58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-23-18

  1. We used to call them toadstools. You probably called them mushrooms, or some such.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    I hope you had a nice Monday Jo.


  2. Cheryl, from yesterday.
    We lived in Ft. Worth, Texas. They lived in N. Charleston, SC.
    Mother said it took that to get her on an airplane. She hated flying and as far as I know, that was her only flight. They stayed a week. We were glad to see them but we lived in a 35 foot house trailer. It was a relief when they left.
    The seminary trailer park was a large family. All seminary students. e helped each other.

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  3. This city slicker saw that photo and thought, “danger, right?”

    I’ve been awake too long and am now starting my day.

    I finally got my manuscript to edit at 11 o’clock yesterday and I’ve been slaving away–9 hours yesterday. I’m half done on a 102K word manuscript.

    When I reached the end of the England section I was horrified to discover I had sent my editor the wrong manuscript. I’d updated all the Chambers information and corrected it–but it wasn’t in the version she got.

    That meant a scramble to find the updated document (WHY was it on the laptop and not the desktop??) and to put the pertinent sections into place in the edited document.

    Cheryl will understand why this is a nightmare and a potential disaster.

    Anyway, that slowed me down but I’m back on track to finish today–which is what I need to accomplish so we can do a second round of edits and be ready to send in by the end of the week.

    The cover, meanwhile, was painted over the weekend and will be finished to go to the designer tonight. I may let you guys see a sneak preview since you survived with me discussing WWI all these years!

    Poppy is being fast-tracked in a breathless way that almost leaves me spinning–if I didn’t have to start working on marketing it for November!

    Like Biddy, I’ve become a self-publisher. I’d really rather someone else was doing this, but God gave this book to me and continues to startle me with what happens with it.

    Fun times.

    Back to the editing.

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  4. I have no idea if those mushrooms are poisonous. But I have seen that white stem, red top, with big white dots (in this case bites out of the mushroom) as the stereotypical mushroom, and I had to get a photo.This was near the parking lot at the state park where we walked for my birthday, two days before my birthday. I got a different photo of just the one at right and some ferns growing to the right side of it, and I mentioned to my husband that I knew it was a place where fairies hung out.

    What did he do? He took this photo off my computer onto his, found a little gnome or gremlin online, and put him in the grass at the right side of the photo, editing it to make it look like he belonged, added a birthday greeting, and got it printed at CVS for my birthday card. CVS and Walgreens both allow you to print your own cards like that, so he either “borrows” one of my photos or gets one online for each birthday or anniversary, and plays with special effects like making it look like a painting or aging it. This is the first time he has added a creature, and it was pretty clever.

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  5. Looks like a snake at the left side of the picture. But I figure it couldn’t be or those would be huge mushrooms or a mighty small snake.


  6. Michelle, my biggest near disaster was when I was editing a book of quotes. (Literally a book of quotes, hundreds of pages and many endnotes.) I had of course moved a few around into different sections than the compiler had them, and he added a few during editing, and so on. I’d double-checked the citations and edited some (wrong page number or wrong date on the book, etc.). It was my first editing job using a particular version of Word, and thus a bit of a learning curve, but mostly it went OK.

    I did what I always do with endnotes; after I finished editing the book, and knew that the numbers wouldn’t be changing anymore, I unlinked them from the text (publishing software being incompatible with Word’s linking system), copied them, renumbered them manually, and then deleted the original set of endnotes.

    It was 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and I was ready to send the project to the publisher and go to bed, when I realized to my horror that deleting the original endnotes also deleted the copies–I’d never had that happen before, and it made no sense that Word had set it up that way. Being a book of quotes, the endnotes were absolutely crucial to the book, but it was also virtually impossible to recreate them. Of course I’d backed up the book as I edited it, but not in a day or two, and recreating what endnotes went with what text would have been a nightmare.

    I ended up being up for two or three more hours, well into the wee hours, trying frantically to get those endnotes back. “Undo” didn’t work, since I had moved backward and forward in the process, creating a table of contents after finishing the endnotes. I finally discovered computer-saved copies of my work, and checked them and checked them–and the oldest one, from a few hours earlier (and about to pass into oblivion had I not persisted that night) had the endnotes, the version with both sets of endnotes before I did the fatal “delete.” I deleted just the bad ones, and sure enough the system deleted the copies as well–I hadn’t done something wrong. So at that point I hit “undo,” copied the ones I wanted to keep into a different document, and deleted the old ones. I double-checked that all my edits had been kept, brought the right endnotes back into the book, sent it to the publisher, and went to bed bone-weary but utterly relieved that I wasn’t facing several days of work to match those endnotes to their quotes and then re-edit the endnotes.

    It was the closest I’ve ever come to an editing disaster, and a truly awful night, but I survived it by the skin of my teeth.

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  7. We have spoken on here several times about the losses of our mothers. This morning I got a text from daughter who had just realized my mom died when I was twenty five, when daughter was in utero. She said it had never dawned on her what that meant and gave me her condolences. I have been crying ever since. Death is ugly. But life is beautiful. I am enjoying growing into the adult relationship with my daughter than I never had with my mother.

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  8. More heat predicted for today here. Sigh.

    I texted the painter last night and told him not to bother coming in this heat (though I hadn’t heard from him and figured he couldn’t yet leave his mother anyway).

    This could be touchy should it stretch on. I’m sorry now I didn’t hire someone else, obviously, someone who could have swept in and finished in two weeks. At this point, I’m not sure when it’ll ever get done. I may have to broach the subject with him of the possibility of a Plan B (as in my finding someone else) for this project. I’ve paid him half up front already, though. So it’s kind of sticky.

    I’m still coughing up gunk and did not sleep well last night at all, I think it was nearly 2 a.m. before I finally dropped off. I also managed to get some more no-see-um bites on my hands, probably when I was sitting out on the patio for so long last reading night; I forgot to use insect repellent. This has not been a great summer so far with all the sicknesses (I had the gastro- thing before the chest cold) and insect annoyances on top of work upheavals and strangeness.

    I’m going into my old office to work this week — even though it’ll be empty — so I can retrieve some things from my desk, get my car serviced (both places I need to take it are close to that office) and at least take advantage of some air-conditioning as we’re supposed to be getting up to about 90 over the next several days.

    After that, I’ll be set up and re-posted at our sister paper probably by next week with my main desk in that newsroom. Just as well, it’s closer to home, closer to the area I cover and it actually has people working there. They basically decimated and emptied out our paper to pull people into that sister paper several months ago when the former staff there walked out (or what was left of it anyway).

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  9. We had that cold and it lasted about three weeks. I still cough some and it has been a couple of months.

    I don’t think you are supposed to paint when it is above eighty five out or some such thing, as the paint dries too quickly.


  10. Yes, I realize temperatures affect painting. And so far we’re getting a warmer-than-normal summer (oh joy) but we have had some mild weeks in between. Fall is usually even hotter than summer anymore, at least that’s been the pattern in the past several years. Then we’re supposed to get an El Nino with actual, real, wet rain (though that remains to be believed by some of us drought-weary skeptics).

    So I guess the painting will just have to be done in short bursts, but it still also depends on whether his mother recovers sufficiently to the point where he feels he can’t leave her alone for parts of the day. She apparently doesn’t warm up to people she doesn’t know coming in to help out and I doubt she’d enjoy coming here (plus there would be added hazards of dogs, steps, and then the boredom of just sitting around an unfamiliar house). The problem is she feels she can be left alone but her son knows better.

    Well, we’ll see. Maybe once this latest heat spell passes we’ll luck out and mom will perk up, the weather will cool down and we can at least make some more progress in fits and starts. So far only 2 sides of the garage have been primed.


  11. New grandson has a name! He is Roman Alexandar. Daughter asked why they chose those names. Son says, “Roman due to respect I have for what the Roman Republic accomplished and its role in the foundation/spread of Christianity. Alexandar because it means “defender of man” (or some variation depending on source).” I look forward to the influence those two will have on my grandson for years to come and his fulfillment of two strong names. May God be glorified.

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  12. Sorry this video could not be played.

    Chas, they will probably call him little fish. That is the standard.


  13. There is nothing quite like having a full code come through the back door, just when you are ready to clock out for the shift.

    Stopped to sleep on the side of the road. When I woke 2 hrs later, car wouldn’t start, as I left the key on. Hubby is coming to the rescue.

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  14. I’m confused RK. How far did you have to drive?
    Where is it safe to fall asleep beside the road?
    Leaving the ignition on for two hrs shouldn’t kill a strong battery unless you have the AC on.
    I’m glad everything is OK.

    🙂 There is a radio commercial that ends with the caveat “This product is not made to treat, cure or prevent any disease”. .


  15. I knew someone named Roman when I was a child. As for Alexander, there are better shortforms than Al: Alex, Xander, Sandy. Alexander the Great made such a signficant impact on the ancient world that many different languages have a form of his name, for example, in Scots/Gaelic, it is Alistair; in Hindi, it is Sikander; in Arabic, it is Iskander. The name meaning I remember reading for Alexander was ‘helper of man’.


  16. I was thinking fly agaric, Amanita muscaria, poisonous and used for hallucinogenic purposes and eaten after certain preparation though I would not recommend that.


  17. Much safer. I have done that in a lot of States and have not yet been murdered or robbed. And, yes, those can very rarely happen. But falling asleep while driving happens much more often.

    A truck driving friend of husband’s was driving behind a sleeping truck driver, trying to get his attention, calling him on the CB. He witnessed the guy plowing into a car load of people, killing them.

    We are concerned, with the new regulations, drivers are feeling forced to drive way over tired and there will be more such “incidents”.


  18. One of our ‘high needs’ campers ate a mushroom last week after being told not to. We called poison control and they said just watch her… Silly girl…


  19. kare, that has been my concern with twelve year old. He nibbles on everything, including the dirt under his feet. I want him to not eat certain things that grow around here. If I tell him, he is likely to try it. So I tell his ten year old sister, and then I wait for her to tell him and then I reinforce what she said. Like daffodils, and nightshade, and mushrooms….

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  20. Son said it was suppose to be 109° in a text. His next words were, “How does anyone live in this state?” I told him to stay inside. He could always drag a sprinkler inside while it is turned on like that smart dog did in Dallas.


  21. Yes, mushroom poisoning is one of those wait and watch things. There is no antidote for the most deadly of mushrooms, the Destroying Angels, which are all amanita varieties and all pure white: https://novascotia.ca/museum/poison/?section=species&id=135. I once came across an old film noir, those black and white suspense/crime films, called ‘DOA’, and the premise was that the protagonist had been poisoned by an amanita mushroom and used his remaining days of life to hunt down his murderers.

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  22. It is currently a wonderful 61 degrees and raining in this forest! We have dodged the roughest of this storm coming through. To the south of us in the Springs and and west in Woodland Park they have gotten hail and flash flooding…and a rare tornado was reported in the area of Manitou Springs! Wild weather out here in the west!

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  23. Roscuro…also remade in the 80’s probably with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. How the heck is everybody? Going to make an effort to check in again, I miss chatting…

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  24. I drive 81 miles one way. I had worked a 12 hr night shift that I was called In to work,as someone had a family emergency. I’d had no rest during the day Sunday. I ended up staying almost another hr with the code, so almost 13. I went to the feed store, then groceries. I usually make it past carrizozo, and pull off the pave road onto a dirt road that leads to a ranch. I am safe and undesterbed there. I set my phone to ring in 2 hrs. By then, I am usually good to go. I was listening to music, and wanted to finish the song. I forgot to turn off the key. My lights are always on, so that’s what drained the battrry. I normally take the keys from the ignition, but was so tired, I forgot. Miguel came and saved the day.

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  25. From the GR blog post:

    “”Everybody quoted in this article sounds like a moron,” one reader said.

    Yep, pretty much.

    The question: Is that because they really are morons or because that’s how the Post chose to frame the story? …

    I’ll admit that I’m still trying to digest the piece. I know this much: I didn’t love it.

    Why didn’t I love it? I’m still trying to figure out precisely what rubbed me the wrong way. I’ll offer a few thoughts that perhaps hit at my journalistic concerns. … “


  26. I saw the original “DOA”, and I may have seen the remake, but maybe not. Remakes are rarely as good as the original. But I think I’ve seen one or two remakes that I liked better than the originals.

    Earlier today, I was thinking about the actress Barbara Stanwyck. The “Golden Age of Hollywood” had several great actresses whom I enjoy watching, but I think Barbara Stanwyck is my favorite.

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  27. Carrizozo. I always liked saying that name. The first time I heard that was on a trip to New York. My brother kept repeating it in a funny way. We passed through it last week. It’s a quaint little town. Maybe next time we’ll take a little time to explore it.

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  28. I are a mushroom once., plucked from a neighborhood yard as I was struggling behind my om on an afternoon walk.

    Got my stomach pumped for that, never tried doing that again. 😙

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