57 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-14-18

  1. This is sad, .


    “Two-in-three Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 years old cannot say what Auschwitz was, according to a study released Thursday, known internationally as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    Sixty-six percent of millennials and 41 percent of all U.S. adults could not explain the significance of Auschwitz, which was a Poland-based concentration and extermination camp where the Nazis held 1.3 million people and killed 1.1 million during World War II.

    Among Millennials, 41 percent believe fewer than 2 million Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust – one-third of the actual number, according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany’s Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study.”

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  2. I guess the schools are too busy with the important stuff to teach actual history.

    You know, important stuff, like this.


    “Parents are pulling their children out of public schools for a day to protest sex education that they say has become graphic, hedonistic and ideological under the influence of pro-choice and gay rights groups.

    The Sex Ed Sit Out started with parents in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has spread to nearly a dozen other cities in three countries. The April 23 protest is a grass-roots effort spearheaded by mothers who said they are disturbed by the “pornographic” content that has made its way into the classroom.

    Elizabeth Johnston, a social conservative activist who blogs under the name Activist Mommy, is one of the protest’s organizers. She said most parents wouldn’t “stand for the kind of graphic, gender-bending sex ed” that schools are teaching.

    “Most parents do not know this is taking place in schools,” Ms. Johnston said. “The wool is completely being pulled over their eyes, and sometimes when parents catch on and start inquiring, bureaucrats are using deceptive means of not informing them what is being taught.”

    ““Pornographic sex ed is being implemented across our globe in an attempt to indoctrinate our children with ‘sexual rights,’ ” the letter reads. “This is unacceptable and [I am] joining others both nationally and globally in taking a stand to say ‘enough!’ “

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  3. It’s not a parallel universe. It’s The Twilight Zone.


    “In the real world, the Trump administration is humming along. Its domestic policies are sensible and have been remarkably successful in a short time. Abroad, the administration has pursued American interests, again with considerable success. It has also made progress, at least, at cleaning up the appalling messes left behind by Barack Obama in Iran, Syria, Russia and North Korea. By any objective standard, the Trump administration is, so far, a major improvement on its predecessor.

    But our “news” organizations have little interest in any of those topics. They are obsessed with tweets, with ten-year-old liaisons, with non-existent collusion and with investigations of nothing that apparently will never end. In their parallel world, Trump is such a failure that he might as well quit and save the Democrats the trouble of impeaching him. (For what? is a question that rarely seems to be asked.)

    Take yesterday’s press briefing by Sarah Sanders. As always, she began by describing the substantive work going on in the White House that day. As always, the press corps ignored such mundane topics and went straight to la-la land.”

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  4. Weasel.

    Although that’s probably unfair to weasels.


    “As deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe “admonished” other FBI officials over leaks he himself authorized.

    That’s one of the damning revelations the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General released in a Friday report.

    “Crafty plan,” was how Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan described the McCabe revelation to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    McCabe berating other FBI officials over the leaks suggests he was “trying to cover his tracks,” House Judiciary Committee member Jordan said.

    “Who does that?” Jordan asked rhetorically.”

    Lying, little weasels, that’s who.


  5. From the DoJ IG report…

    Remember, McCabe is the guy who Ricky said will receive a Presidential or Congressional medal, and will be regarded as a hero.

    Also notice that the report condemns the state of the FBI’s leadership.


    “The impression left by Inspector General Horowitz’s report is sobering. It describes an agency culture, at the top, entirely comfortable with anonymous leaks to the media for bending internal policies and possibly affecting politics. …

    Add to this the major news leak by James Comey, who slipped what he thought was damning information to a Columbia University professor on a “Russia collusion” story.

    Comey succeeded in using the leak to prompt the hiring of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate President Trump, the man who fired Comey. …

    What is the Justice Department inspector general really saying? The report is about more than McCabe. It says the FBI’s leadership culture is in deep need of review, a victim of its own arrogance, indifference and political capture.

    Inspector General Horowitz is also saying, in this tidy, detailed, non-political, highly credible report, that Comey and McCabe were both distracted, disinterested, and patently poor leaders.

    Intended or not, the ultimate implication in the inspector general’s report is this: President Trump was fully entitled to remove both Comey and McCabe. The FBI cleaned out McCabe. The president sent Comey packing. The inspector general’s report seems to justify both actions.”

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  6. Tychicus, Good luck to your Spurs in the Playoffs. My son thought this was the funniest play of the year.


  7. Logical people might consider the views of 240 plus people to carry more weight than the view of one person. I understand that cults play by different rules and are generally opposed to logic.


  8. 240:1 That’s close to the ratio of talking heads predicting a Hillary presidency last time. Some of us just like to fight the odds…especially when there is evidence to do so. ;–)

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  9. Historical footnote from a friend on FB:


    “Walter Edgar re: 1778: In order to fill its quota for the Continental Army, the South Carolina General Assembly decreed that ‘all idle, lewd, disorderly men,’ beggars, deserters, and night hunters attracting deer by fire would be sentenced to active duty.”

    ~ Living in the past and amazed, in the State of Denial

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  10. Ricky,

    I poured over the piece from The Hill. Checked all the links. You know what I can’t find?

    Who is behind the letter? Who put these 240 random people together, wrote the letter they signed on to, and took their personal “testimonies’?

    They never get around to saying who exactly the activists who organized all this are. Did you ever once stop to wonder why that is?

    Given all the Civil Rights and Voting Rights division employees listed from the Obama years, I’m guessing I have a pretty good idea.


  11. AJ, Yesterday, You told me to educate myself by listening to what Hillary, Pelosi, Maxine Watters and Bernie Sanders thought of Comey. I don’t trust your judgment regarding sources of information.


  12. @8:35 Trying to link that article to the election of Trump is highly misleading.

    But in longing for an American past, white evangelical Protestants may be neglecting their future. As a group, they’re drifting further away — politically and culturally — from the American mainstream. There are growing signs that white evangelical Protestantism is no longer immune to the broader social and cultural forces that are reshaping the American religious landscape.

    Christians of all traditions should not be overly concerned that their views are ‘further away—politically and culturally—from the American mainstream’. It seems to me that the American mainstream is moving further and further away from the Biblical standards for human life.


  13. “Trying to link that article to the election of Trump is highly misleading”

    Yep. By both Ricky, and 538. To them, everything is Trump’s fault, despite the fact the culture’s downhill slide and the culture’s slide away from Christianity have been going on for generations/decades now. Apparently Trump is so devious that he can actually control the past now too.

    Be afraid, be very afraid……..

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  14. Here’s a very interesting article in American Affairs Journal on the Early American conception of free trade and regulation. It’s not quite what today’s typical Conservative might think.

    ….The myth of laissez-faire has been thoroughly debunked by economic historians over the past few decades. While much of this research has not changed the general public’s understanding of early America, it has given us a good understanding of the kinds of regulations that were frequently employed by the same people who participated in the founding of the country.

    We don’t need a full picture of the scope of pre–Civil War regulation in America to understand that regulation was a central feature of municipal governance and that officials saw little tension between individual rights and regulation. It is enough to focus on three categories: occupational licensing, inspections of goods for sale, and environmental nuisances.
    Regulations across each of these categories profoundly affected economic life and were widely adopted in all of the states in early America. Doctors, lawyers, and other occupations, such as innkeepers and auctioneers, required licenses for entry into these trades. Historical records show that in Massachusetts a “bonesetter and healer of sprains” was fined for practicing without a license, and the state courts upheld the punishment. Another case—Vadine’s Case (1828)—involved a regulation requiring a license for anyone removing “materials that might cause disease or discomfort.”5 Citizens were often empowered to bring lawsuits to enforce the license’s requirements, and in some cases they could receive half of the penalty for doing so successfully…..

    …..When they spoke of laissez-faire at all, the American Founders typically distanced themselves from the notion. In his Report on Manufactures, Alexander Hamilton granted that the idea of “leav-[ing] industry to itself . . . is founded upon facts and principles, which have certainly respectable pretensions.” However, he quickly added that these laissez-faire arguments, like all abstract theories, “blend a considerable portion of error with the truths they inculcate.”7 James Madison similarly wrote that the best approach “will be found to lie between the extremes of doing nothing & prescribing everything, between admitting no exception to the rule of ‘laissez faire,’ and converting the exceptions into the rule.”



  15. Debra, Here is the connection, and Dreher’s youth minister friends and I have seen this in our dealings with young people. As the article above indicates, young evangelicals struggle with orthodox Christian teaching on sexuality. When the same parents, pastors and youth ministers who taught these young people then endorse Trump, they are seen as hypocrites or worse, and the young people flee the churches of those parents and pastors.


  16. Y’all be sure and watch the Comey interview tonight on ABC and give me unbiased reports. I am going to be watching the Rockets vs.Timberwolves.


  17. I have more important things to do.

    Watch paint dry…..
    Watch grass grow….
    Use the restroom…..

    Like pretty much anything is more important than listening to Comey and the Clinton flunky bash and lie about Trump. I can get that here from you 24/7.

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  18. I will be working, and if I weren’t I would not choose to watch James Comey attempt to justify himself to the nation and sell his book. No good comes from wasting precious time like that. The American Affairs Journal and First Things have many deep and thoughtful articles on current events, and either offer a better use of time than a biased and self-serving interview with a shameless and disgraced former public official.

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  19. I am very disappointed, AJ. You were the one person I knew could provide an unbiased report. If your new expert sources (Maxine Watters, Hillary and Pelosi) have anything to say, please post their comments.


  20. Ricky, I doubt that it’s either. It’s an attempt to alert Moscow and Beijing that we do not want to go to war, but we are also not comatose and insensible of the consequences of what they are doing in Syria. That’s something Russia and China would not be aware of it they got any of their ‘news’ from our mainstream sources.


  21. Trump and Trump-friendly pastors may be turning young people against the Church, but Trump has got young people all fired-up about the mid-term election.


  22. There was this:


  23. But the “stable genius” reminded us that Mr. Comey is “not smart”.


  24. Let’s hope so. 🙂

    A fun little read for your Sunday afternoon, and something I actually agree with Nate Silver on. 🙂


    “Reagan used to like to tell a joke about the two Russians talking on the street, where one asks, “Have we reached peak Communism? Is this it?” To which his compatriot replies, “Oh no—things are going to have to get a lot worse!”

    This comes to mind with the observation that just when you think liberals can’t get any more out of touch or ridiculous, they step up with something fresh and even more ridiculous. By now perhaps you’ve heard about the New Yorker article bemoaning that Chick-fil-A is opening restaurants in New York City:

    It’s “creepy” because the company is . . . Christian. From the article:

    And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. . .

    Chick-fil-A’s success here is a marketing coup. Its expansion raises questions about what we expect from our fast food, and to what extent a corporation can join a community. . .”


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  25. I’ll skip the TV interview, as well as the shamelessly self-promoting book and just wait for the testimony he’ll be subpoenaed to give before Congress, under oath.


    “At the Daily Caller, Chuck Ross reports that Republican chairmen of three House committees have demanded that the Department of Justice provide copies of the memos written by former FBI Director James Comey following his meetings with President Trump. “There is no legal basis for withholding these materials from Congress,” according to the letter by Reps. Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy, and Devin Nunes sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein this past Friday (I have embedded a copy below via Scrbd). “The Committees request the Department of Justice make copies of the Comey memos available immediately,” according to the letter. The letter sets a deadline of Monday (tomorrow) for production of the memos.

    The chairmen ask for unredacted copies of all unclassified memos (said to be three in number, while four are classified). They request that any memos containing classified information be provided in unredacted form as well as in declassified form, with “appropriate” redactions.

    It is unbelievable that these memos have been kept from Congress and the public over the past year. Showing his stuff as a Washington operator, Comey himself delivered four of the seven memos to his friend at Columbia Law School to be leaked to the New York Times. At least one of those memos was classified.”

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  26. Speaking of Trey Gowdy, the globalists, the elitists and Republicans for the Rule of Law are happy to announce that Mr. Gowdy has now officially joined the Deep State and the Soft Coup:


  27. Once again, he’s not wrong.

    And again, this is why Comey couldn’t find Clinton guilty of committing a crime for mishandling classified info. Because then he must admit that he is guilty of it too. He’s clearly shown the “intent required to make it a crime” he said Clinton hadn’t shown. Don’t think for a minute this was the first and only time either.


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  28. RickyW, huh?

    I understand that cults play by different rules and are generally opposed to logic.

    What “disgruntled” employee were you referring to whose story is debunked by some letter in support of Mueller? I’m not following your quote unquote “logic.”


  29. This responsive pleading filed by the US Attorney’s Office for the SDNY is interesting and informative.


  30. No doubt when Christian leaders of ministries get involved in politics the effects on the vulnerable is dubious at best. This happened when Bush was President too.

    Since Reagan at least the voice of ministry and politics has often been conflated. Perhaps this has not always been a terrible thing,but it’s always been dangerous.

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  31. The word “moronic” has been used more in the last 15 months than during any other period in recorded history.


  32. Auschwitz– not surprised 2/3s couldn’t explain Auschwitz. Also explains why they didn’t recognize “America First” as the slogan of the pro Nazi and anti-Semitic Charles Linbergh.

    Sex ed — I stopped being surprised at the lurid imaginations of some parents. Instead of panicking talk to their child’s teacher. When the new curriculum was introduced parents came to me with all types of wild tales and claims they heard from their pastor, iman, etc.


  33. Ricky ‘s right; young people are watching the older generation and they are abandoning ship. But Trump didn’t cause this, he’s just the latest in a list of errors. The vilification of Obama, opposition to same sex marriage, pro life without health care, an embrace of trickle down capitalism, etc. It’s not that young people didn’t agree with their elders on some of these issues but it was the ugliness of opposition, the lack of alternatives and the obstruction and ineptness of Republican Party.


  34. Good Evening HRW,

    Twitter is on fire. I have officially dubbed this liberal a fundamentalist Never-Trumper.

    And The Comey Show hasn’t even started yet.


  35. And yes the young hate hypocrisy. When evangelical leaders praise a serial philander, accused of sexual assault yet vilify a family man, it’s cringe worthy. I know these leaders think there’s a strategic purpose to this support but I along with those younger than me are at a loss.


  36. I’m guessing the same percentage of “kids” dislikes hypocrisy as the rest of the population, and today’s “kids” are no more or less capable of thinking morally. The real problem is to suggest that absolute morality doesn’t exist. If that were the case, then any assessment about how well or poorly “kids” think morally would be meaningless, wouldn’t it?

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