30 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-31-18

  1. Is there no end to this man’s evil powers?



    “Singer Barbra Steisand told The New York Times Monday that the stress from Donald Trump’s presidency was making her fat.

    The Grammy Award-winning diva has long been a politically active Democrat, supporting Hillary Clinton for president and even going as far to say the 2016 election was rigged. “I really believe she won the election,” Streisand told Variety in February. “I’ve talked to senators from Michigan and Wisconsin. I do believe, like I believed during Bush, they were playing with those voter machines.”

    But Streisand’s newest album is the first to incorporate her politics into her music in a major way. “I would lie awake at night with Trump’s outrages running through my head, and I had to do another album for Columbia Records, so I thought, why not make an album about what’s on my mind?” she told the Times.

    “I want to sleep nights,” she continued, “if we take the House [of Representatives] I’ll be able to sleep a little bit better.”

    “And if [Democrats] don’t?” reporter Maggie Haberman asked.

    “Don’t know,” Streisand responded. “I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada? I don’t know. I’m just so saddened by this thing happening to our country. It’s making me fat. I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now, and pancakes are very fattening. We make them with healthy flour, though — almond flour, coconut flour.””

    This is also Maggie Haberman’s best work to date. It’s more in her league. I mean, c’mon, this is Pulitzer Prize type journalism right there. 🤣

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  2. A rising tide lifts all boats.


    “Two new polls show Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn cementing her lead in her race for the Senate seat against Democrat former governor Phil Bredesen.

    A new NBC/Marist poll, conducted between October 23 and October 27, shows Blackburn garnering 51% of likely voters, compared with 46% for Bredesen. Another poll, from Vox Populi Polling, conducted between October 27 and October 29, shows Blackburn grabbing 53% of the vote to Bredesen’s 47%.

    As The Tennessean points out, “Blackburn’s lead coincides with soaring popularity for President Donald Trump, who now has support of 56 percent of likely voters in the NBC/Marist poll, compared with 39 percent who don’t support his job performance. That’s compared with 47 percent who approved of the president and 43 percent who disagreed with him two months ago.”


  3. You’re wrong to assume I’d care either way. 🙂

    But really, who cares, they’re tasty! Don’t overthink it people.


    “We like to think fish have no feelings. And yet the idea that they have both memory and a capacity for suffering is gaining ground among scientists.”

    “I have cast my rod into the tidal current flowing around Montauk Point in New York and my lure is chugging across the surface when a bluefish swirls and fails to grab it. There is a heavier swirl. On a third appearance, the fish grabs. The hook pierces. The fish swims one way and abruptly changes direction. It darts deep. Comes up. The fish is struggling. I have never seen a free-swimming fish leap and wriggle as if to dislodge something. But this fish suddenly bursts through the surface, shaking its head energetically. It works. My lure goes flying. The line goes slack. The fish vanishes; escaped.

    Was that fish feeling pain? Fear? If a sociopath is someone who disregards the pain of others, and if someone who ignores evidence is in denial, what does that make me? Such questions plague me. I cast again.

    The impression that fish are insensate, short of memory and, therefore, can be caught, killed and eaten without guilt, is being revisited. Angling, the so-called “gentle art”, derives enjoyment from the struggles of its quarry. Up to 2.7tn wild fish are caught worldwide every year; a third of which are ground into feed for chickens, pigs and other fish. The ethics of all this depend on what fish do or do not experience. It is a question dividing the science community; forced to reassess in light of new evidence.”

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  4. America has a loser problem.


    “The word that comes up again and again in accounts of their lives is “alone,” always alone.

    The life of Cesar Sayoc, who mailed crude pipe bombs to Democrats ranging from George Soros to Hillary Clinton to Robert De Niro, was a pitiable wreck. His father abandoned his family as a child, and after dropping out of college, Sayoc lived with his grandmother. Then he went from place to place, performing as a male stripper. He compiled a record of petty crime, lost his home, declared bankruptcy and carried around what money he had in a briefcase, because he didn’t trust the banks. He was estranged from his family and resisted its pleas for him to get help. Sayoc lived out of his van, bizarrely festooned with pro-Trump stickers.

    Not much is known about Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, besides his vile social-media postings. A childhood friend called him “pretty much a ghost.” He may have dropped out of high school. As an adult, he lived alone in an apartment, and no one ever came to see him. One neighbor said she couldn’t remember Bowers ever talking to anyone. “I don’t know,” another said, “if he had any friends, anywhere.”

    The Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was left with no parents after the death of his adoptive mother. He was expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where he was an outcast. He was reportedly depressed and had other behavioral problems. Police were called constantly to his home. A defense attorney called him “a broken child.”

    None of this, of course, is to excuse in the slightest the heinous crimes of these men, or to deny the existence of pure, unadulterated evil. Murderous haters and kooks have been with us forever, as has anti-Semitism. Yet the social pattern is clear. “

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  5. 7:29 That is the theme of Hillbilly Elegy and half of Coming Apart. A healthy church would welcome, include and nurture many of those “losers”. I have seen it happen often. The split described in Coming Apart makes it more difficult.

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  6. Some are born with a 0-2 count against them.
    I see pictures on Fox about some guys in Mexico who want to come to America. I pity them, but we can’t allow open borders. The end of America is coming.
    We can’t allow that.
    We just can’t.


  7. So I guess Lindsey has officially abandoned the Gang of Eight….. 🙂


    “In the hours after Axios published an interview with President Donald Trump in which he says he believes he could end birthright citizenship with an executive order, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham announced he plans to introduce legislation to formally end it.

    “Finally, a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship,” Graham said in a string of tweets Tuesday morning. “I’ve always supported comprehensive immigration reform – and at the same time – the elimination of birthright citizenship.”

    He later added that he plans to introduce legislation “along the same lines” as the proposed executive order from President Trump.”


  8. I just can’t seem to muster any sympathy. Perhaps someone can explain to them that their parents’ criminal acts have consequences.


    “The Ohio BMV has been sued for discriminating against children of undocumented immigrants by not allowing their parents to cosign on their driver’s license or state ID card applications — even if their children are U.S. citizens.

    Esther Aulis-Cabrera was denied the opportunity to get her temporary driver’s license at 15. She didn’t know she was one of thousands of Ohio teenagers facing similar circumstances.

    Aulis-Cabrera is a U.S. citizen who was born in the country but was denied her license because her mother is from Mexico and doesn’t have the legal status in this country to cosign for her, a state requirement for minors getting their licenses.

    The little-known but longstanding Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles policy also prevents other adults from cosigning “unless he or she obtains custody or legal guardianship of the minor applicant,” according to a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the agency.

    Advocates estimate the policy stands to affect more than 3,000 teenage minors who are currently eligible to get a temporary permit, driver’s license or state identification card in Ohio.

    That includes minors who are U.S. citizens as well as others with legal status, such as those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That Obama-era program allows those brought here illegally as children to stay in the country, work and, in Ohio, to get their driver’s licenses.”


  9. AJ, I do have sympathy for people who are harmed by another’s actions, not their own. I hardly think that the inability to get a driver’s license at a certain age qualifies as suffering, though.

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  10. Here are people who hate the president so much they wrote a “children’s book” of quotes they found in bad taste:


  11. Surely you can’t author a book under someone else’s name without their consent. Are these jokesters trying to be sued?


  12. It’s being published by Simon & Schuster, which has always been a reputable publisher (or was last I checked). I don’t get why they would descend to this, even if they do think sales will be good.

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  13. Rush Limbaugh played that CNN clip of Don Lemon this afternoon. Unbelievable. But then as a white man I’m probably not qualified to have an opinion on the matter.

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  14. The bitter young males who commit acts of terror and are featured in Hillbilly Elegy and Coming Apart are also part of Trumps base.

    And yes, white males commit the vast majority of acts of terror. So what to do? Redirect law enforcement’s focus. Instead of focusing on a caravan a 1000 miles away, look for the terrorist already in the US.

    Interesting note; Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka all received birthright citizenship as Ivana Trump was not yet a citizen. I wonder if his EO will be retroactive. I also wonder how conservatives are reacting to Trump’s overreach of executive power attempting to repeal a constitutional amendment with a EO.

    I just heard a FOX commentator speculate that some people in the caravan may have smallpox…….why do people still take FOX seriously?

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  15. HRW, The one group that watches Fox News is white people over the age of 75. Every year after Christmas and Thanksgiving, the same conversations take place in most law firms, accounting firms, architectural firms and other professional offices in the US.

    One middle-aged professional will tell co-workers:

    “The holiday was great, but my parents have been brainwashed by some pretty girl, and her two cohosts on Fox and Friends. They believe in “tapps” and that Hillary murdered some guy named Seth Rich and that Trump is the most honest man in America.”

    To which, ten co-workers will reply:

    ‘Our parents are watching the same stupid show.”


  16. So, focus on the terrorist already in the U.S.

    Ok, let’s do that. We’ve got it narrowed down to “white males.” Great start! OK. Keep on the lookout, you guys! You never know when you might run into a white male, but on the off chance? You know you’re likely dealing with a terrorist.

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  17. Males (boys and men) commit most murders . . . but they would be wiser not getting into what race(s) commit(s) most murders and most acts of terror. The truth doesn’t fit their narrative, and the actual truth doesn’t align with what they’re trying to sell.

    Now, if they want to get into murderous regimes in other lands, that is a different matter, because then we have to look at Hitler and Stalin and the like. (But it’s a vast oversimplification to say “they were white males”). But if the subject is terrorism, no, that’s not white males. And if the subject is murders, that too is not disproportionately white males. Mass murderers, yes–but that’s a different subject altogether! And the percentage of white males who become mass murderers is too small to be worthy of discussion. We’d be better off, at least, narrowing it down to bearded men (of whatever race), since I have a hunch there is far more likely to be a link there than a link to race. But wouldn’t that be a crazy people group on which to focus blame?

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  18. “OK. Keep on the lookout, you guys! You never know when you might run into a white male, but on the off chance? You know you’re likely dealing with a terrorist.”

    I saw one earlier tonight. Went up to the bathroom, and there he was, right on the other side of the sink, just starin’ back at me, all beady eyed like……

    Boy let me tell ya’, I hightailed it the heck outta there. Scared doesn’t begin to describe it.

    Told the girls we’re at red threat levels and the upstairs bathroom is now under a State Dept. travel advisory and off limits ’til further notice.


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  19. HRW: Interesting note; Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka all received birthright citizenship as Ivana Trump was not yet a citizen.

    Um, maybe I’m missing something, but… wasn’t their father a citizen?

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