50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-4-18

  1. Morning Nancyjill and morning Chas. Got some things done today. Just four more days of school before I head home. I’m ready, but that long flight is really lllooooonnnnnggg.

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  2. Can you imagine sitting in a seat for eight hours and you still have six hours to go??? I must confess that the first sight of US soil brings tears to my eyes.

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  3. Jo I am so glad to know you get to come home to spend time with your loved ones…that is the sweet reward for sitting on that plane for soooo long!! Praying the time passes quickly on that plane and then lingers as you enjoy your precious kiddos! โค๏ธ

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  4. Jo, when you described the number of hours of sitting, I thought it sounds a lot like time in the chair at the tax office during the high season. No wonder when we go to the preparer seminars that most all the people are older and overweight.

    Thankful you get to come home and see your family. That makes the season brighter.

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  5. The weather is cold here again. It’s like a pingpong ball bouncing around.

    Yesterday, the day before I was going to try and renew my driver’s license, the lens popped out of my glasses on one side. It is gone. Once again, I make plans and God laughs, or so it would seem. Now, do I spend 150 dollars for a new pair just to get my driver’s license when I need to visit the ophthalmologist to get a detailed exam including info abouI eye surgery which will make me get a totally new prescription for glasses? Dilemmas๐Ÿ‘“

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  6. That is such a sweet, “homey” picture Kizzie. I am glad you and Nightingale are making a home together. It can greatly workout.
    For reasons beyond my knowledge, my great aunt, her daughter, and granddaughter all lived together next door to my grandparents. They made such a happy home together that I always wanted to go “in at the door” to Ivvie’s (Her given name was Vivian). My 2nd cousin is two years older than I am. She was kind of bossy. Ivvie kept her granddaughter and sometimes me, and her daughter worked and supported the family. (there are two V’s in Ivvie so that you won’t read it as Ivy)
    Not too long ago my cousin and I were remembering how good her grandmother’s iced tea was.

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  7. What a pretty cabinet and and decorations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ll string something on my cabinet, too, after that bit of inspiration. I saw a photo on FB, too, Kizzie, and I love your wide-planked wood floors.

    I woke up at 6:20 this morning thinking “work.” Then I remembered. NO “work” this week. Yay! I let the animals out and slept for another hour, feeling no rush to immediately hit the shower when I did get up. I even made some coffee. Sweet.

    Today I’ll finish hanging curtains and do some decorating. Rain is supposed to come by 2 a.m. Wednesday and continue for 2 days, maybe. My friend and I planned to go to Knott’s on Thursday so we’re playing that one by ear. Every year they do a big outdoor Christmas festival with shopping that we love to stroll through. But they could get rained out. I’m game to go in the rain if they’re going to find a way to still be open, but I doubt my friend is that motivated so I may wind up going alone. We’ll see. It all depends on the weather — light rain shouldn’t be an issue.

    These va/staycation weeks fly by much too fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Five hours coast-to-coast is quite enough for me cramped on a plane in coach, which is all I can afford, thank you.

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  8. Janice, is there any way you can go for your license and see if you pass? I mean, I know they test each eye separately, but a person with one good eye can still legally drive, right? Are your eyes similar enough that the good lens can help you see out of the other eye, if necessary? They take your photo without glasses, anyway. You can’t be the first person they have had in such a dilemma, but I would think if you still have one lens it might be workable, and I have a hunch they wouldn’t charge you a second time if you had to retake it (though you would likely have to wait in line all over again). Might be worth a try.

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  9. Well in Colorado even if you have one good eye they will not pass you without an ophthalmologist certification. My right eye passed just fine. It was when they got to the left eye and I said โ€œit is blankโ€…he groaned and sent me away with a yellow paper and said donโ€™t come back until your ophthalmologist certifies that you can see!! I did get my license renewed with the stipulation of no night driving…. ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ‘“

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  10. They’d probably give you an extension, Janice? Ask Santa for glasses.

    My tax preparer is tall and lanky. But I am thinking he may decide to retire one of these days, he’s in his early 70s, grew up across the street from us and has had his own CPA biz for years (his father also was a CPA). He’s been a coach for his kids & grandkids and was himself active in sports — plus he just has those tall, thin genetics. Sigh.

    We’re getting those stand-up desks at work which are very nice.


  11. I thought about doing that, Cheryl, since it is my bad eye that the lens dropped from. It is a long drive to the license place so I was hopeful for not more than one trip. If I can’t get an appointment then that sounds like a plan.

    I was out and about yesterday when I noticed the lens was gone. I thought that the lens must not be helping much since I had not noticed it missing.
    I have epi-retinal membrane which is similar to a cataract on the back side of the eye. My vision in the middle of the eye is gone. I also have cataracts on the front of my eyes. When I saw one of my cousins who lives in Florida at the funeral in West Virginia, she said she has ERM in both eyes. She does not drive at all. She is the only other person I have heard of having it. My friend Karen can’t drive at all due to double vision.


  12. I found a recipe for peanut butter mini cheescakes and wonder if anyone has made them and how they turned out. You put a vanilla wafer in the bottom of a muffin tin and then a layer of a cheesecake mixture. Finally you press a Reeces Cup on top and bake. It sounds good but only if it turns out pretty.


  13. Curtains up in the bedroom, they’re a faux linen semi-sheer, light blue, which I really like (though they’re too sheer alone for a bedroom, so the wooden blinds stay up behind them). Also Home Depot, not expensive but a little more expensive than their plain sheers. I wouldn’t mind using them also on one of my living room casement window pairs, though. Maybe later I’ll buy some for that.

    I need 2 more panels for better coverage in the bedroom, however, so it’s back to Home Depot for that today — I also need to return 2 rods that were too short while I’m there.

    I forget how much time these little projects take.


  14. One of the bedroom bind panels won’t lower, they’ve been stuck up (snobs!) since one of the many major house projects took place. These are nice wooden blinds that were here when I moved in — yeah, they probably should be replaced, but …

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  15. Those wide wooden floor planks in my dining room are probably the original floor from when the house was built in 1900. The floor has the old wooden nails, although some are missing. I could say the floor is not in great shape, but instead I will say it is rustic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. A few days ago, I did my Christmas shopping on Amazon. I already knew what I was going to get for The Boy, thought I knew what I would get for Nightingale, but was not sure about what to get for Chickadee. (Among us three women, we are each getting each other one gift for our stockings, and Nightingale will provide the rest of the stocking stuffers.)

    Something Nightingale said made me change my mind about what I was going to get her, but an off-hand comment of hers led me to find and buy a charm for her stethoscope, and a pretty ornament for her tree that says something about nurses having caring hearts.

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  17. A little background before I get to Chickadee’s gift. Back when she was about two years old, maybe even when she was three, she had a little pink t-shirt with a drawing of a cute bear, with the words “I Need a Hug”. She loved that t-shirt. So I had made a pillow out of it for her.

    A couple or few years later, Nightingale opened it up and took the batting out to use for a pillow she wanted to make. (I was so mad at her!) Somewhere along the line, the t-shirt itself must have been thrown out, because I haven’t seen it in years. (Should have refilled it and sewn it up quickly, but it was one of those projects that got put on the back burner, and then forgotten. I think I was busy taking care of my MIL and homeschooling at that time.)

    A couple years ago, I looked at “I Need a Hug” t-shirts on Amazon, but there was nothing even remotely similar. Chickadee looked, too, and didn’t find anything she liked.

    Well, I decided to try again this year. I found one that not only had a cute koala bear with the right words, but it was also available in pink! I was thrilled! I showed the photo to Nightingale, and she said it was just right. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So Chickadee can wear it if she likes, or she can make a pillow out of it if she’d like. I am hoping that she will be pleased and touched by it. I am very happy to have found it.

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  18. After making my order, I decided it was time to change some things in my account information after I noticed that it still had our old house phone number. (We had given up our house phone earlier last year.) While I was at it, I also changed the email for notifications from Hubby’s to mine, and I changed the name on the account from his to mine. That made me a little sad.

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  19. Fun finds for gifts. I love those personal touches, my mom passed that philosophy of gift-buying to me.

    And Amazon is pretty amazing for finding those ‘niche’ kinds of items.

    Well, looks I’ll need a new dog bed for the bedroom, I took the current one out, unzipped the cover to wash and the insides are a mess. It’s about 4 years old, so beyond time to replace, but … Ugh. It was a good ‘orthopedic’ one that Cowboy loved. Now he’s at a loss with no dog bed in the bedroom (which is where he hangs out most of the day). He’s pacing back and forth, wondering what to do with himself.

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  20. Nightingale did most of the decorating, with some input from me. The coffee/tea pot and sugar and creamer on the tray were put there by me, and Nightingale did the finishing touches with the greenery and such. She did most of the hutch decorating. We also did some decorating in the living room, of course.

    We both like a classic look rather than the more trendy looks.


  21. There is an old-fashioned hanging coat rack on the wall near the far corner. That is why there seems to be a disembodied jacket hanging in the air. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  22. Oh nice, it’s a cacophony of ships horns coming up from the harbor, sounds like a couple of them are playing for each other back and forth. Some with a little melody, so fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me want to drive down the hill to see what’s up out there.

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  23. It’s about Elvera’s bedtime.
    But she is wafting for the TV to end. I try to explain that TV doesn’t end, it just changes. This happens all the time. But she has always eventually left in the middle of whatever it is.


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