls. When I am ready, I will have him come and look at “Hubby’s” computer. It is not old enough to get rid of, and I would need it if something happened to my laptop. And to print things. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  17. Printer supplies go down so fast, both in ink and paper.

    Oh, so maybe Miss Bosley was busy on Amazon …

    Gardener is here, I left him a $20 holiday tip which isn’t much but it is something extra. My neighbor tips him a lot more, I think, but she’s very high maintenance and can be demanding, me not so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. “The text of this beloved Advent hymn dates back to the 700s, to a series of seven Antiphons, or call and response chants, that were sung at evening prayers from December 17 to 23. The text of these โ€˜Oโ€™ Antiphons are based on various Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah, and the first letter of the Messianic title from each Antiphon form a Latin acrostic, ero cras, which means โ€œI will be there tomorrowโ€, giving extra symbolism to the remembrance of the first coming of Jesus Christ and the anticipation of His second coming.” (https://travellerunknownblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/17/o-come-emmanuel-advent-december-17/)


  19. For those who haven’t restocked your stamp supplies, I just went to the post office to mail my packages and confirmed with them that first-class postage is going up 10% in January, from 50 to 55 cents for a basic stamp and presumably other raises for packages and such. So if you’re low, this would be a good time to buy.

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  20. For more information on the word translated ‘cousin’ in Luke’s account: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G4773&t=KJV

    Basically, the word is also translated ‘kinsman’ and ‘kin’ elsewhere in the New Testament. I assume Elizabeth, who would have had to have been of the tribe of Levi to be married to a priest, and Mary, who was of the tribe of Judah, were most likely related through the maternal line, since their paternal lines were from separate tribes (it is probable that it is Mary’s paternal line that is recorded in Luke 3). It was perfectly possible for them to be even first cousins – my eldest first cousin is over twenty years older than I am, while I have first cousins once removed (first cousins of my parents) who are five decades older than I.


  21. Since men can be fertile into old age, first cousins can vary widely in age. I have two brothers who have not yet had children but would sill like to, and my oldest niece will be 40 in a year and a half. It may be that neither of them has children, but we could have first cousins more than 40 years apart. My younger brother won’t hit 50 for a couple more years, and quite a few men in my family have had children in their 50s and 60s. I have met two men who had children at 65 to 70–they may have both been past 70, I’m not positive of their exact ages. And I also know someone who was an only child until she was 21, and then her mother bore two children to her second husband. The children of those children won’t be full first cousins, but in this case a mother had a 23- or 24-year gap between her oldest and youngest, and obviously her children could easily stretch the “cousin” gap to 40 years from oldest to youngest.

    Now we tend to limit child-bearing years to about five years for most mothers, but a woman is fertile for about a quarter century and a man for decades longer.


  22. I know this isn’t Rants & Raves, but I though it was funny. A stunt:
    An organization to which I have never belonged, sent me an e-mail warning me that my membership expires at the end of the year.

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  23. At the end of Phos’ 4:57, you get a chance to hear Amazing Grace. It is said that John Newton got the tune from hearing slaves sing it on the way to wherever.
    It is that kind of tune.
    When I was at Carolina, some of us guys would go with SS teacher, Emory Harper to a chain gang camp and hold a service. They seemed glad to see us. They would always sing Amazing Grace . They had a way of doing it that was different, but good.

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  24. We have fog and a very heavy mist tonight, but not rain, though dark clouds have hovered all day. Still, any moisture is welcome in these parts.

    Lots of shoppers out there.

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  25. Good evening. It’s been crazy busy here. What can I say — December.

    Some old business from the blog. I hope Jo sees this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheryl, from December 14 (11:59 pm): “Jo, did you see the link 6 Arrows posted especially for you a couple of days ago?”

    Thank you, Cheryl. And since Jo didn’t answer you, I will repost, with apologies to Jo that the post of mine that Cheryl referred to came while you were enroute to the States. It probably wasn’t the best time for me to post that, but I didn’t know if I’d have opportunity (or remember to post the link) during your time at home.

    Me, from December 12 (11:40 am):

    “This link is for Jo, when she gets home:


    Several videos were posted that day, and at the end of the thread, Jo said, post that music again when Iโ€™m home!!

    Since sheโ€™s almost home, and Iโ€™ll be offline for some time, starting this afternoon, I figured I would post that page now, having just seen it in my bookmarks, reminding me that it was there for just that reason.

    Enjoy free music videos while youโ€™re home, Jo. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Talk to you all later.”

    By the way, Jo, that link to the October 30 thread included videos that both Kim and I posted. I don’t know whether you were talking to Kim or to me or to both of us when you said on Oct. 30, “post that music again when Iโ€™m home!!” but I bookmarked the page so that I could find it easily to repost while you’re home.

    Hopefully this is a better time to post it for your enjoyment.

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  26. Oh, I see there’s a 10-second video posted by DJ on that October 30 page, also. I thought it was a silent meme or something. ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. Scam alert: I have only had my phone number for a few days. Today it rang while I was driving. Since I was expecting my son to call, I pulled over to call the number back. My phone said that it was a local number so I called back. Here is the message:
    “This is Mary. I am with a patient now, please leave your name and social security number and I will get back to you.”


  28. A lot of marketers and others will use what look like ‘local’ numbers — using your same area code and prefix. I don’t answer those and, if there’s no VM left, I put a block on the number … not that it does much good as they’ll just use different numbers. But generally I don’t pick up if the number isn’t one I recognize or expect or shows up with a name from my regular contacts.

    If it’s legit, they’ll leave a voice mail and I can call them back. Most don’t.


  29. Unfortunately our new house phone seems to be a number scammers have used, since we have had six or eight people call us to tell us they are “returning a call from this number.” We tell them no, we haven’t called them, that our number seems to have been used, but it’s a bit annoying.


  30. In the end, all my land line ever got were marketing/scam calls. Big reason I no longer miss it. The calls also come in on cells, but they’re much easier to control, recognize and kill out.


  31. Well, I work from home and I’m home nearly all the time. So it’s rather silly for me to be running around the house each time my phone rings, trying to find it, and then remembering to plug it in to charge it. (In our old home, landlines didn’t work very well. My husband said it tended to be out for a week at a time about once a year, since the line was laid underground in the swamp. Eventually he just got rid of a landline, before we married. That gave me seven years to try “no landline,” enough to know I didn’t like it.) We now have three extensions, enough to always be close to a phone and able to answer it, plus we have extensions for when we talk to family.


  32. No landline anymore, I thought it would always be here because it is the only recent number I remember. Too many unwanted calls. I never give anybody my cell number, I give out husband’s and he is happy to do that for me.
    Though the first half of the year, we had wonderful connection and it was a pleasant change from the bombardment, after the fire on the Lewiston Hill and the impact on our towers, our phone connection has been very spotty. I suspect we need to take our phones in for a reset of sorts. Often, husbands calls do not ring on my phone or if they do, we don’t hear each other so I have to call him back to get a better connection. A bit annoying but nice not to have the phone ringing all the time.


  33. I am not sure it is worth the expense, having just recently learned what it cost. I never connect it to the internet or play games on it. Solely for phone calls and texting and almost all calls are from husband. So a flip phone would work at least as well, and fit in my pocket.


  34. My old cell had gotten to where it needed recharging frequently but this new one (a year old now) goes all day without a charge. And I’m accustomed to carrying the cell with me at all times so it’s actually way more convenient than answering a land line (which was ‘digital’ most recently when I had it ‘bundled’ in with the internet & tv connection, so it was spotty — sometimes I’d pick up the receiver for the first time in a couple weeks and there wouldn’t even be a dial tone).

    When I noticed I was giving out my cell number more than the land line a few years ago, I knew the landline’s days were numbered. I seldom listened to the voice mails that piled up on it (because when I did they were all marketers) and it really was an incumbrance (and clearly an unneeded monthly expense). I was, however, emotionally connected to the number for some reason ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. That is where I was. Mike kept it much longer than he would have due to my emotional connection with a stupid telephone. Plus, I liked having the rotary dial with no answering machine hooked up.


  36. I still have my mom’s rotary dial phone. It’s in her old oven which is in the garage, I’m not sure why or how it ended up in there but I suppose someone was looking for a place to put it and it wound up there.

    My landline # is still attached to some of my reward cards for supermarkets and drug stores (and for Petco, I recently found out). I should go online and change the number of those accounts, but first I’d have to find them online and it just seems like a hassle.


  37. We (we being he) changed those numbers with each entity. But due to annoying business dealings, the pharmacy kept changing back to our landline every month, so when they decided to cancel daughter’s meds, they were unable to get ahold of us to let us know, We went through a rough time and it may have been due to the abrupt drop in meds when they did not send them. We got her back on as quickly as we could but there was a gap.


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