3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-7-18

  1. 🙂 Had a totally fun day yesterday and am now ruined for some time. Work, birthday party lunch, massage, play.

    🙂 It’s always great when CR is home!

    🙂 Her father glows with happiness!

    🙂 Linda is making good time and may be here by lunch.

    😦 I’m going to be self-publishing my WWI/Oswald Chambers novel in the fall.

    🙂 Have an editor, a publicist and someone working on a cover.

    😦 The cover.

    😦 So far out of my depth with a cover design, I’m ready to run away.

    🙂 Maybe I should change to the title from A Poppy in Remembrance (which is what it is has been since the beginning) to A Poppy for Hope?

    🙂 Cover designer loves that title!

    You all are the second(s) to know.

    🙂 Gorgeous weather here.

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