21 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-18-18

  1. I would argue neither had much dignity to start with.


    “As a result, a last-second Hail Mary to the headlines appears set to have virtually no effect on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. She sat on the letter accusing Kavanaugh of something serious and, for some reason that probably has nothing to do with her being challenged from the Left or anything, she decided it wasn’t worth releasing.

    What most people aren’t talking about is the fact that she wasn’t just given the letter in person. It was given to her office. Staffers knew of it. To what degree they knew is debatable, but someone on her staff knew this existed. For it to not have been revealed to her own colleagues makes this extremely curious, because that means she (or someone high up in her office) forbade staffers from telling anyone about it. Whether it was over concerns for privacy or because she didn’t think it was that big an issue doesn’t matter. The order had to have been given.

    So, she screws over the Democrats, who otherwise could have made a sizable chunk of the hearings about this accusation, and drawn some bigger headlines from it, complete with soundbites that would have fared far better than the out-of-context bits released by Kamala Harris or the completely made up things posted by ThinkProgress.

    The Democrats aren’t the only ones with problems, however.

    Jeff Flake, who continues to seek the spotlight on his way out a door he would likely not have been walking back through had he run for re-election anyway, has now come out and said the Senate should delay the vote until the accuser has a chance to come forward and speak her piece.

    Flake has made a name for himself in the last year as a Jennifer Rubin Republican – he does not care what the issue is. If Trump is for it, he is more likely than not against it. His statement does nothing more than confirm that he is in this for himself and his own reputation. Making sure the Supreme Court stays solidly conservative is nothing compared to making sure that everyone knows he is the Right And Proper Jeff Flake.

    As much as Dianne Feinstein hurt the Democrats, Flake is doing just as much to ensure he can hurt the Republicans just as bad – or even worse.

    Meanwhile, amid all this turmoil, Kavanaugh is being supported by 65 women he went to school with, not to mention countless other classmates from college, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself has decried this process, and the only thing we can be sure of now is that Democrats are getting away with tarnishing a man’s name for partisan reasons.

    I’m sorry. There is one unproven allegation. It is serious, but the timing is suspect. One alleged drunken indiscretion in high school does not make a sexual predator, and it is certainly not indicative of any serial behavior. Likewise, other than this woman’s word, there is nothing to verify some or all truth to it.

    In the case of Roy Moore, there were multiple accusers and several witnesses to testify to his gross behavior. In Kavanaugh’s case, we do not have that, and that matters. Our justice system dictates that a person is innocent until proven guilty. That has not happened yet.

    Here’s what’s happening, however. This is a sham of a process, and the Feinsteins and the Flakes of the world are making it into an even bigger joke than it had already become. And, for all their posturing and “Hey, look at me doing the right thing!” nonsense, they are letting a good and decent man get destroyed over it.”


  2. And isn’t it interesting, and hypocritical, for Dems to be so outraged over Kavanaugh’s alleged incident from 40 years ago, but don’t hold their own to such standards when the crimes are much more recent, more frequent, and the man is a sitting Congressman?

    What does this women get? Where’s her day in front of Congress to tell her story? No, instead she gets the smear treatment, and Dems are OK with that.

    Just further proof the Kavanaugh allegation is BS.


    “DNC Deputy Chair and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison has been accused domestic abuse by former girlfriend Karen Monahan. Monahan broke her story earlier in the year, claiming to have video evidence of Ellison physically abusing her and using sexist slurs toward her.

    Monahan has been slowly telling her story through Twitter, explaining how Democrats in her state attempted to silence her and “isolate” her. When a follower asked if Democrats believed her claims, Monahan said, “I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party.”

    Monahan alleges she provided medical records to back up her claims of abuse, but state Democrats did nothing: “I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing [with] and healing from the abuse.”

    “I knew I wouldn’t be believed,” Monahan said of her Democratic colleagues.”

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  3. Talk about prosecutorial misconduct……

    Unprecedented, and most likely to be tossed on appeal.

    He doesn’t have the power to override a pardon, whether he likes it or not.

    “Osler said he objects to some of the provisions in the plea deal as going too far to close off legitimate routes a defendant should be able to use to raise potential unfairness.

    “It does appear this document was created with clemency in mind,” said Osler. “If this plays out … and later we get a pardon of some kind, we’re going to have a lot of questions of first impression, I think. Then, we’re going to be in the courts on this and it’ll be fascinating.”

    The inclusion of a section barring Manafort from filing any “petition of remission” troubled some advocates because it appears to prohibit not just a request to the Justice Department but also directing such a request to the president.

    A Justice Department regulation blesses the use of such language in plea deals, but seems aimed solely at the agency’s internal process and not the president’s parallel power.”

    Nice try, won’t stand up in court when Trump pardons him. And he likely will.

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  4. More of the deep state resistance has been exposed.

    More to come, including more video.


    “Federal Employee for State Department: “Resist everything… Every level. @#$% &^%$ up.”

    Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Embedded in Federal Government Positions, Actively Resisting

    Stuart Karaffa Does Work for DSA While on Taxpayer’s Dime: “I’m careful about it. I don’t leave a paper trail.”

    “I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees.”

    Ethics Officer Fails to Recognize Breach on Ethics Form: “somebody just rubber stamps it and it goes forward…”

    “Today, Project Veritas released the first installment in an undercover video investigation series unmasking the deep state. This video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer’s dime, while advocating for resistance to official government policies. In addition to being a State Department employee Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA.)

    Metro DC DSA is a socialist group that works to advance progressive causes in the metropolitan DC area.

    Mr. Karaffa’s loyalties seem to be with DSA, not with his employer.

    Karaffa told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that he performs DSA activism while at work for the State Department. He explained that he drafts DSA communications while on the job at State Department:

    “… I’m careful about it. I don’t leave a paper trail, like I leave emails, and like any press s**t that comes up I leave that until after 5:30. But as soon as 5:31 hits, got my like draft messages ready to send out.””


  5. The WSJ editorial board is condemning the Kavanaugh charade.




    ““Senator [and Judiciary Chairman] Grassley must postpone the vote until, at a very minimum, these serious and credible allegations are thoroughly investigated,” declared Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday. “For too long, when women have made serious allegations of abuse, they have been ignored. That cannot happen in this case.”

    His obvious political goal is to delay the confirmation vote past the election, fan the #MeToo political furies until then, and hope that at least two GOP Senators wilt under political pressure. Already Senators Jeff Flake andBob Corker are playing into Mr. Schumer’s hands by calling for a delay.

    GOP Senators should understand that the political cost of defeating Mr. Kavanaugh will likely include the loss of the Senate. Democrats are already motivated to vote against Donald Trump, and if Republicans panic now their own voters will rightly be furious. They would be letting Democrats get away with the same dirty trick they tried and failed to pull off against Clarence Thomas.

    It would also be a serious injustice to a man who has by all accounts other than Ms. Ford’s led a life of respect for women and the law. Every #MeToo miscreant is a repeat offender. The accusation against Mr. Kavanaugh is behavior manifested nowhere else in his life.

    No one, including Donald Trump, needs to attack Ms. Ford. She believes what she believes. This is not he said-she said. This is a case of an alleged teenage encounter, partially recalled 30 years later without corroboration, and brought forward to ruin Mr. Kavanaugh’s reputation for partisan purposes.

    Letting an accusation that is this old, this unsubstantiated and this procedurally irregular defeat Mr. Kavanaugh would also mean weaponizing every sexual assault allegation no matter the evidence. It will tarnish the #MeToo cause with the smear of partisanship, and it will unleash even greater polarizing furies.”


  6. None of this passes the smell test.


    “Anonymous identified herself in the Washington Post on Sunday as Christine Blasey Ford, a registered Democrat, Bernie Sanders supporter, and psychology professor at Palo Alto University, who otherwise had no recollection exactly where or when the supposed assault occurred some 36 years ago. Nor did she offer any clear reason why she had never then, or in the more than three decades since, contacted authorities to report the purported assault, other than claiming in 2012 that the incident then 30 years earlier still troubled her and contributed to her own sense of unease.

    Or as Ford explained her sudden self-unmasking over the weekend: “Now I feel like my civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish and terror about retaliation.” A cynic might suggest that anonymity was useful in the 11th-hour smearing of Kavanaugh, but had proved not quite enough to derail his nomination, and so the fallback and default position of identification followed.

    Ford was wise finally to come forward, given that the ability of the defendant now to face his accuser is a fundamental tenet of Western jurisprudence, as are canons such as statutes of limitations and hearsay. And just as Kavanaugh has labored for days under terrifying smears of Anonymous’s charges, so, too, will Ford have to prove to the court of public opinion that her narrative is believable, and neither timed nor crafted for the higher progressive objective of destroying a conservative Republican Supreme Court nominee.

    Feinstein, in raising these initially anonymous allegations, was trafficking in the world of the English Star Chamber Court, the Inquisition, and the whispers and initial innuendos that prompted the hysteria of the Salem witch trials. Or rather she had a finger in the wind: if the 36-year-old charges created an Anita Hill-like hysteria, Feinstein was to be seen as heroic and on the barricades of the #NeverKavanaugh resistance. But even if her the charge proved absurd, then she could have retreated into something like “Just Sayin’.”

    So Feinstein saw no downside in releasing the initially anonymous sourced charge just after the formal hearings on Kavanaugh had concluded, in hopes that the smear could not be answered by cross-examining senators, but might gin up pressure on senators nonetheless to change their votes.

    When the gambit backfired, Anonymous then—and only then—stepped forward to press her charges. What is left unsaid is that we will no longer have a free country or enjoy civil liberties and the safety of a Bill of Rights, if any American, at any time, can be ruined by an allegation of unproven sexual assault of some 36 years past, when the accused was a 17-year-old teenager, by an accuser who initially trafficked anonymously in such allegations, came forward only as part of a wider, more intensified and collective last-ditch effort to destroy the reputation of the accused, and yet has no clear memory of exactly where she was at 15, or the approximate date, when she claims that she was assaulted, or why she made no such accusation for 30 years—or when she raised the issue some six years ago privately during counseling, why her therapist’s notes of such revelations do not now match her current version of the incident.

    Most would assume that when Blasey Ford wrote in her allegation, “I have received medical treatment regarding the assault,” she would produce proof of a confirmable visit to an emergency room or doctor fairly soon after the alleged attack—not subsequently refer to a couples therapy session 30 years later, during which the therapist took notes that now do not, six additional years later, synchronize with the current allegations.”


  7. I just don’t care what Kavenaugh did when he was 17, but if the Senate wants allow never-Trumpers like Flake and Corker to make headlines one last time before they melt into obscurity, I guess we shall have to endure it. I’m thinking if they don’t confirm him before the election, there will be a ‘Red wave’ in response. Most Republicans will get out and vote in the midterms if it’s ‘for the Supreme Court’. That has been the rallying cry since Reagan, and it’s mostly worked.

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  8. Oh please, if there’s one thing we’ve learned since Trump became president it’s that the swamp rats will protect one of their own at all costs.

    I have zero faith they’ll do what his actions call for, which is prosecution. Sessions will probably recuse himself from this too.


    “Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., requested that the Justice Department look into whether former Secretary of State John Kerry violated federal laws by meeting with the Iranian foreign minister, a move already blasted by top Trump administration officials.

    In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday obtained exclusively by Fox News, Rubio said that Americans “deserve to know that U.S. laws are enforced regardless of any individual’s past position.” He encouraged the department to determine whether Kerry violated the Logan Act or the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”

    Good luck with that. You’ll need it.


  9. It’s Big Tobacco 2.0. Where the only winners are the govts large and small that eat up the settlements left after the lawyers are finished.

    Welcome to the Big Opiod lawsuits.

    While I’m not totally against the idea, they aren’t the only ones responsible, and govts and insurance companies aren’t the victims. And Trump is wrong to encourage it.


    “Your Guide To The Opioid Lawsuits Aiming To Replicate The Big Tobacco Settlement

    Very few lawsuits against opioid makers were brought by victims or their families. Instead, they are being filed by cities, state’s attorneys general, and even Native American tribal councils.”

    “In recent days insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee have announced they will stop covering prescriptions for OxyContin. This comes after months of lawsuit filings against pharmaceutical companies, individual leadership of pharma companies, and retail pharmacies and dispensaries, all in the name of holding opioid manufacturers accountable for the addiction crisis gripping the nation.

    Very few of these suits were brought by victims or their families. Instead, they are being filed by cities, counties, state’s attorneys general, and even Native American tribal councils. Some of the suits have a lot more merit than others, but they got a collective boost in recent weeks when President Trump urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to sue pharma companies that have contributed to the U.S. opioid crisis.

    The president said during a cabinet meeting, “Some states have done it. But I’d like a lawsuit to be brought against these companies that are really sending opioids at a level that it shouldn’t be happening.” While the Justice Department has joined states in their suits against opioid companies, what Trump wants is a separate federal lawsuit targeting specific drug companies.

    But it’s the state-level opioid lawsuits that are vying to become the largest civil litigation settlement agreement in U.S. history. While this is new territory for most of the plaintiffs and defendants, the concept and approaches are not new. In fact, they come directly from the current record-holder’s playbook: Big Tobacco.”

    And in case you’re having trouble remembering how it turned out last time, here’s some helpful links.







    And about a zillion more similar stories here…..



  10. More actual collusion between Democrats and foreigners seeking to influence our elections and politics.

    Mueller….. Paging Mr. Mueller…..
    Hello? Anybody there?……..

    Just remember, this is all staged astroturf by the usual suspects. Manufactured outrage, the best money can buy.


    “Activists backed by left-wing billionaires like George Soros are giving cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

    The cash is for the protesters to resolve their charges after an arrest.

    Activists also explained how individuals could be arrested and released in order to disrupt the hearing multiple times a day.

    Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Democratic donors hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the activists revealed Monday night.

    A coalition of activist organizations including Women’s March, the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and Housing Works have scheduled the near-constant disruptions at the Kavanaugh hearings as part of an organized effort to derail the confirmation process in a series of meetings since he was first nominated.

    The cash from the donor-funded groups goes toward the protesters’ post-and-forfeit payments — a small cash sum paid to resolve low-level misdemeanor crimes and avoid jail time.

    Those are just some of the details representatives from the three groups revealed in a Monday night conference call planning their next two anti-Kavanaugh protests, one on Thursday and one next Monday.”

    The Daily Caller News Foundation received a tip with the dial-in code for Monday’s conference call and was present on the call in its entirety. One reporter, who asked questions, revealed his name during the introductions portion of the meeting.

    Protesters only need a government-issued ID and “your cash for the post-and-forfeit,” CPD national field organizer Darius Gordon said on the call.

    The left-wing organizations would provide cash for the post-and-forfeits to protesters who didn’t show up with their own money, Gordon and another organizer, Housing Works national advocacy coordinator Paul Davis, both said on Monday’s call.

    “If you do not have access to your cash we will certainly be able to arrange to get it to you before the action,” Davis said, noting that they had done so at previous anti-Kavanaugh protests.”


  11. More collusion? Here ya go…

    “The New York Times reported in 2015 that “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, [former President Bill] Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” In total, $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation from interests linked to Uranium One, which was acquired by the Russian government nuclear agency Rosatum.”


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  12. Huh.

    I heard he was gonna lose and it was all Trump’s fault……

    I guess you can’t believe everything you read.





  13. Ruh-roh.


    The only alleged witness says it didn’t happen.


  14. Been busy lately but…..

    I wonder where Kavanugh’s supporters found 65 female classmates since he went to an all boys school.

    When I first heard there was an accusation I wonder if it was just a case of a 17 year old not reading the “signals” but when his supporters managed to produce a letter signed by 65 women so quickly I grew suspicious. They were obviously waiting for the accusation and had a counter ready to go. Their attempt to clear his name has the opposite effect.


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