41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-14-18

  1. Wow! It’s been a long time. It is a quarter till midnight EST. I have to get to sleep. Y’all have a good evening for those in the states.


  2. Wow! It’s been a long time. It is a quarter till midnight EST. I have to get to sleep. Y’all have a good evening for those in the states. I should include Canada, too.


  3. Hey now…just wait a cotton pickin’ minute…it is not tomorrow yet!! I shall bid you all a good night and we will just see what the head count is in the morning…. 😂 (pretty birdie up there on the tree stump by the way AJ! 😊 🐦 🌳 )


  4. oh, it is tomorrow here! I am surprised to see you all so early in my day.
    I finally got a text from one of my children with a note of appreciation.

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  5. Good morning, friends in Christ. This is Ann. I just want to thank Kizzie for asking for prayers for me and express my appreciation to all of the faithful prayer warriors on this blog,
    It’s been a very trying seven months…. I hope to resume chatting with y’all when my health improves.

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  6. I did not hear from BG yesterday. I caved first. I sent her a text this morning around 6. For those of you on FB there is a photo of me that I don’t hate. It is me holding Miss M and DIL. AJ can share it he likes in a smaller photo.
    About to start the week. After Thursday it should get easier. I will graduate from BOLD. I have learned a lot although I haven’t gotten everything out of it that I should have.

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  7. The photo of Mimi, der daughter-in-law and granddaughter was adorable. Focus on what you have and not what is missing. That’s what works best for me.

    I survived the last 3.5 weeks. We’re both so very tired and now we get to start back to normal again.

    If you count the plane, we slept in five different spots the last nine days. I woke up one night and didn’t know where I was and started to panic.

    We were home in own bedroom . . . .

    Our trip was fantastic; we learned a great deal about the Cold War, the history of the Reformation and, really, European history. I now know where Bohemia and Moravia are.

    My speaking at Jo’s church was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the trip a great deal.

    Carolyn has her master’s degree and is now bewildered. “All I’ve done is study for the last couple years. Is this, like, free time I have now? What do I do with myself?”

    She couldn’t handle the pressure and started working on her medical school application . . .

    I missed Kevin in Southern California by a couple hours, which was a shame but family comes first . . .

    Off to Zumba, then to work . . . I may actually have to cook dinner for the first time in a long time! LOL

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  8. Well I have hit a button and all of my bookmarks are gone. I have been trying to reset everything and cannot for the life of me remember passwords. I am floating around in the cyberspace I suppose….Morning!!! So good to see you Ann!!

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  9. Kim, in your photo you look like twenty something! No wonder you like it!

    I saw on Facebook that today is AJ’ s birthday. So either he is sleeping late, gone fishin’, or doing something else for fun I hope.

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  10. I spoke with my friend Karen last night. She sounded like herself again. What is weird is that when I told her we had taken Wesley to the airport at 6:30 a.m., she said her daughter and the wife had to be at the airport at 6:30 a.m. for their flight to FL for their vacation. So Karen and I both had our only children leaving at the very same time on Mother’s Day. It is just another one of those things that crop up in our lives as coincidences.

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  11. Oh how I am hoping this works! Please Please let me be logged in!! 🙃
    Happy Birthday AJ!!! And look you got a poem from Janice!!! I shall leave this cake for you!! 🎂

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  12. Leave it to The Boy. He sprayed Windex-type spray in his eye this morning. I have no idea how he did that, but Nightingale had him in the shower to flush out his eyes for 20 minutes. Needless to say, he was late for school.

    I hate the idea of “flushing out” one’s eye’s with water. Water hurts when it gets into my eyes. I don’t know how people can swim underwater with their eyes open.

    Speaking of The Boy, could y’all pray that things will go smoothly with him as I childsit him this afternoon/evening. He can be challenging at times, although not always. Also, it seems no matter what I do, no matter how well we keep to a bedtime routine, it takes him a long time to fall asleep.

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  13. I can’t believe I did that! I usually proofread before hitting Post Comment, but I didn’t with my comment above. Now I see that I did the dreaded and much-mocked possessive-instead-of-plural in the first sentence of the second paragraph (“eye’s” instead of “eyes”). Yikes!


  14. After an online friend mentioned difficulties with her young-adult daughter, the silly/sarcastic part of me thought of replying, “Been there. Done that. Got the grandson to prove it.” But I didn’t think that would be appreciated or appropriate.

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  15. Happy Birthday AJ! We’ll be good if you want to take a blog day off. We promise. Well, no guarantees on the political thread. It’s like the wild west over there.

    Nice texture in that photo, I love the wood — we have some old wharf pilings along our waterfront that seagulls and pelicans like to perch on.

    Good to see you back, Ann, I’m so sorry you’ve had some medical challenges along with a surgery. Get better, we’ve missed you.

    Nancyjill, I hate it when sites just randomly sign us off or force us to re-enter old, long-forgotten passwords. Most of my email & other accounts now operate with a 2-step verification where you have to enter a numerical code that’s texted to you separately.

    I hate passwords.

    Meanwhile, it appears to be Monday. All over again. Why do they keep coming around??

    And I may have to write up an obit today for someone I knew, I’ve done a lot of those in my years at the paper and it’s always so poignant. But in this case, the person died ‘young’ (60s) and unexpectedly for many of us who didn’t know he’d been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He only wanted his immediate family to know so news of his death following a surgery for the tumor was shocking to all the rest of us. Everyone at first thought it was a really bad joke or hoax — or a case of hacking — when the ‘news’ appeared under his own sign-in on FB on Saturday.

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  16. Well, I was wrong. The Boy wasn’t late for school, because he isn’t going to school after all. Nightingale had called his doctor, who advised going to the ER, since his eyes were still burning. (When they left, I thought they were on their way to the school.)

    At the ER, they flushed them with saline, and a doctor checked to make sure there was no damage to the corneas (there was none). He wrote a note that The Boy can go back to school tomorrow.

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  17. So does that mean you will be babysitting all day today Kizzie? I pray he can rest the eye. We have had a couple ER trips with daughter and husband concerning an eye injury…it was always stressed to rest the eye and try not to move it around much. (No eye rolling allowed!! 🙄 )
    So I have figured out how to bookmark some of my go to sites, changing passwords and such. When I bookmark this blog I come up with this:
    kbells1 | January 16, 2017 at 8:03 am
    Hey, am I first?

    I don’t know why that happens but I am leaving it….I am now reminded to pray for her husband and “the kid”….it’s a good thing ♥️

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  18. I heard from all of the girls yesterday except Miguel’s oldest, who is currently not speaking to us. We sent her greetings and love, along with the others. I got a sweet text from ;youngest daughter’s best friend thanking me for being there for her as a teen, and now as an adult. They mad me cry twice yesterday with all their sweet sentiments. I am very blessed.

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  19. Kizzie, have you tried feeding The Boy some yogurt about thirty minutes before bedtime? I have a book by a physical therapist out in the LA vicinity that suggested that to bring on sound sleep. It really works for me. I do not know how it would work for children, but it is worth a try. I do use the plain yogurt so there is nothing sweet or otherwise to offset the natural sleep inducing effects of plain yogurt. Last night I mixed it with a bit of cranberry juice, now that I think about it, and it worked, too, and was a pretty pink drink. Maybe better for a girl?


  20. Interesting piece on the Amish from the Boston Globe today:

    The Amish pool resources for their medical care. A budget-busting gene therapy puts them in a bind



    The meeting could determine whether the two young siblings would keep going blind. The doctor knew that going in, but he was feeling good. He’d negotiated huge discounts before, allowing patients to get complex surgeries or budget-busting drugs they otherwise couldn’t afford. And his last two conversations with Spark Therapeutics had been promising.

    Then again, at $850,000 a person, Luxturna was more budget-busting than just about any other drug. Spark had proposed a few different ways of helping insurers to cover the gene therapy — but Dr. Kevin Strauss’ patients tend not to have insurance. As the medical director of the Clinic for Special Children, on the outskirts of Strasburg, Pa., he mostly sees members of the Plain community: Old Order Amish and Mennonite families, who believe that caring for the sick and the elderly is a community’s responsibility. Relying on governments or private companies to step in is considered a serious moral breach. They don’t want medicine for free. They just want to pay the reduced prices that government and private insurers often do. …

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  21. We’re all packed up and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. It’s not quite the same as Michelle having no notice and leaving in the middle of the night, thankfully.

    I have a place to bring the cat if necessary, the dogs are well-behaved enough to come with us to where ever we evacuate.

    The main problem is that husband was supposed to leave for 9 days – he’s delayed his trip, hopefully until all danger has passed.

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  22. We have 90° today. It feels miserable. But it made for a nice blue sky drive into work. I saw a smog alert posted. At least son was home while the weather was pleasant.

    I have been doing mostly office work today. We had updated the credit card machine to take the chip cards and the machine seemed to not be working. But then, the problem seems to go back to our on again and off again phone system that just never gets fixed no matter how many go arounds with the fixer guys.

    Now I need to get back to the Website Creation modules.


  23. Nancyill – No, I just started childsitting at 2:30, when Nightingale left for second shift.

    Janice – He wouldn’t like plain yogurt. I don’t like plain yogurt myself! He usually has a bowl of cereal a little while before bed, but sometimes he does have Greek yogurt, with the fruit on the bottom stirred into it. I haven’t noticed if that made a difference.

    Right now he is saying his ear hurts, so I need to give him his ibuprofen.

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  24. Have I mentioned that Nightingale has been asked (and has accepted) to be the assistant den leader for The Boy’s Cub Scout den?

    She has also been asked by an acquaintance to make unicorn cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party this weekend. It is the first time she will be paid for her baking and decorating talent. She has thought it would be nice to do this occasionally, as her reputation for baking has spread from family and friends to acquaintances and the people she works with.

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  25. http://www.timesheraldonline.com/general-news/20180514/how-the-death-of-voicemail-is-changing-the-way-we-connect

    How the death of voicemail is changing the way we connect


    … If you’re looking to point a finger at those responsible for the looming demise of voicemail, and the change ways we use our phones, Millennials are an appropriate target, experts said. That’s because they cut their communications teeth on text messaging and emailing, Baron said.

    “This is a large generalization, but they don’t feel that comfortable in face-to-face spoken interaction or its derivative over the phone,” Baron said. “They haven’t had the practice. You have far greater control when you can type something out … and then read it again before you send it, and then edit if you choose to.”

    Copps sees people under 40 or so as the leaders in the movement against voicemail. Leaving messages for them is usually a waste of time, she said. “They’ve stopped listening to voicemail, so if your phone number shows up on their phone and they recognize your number they’ll call you back, but they won’t listen to your message,” Copps said. …

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