42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-5-18

  1. I sat here for about five minutes waiting for this one to come up.
    I stayed in bed 40 minutes longer and got up 20 minutes early this morning.
    Have you noticed that every week has to have a Monday? 😦

    I checked on my son, Chuck, who is in Tokyo now. He is an hour behind Jo, so it’s 8:45 for him. -In the evening. He likely slept on the plane over there. He will have some problem adjusting. Jo knows about that.
    I never had that problem in the AF. I just did the next thing, whatever the time. It had no effect on me. And when we got home, we had two day “crew rest” to readjust. They were unable to assign task to a “crew rest” airman.

    BTW” Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo and Chuck.

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  2. Six, from yesterday. I hate to be the one to tell you this.
    And I may be wrong because I don’t know the organization you are referring to.
    But I know how the system works.

    There is a 90% probability that the clerk who opens the letter you send will not know what to do with the letter. She is not paid to do anything but open the mail, place the contents (read “check”, or, less likely “money”) into a receptacle. Discard the envelope and start over. She does not know what to do with the letter, so it will go with the envelope while she goes for another.


  3. That picture makes me want to go for a walk in the woods.

    In the meantime, we have blowing snow and dropping temperatures. I’m sure the roads are a mess because it was raining yesterday afternoon. We’re not supposed to get above freezing now for several weeks 😦


  4. Lovely photo! We did finally get some pretty good color here. We had two days of nonstop rain that I thought would strip most of the leaves from the trees, but we weren’t far enough into fall for that to happen, and we’re probably at peak color now. I’m sure that it’s prettier some years than this year, but it’s lovely–just quite late. From the window where I sit, I can see about six trees (several different properties, several species); one has orange (but not vivid) and the others yellow and green, but all are still full of leaves. Trees other spots have already lost their leaves, but a good percentage haven’t.

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  5. Gorgeous fall colors in this photo.

    We’ve had a lot of coastal fog. As I headed out for church yesterday (I’m on a hill so to get to the freeway I drive down toward the harbor with a view overlooking it) there was a thick bank of fog with just the shipping cranes peeking up above it. Fog horns have been going off pretty much at all times of day for the past 24+ hours.

    Cruise season also is upon us, there was a behemoth ship in port Saturday, leaving Sunday. They keep getting bigger and bigger, floating hotels.

    The time change works like a charm for me, I was up an hour earlier than usual today, at 6 a.m. Of course I also went to bed really early last night, around 9, I was really sleepy.


  6. 6 arrows, are there any contacts listed on the organization’s web site, maybe under a list of their staff members? Maybe you could connect via sending an email to a specific person that way to avoid a snail-mail letter getting put aside?

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  7. I just made and gave my granddaughter a charm necklace. She does not like bracelets, but liked this. It never occurred to me to see ‘charms’ as anything having to do with the occult. I doubt the thought occurs to most people. Charms are also often used on quilts. Such things only reflect the interests of the person for whom it is meant.

    In a short story Michelle used a totem pole made to tell the story of the gospel.. There was nothing magical about it. It was based on one actually made. I found it quite interesting.

    In reading Acts, Paul gets on a ship that has a mast head of twin gods. An interesting detail. I would not have wanted to get on a ship with twin gods as a mast head. I realized Paul had did not worry about it, apparently. Sometimes we give things more power than they are meant to have.

    I did dabble in some of the occult and discourage anyone from doing so. At the same time, we have to not make things something they are not. I found the discussion interesting.

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  8. Another thing that some Christians warn against is the adult coloring books that have those patterns that are supposedly from the occult (or are Muslim, maybe?). I cannot think of the word right now. Anyone have any idea of what I am talking about?


  9. Cheryl (replying to your last comments to me on Rants & Raves) – I can see where all those expectations would indeed be exhausting.

    In our family, Thanksgiving and Christmas (either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, or both if desired – IOW, if Chickadee could be here on one but not the other, that would be okay) are the important family holidays, the “biggies” of the year. Nightingale would not expect Chickadee to “have to” be at any others, but we would try to find time to celebrate together on a different day, with the celebration not having to be a big to-do.


  10. The beginning of the Wikipedia article for Mandala:

    “A mandala (emphasis on first syllable; Sanskrit मण्डल, maṇḍala – literally “circle”) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.[1] In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.

    The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the general shape of a T.[2][3] Mandalas often have radial balance.[4]

    The term appears in the Rigveda as the name of the sections of the work, and Vedic rituals use mandalas such as the Navagraha mandala to this day. Mandalas are also used in Buddhism.

    In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.”

    So, does this make it spiritually dangerous for Christians to color these in those adult coloring books, or are they simply pretty patterns if we don’t give meaning to them?


  11. You people must be busy off doing important things. I am sitting here while my children self educate. Learning the names of Central American countries and their capitals.

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  12. Paul said to let our consciences to be our guide. He said if your conscience says no, you would be disobeying by going ahead and doing it. He also said not to even ask about whether or not meat was dedicated to an idol. Just eat it and be grateful. However, if you know it was, that is a different matter. It also depends if it makes someone else embrace something that they should not embrace. There are not only simple answers to many things.

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  13. Kizzie, I don’t know that they are spiritually dangerous, but since they were created to be something that has some bit of spiritual benefit, and since I don’t want to support false religion, I would stay away, personally, as I would from any form of yoga. But then, I don’t have a problem reading myths, and some of those were written about gods believed to be real.

    We’re all going to draw the lines in different places. We all need to stay away from things with real spiritual power from demonic forces (such as ouija boards), but is it OK to read a horoscope if you just see it as silly, or to participate in yoga that is just the exercise portion and not the mediation and such? Different Christians will draw the line at different places.

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  14. Kathaleena, if you knew it had been sacrificed to idols, it was still OK to eat of it–but if you knew that the person who told you was troubled by it, you were to refrain for his sake.

    Several people in my family won’t shop at Target. Emptying the trash before my brother and sister-in-law came for lunch, I almost put a Target bag in it, but I found a different one instead. Sure enough, in just the two hours they were present, not shopping at Target came up. But so did not shopping at Ikea, and that came up because I realized that the beverage I offered with lunch (and that both of them drank) came from Ikea. Obviously I had not made any move to offend; I didn’t remember where I got the juice (nor did I know they wouldn’t shop Ikea). I don’t know that I would have avoided serving the juice if I had known, but I probably would have kept my mouth shut that it came from Ikea (or that the table and chairs did, too). They aren’t baby Christians, so I won’t go too far out of my way not to offend (I didn’t put away the wine that’s on a stand near the table), but neither do I seek to cause offense or rub it in that we don’t have the same conscience issues about boycotting stores that do some things differently than we might do if we were running them.

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  15. Well, I don’t know the details on Target. A couple of years ago there was a call from some quarters for people to vow never to shop them again, based on allowing transsexuals to use the bathroom of their chosen gender, I think. My sister already wasn’t shopping there, because she was appalled at some posters in the lingerie section (hanging from the ceiling and visible from large portions of the store, as she tells it). She is super, super diligent about keeping her sons from seeing any female who is not fully clothed, so she vowed never to set foot in the store again. I didn’t know who else in my family had similar boycotts, but knowing my family I figured about half of them would.

    The Ikea one I had never heard. My husband is half Swedish, and Ikea is a Swedish store. He doesn’t usually drink anything with a meal, and thus he is the only one who hadn’t drunk the pomegranate juice drink I put out as one of the beverage options. I happened to see the bottle said it was bottled in Sweden, which I thought would interest him, so I commented on that and said we must have got it at Ikea. (I didn’t remember where we picked it up; it was just in our pantry and I thought it a good choice for lunch.) Then my brother said he didn’t know they sold that sort of stuff at Ikea, and I said oh yeah, a bit of a variety, including jams. He then said they won’t shop at Ikea because Ikea ran an ad (not sure how long ago) with two homosexual men on a couch. He didn’t say what the men were doing, so I have no idea if it was PDA that would have bothered him if it had been a man and a woman, or just men sitting on a couch in a way that suggested both lived there and that they were lovers. At any rate, I am against homosexual activity because God condemns it . . . but I don’t expect the world to hold convictions against it. We are way past the point in out culture of insisting unbelievers must never include homosexual couples in their commercials, and I’m not going to boycott a company because they do so. Now, a company that is in your face and trying to be offensive, they might not be my first choice to do business with. If they’re proud of supporting Planned Parenthood, for example, then I might go to a different company instead. And if it’s a church or Christian publisher using a homosexual couple in their promotional literature, then yes, I’ll go elsewhere. But the world being the world? I expect that.

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  16. I think some people avoid Target because of their position on joint rest rooms and transgender. I just told you all I know for sure.
    I do know that lots of people, including me, will go to Chick-fil-a when convenient, over other fast food restaurants because of their Christian stand.
    You don’t have to be a Christian to eat at Chick-fil-a. But lots of Christians do.

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  17. I must be behind, why are Target & Ikea off limits to some?

    One thing I really love about the new car radio which has blue tooth is that it hooks into all the music I have on my iphone. I’ve got quite a library of songs, accumulated through the years, so I always enjoy being surprised by what plays next (I still haven’t figured out how to program what songs get played onto the radio).

    This morning driving to work I heard some hymns from Trinity College, the Cowboys Overture (!), and Rodeo by Aaron Copland, along with the Olympics symphony/theme or something like that.


  18. Yes, Target made a big deal over accepting transmen to use the fitting rooms and welcoming the gay agenda. Sometimes it comes to where you want your money (which adds to their profits) to go. Businesses donate to politics and charities. I will shop elsewhere for that reason alone, although I am not fanatical about it. Nor do I expect others to agree with me or follow suit.


  19. Like Chas I will support Chick-fil-le and Hobby Lobby rather than some other business. That is true of local businesses, as well, when I know the owners and have a choice.

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  20. K, in telling about the appearance and making of charms in West Africa, I was hoping to strip away the idea that occult charms could be made by accident. The real charms that I saw didn’t resemble anything and they were made and worn deliberately, with the makers and wearers knowing the potential danger of so doing. But one cannot accidentally invoke spiritual forces by wearing a pretty necklace or earrings or bracelet with pendants made in the shape of something that one likes.

    There were a lot of Christian urban legends that I heard as a child, about toys apparently connected with the occult that caused children of Christian parents to misbehave or get ill, and it wouldn’t be until the parent threw away the offending toy that the child would calm down or get better. The toys ranged from troll dolls to Cabbage Patch kids. It was all utter nonsense.

    We credit fallen angels with far too much power and are as superstitious as animists when we think that objects can be invested with spiritual forces without the consent of the owner of said object. It is as if, with the relation of such stories about demonic objects, we think that fallen angels have independent power and can inhabit unsuspecting persons. But only of the Holy Spirit is it said that He goes wherever he wants, for He is God the Spirit. The fallen angels, as created beings, are still under the control of their Creator, although they are rebels. The demon Legion had to ask permission even to go into the herd of swine. Having all my life moved in Christian circles that have often been very credulous of those sensational stories of accidental possession, I would state that my experience witnessing real demon possession actually showed me that we ascribe too much power to Satan and not enough to our God.

    As for things like the mandala and totem poles, it is very much like eating meat offered to idols. Paul strongly indicates that such things are only invested with the meaning we allow them to have “An idol is nothing… but there is not in every man that knowledge: for some with conscience of the idol unto this hour eat it as a thing offered unto an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled” (I Corinthians 8:4-7). I ate with, talked with, visited with, and treated people who wore charms that were real, and never did I feel any different or sense spiritual oppression from being around them. They were only humans. Certainly there were times I felt spiritual oppression, but most of those times were when there was nobody around.

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  21. Pretty fall photo up there….
    Had a busy morning and came home to take a hike with my neighbor…it’s cold outside and I just want to stay inside, drink coffee and watch American Pickers…. 😊
    I will always choose ChickFilA over other fast food…the food is good, the staff are friendly and yes, I support a Christian business at the same time…. (their chocolate shakes are simply the best…and pair that up with hot waffle fries…well it is quite satisfying!)

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  22. About boycotting stores, I am not sure that qualifies as not offending the conscience of a weaker brother to avoid using certain products from certain stores when those people are visiting. I think such people need to be reminded that Paul made it clear that the fornicators and idolaters that Christians were to avoid were the ones who claimed to be Christian, not the ones who were unbelievers. Jesus ate with publicans and sinners! He associated with people that the Pharisees would not touch with a ten foot pole. It is one thing to refrain from meat offered to idols. It is another to refrain from associating with other human beings because they are sinners.

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  23. Roscuro, I agree that we don’t refrain from associating with (or doing business with) sinful human beings. I also understand people choosing not to do business with certain entities. Chick-fil-A has a limited menu and isn’t cheap; we appreciate living near one now, and we’ve been there a few times, but it’s never going to be somewhere we go weekly. But if a very similar restaurant were loudly pushing for gay marriage and abortion rights, it would be an easy call to go to Chick-fil-A. I’d choose Hobby Lobby if it was next door to Michael’s, though I like both stores.

    I don’t like aggressive, in-your-face stuff, and I’d choose the other business if there is a reasonable choice. And I won’t donate to organizations I disagree with (charities that donate to Planned Parenthood, for example). But I won’t “boycott” unless the business is self-consciously something I oppose. (I wouldn’t do business with a thrift shop set up to finance Planned Parenthood, for instance. And I wouldn’t visit a gynecologist who I knew to have blood on his hands.) But if I found out that the manager of a store is a liberal Democrat who gives to liberal causes, that probably wouldn’t keep me out of his store. If he has posters on the wall everywhere telling of his positions on things, then I’m likely to find better places to shop, though.

    Obviously I couldn’t have my brother sit on the couch instead of at an Ikea table. And I wouldn’t avoid serving him food that came from there–unless he outright asked me to. But I can be reasonable and avoid rubbing it in. “The juice is from Ikea, and this is, and that is . . .” But it can be tiresome keeping track of what will bother other people, and I didn’t bother to put away the wine. If a 65-year-old, well-traveled man can’t handle seeing a six-bottle wine display on his sister’s floor, he isn’t the “weaker brother” I’m called not to offend, and it isn’t my problem.

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  24. I like to support like-minded people because I like to see good people prosper.
    I don’t support, generally, people who oppose my convictions.
    I spent my entire life voting with my feet,
    With my money,
    With my mouth.
    Whatever way I can promote my convictions, I use. .

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  25. There is no school in our town tomorrow for a teacher development day (or something like that), so The Boy has his two best friends over. They are two brothers from a Christian family that Nightingale is close to (and the mom and I are friendly, too). One is spending the night, but the other – the older brother – doesn’t like to spend the night away from his parents, so he’ll probably be going home.

    The Boy and Younger Brother are “thick as thieves”, and often plotting some silly mischief. They don’t get to see each other too often, but I am happy that The Boy has good friends who are from a solid Christian family. Hearing them running back and forth upstairs sounds like an invasion of the hordes, as Roscuro might say.

    The brothers, one a year or so older than The Boy, and the other a year or so younger, are the older children of five. The younger three are all girls. Their parents didn’t marry until they were in their 30s, so they are making up for lost time. 🙂

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  26. I remember that P&G scandal Kizzie…Paul’s side of the family was heavily invested in P&G stock…Dad the CPA and former accountant for P&G in Cincinnati was disturbed to say the least!

    Waxing Poetic is my favorite jewelry designer and they have lovely charms…I do not like to wear bracelets so my charms go on necklaces. 😊

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  27. And remember what now seems such an over-reaction to Halloween?


    Kizzie, that visit from friends with the Boy sounds wonderful. Has Nightingale gotten to the Unitarian church yet?

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  28. I have a charm bracelet with a herding whistle charm, a herder’s staff charm and a couple other dog/border collie related charms. I’ll have to get that out.

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  29. Sidekick got started on the do-over of the garage door, when I got home (now well after dark) the door looked to be down to the white primer again (or maybe new primer already applied?).


  30. Chas, if I’m making a donation, I’m “voting” with my money for someone’s belief system/actions. If I’m buying a product or a service, I’m “voting” with my money that they offer a product or a service that is worth the money. If they are going to openly and defiantly invest their profits in ideas I don’t agree with (e.g., the store is full of posters mocking Christianity or praising pedophilia), that’s a different matter entirely. But I don’t have to agree with a person’s beliefs to buy their product. If the owner is not a Christian, I probably won’t agree–and if the owner is a Christian, I still probably won’t agree with much of what they believe. That isn’t part of the financial transaction. I’m buying a hammer, not a belief system.

    If it’s OK to eat meat that has been offered to idols–and the apostle Paul assures us it is–then it is OK to buy meat from a shop keeper who supports homosexual marriage (or who is in one).

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