36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-18-18

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Sweet dreams Jo.

    Someone sent this to me:
    I’ve learned…
    That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person

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  2. Morning, Chas. I like your quote as we all learn from you.
    Is tax day over yet? Will we see Janice again?
    I got a one word email tonight from my friend who stayed in my flat. It said, ‘sorry’ I guess when she ran out of propane, she switched tanks and never had the empty replaced. At least now I know why my stove wouldn’t light even though I switched to the other tank.

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  3. I think I am getting to the bottom of why my Little Boy is acting so strange. I had to go outside this morning to coax him in. He was hiding behind a bush and only came out when I called him. Lulabelle went with me and started running at him to try to get him to play with her. He stopped and dropped. Once he came inside to have his breakfast he disappeared; I found him under the guest room bed. Once I got him from there he went to the dining room to get on his “safe” pillow bed. When we play he knows that if he gets on the pillow all play stops.

    I am doing this class called BOLD–Business Objectives Life by Design. I needed to make 100 contacts (voice to voice) by 7:45 tomorrow morning. I have only gotten about 25 or so. I have tried to use an auto-dialer to get it all done but keep running into snags. I am to color code my calendar and color everything on I can do pink, everything that generates income green, and everything I can delegate yellow. There is no yellow on my calendar. I am VERY Preppy.
    I was awake for two hours in the middle of the night so I reset my alarm, thus I am already 45 minutes behind on my day. I told Mr. P that I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. I don’t think he understands. He asked me to pick up something for dinner on my way home last night.
    Now my joke is that I am really a 1950’s man. I get up at 5 go to work and get home at 6. “What do you mean you haven’t fixed any dinner? What did you do all day?” I got in bed at 8 last night and watched old episodes of the Barefoot Contessa. I told Mr. P he should be glad. Perhaps I would get inspired and make homemade “good” vanilla, or make a sour cream pound cake, or panna cotta, or roasted kale. Yep. None of that is happening.

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  4. Kim, I didn’t understand that.
    1. Is Little Boy suddenly afraid of something?
    2. When my phone rings, I answer and listen for about a second. If nobody says anything immediately, I hang up because I know the caller is looking to see who he called.
    Why is it that you need to make 100 voice contacts? Does anything really come from that?


  5. I don’t understand either, is Amos suddenly afraid of something in particular that you’ve identified? Otherwise, it still sounds very mysterious and odd to me. Glad he’s going to the vet this week.

    We have a new city editor, this is her 3rd week and she hit the ground running on Monday after spending the first couple weeks learning the ropes from senior editor and our former editor (who now has a broader role in the chain, overseeing investigative reporters at all 11 papers). New editor strikes most of us as abrasive and aggressive (which was exactly the impression she’d left among us after she’d filled in for us on the day after Thanksgiving last year). One more thing to make this job something to dread, great.

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  6. Good morning! It is a beautiful day! The wind has finally laid, the birds are singing, apple tree is blooming. Miguel has an appointment with an orthopedic this afternoon to see if we can do anything about the grinding in his right knee. He has therapy later, and I work tonight.

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  7. Exam later today.
    Traveling to the city on the train yesterday was a study in contrasts. When I got on the train, I was the only person in the car, and as we traveled towards Toronto, only a handful of people joined me. We got to the main station in Toronto, and everyone else got off (I was continuing on to my destination). Then all the people who were waiting on the platform got on. It was late afternoon, and rush hour had started. Every last seat was taken. A surprising number of people sleep on their commute home, and one of the two sleeping people sitting across from me was snoring.

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  8. The picture: I don’t know whether the swallows have returned yet this year. I have seen killdeer and red-winged blackbird, and my husband told me he saw a meadowlark (they don’t usually come to our yard–twice I have seen one on the fence or in the field beyond it, but generally when we see them, it’s on our way into town). So swallows may be back, too, but generally I don’t see them till farther into summer, and it isn’t till the fledglings have joined the parents that we get large groupings of them. Last summer ended with groups of 30 or more birds on these wires. And unlike most other birds, they seem to understand that a person standing on the ground poses no threat–or maybe over time they came to recognize me and know that I myself posed no threat–because by the end of summer I was standing across the street taking photos of birds on the wire and watching for takeoffs and landings. They are lovely birds (though this shot doesn’t do justice to their color), but I especially like them in flight, with that lovely spread forked tail. I think these are juveniles, but they aren’t adult males anyway, since they don’t have the long feathers at the tail edges.

    One day when I was walking down the road to see what I could see (carrying my camera), a lady came out to the mailbox. I told her, “I love your swallows.” She smiled really big and said, “Aren’t they cool? Well, except when they fly right up into my face. But they’re really neat birds.” (They do indeed fly very close sometimes, maybe to grab a mosquito headed your way? maybe to check you out? maybe for some other reason.) But it’s really fascinating to watch these nimble flyers twist and turn in the air, all to chase insects that are generally too small to be visible from the ground. I mean, what bird can be nimble enough to chase a flying insect or to intercept one? This one can.


  9. I am at the office for the extended deadline. It is pretty quiet since we hurried to finish everything last night. I have a lot of work to clear up on my desk. Acknowledgement of a lot of work sent to IRS yesterday was slow to process so that is why I have a lot to do today. My filing help is gone so I have that to do after everything else is done. I will continue to work here because much is behind. We basically lost two workers this season because one who use to work the front desk is only working from home now so I really did double duty for the last few months.

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  10. Oh, by the way, the swallows are barn swallows (we have a few tree swallows, too–blue or brown and white), and that wire where they collect is indeed right outside a barn, so I’m pretty sure the barn has several nests inside it. In Chicago I saw barn swallows nesting under a bridge in Lincoln Park (entering the zoo), but haven’t photographed nesting swallows.

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  11. I am sitting at the coffee shoppe gazing upon the beauty of a snow covered Pikes Peak. Oh the majesty! I have been stood up but all was not lost as I was blessed to sit here and smile! And now to get on with the rest of my day!

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  12. Today would have been Hubby’s 63rd birthday. Missing him a whole lot, as you may imagine.

    From where I am right now in my living room, I can see a framed photo of him on his 60th birthday, wearing a party hat, with his cake and lit candles before him, grinning one of his big toothy grins. (He had such a great smile.) None of us could have imagined that he would only have two more birthdays after that one. Still amazes, disappoints, and saddens me that he only made it to 62.

    Nightingale was going to make his favorite cake, German Chocolate Cake with Coconut-Pecan Frosting, today, but had some other things to do, so she’ll make that tomorrow maybe.

    My Facebook friends here can see a photo she tagged me in, in which she mentions the Mother’s Day tea she is planning for us. We’re actually going to have it on her birthday which comes a few days after Mother’s Day, when The Boy will be in school, so it will be more quiet and dignified for the three of us ladies (Nightingale, Chickadee, and me). 🙂

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  13. I am certain that Lulabelle is the root of most of it. He goes to the vet Friday. I managed to get home early to get some work done since I couldn’t do it at work…I left the power cord to my computer at home. On the auto dialer I would have been calling people in my data base. I would have only had one line going. It is just that dialing a cell phone take more time than letting a computer dial it and if no one answers it just goes to the next person on the list.

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  14. A different barn swallow photo is up now. I like this one because the birds on either side of the one landing are looking over, as though they want to make sure the new one doesn’t get in their space. Or maybe they are just checking out the new neighbor. But these birds would know each other; they’ve been flying together all summer (except for the babies just joining the flock), and swallows don’t seem to bicker among themselves (or not that I’ve seen) like goldfinches and other small flocking birds do pretty regularly.


  15. Haha, always one bird not following the selfie plan for a group pose.

    This is a big deal in our community, we broke the story earlier this week and today USA Today picked up on it as well:

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  16. Kizzie, all those firsts seem to wound us more. I promise it gets easier. Did the funeral home give you any information on grief support groups? Sometimes it helps to talk to others who are going through the same thing. I am sorry you are hurting.

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  17. Sounds like big dog may have hurt little dog during a play session and it has spooked him.

    Tess bullies the cat at meal time sometimes, I have to keep a close eye on them.

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  18. 🙃 Last night someone made an upside down smilie on her phone. 🙃 Others wondered how she did it. 🙃 Still another mentioned he couldn’t gert one on his big computer. 🙃 Not so. I am using a tower computer and I can get an upside down smilie. 🙃 You can to by going to Get Emoji: https://getemoji.com/ , then copy and paste anything that’s there. 🙃 Have fun! 🙃

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  19. She’s getting used to me leaving about six. I promise to return tomorrow. I try to get there a little after noon. She has therapy in the mornings.
    Her SA teacher came by and visited about an hour. I think both of them enjoyed the visit. she stayed longer than usual.

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  20. BB&B latest retailer facing trouble:



    … Bed Bath & Beyond, like many other traditional retailers, is facing intense competition from Amazon (AMZN), Walmart (WMT) and Home Depot (HD) as well as other specialty e-commerce companies like Wayfair.

    In fact, Wayfair (W) just announced a new gimmicky promotion Wednesday. It’s proclaiming that April 25 will be Way Day and is planning to offer what it describes as “Black Friday-low prices for 24 hours on thousands of popular home furnishings.”

    Say what you want about the need for a Black Friday event on a Wednesday seven months before the real thing. But as long as Wayfair, Amazon and others are slashing prices on furniture and other home goods, that’s bad news for Bed Bath & Beyond.


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