50 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-24-18

  1. I finally have found someone else who agrees with me that Trump wasn’t an evil genius conspiring with Russia, but that he did moronically frame himself. From Bret Stephens’ article:

    ‘Trump is now taking his usual unbridled umbrage at comments by former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, which the president then misquoted, that he should be glad the F.B.I. was looking into potential Russian infiltration of his campaign. Of course he should be glad: The Bureau has now twice rescued him, first by reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails on the eve of the election, and then by clearing out the Russian stooges in his employ.

    That Trump won’t acknowledge this means he’s either profoundly foolish or, in ways we don’t yet understand, dangerously complicit. I still lean toward the former interpretation — just.’

    It is good for us and for Trump that the FBI cleared out the Russian stooges from his employ.

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  2. Like

  3. If I were Bill Gates, I would offer Trump $1 billion if he could convince 40% of the public that the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin are real. I have no doubt that I would have to pay, but it would be worth it for the laughs and to prove a point.


  4. You would have to pay, because if the public will believe the great lie that the globalism foisted on them by Reagan/Bush and their accomplices is a good thing, then it will surely believe anything…for a time. Unfortunately, Easter would roll around and when the Bunny did not appear to fill their baskets, they would respond by insisting that Trump be jailed and Gates be fined. But I don’t think we need to fear that outcome just yet, so enjoy what laughs you can. ;–)

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  5. @ 8:34 It’s interesting that McMullan and others are finally noticing that our government is for sale. When Cyrus was a vendor for a certain State, he went to vendors’ conferences and an Indian friend told him that their local government in India had a meeting every year to determine how much money they would pay for contracts (both local and federal)—basically bribes. It was hardly surprising how often they walked away with the lucrative contracts. I doubt much has changed in that regard over the past 20 years, though it is probably harder now with the public scrutiny on foreign outsourcing of American jobs.

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  6. Now let’s unpack Maggie the propagandist’s tweet, because as usual, she’s wrong again.

    First we must start with Trump’s tweet which Maggie links to..


    1st sentence

    “Clapper has now admitted that there was Spying in my campaign.”


    “Clapper: Trump Should Be “Happy” That The FBI Was “Spying” On His Campaign”

    Now this one I could see Maggie being confused about. Even in the interview I linked, Clapper says they were spying and that they weren’t spying, in the same interview! This happens often with serial liars. they can’t keep their story straight. But the only one confused here is Clapper. Trump and Maggie are both right I guess.


    Second sentence

    “Large dollars were paid to the Spy, far beyond normal.”


    “A lot of money is being tied to Halper, with some accounts as high as $2 million.”

    Trump is correct.


    Third sentence

    “Starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history. ”


    Again, Trump is correct.


    Fourth and final sentence

    “SPYGATE – a terrible thing!”

    Again, Trump is correct.

    While Maggie concentrated on the first statement, she failed to address the rest of Trump’s completely accurate tweet, for obvious reasons.

    Since it took me about 5 minutes to find the truth, I must reach the conclusion that her weak @&# attempt was for totally partisan and propaganda purposes. She never even bothered to look for the truth.

    Weak, but telling about Maggie, her character, her ability to be a real reporter, and the NYT.

    Grade: F for FAIL

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  7. The media just keeps digging the hole they’re in even deeper.


    “It doesn’t matter what you think about Donald Trump — revelations that a major party’s administration was spying on another one deserve a seriousness that’s lacking in major media coverage. A recent piece by CNN’s Chris Cillizza encapsulates many of the absurd talking points adopted by an extraordinarily incurious media. And when I say incurious, I mean they’ve taken to actively dismissing evidence regarding a story that would be a huge deal in any other era.”

    “The persistent claim that Trump is abusing power for engaging in actions that are well within his purview is especially galling coming from people who would often characterize the previous administration’s numerous abuses as nothing. Even today we are relegated to a Clintonian parsing of words to describe events.

    “The President of the United States is alleging, with zero evidence,” writes Cillizza, “that the FBI secretly planted an informant in his 2016 campaign for the express purpose of spying on him.” Cillizza highlights the president’s hyperbolic — and premature — assertions (“SPYGATE”) to dismiss the entire event. It’s true that we don’t know if an informant was “planted” or “embedded,” but we do know that flimsy partisan evidence was likely used to spark the investigation into “collusion” and that the Obama administration “spied” on the Trump campaign.

    Many journalists take umbrage at the contention that there was spying going on, because “spying” sounds far too serious for their liking. But it’s the right word. A spy is a “person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor.””


  8. More on Clapper’s lies.


    “In her Angle commentary, Laura Ingraham ripped Obama-era Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for purportedly lying about surveilling members of the Trump presidential campaign.

    Ingraham said a key exchange involving Clapper occurred in 2013 under oath before Congress.

    Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden asked Clapper if his agency collected or retained information of private citizens, to which Clapper answered in the negative.

    “No sir, not wittingly,” Clapper said.

    Ingraham said that exchange was contradicted by Clapper’s interview on “The View” where he appeared to admit to surveilling Trump associates.

    “It’s amazing to me that Clapper continues to go on national TV and… denies what we know to be true,” she said.”


  9. Great Pumpkin, globalism is good for us.
    Easter Bunny, globalism is good for us.
    Playboy Bunny, who cares if globalism is good for us or not as long as we have our toys.
    Go Reagan go!


  10. Debra, I guess you have noticed that whenever Trump threatens a tariff, someone or some country has persuaded him not to follow through by bribe, flattery or threat. So you were conned just like the folks who thought Mexico would pay for “the Wall”. However, like you I originally took the protectionism threats seriously.

    On the other hand, those who believe in Obama’s “tapps”, Nunes’ secret info, the Deep State, Seth Rich as Hillary’s victim, the pizza pedophiles, the Soft Coup, the truth of “the Memo”, the Secret Society and “Spygate” are going to get special discounts when Trump University reopens.


  11. To some, Trump’s failure to maintain phone security looks a lot like Hillary’s email scandal. However, when you consider that Trump is generally completely incoherent, do we really care if foreign governments listen in on his conversations?


  12. Meanwhile, in a matter voters actually care about……

    Or, as Carville used to say….. “It’s the economy, stupid.”


    “Growth: A new report shows that the median household income has climbed 3% since President Trump took office. It’s another sign of a strong economy, and at least one poll shows the public credits Trump for the good news. Should Democrats wave bye to the Blue Wave?

    Median household income has been steadily increasing under Trump, rising from $59,471 in January 2017 to $61,483 last month, according to Sentier Research, which tracks income on a monthly basis using census data.

    This also means that household income is now higher than it’s been in at least 50 years — after adjusting for inflation.”


  13. Still digging, while the FBI keeps stonewalling for BS reasons…..


    “Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley called Wednesday for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to release unredacted copies of the texts between two former FBI employees who were highly critical of President Donald Trump.

    “Please provide unredacted copies of all text messages produced to the Committee no later than June, 6, 2018,” Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, wrote in a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Should the Department continue to refuse to provide fully unreacted copies to Congress, please provide a privilege log describing the legal basis for withholding that information from Congress.”

    The chairman claims one redaction covered the costs of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s $70,000 conference table. He also points to one text exchange wherein an official’s name is redacted in reference to the “Obama White House ‘running’ an investigation,” making it unclear what investigation the FBI employees were referencing.”

    What WH run investigation?

    Two words for ya’. Crossfire Hurricane”.


    Now on to the continued hiding of evidence in another related case……

    It’s almost like there’s an honesty and accountability issue with these folks, and a problem answering to those legally overseeing them.


    “Friday is the deadline for the FBI and Justice Department to give the Senate Judiciary Committee key documents in the Michael Flynn case.

    It won’t happen, because that’s not how the current FBI and Justice Department deal with congressional demands involving the Trump-Russia affair. But sooner or later, Judiciary Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is likely to get his way.”


  14. A retired FBI agent just told an acquaintance of mine that agents in the Washington field office may not wait to be called by Congress in order to testify. They are ready to go directly to the DOJ/IG to tell what they know about what hasn’t even been exposed yet concerning the former senior leadership of the FBI. He said that they are tired of seeing the agency destroyed by a few corrupt officials.

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  15. Re. Mueller’s delay tactics:

    The Speedy Trial law is a federal law that has been in place for 70 years, and if Mueller wasn’t ready for trial, he shouldn’t have been so anxious to rush out with multiple indictments. This delay request indicates that either Mueller doesn’t have a case to proceed with, or he doesn’t want to be exposed by what the discovery would cause – possibly both. He should have thought this through some months ago. It is yet another reason why Congress and the American people are beginning to question the veracity of Mueller’s investigation. According to polls, the majority now think it is all politically motivated .


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  16. @1:28 Funny. And no, we probably don’t care. He probably assumes they are, and so, we are all kept off guard. I don’t think the opportunities for trade war has passed just yet.

    I don’t know anything about pizzagate.

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  17. I am naive, and I read mainstream and traditional conservative media. Last year my son surprised me by telling me that my nephew believed that the 9/11 plane attack on the Pentagon was fake and that Little Bush and the CIA staged the attack. Do we have anyone here who believes that story? Do we have any “Birthers”? To me Trump’s bizarre fantasies are pretty extreme, but I understand they may pale in comparison to some of the stuff pushed by Alex Jones or similar folks.


  18. The only thing I know about “pizzagate” is that it was a narrative the white supremacist types were pushing. So needless to say, I know nothing of it, other than Ricky seems obsessed with it. Another reason I didn’t bother to look further…….


  19. Protect our institutions?

    He means protect my sorry criminal butt…….

    You have to love it when the nation’s former top law enforcement officer encourages law breaking.


    “Former Attorney General Eric Holder publicly urged his former employees at the Justice Department to defy President Trump’s request for transparency and public disclosures of information related to the unprecedented spy operation launched in 2016 against the Trump campaign.

    Holder’s insistence that the DOJ and FBI “protect the institutions” rather than carry out their constitutional duties and protect the constitution, the document they actually swear to protect when entering their federal positions is telling and rather frightening.”


  20. I think Obama was born in Hawaii, but was heavily influenced by his foreign upbringing. 911 was a small sample of what can happen when God lifts His hand of protection: 19 fanatics with boxcutters can bring the mightiest nation to its knees. That’s something to ponder.

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  21. So we have a semi-Birther who at least at one time was a Seth Richer. We have a semi-pizza pedophiler. Does anyone believe in the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin or Ted Cruz’ Dad as a JFK assassin?


  22. We have some here who don’t believe pedophilia every occurs anywhere and never has. Does anyone else hold to that view of the world?

    Probably not. But some of you may realize there’s kind of a chasm between that sunny naivete and things Alex Jones spouts, and you don’t have to believe all one way or all the other.


  23. Keep digging……


    “The Hill has reported that the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees will interview three witnesses in June over the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email probe.

    They will interview “Bill Priestap, the assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, and Michael Steinbach, the former head of the FBI’s national security division,” along with “John Giacalone, who preceded Steinbach as the bureau’s top national security official and oversaw the first seven months of the Clinton probe.”

    From The Hill:

    The joint Judiciary-Oversight review — led by chairs Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C. — is centered on the bureau’s decisionmaking in both the investigation of Clinton’s private email server and the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

    But its progress had stalled in the months since it was first announced.

    Since October of 2017, the panel is believed to have interviewed only two witnesses — of about 20 potential witnesses — infuriating conservative members who are eager to uncover what some have characterized as “corruption.”

    Of course the Democrats claim that Goodlatte and Gowdy have used this as a way “to shield Trump,” but Gowdy explained that the investigation is “a serious inquiry into the bureau’s conduct during the Clinton investigation” and not “an effort to re-litigate the decision not to bring charges against the former Secretary of State.”

    The Hill noted that Priestap has recently felt heat from conservatives since he served as the head of the FBI counterintelligence division, which placed him in “a pivotal leadership position in both the Clinton and Russia probes.” Plus, in that position, he “was in a supervisory position over counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok.”

    The three men will have separate interviews: Priestap in the beginning of June, Giacalone the second week of the month, and Steinbach in the last week.

    The news comes a few weeks after Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, demanded the Department of Justice investigate “allegations that the FBI was pressured by the Obama administration to shut down a probe into the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 presidential election.”

    In his letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Goodlatte included revelations in the inspector general’s report on Andrew McCabe:”


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  26. Ahem. No one knows who killed Seth Rich…or why. It is my understanding that it remains an unsolved case. Speculation abounds.


  27. I’m not about to post here links to the pictures of artwork found in the homes of people prominently mentioned in the pizzagate affair. It’s understandable to want your news delivered as A=B, but sometimes A=E, if A=B=C=D=E. There is dark stuff in this world. Some of us can attest to having dark thoughts in our hearts now and then. Many, many people *embrace* the darkness of their hearts, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to us.

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  28. Pedophilia is all too common and is not punished harshly enough in this country. However, when people are unable to separate truth from false accusations of pedophilia, or unproven participation in murders or complicity in presidential assassinations, or “soft coups” or “Spygate”, the nation becomes an Idiocracy and deserves to have a President like Trump and is bound to be the laughingstock of the rest of the civilized world.


  29. People like Alex Jones, Hannity, Tomi Lahren and Trump have made conservatism stupid. The intelligent, the educated and the rational thinkers are repulsed by such people.


  30. When people are only capable of talking in pious sounding platitudes, our country, no, civilization, no, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, is on the verge of total Annihilation!

    Wow it’s easy to post garbage like this and assume moral superiority! I should do this more often!

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  31. Today’s comments explain a great deal. People will continue to debate whether Trump is a disease or a symptom of a disease. He is both. The inability of Americans to tell the truth from ridiculous lies is a both a problem that produced Trump the President and a problem that Trump the President has made much worse. The phenomenon is so shocking and bizarre that you have to question whether our country is operating under a Divinely imposed fog of blindness.

    The Democrats think socialism works, a man can become a woman and guns cause crime, and the Republicans believe whatever misspelled lie Trump Tweets out each morning. Perhaps tomorrow the fog will lift.


  32. My neighbor was voicing similar thoughts:


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