32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-21-18

  1. Morning all. Just home from my fellowship. As the resident introvert, I was the first to leave. Someone returned Michelle’s Biddy book to me and then I loaned it out again with several others saying that they would like to read it. So sweet to share knowing that they will be blessed by the reading.

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  2. I’m fighting the window screens. I need screens but really don’t want them on the front of my house (and I can’t afford fancy retractable or historical-looking wood screens).

    Mobile screen guy came by yesterday but the frame colors he offered don’t match my house colors although the guy says the metal can be painted (?).

    And I really want the screens in front to be easy to remove (and I’d probably leave them out most of the time, popping them in only when I open 1 or 2 of the windows — it’s my side windows that I open up mostly and I’m not as picky about how the side of the house looks).

    He talked about using push-pins to hold front windows in, saying they worked on a spring action and would be easier to pop screens in and out from the inside — but he generally didn’t want to spend a lot of time talking to me about my aesthetic and color preferences 🙂 I could tell he quit listening after a while so I just stopped mid-sentence and he didn’t seem to notice. lol

    On the plus side, his estimate was lower than I expected, which was good since I have a lot of screens to order and some are for very tall windows.


  3. thanks Michelle!

    I think I’d looked at that before, didn’t get a lot of good reviews but considering how inexpensive it is it’s something that might actually work for me … My windows open inward but looks like I could still tape it up around the inside frame …


  4. Since I need other screens, I may go ahead and order the (real) front screens as well, but then plan to keep them off unless needed when I’m opening one of the windows.

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  5. An e-mail says that seductive Russian women are waiting for me.

    Reminds me of a little ditty I learned when I was a kid:
    “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly………….”

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  6. I see where a private jet blew two tires on take-off. It is flying around burning fuel before landing.
    Losing two tires doesn’t matter until you start to land. So they want as little fuel as possible on board.
    We have had that situation in the AF. That is the worst kind of flying. We called it “flying around the flagpole”. Everything is ok until you start to land.
    Our emergency vehicles would be waiting down the end of the runway and would race us down the runway as we came in. We always won, but they were there in case we needed them. We appreciated that.
    The emergency crews don’t usually have anything to do. Except train. And be there. Being there is important.

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  7. I’d given up finding a teenager to clean my house. It’s organized and neat, but needed a deep cleaning. So, we hired a service to come today. If we like them we’ll continue.

    Three women are still here nearly 4 hours later. I called my husband in tears to report–I don’t want to think about the cost, but I’ll know soon enough.

    I was quoted it would take 3.5 hours and I assumed that was with two women.

    Obviously, we can’t afford this service but I’m mortified and upset.

    My husband, as usual, is “we’ll figure it out and don’t worry.”

    He’s right. The house IS clean (though not my office where I spend so much time), but I’m horrified.

    I guess I’ll have to stand outside the local high school with a sign looking for someone to hire . . . or something.


  8. Why don’t I clean my own house?

    My hands are always a problem, but the real reason is that question–what can I better spend my time doing that no one else can do?

    There are twenty-two lines of things on my to do list.

    I’m the one who talks about Mrs. OC, writes the Sunday school newsletter, teaches on Nehemiah, writes blog posts, has a book to launch, makes the appointments, has four posts to write for others, a newsletter, and so forth.

    I simply don’t know how people manage the author life who have children.

    And, of course, I’m the only one who can sit and pray for the needs that come to me.

    Trying not to cry but craving to run away. Back to denial, Donna?


  9. If they came here, it would be a lot more than four hours and probably a team of sixteen. They will never come here.

    Don’t be mortified. They have seen much worse.. They do what they do because they are good at it. You write because you are good at it.

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  10. Always ready to run away.

    I’m writing about mosquitoes today.

    Write about what you know, they always said. So I checked in with our ‘public health’ reporting team (to make sure we weren’t overlapping) and they said I could go for it.

    I just got off the phone with vector control and am scratching …

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  11. Michelle. Do NOT feel guilty about hiring someone to clean your house! I would love to have someone come clean my house but there is never a time that no one is in it. Last time I had it cleaned Mr. P went to a movie and then fussed because I hired someone. I hired someone because I get up at 5:30 and get home at 5:30. I can clean it, but not the way this specific person can. I am on the countdown to October 13. He is meeting a friend at the Birmingham airport and they are going to Tuscaloosa to a game. I am having someone come in over that weekend and clean. Last time this person cleaned we were out of town. She spent 15 hours and charged $100. Oh but how clean my house was….

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  12. Modern Church music has taken a turn for the worst. Lee had been in the church orchestra. They played backup music tapes and two different songs were sung. One was Midnight Cry. I kept waiting for the tempo to change and someone break out in some Wilson Picket In the Midnight Hour. I can’t tell you what the other song was.
    Lee touched many lives. She had degrees in Music and Spanish. Her heart was in missions to Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatamala. She started a children’s orchestra in one of the countries. She spent multiples summers there ministering to the people through music and interpreting.
    She packed more living into her short life than most of us ever will.

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  13. Kizzie, I missed until just now a note you made on a thread about your mother-in-law being 40 years older than you and thus old enough to be your grandmother, though you never said that to her. That amused me simply because in my family 40 years is about a typical generation! Mom had her last child at 45 (three of us in her forties) and my sister had her last at 39. Several of the men in my family were in their 50s (my dad, with all three of us, and several others) or even 60s. If my newest-married brother ever has any children, he’ll be in his 60s with the oldest of them. (He is older than his father-in-law.) Forties just isn’t “grandparent age” to me.

    When I was in seventh grade, my math teacher made some comment to the class about “Your parents . . . what are they, about 50?” A couple of boys laughed, and one said, “No, about 40.” And the teacher (a first-year teacher), disconcerted, said, “Oh, I guess I said that because my dad is 50.” My own dad was 62, maybe even 63 by then.

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  14. Kim, how old was Lee? I missed the report of her death, and have just seen that you were going to her funeral and such follow-up notes.


  15. Where is everyone? Shopping for window screens or perhaps cleaning the house? 😊 we had yet another lovely rain storm pass through this forest. There are some unknown,unseen by me critters wandering around out there…I had to bring Lu in the house….she was growling and even snarled a bit at something….and that is something she does not do normally…..I am not going out to investigate!! (I am thinking coyote!)


  16. Putting on Benadryl gel … Painter put a spot of paint on front of the house to get a feel for how it’ll look — I’m sure this is normal, but the color changes depending on the light and where it is. Now it looks a little lighter than I thought it would be, maybe shoulda gone darker?

    No, I can’t change the entire color scheme now!


  17. butchering sheep, teaching children, watching the Blue Planet, getting ready for another birthday tomorrow, recovering from a black eye and slight concussion and other incidental injuries associated with a fence….just the usual

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  18. Oh, how I wish I could hire someone to deep clean the house. Husband does most of the cleaning in summer and he does a good job, it’s just not that deep clean. I think it would take all day with several people to get it fully clean.


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