37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-29-18

  1. Good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    Just checking in. Nothing to report.
    The good news is that we don’t have to go to the dentist again until next year

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  2. Morning! Beautiful header this morning! And the two young ladies are radiantly gorgeous!
    Breathed in much smokey air last night on my walk. We were getting the smoke from a forest fire many miles south of us and I am feeling the effects of breathing it in this morning. Oh how we need a dousing of moisture from those skies above! 🌧

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  3. I already read it. So did one of my daughters. It is very horrifying and sad on many levels. My daughter thought it odd that they were so willing to give the movie an R rating and so many others with violence receive less. Books can be limited to our imaginations. Movies give us someone else’s imagination or more reality, as the case may be. I pray to God that it moves people to rethink what we are allowing.

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  4. It’s an early morning here, worker was here early to wait for trash trucks, he’s trying to talk them into taking stuff they normally might not take (and he seems to be good at doing that).

    And I have a complicated day, with covering the last broadcast of a local/waterfront radio studio from about 11-12, writing a story right after that from home, then going downtown to cover an emergency hearing in bankruptcy court for the restaurant that’s trying to get a restraining order against the port in order to remain open for several more months. That’s at 2:30 and writing that story afterwards is going to be tough. I really don’t want to haul my laptop downtown and then have to search for a spot with wifi to write. But driving home today in mid to late afternoon could be a nightmare. It is, after all, a Friday before a holiday week (4th of July next Wednesday so a lot of people will be taking the week off and getting out of the city).

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  5. I read quite a bit of the grand jury testimony at the time. Disturbing to say the least. The media tried to censor and ignore it then too, but it’s a powerful story that needs telling. Gosnell was evil, but so was the decades old cover-up by politicians and local media who were all well aware of Gosnell’s house of horrors, yet for ideological reasons remained quiet. That part is supposed to be addressed in the movie as well, so despite the content, I may see it anyway.

    And the movie will largely get the same treatment as the original story, downplayed and ignored. A simple look at the comment section on Michelle’s link shows that already. Pro-abortion folks don’t want to hear it, and don’t want it told. Which is why it must be.

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  6. Know what really bugs me? After two years of clearing out so much stuff a new worker comes in and starts giving me advice about psychological strategies to help me get rid of my garage ‘stuff.’ I gave him that “(oh-don’t-go-there-with-me) look.” 🙂 He got it.

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  7. DJ – That reminds me of the time my MIL remarked that my brother needed to lose some weight. (Yeah, she said stuff like that out loud. And that was before the dementia.) I informed her that he had recently lost 50 lbs. and was working on losing more.


  8. The problem with the Gosnell story is that pro-choicers can easily say that what he did was horrible, but it was not what normal abortion clinics do. You may or may not believe that, but they do, so they can readily dismiss the story.


  9. And what I just wrote reminds me of this. . .On Facebook, and I assume other social media, there are posts or videos that claim to totally “destroy” or “shut down” the opposition’s arguments, thinking that the information or view of this post or video is unassailable. You’ve all probably seen posts like that, that often end with “Boom!”

    The problem is, the arguments those posts make often do indeed have counter arguments. I can easily think of them, whether I agreed with the post’s view or not. The claim that the other side wouldn’t have an answer to it just makes the one writing it, and the one sharing it, seem ignorant, or close-minded.


  10. Yes. The dress didn’t fit properly. She never went back for a second fitting. I paid $75 to have her make up done and she missed it. Her hair was supposed to be in an up do. She blew that off as well. I was mad at her for 1. Not taking her thyroid medication, and 2. Sleeping through hair and make up.


  11. Kim, none of that shows in the photo; she just looks like a pretty young lady with lovely hair (possibly a little greasy) and a pretty dress. And an up-do is a really pretty style “in person,” but when I was debating what style to do for my hair on my wedding day I eliminated the option of putting up all my hair since it doesn’t look good in photos. In that photo, BG has long, pretty hair but you can’t see the bride’s hair at all. From the side or the back a bride’s hair may look really lovely with an up-do, but I wanted to look good from the front, too (especially since I have quite a bad overbite and don’t particularly like profile shots of myself).

    Anyway, it’s a lovely shot, and they are both pretty young ladies.

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  12. Jo, Peter was threatening (probably tongue in cheek) to move the cartoons to the politics thread, because they are so political, and Kevin was voting to leave them here.


  13. Lovely, peaceful photo!

    My husband and I made our third visit to Ikea in a month. (Neither of us had ever been there a month ago.) That wasn’t really the main reason for our trip, but he found something online at Menards yesterday that we needed, and it was on clearance for 60% off. Shipping would have cost $200 (for a $50 item), and they didn’t have any at our local Menards. They had one left at the store in Indy, so he paid for it online, and today found us back at Ikea (returning some stuff and buying more), at Costco briefly including lunch, and then at Menards. When we got home, one tire was going flat, so he took it to the shop, and then we went to Kroger. I don’t like twelve-hour shopping days! It wasn’t quite that much, but it was 10 or 11 hours of driving and shopping. But we got a lot of stuff we needed, and hopefully tomorrow we can stay home.

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  14. Long day for me. Hearing went for an hour and I had to “write” the story on my phone afterward in the downtown LA parking lot. I’d also given someone from the community a ride, a young gal who has become one of our best local history resources. She started out by giving walking tours of the area highlighting movie film shoot scenes, then moved on to historic neighborhoods. She’s now chronicling the demise of our waterfront attraction from the 1960s so had an interest in today’s bankruptcy hearing by one of the last remaining restaurants.

    House workers did quite a bit here while I was gone. But my patio is all messed up now, so no place easily to “sit” and chill


  15. While watching that, I’m bracing for the fireworks over the harbor at 9 p.m. It’s the port’s annual pre-4th of July celebration which includes a classic car show. We passed some of the participants on the 110 Fwy coming back from the hearing, a trio of low-riders wearing hats in a seriously-dipping old chevy …


  16. Cheryl @ 7:54 – I wasn’t threatening, just wondering “out loud”.

    What a day. Last night my commuting car had electrical problems and wouldn’t start. So I got a jump start, came home and disconnected the battery cable so the battery wouldn’t drain again. this morning, I noticed the a/c in the minivan wasn’t blowing cold air, so on the way home I stopped at a mechanic. After waiting an hour and a half, he said there was a leak but they couldn’t tell where. I got them to give me a ride home, since one of them had to go get the Freon. When I got home, I took the other car to get the battery checked. It turns out I need a new alternator. All this with a planned trip in which we leave tomorrow evening for D2’s house, then on to Arizona Sunday after church.

    Then after supper I had time this evening to mow the lawn after it “cooled off” to 90°. During that time i noticed the self propel function on the mower wasn’t working right. When it rains it pours.

    The Lord knows what’s best for us.

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  17. Sorry, Peter. You know I may be in another country, but I notice that you all still seem to go to sleep awfully early, like mid afternoon!


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