47 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-21-18

  1. The Dems were upset that families were being separated… now they are upset because families will no longer be separated. Go figure…

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  2. Sending “Get well soon!” messages to all members of the Trump Cult after yesterday’s wimp out on immigration by Dear Leader.

    Since I have access to data obtained by the “tapp” Obama placed on Trump Cult HQ, I will let you be the first to know of the official Trump Cult excuse for the great wimp out:

    Today, Devin Nunes will discover that Comey, Wray and Rosenstein and the rest of the Deep State kidnapped Barron, Melania and Stormy Daniels and were holding them hostage at Robert Mueller’s house until Dear Leader agreed to sign the order ending family separation.


  3. Sorry Ricky. We don’t need them. See us adults know that compromise is part of the game and you don’t always get exactly what you want.

    You may now resume your childish ranting. Again. Still.

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  4. Good, now if you’re done with your Capt. Deflection act, we can get back to the real news story this illegal thing was meant to distract from.

    You should be the one crying, now we get back to proving you wrong and showing what frauds your heroes are on a daily basis. Again. Still.

    First up….


    “The fix was in.

    Despite the sprawl of Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz’s 568-page report on the Clinton-emails investigation, there is precious little discussion of the most important issue: The Justice Department and FBI’s rationale for declining to prosecute Hillary Clinton. I believe this is intentional. The inspector general’s message is: “Despite pervasive political bias and investigative irregularities, which I have comprehensively documented, rest assured that nothing too terrible happened here.”

    That silver-lining version of this dark spectacle could not have survived a searching analysis of the decision not to indict.

    In explaining themselves to the IG, Obama Justice Department and FBI officials contended that the make-or-break issue in the case was whether they could prove mens rea — criminal state of mind. In this instance, that involved former secretary of state Clinton’s knowledge and intent regarding the unauthorized transmission and retention of classified information. Investigators say it dawned on them at a very early stage that they could not. Hence, they urge, their decisions to allow the election calendar to impose a time limit on the investigation, to limit the amount of evidence they considered, to be less than aggressive in obtaining evidence, and to draft an exoneration of Clinton months before interviewing her (and other key witnesses), were entirely reasonable.

    Yet their analysis left out the best intent evidence, namely, Clinton’s willful setting up of a private, non-secure server system for all official business.

    For his part (as I discussed in Friday’s column), IG Horowitz took the position that it was not his job to question the correctness of the investigators’ legal conclusions and exercise of prosecutorial discretion. He blithely accepted the investigators’ crimped construction of knowledge-and-intent proof, making it a foregone conclusion that he would find their decision-making defensible — much as their adoption of this crimped standard, uncalled for by the applicable law, made it a foregone conclusion that Clinton would not be charged.

    A comprehensive critique of the investigators’ approach would have described the evidence they chose not to weigh. That would have been consistent with other parts of the report, in which Horowitz dilates on the minutiae of investigative techniques the agents and prosecutors eschewed.

    A detailed description of the grossly improper communications system Clinton established would have illustrated that she knew full well the risk she was running. A large percentage of the secretary of state’s job involves classified matters. We are not talking merely about the exchange of documents marked classified but, more commonly, constant deliberations about sensitive intelligence in classified documents, briefings, and conversations. Clinton’s willful concoction of a home-brew communications network — not a harried official’s occasional, exigent use of private email for official business, but her rogue institution of a private, non-government infrastructure for the systematic conduct of State Department business — made the non-secure transmission and storage of classified information inevitable.

    Horowitz’s fleeting conclusion that the decision not to charge Clinton was rational and not necessarily motivated by political considerations hinges on the assumption that the intent evidence truly was as sparse as the FBI and Justice Department described it. Of course the decision to decline prosecution was defensible, if not incontestable, if one accepts that false premise. And Horowitz does not just accept the premise; he treats it as a background assumption, writing as if there’s no other conceivable way to look at the case.”


  5. This sounds like disclosure is going to be a lot of fun. 🙂


    “Former Secret Service Agent Gary J. Byrne, an outspoken critic of the Clintons since he left the White House and their employ, has filed a RICO lawsuit against former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a list of others.

    The nature of the suit, according to the filed documents, is “racketeer-influenced and corrupt organizations.”

    In addition to the Clintons, Byrne names a number of Clinton associates and supporters as defendants, including:

    Clinton Foundation
    Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership
    Media Matters For America
    Correct the Record
    American Bridge 21st Century
    David Brock
    George Soros
    John Podesta

    Byrne also names fellow veteran Secret Service Agent and CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Jonathan Wackrow as a defendant in the suit.

    As of Wednesday, electronic summons had been issued to all named defendants and Byrne had filed a certificate of disclosure titled “Corporate Affiliations and Financial Interests.””


  6. Where’s the outrage for these poor children ripped away from their parents by the cruelest of methods?

    I guess the outrage only counts for illegal children not the victims of the crime said illegals also brought in along with their kids.


    “In 2008, Colorado separated a Jewish boy from his parents.

    Marten Kudlis was separated from his parents while waiting for his mother to bring him his ice cream. The 3-year-old boy who had just been playing in the park never got his ice cream.

    Instead Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien driving 81 miles an hour, slammed into a pickup truck, killing the two women inside, and smashing it through the glass wall of the Baskin Robbins.

    Blood and broken glass covered the floor. Little Marten, who had just learned to ride a bike, died of a slashed jugular vein and was buried with a teddy bear.

    Francis Hernandez had been arrested 16 times in 5 years without ever being turned over to immigration authorities. That failure to enforce immigration law separated a little boy from his family forever.

    Advocates for illegal migration claim to be outraged by family separation. They want illegal alien invaders like Francis to go on separating American children from their families. What the fake news media falsely calls family separation is just arresting illegal aliens like Francis instead of releasing them. When previous administrations failed to enforce border security, they separated American children like Marten and many others from their parents forever. And the blood of those children is on the hands of the posturing politicians, activists and pundits who want to unite illegal aliens and separate Americans.

    In February 2018, the United States government separated Grace Aguilar from her parents.

    Grace was a bright and cheerful 6-year-old girl. While she was sitting by her favorite tree in the front yard of her family home, Maximino Delgado Lagunas, a Mexican illegal alien who had already been deported twice, ran her down.

    The illegal alien’s blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit. He had been arrested before for a DUI, but was put back on the street by local cops instead of being turned over to immigration authorities.

    Sanctuary city policies separated Grace, whose parents had tried to have children for 8 years, from her parents. The illegal alien who killed her had been deported twice, once under Bush and once under Obama. The combination of lax border security by these two administrations and local sanctuary policies permanently separated the little girl and her parents. Unlike the illegal migrants whose plight is playing out on every cable news channel, the Aguilar family will never get their daughter back.”

    And there are numerous others. But no outrage left for them, huh?


  7. Ricky won’t like this news. It destroys some of his favorite memes.

    Let me start off by saying…..

    4 MORE YEARS!!!!!


    “When I arrived at 4:00 p.m., the line for admission was at least a half mile long. People had been lining up since before 10:00 a.m., with the line snaking through a glass skyway where the afternoon sun had raised the temperature to over 100. I’ve seen shorter lines for Springsteen tickets, yet everyone was exceptionally polite.

    I only saw one protester on the walk over. He was standing on the street corner with his two small children and yelling “F*** Trump” as everyone walked past. On the way back to the car after the event I only saw three scraggly protestors trying to incite the crowd, to no avail other than getting detained by the police officers. I never saw the protest march or talk with anyone who saw it.

    At least 25 percent of the audience was under the age of 30, and around 40 percent were women. The senior citizen percentage was less than 10 percent — the lowest I’ve ever seen at a Republican event. Other than the hundred or so party leaders, this was a vastly different crowd from the Minnesota Republican Convention that I attended in Duluth three weeks ago. None of the attendees I spoke with in the concession line at the rally were politically active (other than voting) and none were born-and-bred Republicans.”

    Women and yutes? Oh my….. 🙂



  8. Now we’ll see if Congressional R’s once again sell out their voters. I’m thinking they will, because their true masters are the CoC, and they want amnesty, unlike R voters.

    Be careful here folks, your hold on the majority depends on what you do next. Don’t screw us over again.

    Never-Trump RINO’s beware.


    “Earlier this evening John wrote:

    [T]he fundamental reality is that Democrats are in favor of illegal immigration, and Republicans are against it. The GOP wins that one every time.

    I agree with John on both counts. However, on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants Republicans are divided.

    Being for amnesty is not the same thing as being for illegal immigration. However, amnesty encourages illegal immigration. Thus, if you’re against illegal immigration, you should be wary of any amnesty proposal.

    Congressional Republicans have another reason to be wary of any amnesty: There’s a good chance that voting for amnesty will harm their electoral prospects.

    That, at least, is the finding of a poll by McLaughlin & Associates for Tea Party Patriots Action. The survey asked 1,000 likely voters this question:

    Would you be more or less likely to vote to reelect a Republican Member of Congress who voted to provide amnesty for a group of illegal immigrants? If it would make no difference, just say so.

    42 percent of respondents said they would be less likely to vote to reelect such a Republican Member. 25 percent said they would be more likely to do so.

    Among Republicans voters surveyed, the split was more pronounced. 61 percent said they would be less likely to vote for the reelection of a Republican who backs amnesty. Only 18 percent were more likely to do so.”


  9. A legend in his own mind, and maybe the more gullible among us…..


    “The fall of James Brien Comey

    Under investigation and with his own reputation in question, the former FBI director is no longer the reliable, trustworthy source he once seemed.

    For the last few months, James Brien Comey, the FBI director fired by Donald Trump in the midst of the Russia investigation, has presented himself as the Last Honest Man as he toured the country selling books and taking potshots at the president.

    How self-righteous is Comey? In the midst of the Russia maelstrom, he posted to his Instagram account a photo of the Potomac River falls outside Washington, adding a biblical quote: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

    Now, justice is rolling in Comey’s direction, with the revelation that he is under investigation for possibly mishandling classified and confidential information in his apparently all-consuming desire to get Trump.

    Comey’s problem stems from his decision to write memos describing each of his interactions with Trump. He began on January 6, 2017, when Trump was president-elect, and Comey and the nation’s other intelligence chiefs traveled to Trump Tower to brief him on Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election. Comey stuck around after the meeting to tell Trump privately about the most salacious, and totally unproven, allegation in the infamous Trump dossier — the tale that Russia had video of Trump watching hookers perform a “golden showers” routine in a Moscow hotel room in 2013.

    Trump didn’t take it well, sensing that the nation’s top law enforcement official was blackmailing him, J. Edgar Hoover-style. “It’s a shakedown,” the president-elect reportedly said after Comey left. “It’s bullshit.”

    Comey, meanwhile, dashed down to an FBI armored car, pulled out a laptop, and wrote down his version of what happened. Comey would do the same after six other meetings or conversations with Trump. The director planned to use the memos against Trump if the need arose.

    Sure enough, the need arose on May 9, 2017, when Trump fired Comey. The angry former director hit back by sending a batch of the memos to a friend, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman. The plan was that Richman would leak some of the material to the New York Times, which would then publish a damaging article about Trump.

    It worked perfectly. The Times obliged, reporting that Comey had created a “paper trail…documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence a continuing investigation” — the Russia probe. Just for emphasis, the Times added, “An FBI agent’s contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversation.”

    Translation: Mr. President, James Comey is coming after you.

    The problem for Comey is that some of the memos contained classified information, and all were the confidential work product of a top FBI official. By sending them to Richman for the purpose of being leaked, Comey had violated FBI regulations and perhaps the law.

    And now we know officially that the Justice Department is investigating Comey for leaking. In a much-anticipated appearance on Capitol Hill June 18, the inspector general of the Justice Department said the FBI had referred the matter to him for investigation.”


  10. Another never-Trump traitor shows his true colors. He’s siding with communist dictators.


    “President Trump has now energized voters in both parties to levels not seen in decades as the midterm elections approach. On the GOP side, voter enthusiasm even exceeds the levels reported before the red wave of 2010, and one of the main reasons Republican voters cite is the progress being made on judicial appointments. When it was announced that Congress would need to hang around for most of the August recess and continue working, processing nominations was a key factor in that decision.

    But now somebody might be putting the brakes on the nominee confirmation process and it’s not even a Democrat. The Hill reports that retiring Senator Jeff Flake is looking at putting a hold on nominees until he gets what he wants.

    Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is reportedly considering using votes on President Trump’s appellate court nominees as a bargaining chip for demands on two separate issues.

    CNN reported that Flake may block votes on the court nominations while he attempts to secure action on tariffs and travel restrictions to Cuba.

    “We’re discussing it,” he told the network.

    Flake is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Republicans hold a one-seat advantage over Democrats.

    The tariffs question isn’t all that surprising and Flake is hardly the only Republican who has been critical of the entire trade war situation. But travel restrictions to Cuba? It seems to me that only a week or so ago, Jeff Flake was lambasting the President over his “admiration for despots” because he met with Kim Jong-un. But apparently, he had no problem with Obama cozying up to the Castro family in Cuba and would like to see Trump doing the same. Bit of an inconsistency there, don’t you think?

    Flake is essentially a lame duck at this point, but his position on the Judiciary Committee is a crucial one. If he has an ax to grind with Donald Trump (or visions of running against him in 2020) and is looking to make some headlines, standing athwart the judicial nomination and review process is not the place for it. Neither of these issues is related to filling vacancies on the bench, so this is little more than a threat of blackmail.”


  11. Keep digging…..

    When you’ve reached the foundations of the probe you’ll find it’s all built on sand and that collapse is imminent.

    Mueller better hurry. His days are numbered.


    “IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok’s anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe

    “Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed Tuesday that he is investigating whether FBI official Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump bias factored into the launch of the bureau’s Russia probe.

    During a joint hearing before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, Horowitz testified that his office was reviewing Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages as part of a separate probe related to the Russia investigation.

    “It clearly shows a biased state of mind,” Horowitz said, referring to text messages written as the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email use was wrapping up and the Russia probe was getting underway.

    The most infamous text, revealed in last week’s IG report on the Clinton email case, showed Strzok responding “We’ll stop it” when his colleague and lover Lisa Page sought assurances that Trump would not become president.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., questioned Horowitz on whether that apparent bias influenced the initiation of the investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 campaign and potential collusion with Trump’s team.

    “That’s a matter we’ve got under review and are looking at right now,” Horowitz said.

    It was revealed earlier this year that Horowitz’s office was investigating allegations of government surveillance abuse tied to the start of the Russia probe. But Horowitz’s testimony, meant to answer questions about the conclusion of the Clinton case review, revealed some of the specifics involved in the ongoing Russia case review, including the Strzok texts.

    Goodlatte pressed Horowitz over the politically charged text messages — which the report described as “hostile” — and noted how several were sent near the start of the Russia probe.

    “Correct,” Horowitz said. “In fact, there were these other text messages in roughly the same time period.””


  12. BDS is aiding and promoting terrorists and their propaganda. And in this country academia aids BDS in spreading their message to our youth.

    What could possibly go wrong? 🙄


    “The Israeli government has released detailed research they claim exposes the connection between global anti-Israel boycott movement and terrorist groups. The study commissioned by the Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy described the web of connections joining prominent anti-Israel boycott organizations as the “hate network,” with their findings allegedly connecting prominent BDS groups operating in the West to Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

    The findings were made public on Tuesday by Israel’s Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan at the annual Global Coalition 4 Israel Forum (GC4I) in Jerusalem. “The relationship between terrorist organizations and the BDS movement has never been closer, ideologically or operationally,” Erdan told the GC4I participants.

    The minister also claimed the BDS groups were ‘relying heavily’ on the propaganda coming directly from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Researchers commissioned by his ministry found that nearly a quarter of the BDS organizations had ties to terrorist groups PFLP and Hamas.

    Legal Insurrection received a summary of the key findings presented at the GC4I Forum, Jerusalem:

    Minister of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Gilad Erdan revealed for the first time the “Network of Hate”. This map showcases the network of ties between 42 of the most prominent BDS organizations― ten of which have ties with the internationally recognized terrorist organizations Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Minister Erdan presented the information at this year’s Global Coalition 4 Israel Forum (GC4I), an event focused on strategies for countering BDS and anti-Israel delegitimization. (…)

    The Ministry of Strategic Affairs asserts boycott organizations are relying heavily on falsified propaganda disseminated by Hamas and the PA, with a quarter of them shown to have ties to the terrorist organizations PFLP and Hamas.

    BDS organizations are interconnected and operate together as an integral network directed from Ramallah and the BDS National Committee (BNC). (…)

    Minister Erdan concluded, “The relationship between terrorist organizations and the BDS movement has never been closer, ideologically or operationally. I will continue to go after the leaders of this hate-filled campaign emanating from Gaza and Ramallah.”

    PFLP, a Palestinian Marxist terror outfit first gained notoriety in the 1970s for carrying out a series of aircraft hijackings. The outfit continues to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Hamas, on the other hand, is an offshoot of the notorious pan-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood movement, that took control of Gaza more than ten years ago. Since then, Hamas has been using Gaza as a base to carry out terrorist attacks and launching rockets against Israeli civilian population.”


  13. Tychicus @ 4:22.
    The situation has been around for over a decade. They don’t want a solution, they want an issue.
    Only “catch and release” will satisfy them.
    Or open borders. Whosoever will may come.
    How is that working out in Europe?

    Yes. That is what they want.


  14. More hypocrisy from liberals on the illegal issue.

    Canada does the same, yet Trudeau was bashing Trump for it. Figures.


    “The U.S. is the focus of international outrage for its policy of separating children from their parents and detaining them after they cross the border in search of asylum.

    But Canada has also detained migrant children — and in some cases, has restricted access to their asylum-seeking parents — despite its stated policy to do whatever possible to avoid it.

    Last year, 151 minors were detained with their parents in Canadian immigration holding centres.

    Eleven others were held in custody unaccompanied by an adult, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The CBSA would not speculate on the circumstances surrounding why a minor was unaccompanied.

    By comparison, the Trump administration has separated more than 2,000 children from their families since instituting a “zero tolerance” crackdown in April on those seeking to enter the United States illegally.

    “What’s going on in the United States is wrong,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday. “I cannot imagine what the families are going through. This is not how we do things in Canada.””

    Except is is exactly what you do, albeit on a smaller scale, but only because your illegal problem is on a much smaller scale than the US.


  15. Perhaps the drivers need to be driving in teams the way ours do. When there are two drivers,one can rest while the other drives and it might not ne so bad. I’ve been told they make some of the best money in the company here if they have seniority. I don’t know how long they have to be away from home though. It wouldn’t be bad for a husband wife team. But I’ve also heard that many trucking companies are not good to work for.


  16. Husband comments that it is a great job for a couple of young folk starting out. A couple of guys or girls or whatever could live in the truck and have nothing to do but drive (during the limited driving allowed time, and could easily earn enough to buy a house in a year or two. Or pay for college. But the drivers are mostly old guys like him.


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  18. Around here, we have another name for this phenomenon.


  19. Sadly, not being a Christian–unless there was deathbed conversion we can hope for–Charles Krauthammer is not resting in peace. Some things are of greater consequence than one’s political leanings.


  20. Pretty strong stuff at the end of the Stephens article:

    Fifth: The immigrant share (including the undocumented) of the U.S. population is not especially large: About 13.5 percent, high by recent history but below its late 19th century peak of 14.8 percent. In Israel, the share is 22.6 percent; in Australia, 27.7 percent, according to OECD data, another indicator of the powerful correlation between high levels of immigration and sustained economic dynamism.

    Finally, immigrants — legal or otherwise — make better citizens than native-born Americans. More entrepreneurial. More church-going. Less likely to have kids out of wedlock. Far less likely to commit crime. These are the kind of attributes Republicans claim to admire.

    Or at least they used to, before they became the party of Trump — of his nativism, demagoguery, and penchant for capricious cruelty. It was nice to hear Republican legislators decry the family separation policy. But there’s no sugarcoating the fact that a plurality of Republicans, 46 percent, favored it, while only 32 percent were opposed, according to an Ipsos poll commissioned by the Daily Beast.

    This isn’t a party that’s merely losing its policy bearings. It’s one that’s losing its moral sense. If anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools, then opposition to immigration is the conservatism of morons. It mistakes identity for virtue, entitlement for merit, geographic place for moral value. In a nation of immigrants, it’s un-American.


  21. From the article, discussing the 2016 Republican Party platform:

    The Republican platform, for the first time in recent history, asks for a reduction in legal immigration by arguing that “it is indefensible to continue offering lawful permanent residence to more than one million foreign nationals every year.” And it seeks major revisions of the criteria for granting refugee or asylum status—by limiting protection to “cases of political, ethnic, or religious persecution.” The United States is one of 145 signatory countries to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, which defines a refugee as someone fleeing persecution based on “reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.”


  22. Americans know who is to blame.


    “According to a new Rasmussen poll, a majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for the child crisis on the border over the U.S. government.”


    “54 percent of likely voters polled by Rasmussen said that they think the parents are more to blame for breaking the law.”

    Only 35 percent said the government is more to blame for the crisis.

    Further, 54 percent of voting Americans agree with President Trump’s assertion that “The United States will not be a migrant camp.”


  23. Need a new meme, this one’s busted.


    “EXCLUSIVE: ‘They’re together and they’re safe.’ Father of Honduran two-year-old who became the face of the family separation crisis when she was photographed in tears as her mother was searched by U.S. border control speaks out
    Denis Javier Varela Hernandez spoke out about the status of his wife Sandra, 32, and daughter, Yanela, 2
    Yanela became the face of the immigration crisis after a Getty photographer snapped a photo of her in tears
    Speaking to DailyMail.com Hernandez said he has still not been in direct contact with his wife Sandra because he does not have a way of communicating
    He says all he can do now is wait, and says he is happy that ‘they are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border
    Sandra was part of a group that were caught by Border Patrol agents after making their way across the Rio Grande river on a raft
    She set out on her journey from Puerto Cortes, Honduras to the U.S. at 6am on June 3 and allegedly paid $6,000 for a coyote
    Hernandez said he did not support his wife’s decision to make the journey with their young daughter in her arms and never got to properly say goodbye “


  24. Tightening the vice.


    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that former FBI official Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance amid an internal disciplinary review.

    “Mr. Strzok, as I understand, has lost his security clearance,” Sessions told radio host Howie Carr.

    Strzok was escorted out of FBI headquarters on Friday, the day after the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its long-awaited report about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”


  25. I don’t care what Trump says about immigration, although I don’t really mind a number of the points the USA Today article mentions, but that Republican platform looks pretty stupid. I’d be curious how they intend to go about codifying reducing the level of legal immigrants.


  26. At the same time, just as Trump seems to have turned Americans against sexual predators, he may have strengthened the American public’s support for immigration.

    I have hopes Trump will also turn the public against protectionism. Even some of those who can’t understand the basic economics may have a visceral reaction against the Trumpian position. This is more likely to happen when people lose their jobs or don’t come home with as many groceries from Wal-Mart.


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