38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-28-18

  1. Morning all, such a relaxing Saturday. Got a few things done, even spent some time at school, but mostly just relaxed. Reread the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie….

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  2. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    nite-nite jo.

    Have you ever just laid in the bed, not sleepy, not rested, just there because getting up would take effort?
    I finally got up. But I don’t know why.
    I hope everyone has a nice day.

    QoD. Where’s Mumsee?
    (Maybe she finally showed up on yesterday’s thread. I haven’t been there yet.)

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  3. Whew! Just made the train Berlin to Wittenberg! Stressful but here.

    Tried talking with seat mate, finally waved at the gorgeous scenery, “wunderbar!”

    Showed her my website with story about Martin Luther. She got it—we arrive in like 8 minutes!

    Gluten tag

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  4. Isn’t it strange to think of all the different time zones that we are all on? Especially with Michelle traveling. Well I’d best get to bed before I get a lecture from Mr. Chas, who knows what time it is in my zone.

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  5. Morning! That is a most beautiful flower up there! I need to put some sort of protection over my newly discovered Peony shoots…I spied them yesterday as they are emerging and that is the spot where Lulah likes to lay in the sun! She is smushing them and that is not ok with me!! 🐶
    I tossed and turned all night long for no good reason! I just could not sleep. I kept thinking I would eventually fall into a sleep but alas I did not…gonna be a long day! 🙃


  6. NancyJill, I took three photos of the tulip up there, different numbers of flowers included in each, and as I took them, I thought, “This is the last time I will see these flowers bloom.” I didn’t plant them; the first wife might have, or they might have been here since before her time. (She gardened, but I don’t know what was or wasn’t her doing. My older daughter then did the gardening until she moved out, but she told me she didn’t plant anything new herself.)

    Anyway, they are very pretty. I hope I have flowers at the other end, or if not, that I will be allowed to plant some. (Each condo has a small “garden spot,” but the instructions say what kinds of shrubs are allowed in it and don’t say anything about bulbs and perennials. Nothing was in bloom when we were there last week, but it’s possible it was simply too late for bulbs and too early for anything else.) We have a walking trail about a mile from us, two state parks and a state forest within half an hour, and others within 90 minutes. (Most of Indiana’s state parks are in the forested southern half of the state, not the flatter north. We only have two within an hour drive of us now, one of them over some bad roads and it’s bad for mosquitoes in summer.) I think we have better wildflowers at our local ones (based on explanations/apologies at one of those southern ones about not having very many), but I have a hunch that because of the forests they do better at getting migrating birds. Every move ends up with some things better, some things worse. But I do hope we have some nice flowers somewhere.

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  7. I just saw a post on Facebook. “If you don’t believe in The Almighty, just talk to the F Fam!!! Lee is getting to go home!!!!”
    This is my friend with the very rare form of cancer in her stomach. In March we thought she was 24-48 hours from death and in ICU. She walked herself out of of ICU into a room and now is going home. She is claiming her miracle. She is such a sweet person. She always has been. She used to musical talents to bless others at the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa and also used her foreign language skills to help the staff. Every Summer until last year she went on mission trips.

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  8. We spent yesterday in St. Louis. SIL and niece took the Citizenship oath. My brother told us it started at 11:30, so we arrived around 11. It turned out that the candidates needed to be there at 11:30 and the ceremony was at 1. So, we all sat and visited for the extra hour-and-a-half. My sister and her husband were there, along with another SIL and her daughter and my youngest (D3). Also, a family friend (BIL’s cousin). 14 L family members were there. 53 new citizens sworn in. It’s great to be an American.

    Tonight D1 and family are coming. Grandchildren to spoil!

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  9. I am so happy for you, Kim. My youngest daughter paid hers off in 2 years. She really worked hard to get it done.

    This is day 6 of training. I feel like I have some things that will help me provide better patient care. I will be glad to get done, as I am getting TB (tired butt).

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  10. I’m pretty sure the flowers are tulips. From the side they look like tulips, and I don’t know what else they could be. (Though I didn’t plant them and I am not a gardener.) They’re interesting ones. They start out yellow but turn pink after a couple of days. (They’re pink now.)


  11. chas, hang in there. I’m praying for some good news today at the hospital for you both.

    It’s furniture moving day here today, another one of those days when things will look a lot worse before they (I hope!) look better.

    Moving the TV to the back “den,” however, will take a tech visit from Uverse, I’ve learned, so for now it’ll have to rest in the (newly created) dining room.

    We’re also replacing the horribly leaky spigot on the patio, it turns into a wet mess all over the patio every time I water in the backyard.

    I slept really good (not so the night before) — went to bed early (for me, 10 p.m.), read for maybe 30 minutes and then didn’t get up until 8:30 a.m.


  12. I will be requiring photos Donna. I really think you are going to like the living spaces like we discussed and having the “den” in the back. Don’t think that Michelle and I won’t descend upon you.

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  13. Break in action, dog park worker’s helper off to ER, see prayer request.

    Tv cabinet on its side on patio for now


  14. She is doing well. She doesn’t have any blood clots. Swelling is going down somewhat and the leg isn’t as red.
    She was disappointed when I left without her.
    But Chuck and Linda were there.
    Thanks for the concern and prayers.

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  15. Glad she didn’t have a blood clot, Chas. That was one of the things that I thought could have caused the swelling, but I didn’t want to say anything, as I didn’t want to worry you needlessly.

    Things got even busier today. We had not one, not two, but six extra visitors today. Five people came to visit Second and family, and one to visit with the rest of us. We have survived, however, and are only slightly the worse for wear. I took the one visitor over to see Youngest and family, and we spent a comparatively quiet couple of hours with Youngest and her four little ones. I sat in the ‘house’ that the little ones were playing in, with the brand new addition to the family on my lap, and the three older ones gathered around me as we looked at a picture book together and they played with my necklace, which is actually a toy that I have amused many of my small relatives with over the years.

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  16. Good to hear, Chas –

    The worker wh fell ill will be kept overnight at the hospital, but looks like no heart attack or other serious event happened – I guess he’s on thyroid meds but hasn’t been taking them, that might be part of problem, he also was slightly dehydrated

    Some work done in house, some furniture moved, not all. A work in progress, as usual. I’m tired and sweaty

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  17. The white flowers are not in our garden. They are wildflowers from the state park, hepatica (probably round-lobed). They come in white and two shades of purple, or at least those are the colors that grow here. They are the second wildflower to bloom here, after spring beauty, or at least of the wildflowers I see.

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  18. I dreamed last night that I was driving a van with several passengers (including my husband and the girls, so why I was the one driving, I don’t know). The van spun out of control, doing several complete revolutions, and I was a bit unnerved. I got off at an exit, and none of us knew where we were, but someone said I was heading the wrong direction, and so I took a freeway cut-through (probably illegal) to turn back the other way.

    As soon as I was going the other way, my husband mentioned the car approaching us was a police car. The dream transitioned to the next scene; I didn’t get pulled over, but was standing by the road with the driver of that car. It was a woman, and she was excited to see me and called me by name. I didn’t recognize her, though, and said so. She told me she had lived across the street from me when I was growing up (and she asked about my siblings and I introduced my husband). She told me who she was–Mrs. Mickey Mantle. (She didn’t give a first name, and I mentally said, “It’s like Mickey Mouse” in case anyone asked me later who she was.)

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  19. So I woke up at 4 a.m., re-arranged furniture in my head for 2 hours, and got up to find everything right where I’d left it the night before. Humph.

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  20. A leisurely day in Wittenberg. I’m feeling better for not dashing around and walking 12 miles. Very interesting to visit Luther’s home in depth which took us to Melanchthon’s and thence to Cranach’s.

    My husband is congratulating me for the first part of the trip, despairing over the behavior of the Catholic Church, to a review of the Protestant.

    Our daughter is also learning a lot about the Cold War–to our surprise– which is the war her father won, of course.

    The warrior himself is wandering around wearing a USS Honolulu ball cap with the appropriate gold on the bill– which means we’re not exactly unrecognizable as Americans. 😦

    One man stopped him in the Luther museum to discuss military careers, sigh.

    We may visit a Cold War museum in Berlin. I’m not happy he’ll wear that hat to checkpoint Charlie.

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  21. I went shopping today with ex mother in law and sister in law. We had brunch, shopped. I got pink pumps to wear with the dress for the wedding. A long strand of pearls and some pretty pearl earrings. I also got two extra pairs of shoes. I have always gotten in more trouble with MIL than without her. Ex SIL told Ex MIL how Mr. P made up a reason why he needed to go keep Maddie. We both scolded her for not doing the same for us when we had newborns. 🙂 She didn’t take the bait. She did laugh at Mr. P.


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