8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-6-18

  1. On Saturdays, a lady comes for four hours to help with Elvera, cleaning, shower, etc.
    The regular lady is sick and another came today.
    We have a bunch of pictures on the family room wall. Real tacky, but she wanted all the pictures we had appropriately mounted in H’vilole, put on the one wall here.
    One of the things Elvera enjoys is explaining to visitors what all those pictures are.
    She was showing Carol, all the pictures.
    She remembers everything about her wedding, even the blue cap she wore.
    It wasn’t really a cap, just something on her head.
    I am amused that she remembers such detail. It must be important to her.

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  2. Nice for her to be able to tell those stories again. I understand my mom is telling many stories about my dad now that she lives in a place no one really has known him. I am sure it is difficult to have moved this late in life and that this is a blessing for her. She really enjoyed the new Unbroken sequel, btw.

    🙂 Susan Collin’s speech yesterday. I do not agree with all she does (nor any politician for that matter) but this was a very good speech.

    🙂 I finished my last grandbaby quilt. Said grandbaby just turned a year old. I will probably do more baby quilts, but I don’t think it will be for any more of this generation. Of course, I thought that two grandbabies ago. 😉

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  3. 😦 Grieving with Kare about the loss of another car. So hard to believe.

    😦 We’re at the one year anniversary of last year’s October’s events and it’s with very mixed feelings.

    😦 I’ve received confidences from three different people this week. I wish I didn’t know.

    😦 My life outside the family will probably look very different in six months.

    🙂 God is good and I can trust Him through another shake-up of my non-family life.

    😦 But I’m sad.

    🙂 Kim’s recommendation of Grammarly has been very helpful in my computer life. 🙂

    🙂 I’ll be able to make corrections, yet again, in Poppy on November 1. I’d thought it was next January and I was totally mortified and struggling not to be depressed. Most of the joy and fun of the book launch evaporated weeks ago.

    🙂 But each time I talk about the story, I get charged up again.

    🙂 For a final read through to TRY to find the last hidden errors, I’ll be reading the entire book out loud over the next two weeks. Maybe that should be a prayer request? 🙂

    🙂 God is good and I WILL trust Him.

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  4. 🙂 God is good and I WILL trust Him.

    😦 Two vehicles wrecked in exactly two weeks (to the minute!)

    🙂 Friends and family who care

    🙂 Friends who will lend their truck to us

    🙂 Work that will lend the camp car until we can get the friends’ truck

    🙂 Son who works for Subaru has already found us another car! Used Outbacks are hard to find as no-one trades them in.

    🙂 Dad mentioned he was going to sell his little truck a few weeks ago. We are going to purchase it for husband’s commuter/all purpose vehicle

    🙂 Sister who is willing to accompany my folks to Edmonton to meet husband to get the truck and bring my folks back home.

    😦 The poor deer

    🙂 Thankful I wasn’t driving the Subaru when I hit the deer – it would have come onto the windshield if not through the windshield

    🙂 God is good and I WILL trust Him.

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  5. 😦 This past Tuesday, as you know, was the first anniversary of Hubby’s death. Interestingly, although the day was painful and I did do some crying throughout the day, the two days before it were even worse, with much more sobbing on my part.

    Now I am reading what I wrote in the aftermath of his death. Nightingale had taken off the couple days she was scheduled to work that week (which she ended up being paid for anyway), and she and I stayed in close proximity to each other throughout the days. In the midst of the great grief we were feeling, there was also a sweetness in how we bonded even deeper in our relationship, as we took care of the various things we needed to do for Hubby’s memorial service.

    As I was writing his obituary, she had joked that in the “He is survived by” section, I should add “and too many jackets, hats, and pens”. So I added that in, and kept it in. 🙂

    Those of you who are my Facebook friends probably saw her post, which I was tagged in, with the photo of the cake she bought to celebrate his release from the first hospital. (Usually, she bakes from scratch, but didn’t have time that day.) She was at the check-out in the store with it, after having dropped him off at his work to pick up his car, when she got the call from him that he needed help. (He was having that stroke.) She called 911 and went back to his work, arriving as they were about to put him into the ambulance.

    When she got home after being at the second hospital with him, she shoved the cake into the freezer, in tears. It was almost a month later, after his death, that she took it out and let it thaw. It was delicious, but so sad to be eating it without him.

    🙂 All the things that I was scared about dealing with last year, particularly with bills and financial matters, have been dealt with. For months, as I (or we) slowly dealt with things, I had an underlying – and sometimes not so underlying – feeling of anxiety about it all. But eventually, all those important matters were attended to, and I don’t have that feeling hanging over me anymore. (Still haven’t gone through most of Hubby’s stuff yet, but will get to that a little at a time.)

    🙂 Praise be to our wonderful Heavenly Father, who has been so faithful and good to me. I have felt His presence and reality in my life more than ever before, and my faith and trust in Him are deeper than ever. I am eternally grateful to Him for all His goodness and kindness to me.

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