34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-22-18

  1. I have been awake since 3AM and could not get back to sleep. Daylight is breaking through the trees and soon the sun will indeed shine. One cup of coffee conquered and I am off to prepare a second. Attending a Vintage Market Days event in the Springs with some friends then having lunch with said friends….then I just might be taking a nap when I return home to this peaceful forest 🌲 😊

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  2. Made it safely to Cairns, to Tree Tops Lodge. However I didn’t feel well when I arrived and ended up getting violently ill. Trusting that the rest of the trip will be better. I think that the things that I ate today just did me in. I will be careful.

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  3. Good morning! Very little to report from my neck of the woods. I had a chat with my father last evening. His foot is taking its own sweet time at healing, and they (my parents) are concerned that another infection could be brewing.

    On contact lenses, which I see was being discussed last night, I have astigmatisms in both eyes so I cannot wear contacts. Not that I would be able to get contacts on my eyes if I had them. I am the bane of optometrists, because when they go to put something in my eye for testing, I cannot keep from blinking protectively. No will power of mind can overcome my instinct to protect my eyes. When I was a child, I took longer to need glasses than my two older siblings, and my family thought I would be like my father, who only needed glasses for driving (he has graduated to bifocals, but still doesn’t need them half the time). Initially, like my father, I only needed glasses for looking at distant objects. But, my eyes have slowly changed for the worse over the years until I now need them to see things across the room, and while I still take them off to read, that will eventually change. It is Youngest sibling who inherited our father’s eyesight.

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  4. Lounging in MD texting with Indiana and thinking it’s nearly time to go home. The former kitten is learning bad habits in my absence.

    OTOH my husband is having way too much fun with 5th and 6th grade VBS boys. They’re very clever and the curriculum is Time Machine. (The same VBS used at Thomas Road Baptist Church this summer. I was there on Sunday).

    He’s teaching them about the multi-dimentionality of time and the boys and teenage helpers are thrilled and asking lots of good questions.

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  5. I am tired. Even my courteous seller told me I looked tired last night. I got home about 7:30. Up at 5:30. Teach until 12, pick up Miss Maddie. She is spending the night. Her Mommy is in a wedding tomorrow. Grandpa is campaigning for her to spend tomorrow night. Mimi is tired.


  6. I slept in this morning until almost 8PM. I guess I stayed up too late last night.

    I am the opposite of Roscuro. I can see things far away clearly, but need glasses for reading. I used to be able to read larger print, but now I cannot see tit clearly.

    Speaking of reading, here are this week’s editorial cartoons. I can’t call them “funnies” anymore, since most of them are not. One is ironic, though. It compares late 1960’s radicals to “radicals” today.

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  7. Napping in a forest sounds about right to me today. I also was up for part of the night and barely dragged out of bed this morning. Dog Park painter said he’d be here at 8:30 a.m. as he wants to begin work today. He’s not here yet, but that’s OK. I’m still trying to wake up.

    I have astigmatism, too, but there were some soft contacts that worked well for me. But that was then.

    I may be the only one in the newsroom today, they’re formally transferring the other reporter to the sister paper in LB. I’d work from home except I’m afraid I’d fall asleep, it’s safer to go in.

    Sooo tired.


  8. So our paper is down to 3 reporters (other regular city reporter guy is on vacation this week and the crime reporter wafts in and out, but he’s off on Fridays).


  9. I was up a lot last night. The neighbor has been ridding the neighborhood of coyotes and now it appears the fox has moved in. I did not see any damage, so don’t know if it is coming into the yard, the coyotes never did. But we have a lot for a fox to browse through.


  10. I have just the place for the invasive wineberry. In part because I am in the middle of farm fields that get sprayed and because I mow a lot. But I understand that seeds can be bird carried beyond the farms.


  11. Painter has started the prep work, I left him there this morning — he was very chipper, which was good since I’m barely awake today.

    So far I’m alone in the office (except for a traveling editor who’s hidden away in a private, closed cubical and will probably head out to one of the other papers shortly).

    So what color should I paint my garage door? Old house guy told me it should match the rest of the garage (so brandywine/darkish brown) with just a cream trim around it.


  12. I could go with a wineberry.

    Oh wait. That’s not a paint color.

    Seagulls were having a buffet in the middle of one of the intersections near the office and neighboring shopping mall this morning. something had been dumped there that apparently seemed edible to them.


  13. On the expressway in the rain near downtown Atlanta right now. We are in major traffic. Working our way toward being home tonight. Now we are seeing super-sized bolts of lightening. The conference was not a lot of fun, but we found really nice spots for dinner. We were one hundred guinea pigs going through the very first conference on a brand new accounting software program. I have a few suggestions for improvements.

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  14. Spring school groups are done. So thankful they are done. Our staff are wiped out. It’s been quite hot this last week and some of the schools had students with nasty attitudes, keeping our staff up really late.

    Summer camp starts July 1st. I think I’m ready.?

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  15. I made it through the day without taking a nap. I have come to the realization I do not like crowds…I knew that already but it kind of smacked me in the head today! Lunch was lovely and then came home to take a 4 mile walk with my neighbor. As I drove towards the road into our part of the forest, a doe was crossing the road with her newborn fawn, wobbly legs and all! I stopped and waited to make certain an unsuspecting driver would not hit them. Mama jumped over the ranch fence but baby could not quite figure it out yet. Finally Mama made her squeaking noises and the baby stepped through the bottom part. 🦌 so thankful for the little things in this life…..

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  16. Aw, sweet slice of life, Nancyjill

    I’m home, very long day and I’m going to start talking out loud to myself if I’m going to be the only person in that newsroom for long. Otherwise I can hear the wall clock ticking …

    Picked up the eye drops, $400++ for 90 day supply, sheesh. I still had about $500 left in my Health Savings Account from last year so I paid with that

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