Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 3

Here you go, folks. The third week of seeing how good you are at guessing the winners of college football games. So far, not so good. The best anyone has done has been 6 out of 10. Where I teach, 60% is failing. So let’s see how we do this week. Mumsee chose the tie breaker. It’s going to be a big one as #17 Boise State Broncos travels to Oklahoma to take on the #24 OSU Cowboys. A real rodeo there. And the Pillow Fight moved North, since the ESPN choice is in the hurricane zone, so I chose two winless teams from the Midwest.

Get those guesses in by NOON EDT Saturday.

Week 3

 1. Hawaii @ Army

 2. #12 LSU @ #7 Auburn

 3. #1 Alabama @ Ole Miss

 4. #4 Ohio State @ #15 TCU

 5. #22 USC @ Texas

 6. #10 Washington @ Utah

 7. Rhode Island @ UConn

 8. Florida State @ Syracuse

 9. Pillow Fight: Central Michigan @ Northern Illinois

10. Tie Breaker (pick the winner and the final score): #17 Boise State @ #24 Oklahoma State

11 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 3

  1. Army
    Ole Miss (I’m going to take the risk that this is the big upset of the year.)
    TCU (And this is the second biggest.)
    Rhode Island
    Northern Illinois
    Boise State 24 – Oklahoma State 35 (Sorry, Mumsee. Cowboys usually tame broncos.)


  2. Chas’ wild guesses

    1. Army
    2. Don’t bet against Auburn
    3. Alabama
    4. Ohio State
    5. USC
    6. Washington
    7. UConn
    8. Fl. State
    9. N. Illinois
    10. Boise 14/7


  3. 1. Army
    2. Auburn
    3. Alabama
    4. Ohio
    5. Texas
    6. Washington
    7. Rhode Island
    8. Florida State
    9. Central Michigan
    10. Boise State. 10-7

    The A’s were trending on the first three!


  4. Re: My #2. The Tigers won, but I missed it anyhow. 22-21. Tough loss for Auburn. Pass interference took LSU to field goal range. I didn’t have a cat in that fight, but I hate to see dumb luck make a game.


  5. So, someone finally guessed the correct winner of the tie breaker game (moi – every one else pick Boise). However, AJ and Chas had more overall correct games. So Mrs L was called upon to pick the winner. She was busy putting leftovers away, so I put two pieces of paper in hand, mixed them up without looking, then held one piece in each hand. I told her “Right hand or left hand.” Congratulations, Chas! You’re name was in the right hand, and that’s the one she picked.

    Here are our results:
    AJ and Chas – 6
    Janice and I – 5
    Mumsee 4

    So Chas, South Carolina at Vanderbilt sound good to you? Or Boston College at Purdue? Or, make a selection from the schedule. Click this link:


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