30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-2-18

  1. We had dinner Sunday night and she did a wonderful presentation at the girls school (Shrewsbury Christian Academy) on Monday morning. I think the kiddos learned a lot and gained appreciation for another part of the world. Emmy’s big take-away was what they use in lieu of toilet paper.
    By the way, that was my first selfie ever.

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  2. I recognized the faces and thought maybe AJ took the photo until I looked at Linda’s eyes. I am so glad you ladies were together.
    It is a busy day today. I wrote and offer last night. We shall see how it goes. I am showing property to a couple I have been working with later this afternoon. I am doing my best to get focused.
    Have a great day everyone.

    Chas, take care of Elvera for us. Through you, we have all grown to love and care for her.

    Is Mumsee still missing?

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  3. Morning! It is raining!!! We are to have an entire day of rain turning to snow overnight…oh happy day!
    A very lovely photo up there…sweet smiles indeed!
    Mumsee wherefore art thou?!

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  4. Having our weekly dinner with Chickadee later today. Nightingale will be making soup, salad, and Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo for dinner, and a berry tart for dessert. She’ll be picking her sister up around 2:00, then taking her back before The Boy’s Cub Scout meeting tonight.

    While Chickadee is here, The Boy will have her playing games with him. He gets so excited to see her. I am glad they have that special bond.

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  5. In other news, we’ve learned a little more about what happens when The Boy is with his dad. Mr X doesn’t feed him very well. One day The Boy told me that that day with his dad he had had French Toast sticks, a couple donuts, and pancakes. Sometimes he is hungry when he gets home because X skipped one of the meals.

    The other day, The Boy mentioned that his dad sleeps until around 10 in the morning, but he is up by 7, playing video games until X wakes up. I thought that Nightingale was being bitter and uncharitable when she said that he only has The Boy so he can pretend to be a good father, but there seems to be some truth in that. He seems to only do what is easiest and most convenient.

    Speaking of X sleeping until 10, Nightingale has sometimes asked (through X’s Mom) if X could take The Boy to some event on a weekend morning that she’ll be working. X’s Mom always answers, “You know [X] isn’t a morning person.” Meanwhile, Nightingale is the one getting up early on a school day after working the night before, having only gotten maybe four hours of sleep, or sometimes less. 😦 (To be clear, that’s not every night, just on the nights she works 2nd shift.)

    Btw, we don’t grill The Boy about what he and his dad do together; he offers the information, as a person naturally would in talking about his day. But every now and then he lets something questionable slip, and when we ask what he means, or to elaborate, he covers up, as if he almost told us something he was told not to mention. 😦

    I always pray for his safety – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well as physically – whenever he is with his dad.

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  6. Nice photo of you two, Linda πŸ™‚

    You know that Mumsee is invisible, right? It’s one of her many super powers. I take it she’s just having a nice, long visit with the new grand baby.

    One of my former coworkers came by for lunch again yesterday, so good to see her and touch base. She’s lost her grandmother (90+) and her long-estranged out-of-state father just since the beginning of the year while she’s been busy retraining to become a paralegal in a program at UCLA.

    One of our other reporters, in her late 20s, is actively going on job interviews now and said one she had yesterday (to be a senior in-house writer for one of the state universities) went really well. She’s a born journalist and will hate leaving the field — and I hate seeing her leave the profession, it was her dream to work for our paper for years and was over the moon when she got hired 3 years ago. But she said she can’t take the chance with more layoffs likely coming at some point under our current hedge-fund ownership. She’s being smart. She’d also get a significant boost in salary and certainly better benefits and work environment.

    Tomorrow is our LA city councilman’s ‘state of the district’ speech and his office has promised to provide me with a copy today so I can get a jump on writing the story. It should make tomorrow’s assignment attending the speech a whole lot easier, I’m hoping to have the story written well beforehand so it can post quickly and I can be done with it.


  7. As I watched the sky as it lightened toward dawn, there was a vertical cloud that lit up and became rosy. As I continued to watch it strengthened into a rainbow anchored nearby. It is gone now, but a beautiful gift from God.

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  8. I did my church business today. The ladies’ meeting went well. I have finished getting all my things out of the church media center, and thought to tell the parents I have enjoyed working with in there about a wonderful church camp their daughter and a friend may be interested in. I got the info today at the ladies’ meeting so that was timely. Registrations are due in real soon. I hope the girls get to go. The camp is at a lovely site in the Georgia mountains. I have been there for a weekend prayer retreat in the fall.

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  9. I agre with Michael Horton. I didn’t read the links, but I agree with the statement.
    I am presently reading “whet In the World is Going On”, buy David Jeremiah. He has excellent insight into our conflict with radical Islam.

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  10. Our dinner was nice. We decided to forgo the soup since Nightingale was starting to prepare dinner a little later than she expected, and also because it was 90 degrees out today.

    It was quite cold just a couple days ago, and now it’s hot. More of a gradual segue would have been nice. Fortunately, milder temps are expected after tomorrow.

    I had the air conditioning on for a while, and now, having taken my hearing aids out, my tinnitus makes it sound like it’s still on. Tinnitus is a weird thing. For me, it makes a sound like some kind of machinery humming, like an air conditioner or maybe a car idling in the driveway outside, while also giving a high-pitched, slightly undulating, tone overlaying that. I usually only really notice it when my hearing aids are out and the house is quiet. But at any time, if I think about it, I realize I can hear those tones.

    It doesn’t really bother me too much, unless I’m trying to hear a quiet sound, or think I hear something at night. Then I wish it would shut up so I could hear what I’m trying to hear. πŸ˜€

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  11. Oh Kizzie tinnitus is quite aggravating for me! Imagine hearing crickets chirp at their highest pitch…24 hours a day….and when I have had too much caffeine or am particularly tired…it is worse. I still hear it when my hearing aids are in. I cannot hear high pitched sounds but I tend to here lower pitches…
    I am so glad to know you and yours had a nice meal together…90 degrees!! Yikes….we have had a thunderstorm move through this evening, dropping small hail along with it. Snow and rain are expected overnight and most of tomorrow…then we head to the 60 degree weather….wildflowers are popping up and the Flickers are rat a tat tatting on our soffit….they made a huge hole…now the Mr needs to replace it before they get in the attic…or even worse if the bats find it!! Oy’!!!

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  12. NancyJill – I can still hear it with my hearing aids, too, but it’s easier to ignore during the routines of the day, when there are other sounds in the house, like the music that I often have on. I can see how aggravating this could be, but I guess I have decided to ignore it as much as possible and not let it bother me (well, usually). If I pay too much attention to it, it’s kind of scary!

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  13. I prefer to have β€œnoise” in the house during the day….stereo or tv playing in the background to cancel out the tinnitus. While I read I have music on…my Mr must have it total quiet…it has cause some irritation since his retiring….he has learned to go into the office, shut the door and put in his ear plugs….what a guy!! 😊

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  14. We just had a lovely evening with our dear friends, supper and then exploring the property and finding cool stuff like a little lard bucket that, while rusty, still had pretty red paint on it.

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  15. I’m loving the bit of twilight I still have when I get home from work these spring days. Tonight I watered my backyard potted geraniums and then spent some time in my journal. I texted with E for a while today, but, sadly, I somehow upset her (again) — I think I’ve said our relationship is tense and I really try to be so careful, but it doesn’t seem to help. I apologized and will let her get in touch with me next time, if she chooses. Really what I said was so innocuous, only a few words of encouragement that she said she “disagreed” with — but I also realize she’s going through something so hugely scary that I have no clue what that must be like. I seem to have knack of upsetting her. I guess if someone said something I didn’t appreciate to me in those circumstances — but I knew their intent was good — I’d just thank them and move on with the conversation. Makes me sad.

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  16. I texted “yay” when I’d asked her if her pain was being kept at bay and she said yeah, mostly.

    Then I said simply “baby steps” with regard to the appointments and information regarding possible treatments. Nothing else. Two words.

    She said she ‘disagreed’ with that. ?? I suppose I should have probed a bit more, but how can what I said be that objectionable? I stay clear of offering “advice” (I have NO idea what she’s going through spiritually, I have no advise to give) and I try to say really as little as possible to her, I mostly just want to listen and encourage with just a word or two if I feel she’s open to that.

    I really don’t understand it, but when she rejects me like that I feel hurt, i guess.

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  17. I feel sad for your friend and all she’s going through, DJ, and also for you in doing your best walking on eggshells and still setting her off. That must be very frustrating and sad.

    I had no idea I had so many fellow hearing aid wearers around here! I don’t have tinnitus, at least not yet. My dad had it, and he had the TV on all the time. After mom died he slept on the living room sofa and I’m not sure the TV was ever turned off.

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  18. Thanks Kevin, I feel awful that we seem to wind up here so often, it’s something of a dysfunctional friendship, I guess, though I think I know the genesis of it from something that happened between us years ago — despite apologies and forgiveness, I suspect it sits between us, unspoken, still and throws a shadow over our interactions when they become tense like they are now. I could have handled yesterday much better than I did, though I did apologize and take responsibility for my side of it, which I guess is all I could do.

    I wished she’d have done the same but she didn’t. She doesn’t seem to believe in apologies (she’s said as much to me on a couple of occasions), but they really can help with at least the initial cease-fire, and they signal taking a step back to look at ourselves and where we were wrong in all of it.

    So it looks like it’s time to take a break from each other again, from all the eggshell-walking that I’m apparently really clumsy at. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to resume talking or texting right now or any time soon for that matter. The less said the better for the time being. I’ll let her make the first move if she chooses (and she may not). If not, I’ll have to just let it rest, I don’t trust either of us to be able to handle another effort at communicating.

    The fact is she’s clearly got a lot on her plate right now and although I believe her when she says she has a deep peace about it all, this can’t help but be an emotional roller coaster with some pretty steep drops. I really can’t even imagine what all she’s experiencing and having to cope with, it must at times be horrifying. I pray that her friends from church have a better intuition and more skills in on how to interact with her than I obviously do.


  19. Interesting because when I was over at her place the other night she mentioned how she’s never been “big” on relationships, always too much effort she said, but now it’s being forced (in a good way) on her by her circle of friends at church. She seemed to marvel at how she’s learning to give up some of what’s been her stiff independence, but also said she was grateful.

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