28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-25-18

  1. Morning, Chas. Our fellowship group had a dinner meeting tonight with some guests from the US. We were celebrating the dedication of the Doromu Koki New Testament. Such praises as a month ago they were told to wait a year as the people weren’t ready. God is good and it was a very God honoring dedication. Members of our group did the translation and we have been praying.

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  2. Good morning. Two nights now, son has been home on time, even before the exact time and left his illegal device on my desk for the night. Only five more nights and he will have a whole week done.

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  3. Morning! It was 33 brisk degrees in this forest when I opened that door to let the dogs out! The deer are running about the property with a new spring in their step and my coffee tastes so much better for some reason! 😊

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  4. The bird in the header is a male eastern towhee, a bird the maps show as occurring in all of Indiana, at least in summer (year-round in the south, summer only in the north), but that I never saw until we were preparing to move down here, in one of the state parks down here (and that one was a female). Females are brown where males are black, but otherwise they look the same. They used to be called rufous-sided towhees, and that’s what I identified it as when I saw the female. Even my husband the artist didn’t know “rufous” to be a color, so maybe that’s why they changed it!

    I love the red eyes!

    This one was flying from tree to tree, and singing, in iffy morning light, but in some poses the light hit him in a good spot for a photo. Farther down the trail a second male was sitting in a tree in one spot long enough for a good number of shots. Having seen a female a few months before, and a male a few days before, I thought cool, this bird must be pretty common here. And I haven’t seen one since. But on one summer morning, I saw two males.


  5. Fantastic morning out there! Frost on the ground and when I turned a corner with my bucket of feed, there was the full moon just getting ready to set in the west. Behind me was the sun just starting to peek over the mountain tops to the east! Glorious morning! Glorious God Who created it all and keeps it all in motion!

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  6. 😦 All this talk about frost!

    Re: Yesterday’s post on the Prayer Thread.
    I expected to find out about Bob, (SS teacher) at Lions last night, but didn’t. So I called this morning. He is ok. He said he was ready to walk out door, but got dizzy and went back. It cleared up Sunday afternoon and he is OK now.
    When you get our age, all of life is “iffy”. So I’m going to dig deeper into each lesson from now on so I won’t be caught totally unprepared.
    I have never taught Gal. 4:8f before; I’ve already checked.

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  7. So the painters made a lot of headway yesterday, they were here early before I left for work and when I got home they were still here, looking ragged and paint splattered.

    They said they’re getting close and they really, really want to finish this. They’re aiming to be done by the end of the week and they could actually do it if they can keep up yesterday’s pace. Today I think they plan to finish putting all of the main color on the house, then it’ll be trim for the rest of the week.

    So we may finish the painting by October after all.

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  8. Glad Bob is OK, Chas. Yes, maybe you can plan to team teach, you’ll be his backup, as you have been, but perhaps taking the lead more often (yet not having to do it every week).

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  9. I was about to type, “classic robin photo,” when I saw Cheryl announced it as a towhee– which I guess I’ve seen in the east but didn’t know it before!

    Looks like I will survive. I slept well last night!

    Off to start Nehemiah 1, with a long talk about why he was in Susa and the history that led his people there.

    I’m very close to an analogy about the people leaving Egypt for the Sinai with the destruction of Jerusalem. Not quite there, but I see parallels . . . And then on to the grace of redemption: from slavery (in sin) to freedom (in Christ).

    I’ve much to ponder– as usual!

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  10. Nightingale has sold the Impala! (That was Hubby’s car that she had been driving after her Civic bit the dust and before we bought the CRV.) She had not yet taken the time to advertise it, but our neighbors knew she would be selling it.

    A co-worker of the man next door mentioned that he was in dire need of a new (used) car, so Man Next Door helped set up a meeting with them. He also told Nightingale that what she was asking for it was very reasonable and that she shouldn’t accept anything less. The co-worker liked the car, and bought it. The car is still in our driveway until he gets it registered at the DMV.

    This Impala was bought brand new by my dad in 2004, just a couple months before he died. Then my mom drove it for six years until her death, and then it passed to Hubby. After Hubby’s death, we put it into Nightingale’s name, and she drove it for several months. So this car has been owned and driven by three generations in our family.

    The Boy is sad that Nightingale sold “Papa’s car”.

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  11. In reading the account of Jacob deceiving Isaac, pretending to be Esau to get his blessing, I was a bit surprised by one of the study notes. The note referred to Isaac’s request for the delicious food that he loved as showing his “sensuality”, and said it was at the root of the conflict.

    I’d never thought of it like that. Since food is so much a part of human interactions, Isaac’s request sounded reasonable to me. What do y’all think?


  12. DJ I have no updated photos

    I just have tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday night to teach then this month will be over and I will not teach this again until January. Tomorrow night will be rough. DIL is in class (she is going back to school to get her nursing degree), son has to work late, so Miss Maddie will be spending the night with Grandpa and MiMi. I won’t get home until 9:30 and Gramps will have had her all day by himself. I won’t sleep well tomorrow night because I think once a woman has “Mother Ears” she never loses them.
    It’s all going to be OK.

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  13. Kizzie, I have no idea whether a meal would normally be part of bestowing the family blessing. Perhaps he simply hadn’t had the dish in a while. The study notes sound like they are “reading in” something that the text doesn’t say, I think. Isaac isn’t seen as a man of great faith, but I think once you start guessing at motives you are on shaky ground.

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  14. I agree with Kim. I have some logical problems with that.
    He stole the birthright and it was honored.
    Though he sold it earlier.
    But 2018ssensibilities say that a woman can accuse a man of harassment without evidence, and it sticks.


  15. Kizzie, you certainly got your money’s worth out of that Impala. My husband insisted on one after our one was totaled. A used one was very difficult to find around here.

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  16. I’ll have to take some photos when I get home — They’re getting close to finishing the top coat I think. I really like it. 🙂 Whew.

    I am going to start getting bids for fabric awnings to protect the wood on those south-facing windows. Nothing fancy, just the fixed awnings with the Spanish “spear” hardware which should protect from both sun & water. Those windows really were beaten up and now that I am getting them repainted I want to see if I can give them some protection.

    Of course, there’s rain (well, “showers” maybe) in our forecast now — for Monday and Thursday of next week. It’s cloudy and cool, which is wonderful, but rain, especially if painting isn’t done or completely dry, is no bueno!


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