102 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-17-18

  1. Welcome to my Saturday. It is only 3 in the afternoon so you all are early.
    I have been watching teaching videos to learn more about my sewing machine. I may actually use it at some point. πŸ™‚

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  2. I just had the best vanilla ice cream. I never buy PNG ice cream, but the store got some in from New Zealand and it was so creamy. In a place like this one really treasures special treats.

    In other news, vice president Mike Pence is in PNG today and gave a well received speech. They are planning to help out more in the Pacific. The main road in the whole country goes near here and it terrible to drive on. you really appreciate smooth roads after you have driven here.

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  3. That header photo reminds me of myself when I was a child. Washing dishes (or standing to do something else) I frequently stood on one leg, with the second foot propped on the first knee (either leg might be the one supporting my weight). I was also very thin. (I got called “skinny” a lot, but like most thin people, I really hated that word. “Slender” or “thin” have a much more positive sound.)

    My family called me the stork. Why stork and not heron, I don’t know. I think Mom came up with it, or maybe one of my older brothers. My family’s teasing often had a mean edge to it, but I think that one carried more affection than anything.

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  4. No Cheryl, our anniversary is June 9.
    I was watching Fox and Friends and they had a guy cooking a turkey. Question came up, according to weight.
    So some wise guy who only thinks trivia on Saturday mornings thought of the logical question.

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  5. Morning…it is slowly getting light out here in the forest and it is foggy. It is going to be a slightly wintry day with snow showers with a predicted inch. It is just enough to slicken the road 😐
    I have a 12 pound turkey and I need to get it out of the freezer and into the fridge.
    That ice cream sounds yummy Jo….we only have Graeters on rare occasions around here. It is 6 dollars a pint but it comes from back home and is the only kind worth eating 🍦 😊

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  6. I had to make ice cream recently. I had to do it, because I had to use up the extra cream I had bought for homemade caramel. I decided to experiment with adding some caramel to the ice cream The ice cream is great (it always is) but the caramel will have to be tweaked a bit, I think. This is all similar to quilting: You have to use up fabric you have, which usually necessitates buying new fabric to do so. Then you have to used up the fabric that is leftover from that and so on and so on.

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  7. Stork would have been a far more familiar word than heron in my family. You always were told or saw on cartoons stories of the stork bringing new babies. Maybe that was why you were referred to as a stork?


  8. Ah, I slept in today and that felt good. No word from painter yet, he said he’d planned to be here in the “morning” to do the walkthrough. But I suppose it’s good news, if his mom couldn’t be left alone he would have probably texted me by now? Or maybe not.

    I was talking to Carol last night and mentioned that a friend and I were going to go the Knott’s Berry Farm Christmas shopping festival in December one day and she asked if she could come along. I told her it would be far too much walking for her (that’s an understatement). She sounded disappointed (“Oh, OK”) and I felt bad. I was surprised she asked based on her lack of mobility anymore. I don’t think she understands how very limited she is these days. 😦 Just the “hike” (what it would be for her) from the parking lot into the venue would wear her out and she moves extremely slow now, having to stop and sit on her walker to rest quite frequently. Then she has a heck of a time getting herself up out of the walker again.

    The good news is she is back home from the hospital — they’ll keep her on the IV antibiotics for 10 more days but they’re apparently set up to do that there. And I’m sure they’ll provide them with a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Carol’s pretty resilient and she adapts.

    Our crazy windy weather seems to have broken, thankfully. This week we’ll finally get a string of temperatures in the low to mid 60s during the day with that slight possibility of rain on Wednesday.


  9. I also don’t think Carol realizes what sheer work it is for anyone who takes her out now. It’s just a lot of physical effort and stress for anyone to take her places, even on short jaunts let alone a daylong outing like that. And it’s not really fair to others who are trying to enjoy a day out somewhere, I’d never expect a friend to have to deal with having her along for anything like that. 😦 Her request to come with us was so spontaneous and innocent, though, that I know she doesn’t realize how difficult trips out with her have become for those taking her.

    She’s also asked me to take her to the mountains when it snows this winter. That’s not practical for a lot of reasons, obviously. But I think she just doesn’t “get” what her own limitations are now.


  10. DJ, I’m ignorant of such technology or of what you yourself have access to and know how to use . . . but is there any way you can “include” Carol by Skype? Probably not, but it occurred to me that if it were possible to contact her for five minutes at some point during such outings (or even just take a video that you can show her later), that might help her know you have thought of her and you’re including her as you can. ??


  11. I am including seventeen year old daughter in cleaning out the mess she makes in her drain. She is learning how to take the pipes apart to clean it out. A good skill for somebody who likes to clog them.

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  12. Nice idea, Cheryl.

    Yes, Face Time would work, I think she has that on her phone — and I’ve tried to get her more used to texting but she’s more apt to just call me whenever. When she was asking last weekend if I could visit her in the hospital (I couldn’t due to house-centric chores and painter connections), I reminded her that if she wanted we could text off and on all day and talk a time or two, that I’m always available that way. But she really craves personal visits and outings. “Can you come see me this weekend?” is the regular mantra.


  13. But I can text her a video easily enough when I’m out. Not sure she’d consider it the “same” thing as getting to go (part of which is the possibility of buying something and eating out though she has no money and would rely on someone else paying for her), but I like that thought.

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  14. It’s like the social rules of high school again, Chas – lol

    I think I managed not to tell her when I had my last week off of work, knowing she’d expect a visit and/or outing since I wasn’t working, after all. In this case, she’d mentioned a reduced price they were offering at Knott’s (“only” $50), I suppose she was hinting maybe we could go (obviously with me paying for both of us) — same problem with that, though, she’s nowhere near mobile enough to go to an amusement park. Anyway, I said something then about the shopping trip there that I was going to take with my other friend never thinking she’d just invite herself along πŸ™‚ She’s not shy.


  15. K, I have learned to throw out excess fabric. I have certain types of fabric which I will save because their high quality means that even the scraps will be useful, but there have been many fabric mistakes bought over the years, which it is better to throw out than to keep. I have an excellent excuse in my dust allergy, as the less unused fabric hanging around means the less dust produced by its slow decay.

    Jo, I know what you are talking about. I encountered bad roads in West Africa, the kind that the rainy season leaves huge craters in. There I once flew so far out of my seat that I hit my head off the roof of a pickup truck when it went over a rough spot, and have been driven over roads where one side of the vehicle is about 45 degrees higher than the other side. The roads here – which only exist around the hamlet – are not quite as bad, although they can still get washed out when the river and streams thaw, but they are still rough and very dusty to walk on, which is one reason for wanting snow, as it will cover the dust. No such seasonal cover existed in West Africa, as the dust of the dry season turned into the mudholes of the rainy season, but then again, ice and snow drifts present their own set of problems. As in West Africa, new cars never stay new for long here. Both extreme heat and extreme cold are hard on electrical parts, while here glacier dust grinds down mechanics the same way desert sand does in West Africa.

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  16. Yeah, and here it is so mountainous and rainy that whole hillsides slide away and take the road out. Bridges don’t seem to last long either. What we would call a pothole may be ten feet wide by thirty feet long or so. You wait for the folks coming from the other way to go through, especially pmv’s as then you can see the best way.

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  17. I have been reading through Ezekiel, having finished Jeremiah, and I came across a striking passage in chapter 14:12-13, where there is the intriguing phrase, “…though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness…” There are many facets to the information conveyed in this phrase, but I was chiefly struck by one. In my early twenties, I read an excellent work on the Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible, and the author, R. Laird Harris, spoke at length about the internal proof of Scripture, how its authenticity can be proven from what the Bible says about itself. This phrase of Ezekiel’s is one such internal proof. Daniel was a contemporary of Ezekiel, and no doubt, his prominence in the court of Nebuchadnezzar had been heard of by his fellow Jews. In the twentieth century, it was the fashion of Bible scholars to doubt that Job was a real person – C. S Lewis fell into the fashion, and I have even read such an opinion from among Young Earth Creationists, who are generally the most literal of Bible interpreters. Liberal scholars also doubted that Noah had ever existed or that the Flood ever happened; but far fewer questioned the existence of the prophets such as Ezekiel and Daniel, probably because their works contain extensive references to kingdoms and people who are known from other evidences to have existed. Yet here we have Daniel included with Job and Noah, indicating that all of them, including the enigmatic Job, were in fact, completely historic.

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  18. Jo, there were no hills to speak of in West Africa, but the entire hamlet here is built on stilts bored into the permafrost of the lowest slopes of the mountains which line the fjord. I have several times felt the building where we stay shift as the permafrost shifts, and seen cracks in the ground outside. The hamlet is in layers and the roads that go from one layer to the next have steep sloping edges of loose gravel. In one section, there is only one road connecting the two halves of the hamlet and a stream runs through a culvert under that road – it has apparently washed out before. There are not all that many car accidents but more than once, someone has missed a curve and driven over the road edge, generally while dead drunk (the community is actually a dry community, meaning that alcohol in all drinkable forms is illegal, but even though the only two ways into the community are by air and sea, the intoxicating substance is still smuggled in somehow).


  19. I have to soon renew my driver’s license. I found out that Karen’s expired yesterday and that we can go together because she will just be getting a picture ID this time. That will be our fun joint birthday celebration. It will be something other than a doctor’s appointment. Yay!!!

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  20. We are having breakfast at church in the a.m., a joint service, and a general meeting after that. I think we are having breakfast instead a dinner for Thanksgiving. I expect it will be good.


  21. Dry heat is also hard on rubber. Phoenix had a problem with dry rot of such things as tires, hoses, and windshield wipers. But cars got advertised “Arizona car” meaning “no rust.”


  22. Sorry to interrupt the discussion, which I haven’t read yet, but I have a question:

    I’ve been gone for several hours, and just got home and checked my two gmail accounts. For those of you with gmail, perhaps you’ve noticed that it says how many hours (or days) it’s been since your last account activity. The first account I checked said it’s been five hours since the last check, and that’s about right. The second account I checked said it’s only been one hour since the last activity.

    There is no way I could have checked it less than two hours ago — I wasn’t home and don’t have a smart phone on which to check email. No one knows my account password.

    I don’t know if it was a glitch in Google’s clock, or if someone got into my account, or what? Nothing looks amiss, other than that the “last account activity” doesn’t reflect my activity.

    Any thoughts on what this might mean / what I should do? Maybe I should change my password?


  23. My kitchen is here! So many boxes. 194 boxes, in fact. 2000 pounds of kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardware. I’m so excited!!!!!!

    It’s -16C and we had our door open for a long time, plus all the boxes are now -16C so that end of the house is freezing cold!!! My poor houseplants.

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  24. There’s excitement at my school. Our football team won its semi-final today and will play for the Illinois state small school championship next Friday. I guess I’ll be in Champaign next week.

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  25. Ice…that is what we got today…ice…and it is awful….praying daughter will stay in town at other daughter’s home…she isn’t responding to my texts….Mother worry going on here…

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  26. Roscuro, I think it is fascinating how some texts in the Bible seem put there on purpose to answer errors that didn’t come along for thousands of years. The two that come to mind right now:

    “If we or an angel from heaven [even “the angel Moroni” bringing the Book of Mormon] preach any other gospel, let him be accursed.”

    We know little to nothing of the family life of most of Jesus’ disciples. For example, we know about a couple that they were fishermen, brothers, and apparently they fished with their father before Jesus called them. But I know of only one of whom we are told that he was married . . . Peter, claimed by Roman Catholics as “the first pope,” and presumably a job that requires singleness. We have not one but two references in Scripture that tell us Peter was married. (One, told in three of the four Gospels, makes reference to Jesus healing his mother-in-law, e.g., Matthew 8:14; see also 1 Corinthians 9:5.)

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  27. Well, we also know that Mary had more children, so there goes her perpetual virginity, and that Jesus was her Saviour, so there goes her sinless perfection. (I find the doctrine of the immaculate conception theologically insane, anyway. If God could miraculously intervene and make Mary sinless, then He didn’t need the virgin birth in the first place! He could have simply made Jesus sinless. The idea that she didn’t need a Saviour is clearly indefensible.)

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  28. The Catholics say the other children were cousins or some such.

    Interesting passage, Rosuro.

    We live on a dirt road and have a septic system. I am grateful for the light snow we keep getting. It was -3 last night and if we are going to have the cold, I want the snow. Not that we have ever had problems with the system freezing, but people with mound systems (enforced on them) have problems with the cold without snow to insulate. Plus, the snow covers a lot of gray and is nicer for night driving. It is unseasonably cold here. Hopefully, that means warmer later in the winter. The skiers and ski hill people are very happy.


  29. Cheryl – It is my understanding that the early popes were not named as such until after Constantine declared Christianity as the state religion. Then the bishops named the popes and sometime later declared that priests needed to be celibate.


  30. My husband grew up Catholic, with a devout mother and an uncle (mother’s brother) who was a priest. He told me that they were taught that Jesus’ brothers were Joseph’s children from a first marriage. I’m guessing that they look at the fact that Jesus entrusted Mary into John’s care as further proof for their theory.

    (Just had one of those moments when I have a thought to pass something by Hubby, or ask him a question, and then remember that he is no longer here. 😦 )


  31. They still have us on for rain Wednesday. We’ll hope!

    I think I’m dealing with a bit of shock and withdrawal realizing that the painting is finally done (with the exception of some final, pickup things they said they’d be back Monday to finish). I paid them, added $150 on top of the total (which included another $100 for supplies) for which they thanked me.

    So. We’re done.

    As I said, I’m feeling oddly shell shocked, a little lost and a lot broke, realizing I reached the formal “end” of my house list at long last after 2 1/2 years. Wow. Really?

    Now I can look at doing some inexpensive ‘accessorizing’ such as returning some hanging flower pots to the front porch, maybe getting some porch furniture, cleaning and putting the patio furniture back in place (it’s 20 years old from Target but still standing though it’s wound up scattered throughout the backyard of late), getting some new, bright seat cushions for the chairs out there. Of course, Christmas decoration time is right around the corner now, too.

    I also hope to stain the wood gates and work on that old weathervane, then find someone to install it on top of the garage, during some of my time off coming up in December.

    I need to figure out a Spanish-style address plaque for the front of the house, still, also. And maybe a better porch light although I may opt to keep the recessed light for now due to cost (which I don’t want any more of right now).

    And plant some more flowers or something in the front yard although my Mexican sage is reviving nicely — and the tall purple flowers look very nice against the new color of the house.

    As I was taking photos out front after the guys left yesterday, a man walked by and commented how nice the house looked. Apparently that happens regularly, according to the painters who are here more than I am during the day. People all seem to really love the ‘brandywine’ color.

    Wish I could do more, of course, but considering from whence it came, the house is and looks so much better than it was. πŸ™‚

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  32. That theory does not play out. The eldest child is responsible for taking care of the parents. That would have been Jesus. He would not have been the oldest son, and that duty would have fallen to another. If Joseph had older children, where were they at the birth? Why did they give a poor man’s offering at the temple dedication?

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  33. DJ – How is it going with your thermostat? I was surprised that you were trying to install it yourself. Sounds like something Nightingale would do. I would hire an electrician to install it.

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  34. The thermostat is sitting on top of the box with the instructions. The remains of the old thermostat, mostly just a gazillion wires of all colors, is still on the wall. I’m wearing sweatshirts.


    I know this stuff is supposed to be ‘easy,’ but really? Real Estate Guy said to let him know if I was having trouble and he’d swing by to help, so i could go that route but I hate bothering him or anyone else. If the painter did it he’d be working on it for 2 weeks. So I may, in fact, have to just call an electrician. They’d probably have it up and running within about 10 minutes.

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  35. My neighbors to the north were ready to have mine and the painter’s heads on a platter. They’ve escaped to their desert house for the holiday so I was grateful they weren’t around yesterday when the painter, again, was using some really loud hand-held machinery.

    I don’t blame the neighbor, only my driveway separates our houses and my north garage wall, for some reason, is in their backyard so all of this also required painters to get into their yard to paint that side, which disrupted her trellised plants and flowers for a long time (since they said they’d do it and then didn’t get around to it for a couple months due to painter’s ill mother).

    I’ll look forward to telling them “It’s Over” when they return sometime after the long Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll have some restorative work to do there as well, relationship-wise.

    Meanwhile, I do notice a ripple/shallow dip at top of my driveway (again) where sewer line was all replaced, so it’s disconcerting. The soil was rather spongy up there, they tried to built it up (it has pavers over it now) so I am a little disappointed to see this shallow dip. 😦 Oh well.

    Not much I can do about it, if driveway collapses, then I’ll sell and move to Idaho. πŸ™‚

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  36. About the Catholic beliefs surrounding Mary, their belief in Mary’s Immaculate Conception is not actually that they believe that Mary was innately sinless. They believe she was entirely human and subject to Adam’s curse. What they believe is that Mary was cleansed from all her sinfulness at her conception by a retroactive application of Christ’s sacrifice for sin, so they do believe that Jesus was Mary’s Saviour. The reasoning for the necessity of their belief is that Mary had to be sinless in order to carry the spotless lamb of God, drawing a flawed analogy to the Ark of the Covenant, which was the seat of the presence of God and thus could not be contaminated by the touch of humanity. It is a tortuously complicated belief, and one which smacks of Gnostic influence in the idea that human flesh must be cleansed before God can be conceived within that flesh (the Gnostics believed that human flesh, along with the rest of the material world, was inherently evil). Such a belief renders passages such as Paul’s exclamation, “Great is the mystery of Godliness, God manifest in the flesh!” into mere high sounding mystical words, instead of conveying the marvelous fact that God became man, subject to all the infirmities of humanity. The wonder of the Incarnation is lost when Mary becomes a specially sanctified vessel, rather than a regular woman.

    The doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Conception, as well as the doctrine of Papal Infallibility, actually did not become official Catholic doctrine until 1854, some 300 years after the Reformation and Counter Reformation. Incidentally, Papal Infallibility was not official Catholic doctrine until 1870. Both teachings had certainly been part of Catholic tradition long before, but they were not officially doctrine until those dates. Yet the Marian tradition was so strong that Martin Luther, after his 95 Theses and the subsequent conflicts with the Catholic church, still revered Mary, believing in her perpetual virginity, immaculate conception, and holding that the Lord’s brothers were actually cousins.

    Although the Catholics are unquestionably, in light of Scripture, incorrect in their Marian doctrine of perpetual virginity and Immaculate Conception, Protestants, in the manner of humanity’s tendency to over correct faults, can also be unsound in their view of Mary. One area I have recently noted this is in the rejection I have found in blog posts by evangelical Protestants of the term theotokos, literally meaning “God-bearer” but often translated “Mother of God”. The term actually predates the Catholic cult of Mary, and was used by Athanasius and other early church fathers to argue against the heresy of Arian. Arianism held that Jesus was not fully God. Athanasius, in countering that false teaching and proving that Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man, pointed out that Mary was the theotokos, the bearer of God. It was only later that church tradition – the Orthodox and Assyrian churches also revere Mary – decided that the theotokos needed to be free from earthly contamination, inventing perpetual virginity and the Immaculate Conception. While we should never pray to Mary, for there is only one mediator, the man Christ Jesus, it is nonetheless a fact that “Hail Mary…” was spoken to her by the angel Gabriel, who was the one who first spoke of her blessedness as the bearer of God the Son. The use of Gabiel’s greeting as a ritual prayer is wrong, but the words themselves remain true.

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  37. The point at which the Catholic church definitively became a vessel of worldly government, rather than being salt and light, was not in Constantine’s day. There is a tendency, bred by both liberal scholars who want to discredit Biblical authority by saying the canon of Scripture was not determined until Constantine, and by ultra-fundamentalists who want to discredit any church outside their own tradition, to inflate the role of Constantine in influencing the order of the Church. Constantine was actually inclined to Arianism, being baptized on his deathbed by an Arian priest, so it was in spite of the emperor that the Council of Nicea wrote the Nicene Confession, which declared the orthodox position on Christ was that our Saviour was God the Son, begotten, not created. Arianism had taught Christ was created by God the Father. The Confession is a deliberate contradiction of Arianism and thus contrary to Constantine’s own inclination. The bishop of Rome at the council of Nicea held no greater authority than the bishop of Alexandria, or the bishop of Antioch (the title of pope, incidentally, was a honorific title given to all the bishops, not just the one in Rome). Thus it is that all orthodox branches of the Church, including those who insist they have not truck with the traditions of the early church, hold to the doctrines spoken of in the Nicene Confession. Schisms happened later between Rome and the Eastern branches, but they were united in throwing off the heresy of Arianism.

    No, where the Catholic Church became utterly a tool of the secular state, rather than a witness for Christ, was when Charlemagne, who was a cruel, bloody, and polygamous ruler, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III (pope was originally an honorific title given to all bishops, not just the one of the Roman church) in 800 A.D. In doing so, Pope Leo decisively sacrificed the separate position of the church, which is to be in but not of the world, in order to gain political power over rivals in the Eastern churches. “What does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

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  38. The problem is that there was a period when the popes were politicians, not religious leaders. If they had even a minimal understanding of the Bible, they would not have come up with some of their decrees.
    And the decree that the Pope, speaking ex-cathedra, is without error, made it worse.
    The factual errors, according to scripture, are too many to name.
    The worst one is the belief that baptism makes a baby a Christian. Many unsaved people have died believing this. i.e. A couple of years in Purgatory makes it all ok.
    And the belief that you could buy a person out of Purgatory is what set Luther off.


  39. Like many of you, I do not believe in decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. But my Christmas tree went up last night.

    It’s Nightingale’s fault.

    She is normally even more against starting the Christmas season before Thanksgiving than I am (she loves Thanksgiving) but she got the itch to start decorating for Christmas upstairs. Last night she suggested bringing my (still decorated from last year) Christmas tree up from the basement, and I agreed.

    Is this something I need to confess and repent of?

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  40. Nightingale’s desire to start decorating early is probably because she finally has a nice living room set up upstairs. She got her couch a few months ago, and recently bought a TV and a very nice TV stand (looks kind of like a short dresser) and got rid of an eyesore in the room. The room now looks quite nice and comfy.

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  41. I was reminded today of a tv western that I barely remember from my youth — Lawman. Apparently our pastor’s father (a boxer and an actor but not ‘famous’ per se, at least from what I’ve gleaned of our pastor’s mentions of him) had a no speaking lines but key role on one of the episodes as the “bad guy” (on whom that week’s plot hung). I’ll have to try to find it, but meanwhile I did find the song. Westerns were big in our household (this one ran from ’58-’62) but I remember it less than others such as Wagon Train or Gunsmoke.


  42. DJ – It is a real artificial tree, four feet high. πŸ™‚ It goes on top of my entertainment center, which I often refer to as the mantle, but is deeper than a fireplace mantle.

    One of my Facebook friends has been a professional “extra” for decades.

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  43. DJ – Remember I mentioned buying the complete set of Twilight Zone DVDs? At the end of each episode, Rod Serling’s promo for the next week’s episode is included, as well as the network’s promo for certain shows. Some weeks, it was for The Danny Thomas Show, others for Wanted: Dead or Alive, and others, My Sister Irene. (At least those are the ones I’ve seen so far, but I’m still in the second season. Haven’t been back to them since the new TV season started.)

    Occasionally, there would be a PSA, and one of those was an encouragement to visit a place of worship that weekend.

    The one for Wanted: Dead or Alive mentioned that it starred Steve McQueen, and showed him walking down the porch of a building. But that clip started a little too soon, where there is half a second or so of McQueen waiting to start his walk.

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  44. This is from one of our sister papers and the reporter, who used to be with out paper, sat next to me when we were back in our old original building. She does a nice job covering religion and “peace” topics, I believe she may be Hindu. Very sweet person, I ran into her a few months ago when we were all at their paper for a visit by our East Coast corporate reps.


  45. Daughter is doing history. Son is doing geography. Daughter is sewing a quilt. Dinner is prepared. And so I have a little extra time.


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