30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-7-18

  1. Happy birthday, DJ!

    I am disgusted with the election results, but I am more disgusted with the ignorance in our country. Not surprised by either, however.

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  2. Happy Birthday Dj!! πŸŽ‚….. are you getting a completed home renovation for your birthday??!! 🏑
    Morning! As you could guess the conversation over coffee has been on who β€œwon” yesterday….Colorado did not fare well in the governor category….we shall see what consequences lie ahead.. 😞

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  3. I am happy with it because I see the Great Compromise of 1787 at work. The system was developed with a bicameral Congress so both the large population States and the low population States would be represented. And that is what happened. The Senate (with its judicial selections) goes to the low populations and the House goes to the large population areas. Yes, it will slow things down and yes, it was set up to do that so no one side rampages over the other.

    Democrats are people too, just, in my opinion, deceived. Most of them really do want to help the little guy, just don’t understand that making the little guy dependent is not really helping. But, by giving both sides a say, perhaps some of the anger will go down. Okay, so I am deluded as well.

    And I do understand that there are people who don’t care about anybody, only wanting to cause dissension and discord and hate and mayhem. They are tools.

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  4. Good morning! We are back home. We spent days in the car. And we were constantly moving from one location to another. I was able to make short posts on Facebook and Instagram, but longer posts are too difficult to do in the car. Art drove all the time because it is the one thing he is able to do. I chose to revisit Fossil Rim at Glen Rose, TX because it is beautiful landscape and you must stay in your car as you drive through and visit with the wild animals. You can go back a second day for free if you get there by 10 a.m. which we did. It is quite reasonably priced around 25.00 for an adult self-touring ticket. The autumn is a perfect time to visit. When we went last summer, the animals mostly hung out under trees to stay cool. This time we had many visitors to the car. An ostrich stuck its head in the car and into the food bag Wesley held in the back seat. We had many laughs along the way.

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  5. Happy Birthday, DJ!🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢


    May the sugar in the cake along with a cup of coffee energize you after your grueling coverage. Happy Fall Birthday!

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  6. I hope Miss B will not be a crazed cat when I pick her up from boarding. We wanted to pick her up before they closed yesterday, but we got stuck in a two hour traffic delay and did not get home in time. At least I have been able to unpack without her “help.”

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  7. Happy Birthday, DJ!

    Well, I spoke too soon last night. We have a Democrat for governor once more.

    But locally, our area voted for the Republican candidates for state senator and state representative. (But voted for the incumbent Democrats to send back to Washington as senator and representative.)

    I like Mumsee’s viewpoint on how the election turned out.

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  8. Happy Birthday, DJ! And thanks for the music videos you posted the other day. They brought back fun memories — our orchestra performed Copland’s Rodeo in high school, and Fanfare for the Common Man was one of the selections in a listening contest my 5th and 6th graders were in when I was teaching music in the public schools.

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  9. 5th Arrow is gone for a couple of hours this morning with his dad, so I am taking a little time to get caught up with you guys. Thanks for the additional comments on the letter to the pro-life organization. Good points, Chas & DJ, about a snail mail letter possibly not being seen by the right person, and to look for an email address on their website. I found someone’s name on there who sounds like it might be the person to contact — some Marketing and Something-Or-Other person. I may go that route.

    I don’t know when to send the letter, though. It sounds a little angrier than I think it could be. Well, maybe not angry, exactly, but with too much emotion, perhaps. It could probably be shorter, too, than one page. Maybe just a couple paragraphs — dispassionate and done.

    Join me in prayer about that? Thanks.

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  10. Election results: once again, my area, particularly my township and county, is as blue as Kizzie’s teapot. Or DJ’s and Michelle’s State of Denial. πŸ™‚

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  11. I’m enjoying my 2nd cup of strong coffee this morning — and now some virtual cake to go with it. Thanks for all the BD wishes. It was my birthday when I voted for the first time (after walking precincts to get out the vote, to no avail). πŸ™‚

    I thought last night wasn’t bad either, to be honest. The house typically flips in mid-term elections and was widely expected to do so this time, but it was hardly a massive ‘blue wave’ as predicted. And Republicans gained at least a few seats in the Senate which was somewhat of a surprise.

    I am, of course, disappointed in California’s choice to stay the Democrat course, but that also was to be expected. We’re not convinced yet that a one-party state is not a good thing.

    Meanwhile, I found some interesting interviews at the polling places I visited yesterday before going in for the long night shift: A new citizen, an immigrant from Mexico, who voted for the first time yesterday — she and her husband were delightful; and, interestingly, an African American woman, grandmother of 10 and a Christian, who supports the Trump administration. It was funny because you approach people so randomly and you have your own expectations of them going in based often on their age and/or race (and I also was in a heavily minority community). When I *thought* she was saying, in a round about way, that she thought “the administration” (national?) was doing some good things I had to really backtrack to make sure she was saying what I thought she was saying. πŸ™‚ She was. I really enjoyed talking to her just from a Christian standpoint, too. She was a breath of fresh air.

    Of course, when I told the young hipster editor about her later, adding that she said her concern is for her grandchildren’s future, he says “Well, then wait until the ice caps are all gone.” Huh? Oh yeah, right, the doom of global warming will kill those grandchildren.

    Eye roll internally.

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  12. Happy birthday, Donna. I don’t think anyone I voted for was elected. At least I exercised my right to vote, so now I have a right to complain.

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  13. rkessler, I could almost say the same thing, but two school board incumbents I voted for were re-elected.

    It was kind of scary because a slate of four far-left progressives campaigned hard against the incumbents and had a good following. The incumbents aren’t particularly conservative but at least they’re not way out there. If all four challengers had won they would have a majority of the board. As it is the vote split, keeping two incumbents and replacing the other two with the progressives.


  14. I see someone just did. πŸ˜‰

    I found a “donor@” email address on the pro-life website contact page, so have now tweaked my letter and sent it to that address. It remains to be seen what kind of, if any, email I’ll get back from them.

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  15. Janice, I suppose Atlanta is vivid blue, huh? Like the urban areas of my state, plus, for whatever reason, my little county with plenty of rural roads and farms. (Although the largest city in our county represents nearly 50% of the county’s population, so it’s kind of big. Maybe that makes us less rural, so more blue? A lot of the “red” counties don’t have cities as big as the biggest one in our county. On the other hand, there are bigger cities in our state than that one that are still in “red” counties.

    For whatever reason, our county just likes to sing “the blues” I guess.) πŸ˜‰


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