52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-12-18

  1. Morning! Annie is either cold and found some heat over that vent or….she dropped something down there….which could it be? 🐈
    It continues to be windy here in the forest but it is 34 degrees this morning….the temps will plummet towards tomorrow…..
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janice!!! πŸŽ‚ 🎁 🎈

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  2. Good Morning Everyone.
    Happy Birthday, Janice.
    I apologize for being an absentee friend the last month. Work has taken up a lot of my time. Combine that with cold, rainy weather and I just haven’t been myself.
    Today we are doing a staff retreat. We are going to one of those “Escape Room” places. You choose a scenario and as a team, we have to figure out how to get out of it. Turns out my Senior Prom date owns this one. The “room” chosen was a bank after a robbery. Hmmmm. My first job out of college was working in a bank. One night they locked us in the bank and the FBI came in and staged a mock robbery. I was seated at my desk and was one who had to hit my knee on the lever that would start the old clunky camera taking pictures. Maybe that will come in handy today.
    After that, we will go to another location and work on our goals and our vision boards. THAT will be the hardest thing for me. I have a hard time with goals and dreams. I have spent most of my life just getting through whatever I was in and hoping to make it to the next step.
    Maybe you can pray I can figure out a “dream” and achieve it. While you are doing that, please continue to pray for BG. We have decided not to do anything inpatient and to continue with the program she is in. After we get through the next step of this situation I think I am going to take her to Chicago to Mensah Medical and see if they can help her with what all is going on. I cannot believe that her father’s daughter has the anxiety she has and no desire to be among people. He may be hard to deal with at home, but put him in a crowd and he is everyone’s best friend. After all the years and miles between us, he can still crack me up when he is “on”. BG used to be that way too. I want her to have that back. I want her to be whole, healthy, and happy.

    Oh in Further Tales from Grandpa, I think he has convinced the Mommy and Daddy to bring the Baby and spend Christmas Eve with us. If BG will join us that would make me One Happy Mother.

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  3. Good morning.

    Kim, good to see you.

    Janice, Happy Birthday!

    Jo, thanks for checking in from your places and times. πŸ™‚

    Chas, what’s your weather doing today?

    NancyJill, when we were talking about states the other day — where we’ve lived, which ones / how many we’ve visited — I was thinking later that of all the non-neighboring states I’ve been to, Colorado has topped my list of destination spots on trips. My family of origin went on vacation twice during my childhood, with the first time having Colorado as the destination. It was fun to have a snowball fight in the mountains in July. πŸ™‚ And wear shorts at an amusement park on the same trip.

    Hubby and I also traveled to Colorado the year before 1st Arrow was born. In fact, I think I got pregnant with son while out there.

    So…three trips in my lifetime, and two of them with a specific end-destination of Colorado (and the other trip, to California, my parents, siblings, and I also spent some time in CO). A beautiful state.


  4. Six, it has zoomed up to 32 degrees now. But it is slippery and we aren’t going anywhere today.
    It has been decades ago, and I forgot the scenario, but I was in one of those “game” situations once. We got to the situation where we were trying to make the “game” work and didn’t deal with the assigned situation. I have been skeptical of “games” ever since.

    Like my foreign travel. I never count that I have been to a country if I never got off the air base. e.g. I have been to the Cairo airport in Egypt, seen the pyramids from the air. But I never say that I have been to Egypt. I traveled through N. Dakota on the way to Montana, but never been to N. Dakota.


  5. If not, then husband made it to Alaska before I did, when he went on the Alaska cruise last year. And that would never do. He had been to too many other places before me. But I have ridden a horse in the Sahara.

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  6. Colorado, one of my most harrowing memories was driving a van through Denver with my four children. They got to chanting Go Ninja and I got caught up in the beat and nearly drove a woman in a little car off of an overpass in a blizzard. Was that you, NancyJill? Sorry. But we learned very good car manners from that incident. Must have been back in….’90?

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  7. Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes.

    It has been a rocky start to the day. I did not pass the DMV eye test so I can not drive until I have cataract surgery. Art is really stressed out. I don’t think he believed me when I said this was a possibility.


  8. The timing of things can be so devastating, but then we remember when we thought the timing was wrong before and God brought about good. Praying for you both, Janice.

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  9. I think it’s safe to say Jo is in the Outer Limits.

    No surprises. On Tuesday, I woke up and my back felt fine. The insurance company arranged things “more easily than I could have imagined,” according to Mr. Fix it. All the other miseries of the day before fell right back into line.

    That’s why it’s so important to praise God in all circumstances. His eyes are upon us and He asks us to trust Him.

    Asking, asking, asking–for many of you.

    Hey, Chas, surely we’ve suggested to you that you start telling the stories of your life into either your Iphone recorder or a tape recorder? They’re important for your family–particularly your great-grandchildren.

    There’s too much snow outside. Get talking.

    !. Start with your earliest memory.
    2. Tell the kids about your brother–what he was like, how tall he was, his laugh and his favorite games.
    3. Tell us the names of your family, on both sides, as far back as you can remember. Where did they live?
    4. Who in your family fought in wars–including your grandfather.
    5. Where did they live? Did you ever visit? What were their houses like?

    Those five questions should take some time . . .

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  10. All those stories we either forget to tell or never find the right time… Yes, do it, Chas!

    Ugh, Janice! 😦 In spite of that, happy birthday to you!

    Chas, we will be in the thirties way up north! Brrr for you. Nothing like damp cold. 😦

    Looking forward to the escape room experience. I am terrible with clues, so not sure how I would do.

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  11. BTW, Janice. Years ago I was the librarian for our church and part of the library association. One of things we did was attend a presentation of the wonderful Ramsey Collection at the University of MN. All kinds of old bibles and even scrolls is kept in a controlled environment. It was a wonderful, educational afternoon for me.

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  12. Yikes, happy birthday?, Janice. That complicates things.

    It is good that we have Uber and other similar options available today. When is the cataract surgery set to take place? You and Art have had quite a whirlwind to deal with, hang in there. Faith building times.

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  13. Those group exercises were never my ‘thing,’ though I haven’t been through many. One of the last times was in the setting of a civic group where we were asked to eliminate people from a sinking boat. As I recall, the minister was the first to be tossed, which I found interesting (I wasn’t a real active participant, I’ll admit!).

    Just had my first phone interview of the day — glad I talked to this guy who gave an entirely different perspective on the story I’ve written and now can add to since editors held it a day.

    I’m like that tv commercial, working from home at the dining table, half awake with messed-up hair, no makeup and wearing sweats.

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  14. This link is for Jo, when she gets home:


    Several videos were posted that day, and at the end of the thread, Jo said, post that music again when I’m home!!

    Since she’s almost home, and I’ll be offline for some time, starting this afternoon, I figured I would post that page now, having just seen it in my bookmarks, reminding me that it was there for just that reason.

    Enjoy free music videos while you’re home, Jo. πŸ™‚

    Talk to you all later.

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  15. After Art gets through at least the first kidney stone surgery then I can schedule cataract surgery. The worst part of it is having to tell Karen that I won’t be able to drive her to appointments. At least it is during the holidays so her daughter will be out of school for a bit.

    Yes, I am thankful to live where Uber is a good option.


  16. DJ, about the knee brace. Wear it. You will adjust and it does seem to help it heal quicker. You are preventing it from doing itself additional injury, reminding yourself to take it easy, and making a fashion statement. Wear it on the outside of the jeans so everybody can ask about your skiing injury. The cardboard box and cheap mats will just be our little secrets.

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  17. Annie is a doll cat. She has the exact look in her eyes that I see from Miss Bosley. It’s sorta like, ” I acknowledge you are there, but leave me alone because I have more important business at the moment.”


  18. DJ, you get as dressed up as sweats when you work at home? The way I heard it, with the new freelance economy we now have white-collar, blue-collar, and pajama-clad workers. What’s the point of working at home if you get dressed to do it?

    (Don’t worry, most of the time I’m out of pajamas by . . . noon. But not always.)

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  19. I sleep in sweats these days. πŸ™‚ Or a T-shirt and shorts during warmer months. I don’t think I have formal PJs …

    So I’m technically not really getting dressed.

    Mumsee, thanks, I’ll put the brace on now. πŸ™‚ And you’re right (as always! πŸ™‚ ), my knee actually felt much better yesterday after I put it back on. I walked slow and funny, but that burning sensation on the knee went away.

    I saw something about scooters going into Davy Jones’ locker recently … When the bikes were all the rage (from the same companies), they were sometimes ending up drifting in and out with the tides at the beach. Another bike wound up on the roof of a local school and another one was wedged under the life-sized fishermen’s memorial bronze figure shown hoisting a tuna fish. His legs were positioned just right to get the bright lime green bike underneath him, the seat landing right on his rear.

    It really was kind of funny, although the memorial supporters were outraged.

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  20. In that picture Annie finally looked my way after I was calling her. It disrupted her cat-like meditative resting pose which is why she actually is wearing a look of annoyance.

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  21. Michelle, I did one better. I’m written most of what you mention.
    Mostly, it’s pictures with comment. it’s all in a notebook. It starts out with “Early Years” with B&W pictures of me as a child and goes through my early years at the Defense Mapping Agency.
    H haven’t added anything since we moved to Hendersonville. Maybe I should. But I don’t have any recent pictures. I stopped taking pictures when they stopped using film. I have some on my phone, but never look at them.

    I told you before that I sent some of the things my dad had to Legacy Box. I gave the thumb drive to Chuck and a copy of the disk to my sister.

    My sister did a genealogy test that showed that we are almost entirely German, English, Scottish and Western Europe stock.

    I have a genealogy chart on my computer. Chuck knows it’s there. Maybe I should print it.
    I don’t have anything about my brother though. Except to mention him. He was important to me. He had a “My Brother is in the Air Force” t-shirt.

    Thanks for the concern.

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  22. A sad local story.
    A couple of rotwilers (huge dogs) killed a 76 year od woman and mauled two children (in hospital, they didn’t mention condition). They were killed by the responding police when tey attacked them. They (I think) belonged to the woman’s brother.
    Point is. People should never keep dangerous animals. I don’t know what will happen to the owner.

    Elvera[s niece (sister’s daughter) married a man who had a half wolf, half dog crossbreed
    Huge animal. I have met him. Friendly critter.
    He was a family pet for a while.
    But then, as it usually happens:
    Wife got pregnant.
    He got rid of the critter.
    That’s what I call smart.


  23. Oh it is getting cloudy here and it looks like it might snow. I have to take a cheeseball and my card table to my neighbor’s house tonight for our monthly ladies gathering (she doesn’t have enough tables for all of us so requested my card table!) ….I guess I will drive even though she lives just 4 properties down the road 😊
    My Dad was given one of those books to write down answers to prompting questions about his life. The only thing I saw that he had written was his memory of walking down to the creek to get water for his Mom. I don’t know the story of that part of his life…I wish I had the chance to ask him about that time of his life…..


  24. About ten months before my sister-in-law died, when I knew she probably wouldn’t make it but she was still sure she would, I was in a bookstore and saw a book for a grandmother to fill out for her grandchild. My grandniece was only about two and wouldn’t really remember her grandmother, but I thought such a book might be treasured–but would buying it say “You won’t make it”? I called my sister from the store to ask her advice, and she said what I was leaning toward, that I should buy it.

    On Christmas it was opened and set aside with no comment. Several months later, once the pending death was acknowledged, she or my brother said something about leaving memories for the little one. I mentioned the book, and they didn’t remember it, but went looking. I spoke in time, because she still had a couple of months in which she was able to fill it out, a little bit at a time.

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  25. Frustrating day with an editor, but that’s how they are πŸ™‚

    I still have another story to write before I’m off the clock. The house is in shambles around me, but I can’t do much about that until I’m done with the “work” I’m getting paid to do. 😦

    It’s very gray and overcast here, a high of about 60 only; maybe rain again on Monday next week. I’ll need to water before then, though. Maybe I can get to it late today. I just had an apple for lunch.

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  26. Chas, rottweilers scare me a bit. One of my brothers says they are the only breed strong enough to kill a grown man. I don’t think that’s literally true, but they are one of only a few. But there is a child’s book about a Rottweiler named Carl; while I get it that not all Rottweilers are dangerous dogs–probably most are not–they all look alike, and personally I think it’s irresponsible to publish a book that puts it in a child’s mind that a Rottweiler is a friend. It’s a breed that demands respect.

    One of them is regularly walked around our house, and someone else has a pair of Dobermans that gets walked here too. I love dogs, but those are two of the breeds I’m cautious around, partly because criminals sometimes own them and train them to be vicious. And sometimes loving people own the powerful breeds but don’t really know what they are capable of, and don’t train them well enough or keep them contained adequately. Sometimes people allow children to take liberties with dogs that really test the dog’s patience, and then everyone is shocked when this gentle dog finally turns on its tormentors, or else the dog simply isn’t as trustworthy as they assumed.

    We had several vicious dogs within a couple of blocks of me in Nashville. One, a male dog, bit Misten, and a male dog that will bite a bitch is completely unpredictable and untrustworthy–and he later bit my next-door neighbor and bruised her through jeans. A female would snarl at Misten and one time got loose and attacked her, and I was afraid she would disembowel her since she went for her belly. Another female cornered people on the block several times, and once growled at me and my two next-door neighbors when we were standing in our own yards. Another dog was sometimes friendly and sometimes not, and I didn’t trust him at all; he ended up biting the husband of my neighbors on his hand. And we had a pair of pesky little terriers down the street who would get out of their yard, and go yipping and snapping behind me when I’d walk Misten, and one once bit me on the heel and broke the skin. A different dog wasn’t vicious, but was a nuisance. It would be loose in its front yard, and the neighbors and I would walk by and it would yap at our heels and the neighbor would assure us it wouldn’t bite. I didn’t really care that it wouldn’t bite; a dog shouldn’t be loose to run at the neighbors on multiple different occasions. I’ve always liked dogs, but having such a variety of vicious or untrustworthy dogs around me the eight years I lived there made me much more cautious around dogs.

    At the dog park we had a large, beautiful white wolf that people would bring occasionally. One time a lady brought a little brat of a dog and then chose to ignore it. Her dog went from dog to dog, probably eight dogs in all, and at each dog he would jump at its throat three or four times, and then move on to the next. It was a pipsqueak of a dog, seven or eight pounds at the most, but when it did it to Misten and I looked across the park to find its owner talking to someone else and ignoring her dog, I was not impressed. Well, it got to the wolf and it wouldn’t let up. With the other dogs it got bored after three or four jumps and moved on to the next dog. But it got to the wolf, which was probably 90 pounds, and just kept up. When it had jumped 10 or 12 times, I thought this really could end badly, it wouldn’t be the wolf’s fault, and none of us wants to see a dog killed or a responsible owner lose his pet because of an irresponsible owner letting her dog push the limits. So I walked over to the owner and told her, “You might want to know that the dog your dog is attacking is actually a wolf.” At that, she went over and called her dog off. Then she walked back by me. Apparently my voice hadn’t sounded very friendly, and she asked me what that was about. I told her, “Since you brought your dog into the park, he has been jumping at the throats of every dog in here. He attacked my collie, and all of those dogs over there. But with most of them he only jumped three or four times. When he got to the wolf, he wouldn’t stop, and I didn’t want to see the wolf kill him.” I don’t think wolves should be pets, and honestly I didn’t like to see that one brought into the dog park–there was simply too much risk involved. But in that instance, it was the owner of the little dog who was appallingly in the wrong. Yes, a little dog that jumps at other dog’s throats is far less dangerous than a big dog that does so–but it’s really horrid manners to allow any size dog to do it!


  27. DJ, a high of “only” about 60 in December? You are officially spoiled. We were pleased to get into the 40s, and we are nowhere near the coldest on this blog. πŸ™‚ Editors aren’t always frustrating, BTW. Sometimes it’s writers who are!

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  28. DJ – Make sure to eat enough protein. Protein helps us heal.

    I think “they” (whomever they were) used to say that we don’t need as much protein as we get older, but now “they” are saying that we may actually need more than when we were younger.


  29. What a long day, I’m heading for burnout. Three stories with a slow computer and a cat walking all over the keyboard and knocking papers and anything else she can get to off the desk … been going from 8-6 today, I feel brain dead.

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  30. Happy birthday, Janice. Hope you can get the surgery soon.

    Miguel found out today that he will have arthroscopic knee surgery in early January.

    I have one more assignment to complete, and then I am done for the semester. I will have almost a month off from school. Lots to do at home, and lots of work scheduled.

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  31. Went to my neighbor’s at 5…warm enough for no coat and I had my Birkenstocks on with socks of course….came out at 9 with 3 inches of snow, blizzard and howling winds….but of course it’s a dry cold we have here in Colorado right? We were all laughing and having a grand time sweeping snow off of our cars….good thing we all live in the neighborhood because it’s not fit for man nor beast out there right now! 😊 ⛄️

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