Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 2

It’s Week 2 in PPPPP world. Kim won last week and chose the tie breaker, which also is the ESPN “Pillow Fight of the Week”. That’s right. Both East Carolina and North Carolina are that bad. There aren’t many quality Top 25 games this week, so the games are not as “important” as they will be later in the season. But I included UCLA this week just to get our busy author to take a break from her daunting task of editing her latest novel. You need it, Ma’am.

Remember, pick the winner of all the games and the score of the tie breaker. No prizes, just bragging rights and the chance to pick the next tie breaker. Hopefully all the games will be played. Both Nebraska and Iowa State cancelled games last week due to thunderstorms, and this weekend the remnants of Gordon are hitting the area. We’ll see.

Get those picks in by NOON EDT Saturday, 9/8/18.

 1. Eastern Michigan @ Purdue

 2. Arizona @ Houston

 3. Duke @ Northwestern

 4. Georgia Tech @ South Florida

 5. Memphis @ Navy

 6. Colorado @ Nebraska

 7. Iowa State @ Iowa

 8. UCLA @ #6 Oklahoma

 9. #17 USC @ #10 Stanford

10. Tie Breaker pick the winner and the final score: North Carolina @ East Carolina

(This is also the ESPN Bottom 10 Pillow Fight of the week.)

(Rankings based on AP Top 25 Poll; Pillow Fight based on ESPN Bottom Ten)

18 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 2

  1. Chas’ wild guesses:
    1. Purdue will come roaring back.
    2. Arizona
    3. Northwestern, they beat the Boilers
    4. Ga. Tech
    5. Navy
    6. Nebraska .
    7. Stanford. Don’t know why
    8. Okalahoma
    9. Stanford
    10. N. Carolina 14, E. Carolina 7.


  2. 1. Eastern Michigan (I have to – it’s my wife’s alma mater and children’s school too)
    2. Arizona
    3. Duke
    4. Georgia Tech
    5. Navy
    6. Colorado
    7. Iowa State
    8. UCLA
    9. Stanford
    10. North Carolina 13-10


  3. 1. Perdue
    2. Arizona
    3. Duke
    4. Georgia Tech (those Rambling Wrecks, and my pastor was one)
    5. Navy
    6. Nebraska
    7. Iowa
    8. Oklahoma
    9. Stanford
    10. North Carolina. 28-14


  4. Give a little time, as no one got the tie breaker. Again. We not doing too well at predicting the winners of the “important” game!

    Besides. It’s a nice day and Mrs L wants to go for a walk.

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  5. Well it was a nice walk. We went down and walked along the riverfront and downtown.

    Then came home and counted wins. Luke I said, we’re not doing well this year. The winner this week only had 5 correct, and so did four other peole. Maybe setting up the back up tie breaker system was prophetic. Mrs L had to draw again.

    Here are the results:
    AJ, Janice, Kevin, Mumsee, I all got 5.
    Chas got 3.

    After feeling around for several seconds in an old wide jar lid for five small slip of paper, Mrs L drew out the one M on it. So congratulations, Mumsee! You are the winner this week. Choose a Tie Breaker game from the schedule here:

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  6. Yay for us all! Yay for the nimble Mrs. L for her drawing of Mumsee! Maybe we will blame favortism because M follows L in the alphabet? It’s the buddy system. Anyways, congrats Mumsee.


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