Prayer Requests 9-26-18

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajisuun and The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 48

Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise,
    in the city of our God, his holy mountain.

Beautiful in its loftiness,
    the joy of the whole earth,
   like the heights of Zaphon is Mount Zion,
    the city of the Great King.
God is in her citadels;
    he has shown himself to be her fortress.

When the kings joined forces,
    when they advanced together,
they saw her and were astounded;
    they fled in terror.
Trembling seized them there,
    pain like that of a woman in labor.
You destroyed them like ships of Tarshish
    shattered by an east wind.

As we have heard,
    so we have seen
   in the city of the Lord Almighty,
    in the city of our God:
   God makes her secure

Within your temple, O God,
    we meditate on your unfailing love.
10 Like your name, O God,
    your praise reaches to the ends of the earth;
    your right hand is filled with righteousness.
11 Mount Zion rejoices,
    the villages of Judah are glad
    because of your judgments.

12 Walk about Zion, go around her,
    count her towers,
13 consider well her ramparts,
    view her citadels,
   that you may tell of them
    to the next generation.

14 For this God is our God for ever and ever;
    he will be our guide even to the end.

7 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-26-18

  1. Please pray that the injury (causing tendonitis) to my left arm will finally fully heal. It has been a lot better, very slowly but steadily improving, to the point where I only noticed a little twinge every now and then. Each day I would be aware of a little more improvement. But today it is a little bit sorer for some reason. (I must have used it wrong, or slept in a bad position last night.)

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  2. Will be praying, Kizzie.

    East Coast sister with the flu still doesn’t feel very well, but is some improved, so they all are on their way to the Midwest now. Pray for C’s health, and that others don’t get sick, especially my dad, who C will be staying with during the wedding, and for her family’s safe travels. Seventeen hours from their home to my parents’.

    Please pray for easing of tensions here. I still have a headache today — pain behind one eye and at the back of my head on that side — and now our kitchen faucet decided to go on the fritz, and my husband doesn’t think we have enough luggage for the wedding trip (I do, but he wants me to go buy more anyway), so we have to divert more funds from various places, or take it out of our emergency fund, which I don’t think luggage qualifies as an emergency, but when that’s about all that’s left until payday next week, that’s where it’s coming from.

    I need prayers about my attitude. I am frustrated, frazzled, and ready to cry, and the wedding day isn’t even here yet.

    Thank you.

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  3. Praying for your arm to heal Kizzie…. ❤️
    6 arrows your mentioning luggage brought back the memories of our driving up to my Uncle’s house in Sidney OH….just a couple hours at the most north of our town. We never had luggage….we shoved our clothes into brown paper bags.
    When husband has to fly he shoves everything into a sports duffle bag so he can count it as his personal belonging….it fits under the seat in front of him and he is a happy camper! Praying you can find something to suffice so that new luggage is not needed….

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  4. Ann comes to mind regularly, and I pray for her some of those times, but I should email her and see how she’s doing, and let her know we’re thinking of her.

    Kizzie, I’ve been having good cries — better described as hard cries, which don’t seem to do any good, except for a brief time after — for several months lately. (Except in August, when I was running regularly. But I had to give it up because my knees couldn’t take it, even with rest periods between my running days, and my crying jags started right back in about a week after I stopped running.)

    I would have taken some time to cry this morning — Lord knows the tears would have come easily — but crying when I have a headache always makes it worse, so I held back.

    The good news is my headache is gone and my emotions are much better right now. Getting out of the house this morning/afternoon helped immensely, and I know your prayers did, too.

    Hubby decided to wait to replace the faucet, and has it put back together in a way it will still be usable temporarily, without causing damage, he believes (it was leaky). We’ll deal with it next week, when there’s more time and money. It’s okay for now.

    I was pleased to find some pretty stationery at Hobby Lobby, on which I’m going to write a letter to my daughter and give it to her on her wedding day.—8-1-2-x-11/p/80725766

    I liked the lacy border, and being it’s a little off-white, like her dress, and the center is tan like parts of the wedding invitations her groom designed, I thought it would be a nice design on which to write her letter.

    I’ll tuck the letter into a blank card I also bought at HL, and I plan to give her a little piece of jewelry I’d purchased when she had her 3-month portraits done at JC Penney years ago. They offered little pendant-sized photographs and special jewelry in which you could place the tiny portraits, and I had bought a gold pin that has a ribbon design on top and a pendant-like part dangling from it. I found that piece of jewelry in a keepsake box in my closet the other night, with 2nd Arrow’s little smiling face peering out from the pin as she held a pink teddy bear.

    I clipped the pin to a little piece of fabric that hangs from my purse I’m taking to the wedding, and will give her the jewelry with her portrait sometime that day, along with the card and letter.

    I am feeling more settled now with the wedding plans (and, for those who offered suggestions about gifts for the bride the other day, thank you, and I’ll let you know I decided I’d also pay for her hair and makeup sessions as a gift — it didn’t seem right to do that for my daughters in the bridal party, and not the bride herself, though I suppose I could have decided not to pay for any of their sessions, but the girls already paid for their bridesmaids’ dresses and alteration costs, which was something I thought we should have covered, but funds again…)

    And blah blah blah. How many run-on sentences were in that last paragraph? 🙂

    All that to say, I think we’re set now, except for me to write that letter, and that in itself makes me feel a lot better.

    Will you pray for safe travels and nice weather? (Outdoor wedding, with alternate indoor accommodation if weather doesn’t cooperate.) Safety, of course, being more important than good weather. I don’t think it’s going to snow, anyway!

    Sorry for the disjointed thoughts. I don’t have time to head over to the daily thread, where some of that would have been better placed.

    Thank you.


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  5. NancyJill, I hadn’t seen your comment before I started typing the above. I did think about putting extra stuff, if need be, into brown paper grocery bags! 🙂

    I did already buy two additional big duffel-bag things that were 50% off — $24.99 instead of $49.99 — and they’ve got quite a bit of space, so I’m glad I could at least find something reasonably reasonable. 😉

    They match two other items that are exactly the same, which I purchased a couple of months ago. Perhaps they wouldn’t be called luggage, but I’m glad that both times I hit a 50% off sale!

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