36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-6-18

  1. Morning all, Chas already opened us up for this day.
    I found where our friend is on the map, incredible. And I thought that I was in a remote area. It does not compare.

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  2. Just got back from the high school choir concert. amazing voices. Here they spend so much time practicing that they really are a notch above. The first number, by the middle school, was ‘Gossip, Gossip’ by Jester Hairston. He actually came to Grass Valley years ago nd directed combined church choirs in that number and others. We had much to learn from him to put the right swing into that number.

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  3. Tomorrow is a teacher workday with meetings all morning, including our annual child safety training. I have just about enough energy to sit in a meeting.


  4. Good evening Jo. Almost bedtime for you.
    We have just had breakfast.
    Cheerios and Raisin Bran, just like always.
    I am not a cook.


  5. There is no Frigate like a Book
    To take us Lands away
    Nor any Coursers like a Page
    Of prancing Poetry –
    This Traverse may the poorest take
    Without oppress of Toll –
    How frugal is the Chariot
    That bears the Human Soul –

    The best ones are like a good friend when you part, you cry.

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  6. Kare tells me I should go into the national park. I could – we encountered tourists headed for said national park, including one from the U.S. of A. – but we would need to attend a mandatory orientation and then pay a local outfitter to take us. Money isn’t exactly plentiful with students, and basics here are very expensive [I payed sixteen dollars for a bag of flour for a two and a half kilo (2.2 kilos = 1 lb) bag of flour]. Also, we are here to work and study, and we would need several days for the trip to the park. We do have a break week in October, but the ice will be coming into the fjord then, so it is not a good time to be traveling into the park. We can either go in by boat now or in December by snowmobile. We may have to content ourselves with hiking the mountains next to the community.


  7. I’m just waiting around to see if Peter is going to make me choose the Gamecocks over the Bulldogs. That will be tough.

    Years ago, before any of you were born, I was a Notre Dame fan. The only reason is that I liked the Irish victory song. Still do. Purdue has a good victory song, but “Hail Perdue” isn’t quite as good.
    But they didn’t have TV in those days. We listened on the radio. All the Irish players had Polish names.
    But, foe obvious reasons, I choose Purdue over ND now.
    In those days, ND was THE team to beat. I’ve only seen one ND game. They beat Purdue in the last minute of the game. And that was because of a fumble.
    The Irish are lucky. Gamecocks are not lucky. The “luck” always seems to go against them.


  8. After all the drama, 54 corrections, at the present time I can only have 20 at most if I want to make my November 1 launch.

    So which 20?

    In the haze of exhaustion last night, I chose the misspelled words and errors. I will have to let Madam Ouelette stand uncorrected for a couple months–when I can make the final corrections.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Since I do have control over the PDF. I’ll make those corrections–when???– and at least the review copies will be right.

    In the meantime, the actual proof book arrived and it’s beautiful.

    During the totally fun interview with Eric Metaxas yesterday, he waxed lyrical about the gorgeous cover.

    The Lord sneaks in blessings where he can.

    My current crisis is on the prayer page.

    I know I’m feeling stressed when all I want to do is go home to Hawai’i.

    Apparently, however, Lake Tahoe and greater family of origin stress will be the order of the day for 30 hours this weekend.

    Even I can’t invent my life.

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  9. For a long time, when I was living in Annandale, I used to listen to “Sonny, Sam and Frank” do the audio of a game while the Redskihs were on TV. (Sonny Jorgensen, former QB, Sam Huff, former safety, and Frank Hertzog, professional commentator.) But I notice that the TV game is always a few seconds behind the action. So, I you are listening on the radio, you know what the play is before it starts.


  10. Roscuro, it looks beautiful where you are. Probably no mosquitoes, either.

    After I applied my insect repellant before bed last night, Annie took a whiff of me and squirreled up her little cat face something awful before running away. And I’m using the “scent-free” formula.

    It’s still overcast here, though it’s supposed to warm up again over the weekend. Painters made better progress yesterday, they’re now covering windows with plastic, taping them off and then planning to begin applying primer tomorrow. But I’m thinking now that my windows may be out of commission for (how long??) a while which won’t be easy as warmer weather is coming again. Maybe I can ask them to begin work and prime/paint on the south side since those are the windows I need for my natural “air conditioning.”

    Either way, probably a few weeks of inconvenience ahead still.

    I’m off to cover a sea lion release at the beach close by this morning, that should be a quick easy story to write and I may just do that from home. Then I’ll probably go into the newsroom for the afternoon, just to get away from all the ongoing work here.

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  11. Kare, you are correct about pounds and kilos.

    DJ, no mosquitoes, at least not now, although the Nunavut mosquitoes are legendary, said to need their own landing strip and to necessitate the tying down of children to avoid having them be carried off by the insects (it is a fact that the further north one goes, the larger the mosquitoes become); but there are flies, and the Inuit seem to have a deep seated fear and loathing of flies. There was a shriek heard from one of the clerk’s offices yesterday at the centre because of a large fly she found there.

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  12. of course you are right, as always, Chas.

    I’m having a pretty bad emotional meltdown right now. 😦

    My husband, with whom there has been almost no time to talk, has decided to take the afternoon off to try to help.

    Alas, too many demands on me. I’ll be out the door as soon as I sit down to work on and finish the next deadline.

    I have been crying, as a matter of fact.

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  13. Michelle. 😦 Praying.

    Meanwhile I’ve been frantically finishing up the sea lion release story while editor is hounding me about the homeless story I’m also doing for tomorrow. “Will this be the context-rich, in-depth piece we were talking about?”

    My response, which was the best I could do in a busy, short week: “I’ll do the best I can.”

    And he also wants me to cover Saturday’s protest against the coming homeless shelter. They’re really starting to expect weekend work more and more from us. It’s getting very old very fast. (And maybe so am I!) πŸ™‚


  14. On that home, I love the tile risers on the front steps, wondering if there is an easy-application type tile for something like that.

    OK, back to the homeless now that our sea lion is back in the ocean and the story is done.


  15. Argh. And now one of the editors has posted/published the sea lion before I’d put it into ‘edit’ and added the photos. Great.

    I’m joining Michelle in a meltdown


  16. Maybe I should join Donna and Michelle in the meltdown.
    I went with Linda (DIL) to visit a home where We -or Elvera would live should I die or become incapacitated. It was nice. Very nice but very expensive. 5-6 K$/month.
    I hope we can stay here, and we will as long as I am capable. But she needs constant care now.


  17. I had my meltdown yesterday, which turned to acceptance and calm. But I’ll be glad to get through tomorrow (I hope . . . I hope it isn’t all too traumatic). My husband happened to have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so we will both go to both, though we’ll probably have some time between his and mine.


  18. I feel like melting down, too! Today is the last day of antibiotics for my sinus infection from the last virus and I’m sick again. My folks are coming to visit on Saturday and I don’t want to get them sick. Oh, well.


  19. Well, I didn’t quite have a meltdown, but I did yell and cry. My arm is still hurting, although not as horribly as it was earlier in the week, and trying to get through each day without overusing it is wearing me down.


  20. Catching up on this day just in time…before it ends! Long busy day…and it was accompanied with cool autumn temps. Wearing hooded sweatshirts with jeans now on my daily walk…the air smells different and it is invigorating!
    Walking helps me when faced with stress…I really would like to travel back to Blowing Rock NC this fall and hike in those mountains…don’t think that will happen this year but perhaps next!
    Kare we have mushrooms popping up all over the place…all shapes, sizes and colors! The deer are eating them!

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  21. Kizzie, did you slug someone? Meltdowns happen.

    Today was a long one for me, I finally got a very long story turned in at about 7 p.m., the second story of the day. I’m beat.

    And my house is mostly now shrink wrapped, most of the windows and the front door all encased in plastic and blue tape. A lovely look. And a strange feeling. I sure hope this phase doesn’t last long, I will need some open windows to survive any kind of heat we may be getting in the next days and nights (and temps are going up into the mid 80s this weekend).

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  22. Karen my doctor quit giving me antibiotics years ago. Get vodka. Boil it on the stove. Make a tent with a towel and inhale the vapor. You can feel it breaking stuff lose. Have tissues handy

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