50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-23-18

  1. Concerned there’s no Chas getting us moving.

    I’ve been writing an “Utmost Response” daily since last August. I post it on my FB page and on another FB page, Oswald Chambers Digital My Utmost for His Highest. I also email to about 8 people who aren’t on FB.

    I don’t get much interaction, a few shares and likes, but it’s a small ministry. The Lord impressed it upon my heart to respond to that day’s Utmost for a year–to go through the whole book.

    It’s been an interesting exercise and I’ve had to confront some difficult truths about myself as I’ve tried to explain what OC is talking about each morning.

    I got an email last night from a dear friend L concerning an elderly woman she knows with MS, whom L has been meeting with for the last 18 months to talk about books at her church.

    L suggested reading Mrs. OC and the woman, E loved it. They’ve moved on to Utmost and my responses. Here’s L’s comment:

    “To tell you about how my time with E has evolved. When we started we were reading theological books that sometime made my head spin. Her choice. Now we pick one day or a theme from MUFHH from the previous week. Also her choice. She is has spent her whole life in a progressive Church but hungry for non progressive view of God.

    “She is in love with OC.”

    Utmost, first of all, points readers back to God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit. Some of it is tough to swallow, yet it is consistent in reminding us of who we worship and what is expected of us as followers of Jesus.

    I shake my head that E finally is meeting an example of what it means to love God, not a church or a theology.

    And I praise God that He can use even the seemingly most minor of exercises to work in someone’s life.

    God is good. Rejoice with me that even when we don’t see God at work, it doesn’t mean He isn’t. 🙂

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  2. Thanx for the concern Michelle, As NancyJ said, I was here and gone. It’s been a busy morning. But I didn’t do nothing.
    So? I did something, but not much.

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  3. I made the mistake of letting Windows update when i shut down last night. At start up this am which was a little later than usual it took an hour and a half to finish updating. Sheesh

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  4. You just can’t get ahead of that early bird Chas. He’s always somewhere, you just can’t always find where he’s landed at first.

    Our former longtime city editor — who was moved to a new role overseeing our Southern California investigative reporting team — will be back in the office today since our current city editor (of 5 weeks) is taking a long vacation to gather with family in Atlanta. She’s really trying but has been a hard pill to swallow sometimes, a 40-something (?) high-energy black woman who’s very opinionated and outspoken and is often critical of the way our newsroom has been operating in the past which I guess we take kind of personally. I sometimes suspect she sees us as this lily-white ‘beach city’ newsroom that needs a bit of shaking up.

    Anyway, as I said, she is trying and also is lavish with her praise at times, especially when we’ve had some pretty heavy news weeks as we have lately. I’ve gotten along well with her so far, but miss our former editor’s experience & knowledge of the area (she still doesn’t know much about the ‘territory’ we all cover).

    Heaven knows our former editor could be grumpy and difficult, but we still really miss his expertise both of journalism and the local area that we write about. I even texted him one day last week for some advice on the trial I was covering as I wasn’t sure the new editor had enough experience to give me guidance on a particular question I had.

    Unfortunately, he’s pretty much been banished to work from home (about 1/2 mile from the newsroom) after a loud and ugly blowup a couple weeks ago in which the new editor said she didn’t want him in the newsroom (even quietly doing his new job and he was being SO quiet and separate from what was going on) as he made her uncomfortable and she felt he was trying to somehow undermine her authority. Senior editor seemed to side with her. He flipped, she flipped, everyone was screaming and the rest is history. No more former editor.

    He was really hurt and sounded pretty miserable when I was texting with him yesterday about the recent multiple resignations at our sister paper. He feels completely cut off from everything now (he’s actually a pretty social guy) and said “this isn’t the way I wanted to go out” feeling unwelcome in ‘his’ own newsroom of several decades, but he said “It’s her room now.”

    We’re all trying to cope in just really tough times.

    Anyway, with her gone through the long weekend starting today, he’ll be coming back to work in the newsroom instead of at home.

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  5. And there’s the added stress of the long weekend ahead (so more copy needed) and having our local sister paper basically emptied out with yesterday’s staff walkout. They were left with one person, a newly transferred-in reporter. And that’s it. Senior editor is working there through the rest of this week, trying to cobble together the papers with virtually no local staff. They’ll have to use copy from all the rest of us, basically.


  6. Well, my time is so limited some days…I am trying to take Karen to the doctor today. Yesterday she took Uber and while getting out, she fell but the nice Indian driver caught her. She felt he was God sent. She sees the eye doctor today. I will post more later if I find the time.

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  7. The header photo isn’t two birds flying together, but a crow chasing a turkey vulture. At nesting time you often see one or more small birds chasing a large bird. What is funny to me is how often a crow is either the “large” bird being chased or the “small” bird doing the chasing! Red-winged blackbirds and mockingbirds are notable chasers, too. I don’t know why they chase vultures, since they go for carrion and not live animals, but it may be that they will rob a nest of eggs if given a chance, but I haven’t seen that mentioned in any references and it seems rather unlikely given their size, unless they simply happen upon it.

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  8. I had a few crows vocalizing in the backyard this morning, maybe because Annie was lying out there, but they’ve also been known to make a ruckus when there’s a coyote nearby


  9. Hi, wanderers. I don’t get over to this thread in time to comment much these days.

    I’m here with a question to ask of anyone who has a website and/or someone who understands the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that’s supposed to go into effect on May 25, 2018.

    I got an email from Wix.com, through whom I have my website, and it read as follows:

    What Is the GDPR?
    On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation—known as the GDPR—will come into effect. The aim is to protect the personal data of all EU citizens. Whatever the location of your business, if you own a website with EU visitors, or if your marketing campaigns target EU citizens, these changes affect you.
    What’s Next?
    At Wix, we’ve provided you with tools and information to help you meet the new GDPR requirements. Find out how to respond to data requests from your visitors, create a privacy policy and more.

    There was a Show Me How button in the email, which I clicked on because I think this applies to me, since my website stats show that I’ve had traffic from EU countries. (Interestingly, I also had a site visitor from France who emailed me at my business email, listed on my site. He is a recording artist who came out with an album last summer, about the time or a little before I published my site, and his album name is the same as my domain name! That freaked me out a little bit — that I’d given my business the same name as his album! — but my tax preparer said not to worry about that, I haven’t infringed on anything. And the guy only wrote to briefly tell about his music albums, and provided links where I could listen to snippets. There wasn’t any indication he was thinking, hey, you stole my album name for your website or anything like that.)

    Anyway, back to the GDPR / EU situation… after clicking on the Show Me How button in the Wix email, I discovered a huge and bewildering array of information about what I’m supposedly to do to announce my privacy policies, data usage procedure, etc. etc. There was a statement saying something like, “Due to the complex regulations [of this new GDPR], we recommend you get a lawyer to make sure you are compliant” or something like that.

    What?! I can’t afford a lawyer! I’d rather delete my whole site (it’s not been a profitable venture to this date, anyway) than to get tangled up with European Union legalese.

    Any of you website owners know anything about this, or did you receive a similar email from WordPress or whomever your site is through? Does this apply to me as a business owner with a site that has received traffic from Europe?

    I have no idea what to do, if anything. Am I imagining this is all more complicated than it is? I don’t want to just do nothing and hope it doesn’t apply to me, when maybe it does?

    Regulations. Grrrr.


  10. Maybe I should post the above on the News thread, too, where Tychicus (EU) might see it. And Ricky (a lawyer).


  11. Boy, I guess the only thing I’m good at is killing a thread. And all three of them, no less.

    Let’s see if piano lesson soon goes better…

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  12. Question: my “new” kitchen cabinets (1980 vintage) have a built-in lazy susan (two levels), lower level of the cabinets. Those of you who have (or want) such a feature, what is a practical thing to use it for? What does it make sense to store on one?

    I’m finding that I have lots of storage space, but much of it is not as usable as I would like–cupboards too narrow, shelves way too high, some shelves too flimsy. I’ll figure it out eventually, but in the meantime it’s a slow process!


  13. Onion powder, minced onion, that sort of thing. Oh, maybe you don’t want those. Umm. Minced garlice, garlic powder, sage, thyme, rosemary, vinegars, etc are on our lazy susans.


  14. My mom used hers for boxes mixes, like cake mix or soup mixes, jello, cocoa powder, baking soda etc.


  15. Cheryl we have two lazy Susan’s, one on each corner of the counters. On the side of the coffee maker I put the coffee, hot cocoa,coffee grinder, coffee sweetener, French press. In the other on the side of the sink, I put cook books, tea pots, canister tea, diffusers, vegetable oils.


  16. My parents have a lazy susan. The best things to store in it are smaller containers of things that you use quite frequently and don’t enjoy digging for through stacked layers of small bottles or boxes on a regular shelf. Things like beverage powders (e.g. coffee, hot chocolate), cooking spices, and herbs, etc. The lazy susan allows you to quickly scan for the container you want from both above and the side as you turn the shelf. The only downside is if you have a precariously placed container that topples off the lazy susan at the back as you whisk the shelf around. Such containers can be tricky to fish out again.


  17. Piano lesson is done. Today was my student’s last day of high school, but she says she doesn’t feel done because the high school musical is yet to be, and she’s playing saxophone in the pit band for half of it, and accompanying on piano for the rest. So there are numerous rehearsals yet to come.

    In other music news, 6th Arrow played in the state piano competition this past weekend. There were 12 other fourth-graders against whom she competed, and while she wasn’t the winner or runner-up or among the two honorable mentions, she played well and got lots of “great”s and “excellent”s from the judge in his written comments.

    I was glad my husband went to hear her play. This was the first time he’s attended one of her performances. (She’s done three — all of them this year.) All her at-home siblings came along, too, as well as my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Some nice encouragement.

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  18. Fifth and Sixth Arrows had dentist appointments yesterday, then we went to the gas station, and finally to the library for a visit.

    When we drove home and turned onto our little road, I saw a new realty sign in our neighbor’s yard. They’d said years ago that they would probably move out of the area (they own properties in three other places, including in two other states fairly and very distant from ours).

    They’re asking almost 500,000 for their house. Yikes. They are so out of our league.

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  19. On the Lazy Susan, I would use it in place of a spice rack. Also, since we have a lot of different flavors of tea, I would use it for tea boxes, and maybe my bags of popcorn kernels, dried beans, etc. I do have some hanging baskets just inside of the pantry that I use for storing my tea boxes now. I have enjoyed those.


  20. We put cereal boxes, oatmeal containers, pancake mix, and syrup bottles on our built-in lazy susan cabinet. Some of the boxes are too tall, though, so then we lay them on their sides instead of stand them up. That also helps prevent them from tipping over when they’re getting empty and someone comes along and spins the cabinet too quickly to find what s/he is looking for.


  21. 6 Arrows, for the business website, I am considering making it serve only as advertisement with contact info rather than using it to get information from potential clients. I saw that the instructor of the class I am taking on website design just sent out info on the EU issue. I need to read it thoroughly, but have not yet found time to do so.


  22. Housing prices seem to be at an all time everywhere I look. Buyers are out priced in Denver so they are heading south to purchase and commute for their jobs. Our county motto seems to be “got an empty space….fill it in”!! And then they cry over the scarcity of water….grrrrr


  23. I’ve known several women named Sue or Susan. None of them appeared to be lazy. I don’t know where you get that “lazy” bit.


  24. Very funny, Chas.

    Our second lazy susan is in the corner where the mice have been coming in for well over twenty years so we keep nothing in there they can mess up. You would think, with three cats….


  25. I also have my boxes of cereal, spaghetti, popcorn, croutons and nuts in containers, dried fruit and crackers in one lazy susan. I have spices in large containers, salt, soda, syrups, sauces ,ketchup, vinegar, shortening, oils, coffee, teas, peanut butter and powdered drink mixes in another one. All is handy to be grabbed quickly.


  26. Spices and things I use all the time to cook with.

    GDPR–you only need to do it if you have people reading your newsletters in Europe.

    You do need, however, to have a privacy statement on your website–which I didn’t know before. I purchased a privacy plan from Iuenda.com for $27.

    It’s a nightmare at my house right now trying to sort it out. My daughter-in-law will update the website with the privacy policy tonight, I think. I’m working on the letter through Mailchimp. I have about 40 readers outside of the US, maybe half of them in the EU, but I have another 100 for whom I do not have a location or IP, so I may have to contact them as well, or maybe wing it.


  27. Why do things have to be so complicated? Sheesh.

    Does a privacy plan have to be purchased? I’m guessing it can’t somehow be put in place for free?

    I’m about this close to hitting the “Delete Site” button. I don’t need any more expenses associated with a site that has only brought one inquiry in the nine months since it went live. 😦 (And that was from the family who wanted me to travel to their house for lessons, a situation on which I got a clear “No” after prayer.)

    This is all so discouraging.


  28. I went to the Whiskey Wednesday happy hour tonight but it was all work (was going to go yesterday for Tequila Tuesday but was told more people show up on Wednesdays). I was interviewing regulars of a 57-year-old restaurant that will likely be hit by the wrecking ball in another 1-2-3 months. I bounced from table to table to the bar, talking to folks about how long they’d been coming to the restaurant and how they felt about losing it. It does have spectacular views of the main shipping channel. Photographer was a huge help, he scouted out people and always told me which table to try next when I was done with one group.

    Outside I talked with one of our local environmental activists who was measuring to see whether some migratory bird nests in a tree nearby could at least forestall the demolition.

    Never a dull moment here, news-wise.

    I don’t have a lazy susan in my cabinets but I’d think it would be most handy for things that are used often and tend otherwise to get lost in the back somewhere amid cabinet clutter. Keeps important things handy and within easy to reach. I wouldn’t keep mice on it.

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  29. Oh, and I managed to get one woman to say it had turned into an “unhappy hour” with the pending closure. I was already going to use that but kind of like it that I have an actual quote from someone saying it.

    Ran into a few folks I knew, some others who read the paper and an artist whom I’d interviewed eons ago when I was a new reporter in town; she’d done a “life copies art” calendar in which she photographed people who resembled those featured in famous works of art. Fun catching up.

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  30. But thank you for the information, Michelle.

    And thanks, Janice. I hope things go better with your business website than they did with mine.


  31. From the organizing junky link:

    Tips to remember when organizing Lazy Susans:

    Round containers work well with the curve of the space. Check the dollar store.

    The use of containers keep everything from tipping over and getting lost in the back. Also work well to corral “like with like.”

    Store stuff where you use it.
    Store frequently used stuff on the top shelves.
    Check expiry dates on food items and toss outdated items if necessary.
    Remember if something hasn’t been used in a year, then it’s time to let it go.
    Label spice lids so you can see what you have when looking down on them.
    Most of my containers were purchased from the dollar store with the exception of a few. Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive…first and foremost it must be functional.


  32. Thank you for the lazy susan answers. Since it is in a bottom cabinet, I don’t think spices would be practical, but baking stuff probably would work well, and I’ll probably try that. I have a triangle-shaped corner cupboard above it, and I’d already planned to use that for spices. So I’m looking for an organizer that will wok for that cabinet!

    Re the napping coon: Isn’t it cute? It spent at least three entire days high in that cottonwood (30 or 40 feet off the ground). How it’s possible to sleep on a hard branch that far off the ground without falling out of the tree, I have no idea. In this view, its eyes are still open, but I went out a couple of hours later and got pictures with its eyes closed. This was taken before we moved, and as cute as I think it is, I did have some fear of some last-minute raccoon infestation causing problems with our sale! It went under the deck once, and when I net saw it in the tree, I alerted my husband so he could close up the openings and hopefully keep it from getting back under the deck!

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  33. No one mentioned what kind of lazy Susan. The small ones you buy are quite different than having a cabinet in a corner that the shelves are a lazy susan and perhaps the cupboard door is a part of it. Hence the answer would be quite different for a small one sitting on a shelf or countertop versus a large cupboard that that is the shelf.


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