30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-27-18

  1. Morning all. What a day. So glad that it is over and that tomorrow is Saturday. I need to spend time at school to make sure that next week is better. Also I miscommunicated about dates for the Sunday offering. What a mess. I just wanted to hide under the covers.

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  2. It’s’ FRIDAY!
    You know what that means?
    Someone is coming to look at Elvera’s foot today.
    I hope they can do something.

    🙂 Ainsley Earhardt (FoxNews) is visiting U of S. Carolina this morning. Her alma mater.
    There are lots of pretty girls. Same as 1955.

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  3. I have complained of exhaustion this week. Last night I was asleep by 8:30. Eventually I will have to catch up-right? Of course, tomorrow being Saturday, I will be awake and up before dawn even without an alarm.
    Master Amos went to the vet Wednesday and is on an antibiotic and a steroid. He is feeling much better.
    Also this week Mr. P went to babysit Maddie. I think he might have held her the entire time. 😉 He kept sending me picture of the two of them.
    His excuse was that Son and DIL needed some “couple time”. They needed to go out to lunch and spend time with each other without the baby, because they needed to focus on each other not the baby, blah, blah, blah.
    This set me to thinking and I have done a little research amongst my friends and none of us have ever heard of this concept being presented to us by our parents or in-laws. We think it might be a fictional concern by a scheming grandpa to get rid of the parents so he could have the baby to himself. Have any of you ever heard of this, much less experienced it?

    I am being somewhat scheming my own self. I have been in touch with DIL in Maryland to see if they can come down either for Father’s Day or for Mr. P’s birthday in August. He would have at least 2 of his 3 children and all of his grandchildren in one location. (At this point I have offered to pay for half of their trip, I may have to up my bribe). I can’t think of anything that would mean more to him.
    May 5th is the wedding of my niece. We are all excited about that. BG has a lovely dress to wear, and she will walk her grandmother down the aisle. We all went shopping last Sunday to find Nana and me dresses. I must have tried on 20 or so. I walked out of the dressing room in one and Niece, Nephew, and BG all said, “That’s the one!” I replied, “I know it is. It’s navy! I didn’t want a navy dress!” It does have big ruffled sleeves that hang down and is lined in pink.
    This isn’t the exact dress, but is close enough…

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  4. Sure is busy around here. I returned, very early yesterday morning, to my parental abode, upon which the hordes had already descended the previous day. Eldest and Eldest Niece departed yesterday afternoon to regions abroad, leaving their menfolk in our charge. Not that Eldest in law cannot take care of himself, but I believe he felt in need of some extra pairs of eyes in the supervision of his hordes, whom, it must be admitted, are capable of giving an impression of being ten times their number. Also, my parents have a much bigger backyard than the Eldest’s do.

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  5. Morning! It is a beautiful day in Colorado…downright springy in fact! Yesterday a pop up blizzard breezed through the Palmer Divide…whiteout, heavy wet snow…it was here and gone in an hour…no sign of it even coming through as of this morning 😊
    Praying for Miss Elvera this morning…asking for wisdom for the nurse who will see her this day…trusting in His divine direction….
    I am off and running in search for a Birthday present for the husband…his day is Monday and I am clueless…(that is normal for me!)
    Trusting Jo is sound asleep and the Lord will bring to her comfort and peace….one step at a time dear Jo…all is well…. ❤️

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  6. What’s wrong with Elvera’s foot? I missed something.

    It’s Pet Expo day here, I have the day off and a friend comes by in about an hour — it dawned on me that she hasn’t been here in a whole year, which means the last time she was here the place was in shambles, right in the middle of the worst of all the work.

    So I promised her the semi-grand tour of all the things that have gotten done in the time since. She tends to have a critical tongue (she almost had me in tears last year when she made some crack about the disaster zone my house was (she delights in sarcasm) — I felt bad enough about it all, it would have been nice to have her say, “Hey, you and your house have been through a lot, but you’ll get through this and it’s going to be all beautiful and worth it once all this work and upheaval is over”). She’s not the one who would say that, though. I do have a couple friends who have been gems through it all, though, always understanding, empathetic and encouraging, never critical. Love those guys.

    Friend will drive today, she just bought a new CRV! Hope it still has that new car smell even though I read somewhere that it’s now deemed to be toxic.

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  7. I just m happened here after Donna posted:
    The nurse says she has cellulites (I may have misspelled that). She says that she needs to go to a hospital to have “it?” drained. She said it may be a heart condition.
    I’m just waiting now for something to happen.
    This belongs on the prayer thread.

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  8. Ah, very familiar with cellulitis, Carol has had that frequently off and on through the years in her legs — it was what landed her in the hospital most recently, for her it usually involves an antibiotic IV for several days.

    Praying they’ve caught this early (one would think so since she just left the facility) and can lick it quickly without any kind of a lengthy stay in a hospital.

    “Cellulitis occurs when certain types of bacteria enter through a cut or crack in the skin. Cellulitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria. Skin injuries such as cuts, insect bites, or surgical incisions are commonly the sites of the infection.”


  9. Chas, praying. Cellulitis needs rapid treatment with antibiotics, but I’ve encountered frail and elderly patients who were able to have the IV antibiotic treatment at home – so that might be a possibility. It sounds like the nurse is thinking the same thing RKessler thought the other day, that the swelling in both legs could be due to heart problems. There are some medications that can help to relieve the swelling from heart problems. Nurses, however, cannot make a diagnosis or prescribe – they can only advise. Elvera needs the treatment of a physician for the cellulitis and swelling.

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  10. Cellulitis nearly put me in the hospital at 28. They let me got home only because my husband was leaving in three days for five months. I had strict orders to not get up and keep my knee above my heart.

    My husband dropped me off at the hospital three days later and caught his sub to the Mediterranean. I forgot to send hi a family gram that I was still alive– which vexed hi a great deal at the time.

    Who knew a skin infection cou,d be so serious?


  11. I am on break between sessions, so am checking in. We see quite a bit of cellulitis. Usually treated with clindamycin.

    I have had several session with info pertinent to Chas and Elvera. Will share when this is over.

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  12. I had heard that term so many times, now I know what it means. Now I can even pray with more knowledge. Thankful for the experts on here. Praying for you and Elvera, Chas.

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  13. 😆
    Some humor in all of this. On the way down the elevator as I was coming home, a young nurse sorta stared at me. As she got out, she said I was “cute”.
    in all my 86 & 3/4 years, I have been called lots of things.
    this is the first time for “cute”.
    Those who have seen me know how inappropriate that word is.

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  14. This should be an interesting weekend. Our younger son (the high school senior) brought home one of those “robot” babies to take care of for his Child Development class. “Andrew” has cried four times so far but not since I got home an hour ago. There are two 4-hour “quiet times” allowed, so one is set for tomorrow afternoon during a celebration of life, and then Sunday during church and the graduation luncheon to follow. (The youth group leaders offered to do that, in lieu of a graduation party, since our son is the only high school graduate at the church this year and we decided against the kind of graduation parties we went to for other young people in the church last year – our son finds it difficult to be around crowds of people for any length of time and usually slips out to walk around by himself, which wouldn’t work so well at his own party. But he’s used to church luncheons – usually the youth help serve them – and the church people are all used to him and his ways.)

    I won’t be around most of the day myself tomorrow though. The community choral group I sing in is joining with another group two hours away to perform Haydn’s The Creation (the two groups joined for the concert here two weeks ago), so I’ll be leaving at noon for afternoon rehearsal and won’t get home until late. And the morning will be spent trying to fit in the shopping and laundry and other stuff I usually have a bit more time for on Saturdays. (I should probably try to get a start of some of it this evening.)

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  15. And I was finally reading the comics Peter posted.
    Thanks everyone for the prayers.
    We’ll make it. We have been immensely blessed through the years. .
    Especially if you knew how we started.

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