47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-22-18

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Nite-nite Jo.
    Seems like 6:30 comes around every day.
    That means I have to get up.
    No reason, just because it is 6:30. If I waited until 7:00 it would be the same thing. So? I chose 6:30. And I do it.
    Elvera used to have a bossman who once said:
    “Every man needs a reason to get up every morning.”
    My reason is that it’s 6:30.
    One thing I do is fix breakfast for TSWITW.

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  2. Morning, Chas. I usually get up at 6, but only on school mornings.
    I am getting to know a new teacher. When we talked today I realized she is the age that I was when I arrived here. Almost fourteen years ago now.

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  3. Good Morning. I am lingering in my morning today. I really don’t have to be at the office until 1 PM. Grandpa is up and waiting to go get Miss M. She is getting bigger and more active and it is taking its toll on him. I don’t know how much longer he can physically do it but he will for as long as he can.
    Lee’s mother asked me yesterday if I was ever going to get old and ugly. I suppose that was a compliment. πŸ˜‰

    I had a really good experience yesterday but to tell you would give away a surprise I have for someone else. In short, I bought something for someone but had not mailed it to them yet. It was in my wallet when Lee’s cousin said it was her favorite, so I got it out and gave it to her. She had already heard the story and was hesitant about accepting it. I explained it had been in my wallet for a month and I hadn’t made it to the post office yet, so it must be meant to be hers. She graciously accepted it and was thrilled.

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  4. Kim, you don’t have to get ugly when you get old.
    Admitted, you won’t turn heads of young guys, but the beauty will still be there
    Old age didn’t affect me. I never was good looking, but I still tell The Sweetest One that she is the prettiest one in Adult IV.
    And it is so.
    Her mind is mostly gone, but she is still careful about her beads, earbobs and if something matches.

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  5. We are at the doctor’s office for Art’s bone density test. That means we are in the women’s breast health center. The desk manager came out and said for Art to not feel discriminated against when they take ladies in before him. Ha! I am glad he is not here for a mammogram! The med Art takes for hypothyroidism can cause oesteoporosis so he gets infusions for that. It has been awhile since he had one.


  6. My friend, Karen, dropped her glasses in my car so I have to take them to her. Just another opportunity to sample Atlanta traffic. At least it is not far, but in this city, a lot of traffic can happen in three miles.

    She looked pretty pale yesterday, but she did not get out of breath walking to the car. That was good.

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  7. I was up at 6 today, early for me, but I went to sleep (after reading) kind of early, too (10:30) — early for me.

    Although I usually aim for 10-11 p.m. every night, so I wasn’t that far off.

    I need to order those screens but the painter asked if we could paint the frames before he puts the screens in (otherwise he said it’s really hard not to get pain on the screens). This will slow us down, so I’m thinking I should probably just get the screens, matching or not, and worry about the frames later. As long as I can remove the front ones … Plain things get very complicated for us picky people.

    The screen frame painting also potentially would further delay the house painting … I’m really surprised they don’t offer more choices in frame colors. Am I the only color-conscious person out there? Wondering if I should shop around, but these guys gave me a pretty good price and I’m not sure I’d find more choice without going high end which I just can’t really afford to do.

    So one of the local ‘sufferers’ I talked to for the mosquito article yesterday later told me that she went to urgent care last night and they confirmed it was mosquito bites — and they actually put her on a round of antibiotics. These bites are so awful and they really do get inflamed and spread. It makes me wonder about my first huge bunch of bites that were followed by 2 weeks of gastro upset and irregularity accompanied by an overall feeling of fatigue and unwellness that dragged on through those mid-summer weeks back in June/July. I thought at the time it might all be related to the bites and told my doctor that — my doctor didn’t check for anything other than the gastro issue and that test came back negative. I’d recently had blood work done already so we didn’t do another round of that. But I really did feel lousy there for a few weeks, just really wiped out. It finally went away.

    Yellow fever?????

    Nah, although these guys do spread those diseases which are completely new to our area. That’s why vector control is worried and watching it all very closely …

    But back to coyotes …

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  8. Is it safer in Idaho? I probably wouldn’t worry about screen frame colors as much. Although knowing me, maybe I would … I would drive mumsee batty with all my California, first-world obsessions.

    Speaking of which, I had a new car radio installed yesterday (the Jeep’s old original factory one went kaput) and now I have to figure out how to use it.

    it’s got lots of groovy, wavy neon-y lights. It’s just like the 1970s all over again.

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  9. And look at those turkeys (?) scurrying along in a line, all in a hurry-hurry, going somewhere, quickly, can’t be late.


  10. After I whined here about the house cleaning cost yesterday, I went to my room with my Bible to calm down.

    I had to ask myself why it made such a difference and then repent of a judgemental attitude toward people who don’t clean their houses and pay such exorbitant fees to have them cleaned by someone else.

    In other words, the sin of judgement and hypocrisy.

    I also decided that since my husband didn’t care, I needed to be thankful rather than fret and drive him crazy with a misguided sense of dust and ashes (what an apt metaphor) and the need to wear sackcloth.

    So, I thanked the Lord for allowing us to pay someone to clean our house.

    I started feeling better, read Scripture with a brighter understanding and calmed down.

    Later that afternoon we went to get our trust updated now the children are all of age. It didn’t require much tweaking and the lawyer was really surprised at how casual we were about several important items.

    “We’ll let them figure it out between the four of them,” was our answer.

    She couldn’t believe it. “You’re one of the few clients I’ve had recently who trust their children. Trusts have become so complicated with disinheriting one child (but not telling them), putting all sorts of conditions on where their money goes and trying to control their heirs.”

    We looked at each other and shrugged. “No, ours get along fine. They’re wonderful.”

    She stared at her paperwork. “There’s hardly any work here at all. I should give you a discount for raising great kids who don’t require much. In fact I will.”

    We laughed when the lawyer cut the cost of the trust update by 20%.

    Not quite enough to pay for the extra house cleaning costs, but almost.

    My children’s father and I gave each other a high-five.

    Meanwhile I’ve never seen the bathtub in this house so clean. I wish I had watched how the housecleaner did it . . .

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  11. It took her ten minutes to decide on something to wear this morning.
    But she looked beautiful in it.
    Beautiful for an 86 year old, that is.

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  12. All I know is my radio would only get one station — Motown, could have been way worse since they also were doing an Aretha Franklin tribute — and it would spontaneously go on and off at will. No other station, no other “modes” (so no AM/CDs, etc.).

    One station.

    Sometimes. πŸ™‚


  13. Only ten minutes to choose an outfit, Chas? I need her to help me choose for this conference. She’d make quick work of it.

    I am not able to get on Facebook. It keeps shutting down each time I try. Has anyone else experienced that?


  14. I have mixed feelings about getting the house cleaned by others. I have done that for a short time when I was pregnant and working. There was a language barrier so it did not always work as I expected. I remember being surprised by finding my stockings all nicely rolled up. I always just dumped them from the net bag into a drawer. My housekeeping skills took a distinct downward spiral when I was going to my mom’s to care for her and homeschooling at the same time. I have never gotten back to where I need to be. Money has been scarce at times so hiring someone was out of the question. We do hire someone to clean the office during tax season. We always have double expenses because of the office.


  15. Morning!
    I have never had someone else clean my house. That would never work for me but I have friends who would have it no other way. I like cleaning my house and I have the time…if I didn’t have the time I would still be up at midnight cleaning it for myself! That is just the way I am put together! 😊


  16. My problem cleaning house is that I am a get up in the morning and get it done person. That doesn’t work with the layout of my house or with my husband. Because of his back issues he is up and down all night and often sleeps until 9 or 10. I am at work by 8 or 8:30 and on Saturday I am beat. I also have a 4 month old 3 1/2 days each week and 2 or 3 Friday nights a month depending on how conning Grandpa can be with the Mommy.

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  17. Michelle, due to the issues with Son#2 and not knowing what the situation will be when Hubby and I pass, we’re leaving everything to Son#1 with the understanding that he can do for his brother whatever makes sense at the time. And we completely trust him to be honest and fair (we would trust the other one, too, if the situation were reversed).

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  18. My sister in law cleans her house before the cleaning lady comes…she doesn’t want the cleaning lady to think she doesn’t keep a clean house! πŸ˜‚
    We have a will and we have four children. They all get along pretty well. We are not confident that one of the four would not be greedy or that her non working husband would prove to be a negative influence upon her. We raised all of our children in the same manner making adjustments with different temperaments, abilities and personalities of each one. We prayed for them all with the hopes they would be followers of Christ and that they would be kind and considerate souls. I have always told my friends I will not take credit for how they turned out as long as I don’t have to take on the blame…..have mercy…..we did our best….

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  19. When my mom called 27 years ago to tell me she and my dad had done their trust and made me the executor of everything, I bristled.

    “Swell, Mom. You chose the pro-life person to make the life and death decisions. I’ll be the one who feels guilty forever.”

    She blessed me with the most profound thing she ever said.

    “We know our children. We know that any decision you make will be the right one.”

    Tears in my eyes even as I type. I remembered her words so many times over the next ten years as I was forced to make hard decision after hard decision on medical–a couple times getting into arguments with one of my siblings.

    I’m the oldest and only girl and only Christian. Mostly I took my one brother’s advice on money and it always came out very well. Having to deal with our father together–one on emotional matters (me), one on money the third on medica–spread the immense problems we had with Dad.

    But I had several advantages. As the only Christian, I saw my father differently–as a needy man. I’d worked through my angst over his alcoholism ten years before, thanks be to God, and done the genealogy in hopes of sorting out why he behaved the way he did.

    I handled the emotional end because, while we all loved my dad, I had already made my peace with him.

    OTOH, my wonderful husband, as always, was the ace in the hole. When even I started ranting about Dad, he would quiet me with a simple phrase: “What does it mean to honor our mother and father, again?”

    I could not have gotten through those years without him.

    In the end, working together, my brothers and I forged the strong family bonds my mother’s whole had loved. We came out closer, more sympathetic and united–even if it was against poor dad! πŸ™‚

    We have to measure our children well when we’re making our final arrangements, whether we have anything to leave or not.

    The lawyers words made us feel so sad. But, we’re Christians here, and we recognize our lost loved ones are the mission field. Perhaps a better question is “how do we protect them from their own weaknesses?”

    We’re confident our children-of-an-engineer will be fine. But we’ve told the daughter-in-laws they’re the tie-breakers! πŸ™‚

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  20. I would not do well with a clean house but I enjoy going into other’s homes that are clean. Some use help, some don’t. I don’t care which they do. My house is liveable for me, I would not do well in a nice clean home. Not the cleanest and not the messiest but with only three and a third children at home, it is a lot more open so a lot easier to clean. It was immensely crowded for a while when we first began construction and had to empty everything into the living room and then again when we had eleven enthusiastic children in the home


  21. We talk about updating our will but have not. I guess those people who agreed to step in if we died, and parent our first four, would be really surprised if these four showed up on their doorstep..

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  22. Since heresy came up here last week, all connected to painting my house which is the center of everything, of course, I found this article interesting:

    “Heresy brings with it not only error, but a particular spirit or attitude: arrogance, a rejection of all authority, and self-will. ….

    …. Many modern Christians, especially in America, have a deep-seated distrust of authority and they assume that they go directly to the Bible, while “traditional religionists” refer to the wisdom and research of those who have gone before them. But the fact is, no one goes directly to the Bible if by that one means that it is possible to read any literary text without ignorance, bias, or presuppositional stubbornness.

    “Heretics often go “directly to the Bible.” If Christians are not familiar with the systematic teaching of the Scriptures on the essentials, from Genesis to Revelation (for which catechetical instruction is designed), they will be prey to a clever communicator who can isolate verses from their context and force them to say something that, in context and in relationship to the whole teaching of Scripture, they cannot be saying. So Paul says that the Bible, being God-breathed, is the only infallible authority for determining truth, and yet he adds that Timothy ought to remember his catechism and his teachers.”



  23. I can’t imagine ever hiring a house cleaner. That just wouldn’t happen. We’re do-it-yourself-ers on practically everything.


  24. My parents were the people hubby and I set up as caretakers if our kids were to be orphaned. They would never be able to take on that responsibility now, however. We have my brother listed as the alternate if my parents couldn’t, and that would probably still work for him.

    First Arrow would probably be a good choice now, too, as a back-up. (Or maybe the first in line?) He has secure employment and walks faithfully with the Lord. (Same with my brother.)


  25. Speaking of employment, 4th Arrow’s interview went well this morning, and she got hired on the spot! Praise God!, and thank you for your prayers about that the other day when I requested them. πŸ™‚

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  26. You know how we were talking the other day about generations longer than the norm, and I said that in my own family if my brothers without children were to have two or three, and the grandniece who is now 10 or 11 were to get married young, conceivably we could have a double-generation upending (with one or two brothers having children younger than another brother’s great-grandchildren)?

    This afternoon I talked to a friend, and she gave me an update on someone I know, and a more incredible upside-down situation than that one.

    A mutual friend was already a great-grandfather (with his own mother still living) before I left Nashville. He is now 70, recently married . . . and the father of an infant. I don’t remember how many great-grandchildren he had (may have been just one) or how old they are . . . but he has at least one great-grandchild who is at least seven years older than his own baby daughter.

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  27. Our next two years’ worth of wood is being delivered right now. We were on the way home yesterday when I spotted a loaded logging truck and right beside it a sign for firewood for sale. Our normal suppliers are no longer doing firewood, so this was an answer to prayer.

    Now husband just has to buck it up, split it and get it into the house. I’m very thankful.

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  28. Can you believe we are talking about firewood? Oh the crisp autumn air is coming upon us quickly…just the thought of smelling safe fires burning, roasting marshmallows and bundling up in sweatshirts…I am ready!! So thankful for prayers for provision being answered Kare….
    We are off to have a couples dinner with two of our neighbors…the neighbor I walk with and her husband and the neighbors who are rebuilding their home after the fire…staying connected is a very good thing with these dear ones…

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  29. Two friends of mine at one point had 5 generations of women in their family alive together. That involved several generations, however, of women marrying at 18 and having a baby by 20.

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  30. That’s so great, Kare — glad you’ve got all that firewood coming.

    Exciting news about your getting to finish your kitchen remodeling project, too!


  31. Third and Fourth Arrows went to a seamstress this afternoon to get their bridesmaids dresses altered. The wedding day is rapidly approaching now, just a little over a month away. Hard to believe.

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  32. I can’t wait for fall. πŸ™‚ Even though it’ll still be rather hot.

    Odd, I noticed a coffee cup icon next to my posts on FB suddenly today, had no idea what the meant or how it got there.

    Well, I guess they’ve awarded me with a “badge.”

    “You’re a Conversation Starter
    You’re great at making posts that people find valuable. Your conversation starter badge will show up next to your name on comments and posts.”

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  33. Third Arrow joined a local gym, and went to work out there yesterday for the first time. Neat she decided to do that. I was pleasantly surprised that she signed up, as, other than working in town, she is mostly a homebody.

    She thought she’d try a one-month membership first, to see how she likes it, before signing up for a longer period. The one-month membership is $10 more than the monthly rate for longer periods, but she didn’t want to commit to a long term since she really has no idea how useful/enjoyable she’ll find it.

    Her only form of exercise up to this point has been walking.


  34. Janice–we had two days of not being able to get on fb. A weird page from fb would show up, but nothing would work. I could get a feed on the IPad and IPhone. The news said fb was cleaning up Russian sites. Not sure if this is part of that or what. Now, tonight, I can get only two posts at a time and am not getting some pictures in Messenger. It is all quite irritating.

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  35. DJ, when my sister was either 26 or 28 (I’m leaning toward 26, since I think she wasn’t yet married), she had a job in which she met a lot of people, and she met a woman her age who was a grandmother. She was quite nonplussed by that!


  36. Thanks, Kathaleena. I have been able to go through my fb email notifications to see individual posts and comment like that. Otherwise when I go the app route, it shuts down. I can’t stay connected. Hopefully it will soon clear up.


  37. The Boy’s great-great-grandmother was alive for a while after he came along. There is a photo with him, his parents, paternal grandparents, great-grandmother, and the great-great-grandmother.

    He has two great-grandmothers on his father’s side, but my parents died before he came along. But Nightingale was pregnant with him while Mom was still alive, and she (Mom) was thrilled for me to be a grandmother, as she had enjoyed that part of her life so much.


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