Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 6

Hello football fans. Your Pickled Pigskin Picker here. Hope you’re enjoying this early fall weather, even though it’s 90° here in the Mid-Mississippi Valley. Not really football weather, if you ask me. But you didn’t, and I said it any way. Oh, well. If you bothered to read this so far, you haven’t seen anything to do with the actual picks. So skip on down and see what’s in store this week, along with a title I’ve gone and given each game, mainly because the first game is actually called the Red River Showdown. Let’s see if Chas or Mumsee can get a third victory. Or maybe one of us other folks will get our chance to shine in the virtual glory of Pickledom

So, have at it. Just get those picks in by high NOON Eastern Time Saturday

 1.  The Red River Showdown: #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma @ the Cotton Bowl

 2.  The Swamp Rivalry: #5 LSU @ #22 Florida

 3.  The Other Florida rivalry?: Florida State @ #17 Miami

 4.  First Round Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy: Navy @ Air Force

 5. “Because Mumsee Likes one of These Teams”: San Diego State @ Boise State

 6.  The “Who’s the Worst in Texas” game: UTSA @ Rice

 7.  A Game That Matters: #6 Notre Dame @ #24 Virginia Tech

 8. “Who Doesn’t Want to be the Worst in the PAC-12”: California @ Arizona

 9.  Pillow Fight: Colorado State (1-4) @ San José State (0-4)

10. Tie Breaker (winner and final score): A team from Peter L’s State vs Chas’ State:

      Mizzou @ South Carolina

21 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 6

  1. 1. Texas
    2. Florida
    3. Florida State (Hey I work over there!)
    4. Navy
    5. Boise
    6. Rice
    7. Virginia Teck
    8. California
    9. Colorado
    10. Missouri 38-28


  2. Here goes. These picks do not reflect preferences but reckoning of reality. I don’t really want the Irish to win. And I really think Gamecocks can beat the Tigers if they can stop the run.
    1. Oklahoma
    2. LSU
    3. Florida State
    4. Air Force
    5. Boise State
    6. UTSA
    7. Notre Dame
    8. Arizona
    9. Colorado State
    10. Gamecocks 21-17


  3. Oklahoma
    Goooooooooo Boise!
    Notre Dame
    Colorado State
    South Carolina 28-16
    Somebody almost copied me exactly but that is understandable.


  4. 1. The Red River Showdown:Oklahoma
    2. The Swamp Rivalry:LSU
    3. The Other Florida rivalry: Miami
    4. First Round Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy: Navy
    5. Mumsee Special: Boise State
    6. Who’s the Worst in Texas game: UTSA
    7. Game That Matters: Notre Dame
    8. Who Doesn’t Want to be the Worst in the PAC-12: California
    9. Pillow Fight: Colorado State
    10. Tie Breaker (winner and final score): Mizzou 21-17


  5. Missouri scored on it’s first possession. They then kicked on-side and SC recovered and scored.
    Even I know better than that. Why on-side in the first quarter?


  6. We are terrible this year. Only four of our majority picks were right. Even our unanimous pick, Boise St., went down.


  7. You’re correct, Kevin. The winner had 6 correct this time, again. And it was mumsee, again. She and Chas tied, but she was closer on the tie breaker.

    Congratulations, ma’am. You are on a roll. It looks like either you or Chas is the going to be the best this year. So what’ll it be this time around?

    The results:
    Mumsee & Chas 6
    AJ & Janice 5
    Kevin and “you-know-who” 4
    Idaho Mike and Kim 3


  8. Sure, since I don’t remember where to look to find another choice. Though I keep telling Boise to go and they still have not gone.


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