8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-28-18

  1. It took me almost a year to figure this out. But I noticed again this morning.
    My thermostat has a default of 75 degrees. That is, if I leave it on long enough, say overnight, no matter what I set it on, it will be 75 degrees some hours later.
    I don’t know if it does that for heat. I will check it out this winter.
    Not serious, but I wonder if someone in Washington dept. of Energy, or some such, thought of that.

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  2. Husband should be home tomorrow! We had hoped he would be home today but he was held up too long at the Canadian border due to a misprint by the customer on his paper work. They say it happens often.

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  3. I like 68.

    I can only set my thermostat for a particular number when the heat is turned on, otherwise the house just does its own thing, it generally mirrors what’s going on outside (though it becomes either hotter or colder than the outside temperature as the day goes on, magnifying the outside weather). It was 90+ degrees in here one night a couple weeks ago. The walls, furniture and wood floors are all warm to the touch when that happens, really oppressive.

    😦 Fire season is in full swing, early 😦

    🙂 We may get an El Nino this year with some rain. This drought and heat are getting very old, we’re pretty much over it.

    🙂 House painting job looks like it’ll be restarting (part-time anyway) on Monday afternoon. At least that’s the plan. Someday … it’ll all look nice. Two years ago I was getting the roof replaced, the first of the many jobs to come (though little did I know how many). One year ago I was pestering Real Estate Guy about getting roofers back in to do the foundation work (which finally got done I think in September/October).

    🙂 I took the Jeep in for its overdue maintenance. Needed a new battery and the usual oil and other fluid changes. But the place now is under new ownership and they no longer wash your car for you 😦 They also don’t give you a ride to work personally — instead, they order an Uber or Lyft for you (but they do pay, so really not a big deal, still a nice courtesy service).

    😦 My car is so dirty. I’ll rinse it off with the hose later, that should at least help until I can get it fully washed. Today it’s house cleaning and watering. And napping. And a dog park visit.

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  4. Michelle @ 9:38 yesterday.
    Not for coolants.
    My thermostat was at 75 this morning. I had set it higher so that it wouldn’t be on during the night.


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