44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-20-18

  1. Morning ladies. Got lots more done at school today. Now tomorrow I get to pack! They let us bring 23 kilos or 50 pounds on the flight to Cairns, so I am planning on some special things to bring back. I reminded my friend that anything that we can’t bring can come up on a later flight. You see Cairns is where we do medevacs to, so they come back empty and bring up cargo for us. They also schedule flights there to bring cargo up every few months. That is how families here have things like trampolines.


  2. JO, I don’t understand all that, but it sounds good.
    My first thought was, “What is Kim doing up at this hour?” And Michelle, but I recall that Michelle is in the EDST zone now.
    We are up and about. But I need to fix breakfast.


  3. Good morning! I am still up finishing a night shift. One more to go. I have 2 boxes of cherries and 1 of apricots to work up on Thursday.

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  4. Good morning! You have to get up mighty early in the morning to catch this crew napping.

    I too am beginning to pack. I have very mixed feelings about moving. I will be glad to go back to the haven of my parents’ home, but there are great changes there, and I wonder how I will fit into it all. I will not miss the loneliness of living by myself in the city, but I will miss other things, most of all, the city church. I have had a chance to deepen the friendships that began there when I first came to this city to take a couple of courses eight years ago, and have made some other new friends, and become a church member. Many people know me by name and by sight now. I sing in the choir when my asthma lets me, play the organ, have played my violin with the worship team, and do some of the Scripture readings, and I regularly attend one of the small group Bible studies. I will not see them for about 6 months or so, as I will be, Lord willing, completing next autumn semester in Nunavut. The winter semester I will probably be returning to the city to complete.

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  5. My new favorite. Tomato Preserves. Make yourself a grilled cheeses sandwich with two slices of cheese. Put the tomato preserves between the two slices of cheese. Yum.
    Busy day today showing property late. I will not get to see Miss Maddie today. She will be home with her parents by the time I get home tonight.
    Grandpa went shopping yesterday. 3 outfits, a play mat, and dangly toys. The man has a problem.
    I on the other hand spent my money on someone to clean my house. When I walked in at 7 last night , it looked and smelled clean. Ahhhhhh.

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  6. Children made themselves grilled cheese and hot dogs sandwiches last night, a little something their dad taught them. Funny that ten year old won’t eat cheesy hot dogs but she likes the grilled cheese hot dogs and hot dogs in macaroni and cheese.


  7. Good morning, all. We finally got some rain. Hopefully it didn’t wash away the grass seed i put out where the grader improved our backyard drainage.

    But with the rain came cooler temps. Low to mid 80s rather than upper 90s.

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  8. 6, got the photos and liked the dress. I can understand the concern about the cowl back. It isn’t about modesty, I feel cold just looking at it. My grandmother used to drape a sweater over her shoulders even in very warm weather, because, as she said, she would get a chill in the back of her neck and shoulder area from the slightest draft of air, cool or not. Second sibling was saying to me the other day that she now understands what our grandmother was talking about. My suggestion is to wear an undershirt – a dressy one – of the same or lighter shade as the dress. You’ll still have the cowl effect and reduce the risk of getting a cold in your neck. It won’t spoil the look. I have several shirts with cowl necklines, and in the winter especially, one needs an undershirt under them.


  9. Kim, my mother’s ideal of a summer lunch was sliced tomato fresh from the garden on a cheese sandwich. She can no longer eat fresh tomato as it causes her inflammatory arthritis to flare up, but she can eat cooked tomato, so I will have to keep a eye out for tomato preserves.


  10. I’m really sleeping deeply in the mornings lately, and having so many dreams. This morning is especially rushed as a result.

    Heard we’re losing another editor (to the Times); meanwhile, the hated corporate bunch is sending two of their own to all the properties throughout the country for meetings; ours are Thursday, but most of us will listen in on phone as they’re only going to be at 2 newspapers and their quite a distance from us.

    We’re told no big announcements, they just thought they’d come to chit-chat. But morale is circling the drain and everyone’s either completely depressed or angry over the state of things, so it could be interesting.

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  11. Roscuro, thanks. I like that idea of wearing some sort of dressy undershirt. I hadn’t thought of that. Are you referring to a camisole, or by “undershirt” do you mean something different? I’m not up on the fashion lingo. πŸ˜‰

    I’m like your grandmother — it doesn’t take much of a breeze, even on a warm day, to raise the goosebumps on my exposed skin. My husband once joked that I’ll be the first documented case of frostbite in August. πŸ˜›

    My hair, worn down, would completely cover the opening above the cowl, and likely keep my back warm enough if the temperature isn’t too bad, but I’m not sure how I’m going to have my hair that day. I asked my daughter if she has a preference for how the stylist she’s arranged for the wedding day should do my hair, but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

    The other thing, of course, is that an outdoor wedding in the Upper Midwest in late September at 4:00 pm could have outside temperatures anywhere from the 40s to the 90s. My hair won’t be enough to keep me warm if it’s below the 60s.

    I like the idea of a shawl, too. I don’t think a sweater, even a pretty one, would look quite right because it would look bunchy in the back, with that cowl underneath it.

    Overall, though, the dress is surprisingly warm. After trying on the other outfit first, which was sleeveless, I got really warm in the store when trying on the dress — even warmer than when wearing the sleeveless with some cute lightweight sweaters they had.

    Thanks for all your ideas, Roscuro and all of you who have responded! I appreciate them all.


  12. 6, I guess I mean a camisole/tank top with thin/spaghetti straps. I’m not up on fashion lingo either πŸ™‚ My mother called every sleeveless shirt worn under an outside blouse, shirt, or sweater by either male or female, an undershirt.


  13. OK, Roscuro, gotcha. πŸ˜‰ My daughters living at home might have something I could borrow — they have several camisoles between them, and we’re all similar sizes.

    I just put the dress on again, thinking I probably should have sat down in it in the store, to make sure it wasn’t too tight. (It didn’t feel tight, but in those pictures I sent you ladies, it looked tight in the lower part of the dress from the back view, IMO. And the dress is the smaller of the two sizes I tend to go between, depending on how the clothing is made.)

    Glad to discover I can sit down in it just fine. πŸ™‚ The 2% spandex probably helps some, too.

    There is also a built-in slip/camisole-type material under the lacy exterior, and I think that’s what adds so much extra warmth, even without the sleeves having that extra underneath.

    So maybe I won’t need an extra cami? Who knows. We’ll have to see what the weather is like around then, and maybe pack an extra cami and/or shawl if it’s chillier and/or if my daughter wants me to wear my hair up.


  14. I am glad the President signed whatever was necessary to stop taking children from parents at the border. Though most of those parents are in fact doing something illegal and if you have paid any attention to foster care, that goes on all the time in this country. Over four hundred thousand children in foster care each year. Do you think those children cry when taken from their parents? Do you think all of those parents are doing something illegal? Most, probably, but not all. I am glad something was done, I hope people don’t just shut their eyes to what continues to go on.

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  15. From what I’ve read, too, the separation came because otherwise children would be going into an incarceration setting with jailed parents β€” not that the alternative was good


  16. And it was put in place due to a law of the late 90’s saying children would not be incarcerated with their parents for more than twenty days. Do we really want to go back to family jails?


  17. OK, just kidding. πŸ˜‰

    What about one of these?


    Thoughts, anyone who’s seen the dress? (And for those who haven’t, it’s official color listed on the tag is “champagne.” Although in the pics I sent, it looks more pink than it actually is.)

    Do you think that style would look good? If so, which color do you think?


  18. If you click on my link at 8:43, then on the farthest right tiny picture under the main picture, you’ll see six different-color wraps in the same picture box. Would the champagne scarf be too much champagne?

    Maybe the ivory? I think that would go pretty well with the shoes.

    What do you think? I need help. πŸ™‚


  19. I kind of like the gray/silver one, too, Kizzie, because my husband will be wearing gray. But now I’m wondering if that would conflict with the gold in the shoe buckles? Or would a wrap and the shoes be too far apart to make a difference, thus not making the mixing of those colors (silver & gold) an issue?


  20. What do you mean, Cheryl? Her dress, or shoes, or accessories, or the color scheme of the wedding party?


  21. Mass institutionalization of children is very, very bad for their development. I have told on here the horrendous results of Canada’s former policy of taking First Nations children from their parents and placing them in residential schools. Institutionalization not only stunts emotional and social development of children, but also physical development: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4214390/#R168. As Mumsee has said, if it is at all possible, it is better for children to be with their parents.

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  22. Where is Kim?

    I haven’t heard back from 2nd Arrow after I sent her pictures of the dress yesterday. I had one pic on my phone, and sent her a picture message of it, with a little bit of text. I also sent the four pictures (the same ones you ladies saw) to her via email, with more comments and questions, but she’s responded to neither so far.

    Calling her is next to worthless, as she rarely responds to phone calls.

    Kind of frustrating, and makes me wonder if I did something wrong. All she said on Sunday when she was here was that her future MIL was having a hard time finding a dress, and when I asked her about colors she thought I should look for in a dress for myself, she wanted pastel-type, understated colors.

    I thought I had enough information to go on before embarking on shopping. Maybe I should have read up on wedding etiquette before venturing out?

    Or maybe she’s just being her usual (relatively) non-communicative self.


  23. 6, I think I would go with the white. The fabric is so sheer that I think the pink of the dress may show through. You have covering for your shoulders and it compliments your dress. And by the way…I love almost all of NineWest’s line of clothes. My 4 favorite pairs of blue jeans are…NineWest and I have several favorite tops as well! Great choice!


  24. 6 Arrows, I don’t think the next generation is all that good with e-mail, as a rule. But how was it left–that you would look for a dress and buy it?

    As is traditional, I went with my daughter when she was a bride, along with her sister, on a couple different shopping trips and multiple stores. I took my camera, and took at least one photo (unposed, discreetly) of her in every dress, which it turned out she really appreciated, since later she could look at all of them and get an idea of what she did and didn’t like.

    She was also going to go with me to choose my dress, and finally I made the suggestion that I go with younger daughter instead, and narrow it down to a few and get photos of those few. I took pictures of four, two of them dark blue (the color that was her stated preference) and two in other colors. Without hesitation she chose one of the blue ones. It wasn’t at all “I lean toward this one” or “This is my first choice, and this is the one I like next.” She was choosing the dress she wanted me to wear, and that was OK. (I had, after all, only taken photos of the ones I thought might work. The blue one we didn’t choose, by the way, had a cowl like yours, but I didn’t think the front of it was all that interesting, and neither did the bride. The other daughter and the saleslady both loved the one with the cowl, but in that case it isn’t the one I went back to buy.)

    Anyway, lots of people don’t check their e-mails every day, particularly the upper end of ages of people who e-mail and the 20-something crowd, in my experience. She may have a preference, but it’s likely she just hasn’t checked her e-mail yet.


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