8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-31-18

  1. God is good, all the time.

    We’re waiting on Him and waiting to see if this sale (and our purchase) will go through. It all felt like a real answer to prayer that it went through so quickly, and I’m trying not to be presumptuous but to trust that if if is God’s plan for us, that He will see it through, and if not, that He will bring us another buyer and/or another seller. Humanly speaking, we would like to keep the one that seems so ideal for us, and in which we have already invested some money and a lot of time in testing and in planning out the details.

    🙂 We have two families in church whose children married each other two summers ago, one week before our daughter got married (and she too married someone at our church, though in our case our son-in-law’s parents don’t attend here). Just found out they too are expecting a baby, so we three women are all expecting our first grandchild. I actually stood between them in the lobby last Sunday and it crossed my mind to ask when they too will be grandmothers, but of course one doesn’t ask such things (partly because of the possibility that they know something that is not yet public news). But that means that the whole crop of newlyweds, married one and a half to two years ago, have all just had babies or are pregnant now. (Our little church, averaging 50 to 60 on a Sunday, has four infants and two in the womb, plus several toddlers and a few school-age children. But right now most of our school-age children–really all of them–are in one family, a family that also has one of the newest infants, the first girl in a family with five boys.)

    😦 In the good news/ bad news that always comes with a move, I won’t be here to watch this crop of babies grow up. The family with six children has borne half of them, actually I think four of them, in the six-and-a-half years I have been part of this church, but until recently few other babies have been born. Two or three years ago we had the first marriages ever of young people in our church. (My husband and I don’t count, since we aren’t young people.) We had several weddings, one after the other, with some people coming to the church together (joining as dating couples) and others meeting at the church. Two (a pair of twins, 19 at the time) had their family leave the church before they got married, and were dating women outside our church anyway (the only ones of the engaged couples to be doing so), and they also have already had their first children. But now the four couples that married each other within the church and stayed are all having babies, including our own expected grandchild, plus two additional young families who came after already having their first baby elsewhere and have recently had their second, plus the sixth baby in that one family–it is a lot of babies for a church that six years ago had one family with school-age children and one family with toddlers and babies and everyone else in the church was teens or adults. In fact, four or five years ago our daughter who is part of this baby boom was fretting because the church had no other young adults, just teenagers. Along came the man she would marry, who brought his best friend and his pregnant wife, who brought others, and the teens grew into adulthood and married too, and before we knew it we had a baby boom.

    🙂 We have the wonderful blessing of being in a church that has virtually no nursery (babies stay in the service unless they are fussy, though we do have women and teen girls who watch for the need to be available). These babies are part of the church family from their first month of life.

    🙂 We will, of course, be back to visit. That is part of the point of only going a few hours away. We do need to get to a less snowy property and a smaller one for our senior years, but we also need to be close enough to visit readily.


  2. When Chuck was about eight years old and we were living in Falls Church, he started buddying around wit a guy named Paul. He and Paul did everything together. They took up guitar and played in a band when they were teens. Didn’t make any money. I liked Paul. When I said that once, Chuck said, “Paul isn’t an angel.” I said, I know, but Paul’s dad is stricter with him than I am with you.” I liked that.

    They went to different schools, but remained friends. Chuck went off to college, Paul got a job with the post office. They kept in touch. They have been friends for 52 years.

    Chuck and Linda are in Virginia now, visiting Paul and his wife.

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  3. 🙂 Visiting with four of the grandchildren. We watched a nice Easter musical featuring Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethia. It was the Easter story using those characters and their own transformation as a base. Beautiful singing.

    I find Joseph to be an interesting character, although not a lot is known about him. Still, he was wealthy and influential enough to furnish Jesus with an unused tomb. Some people seem to forget God uses wealthy and influential people, too, to do his work

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  4. 🙂 She’s home! Mrs. B, that is. The memorial service for her second mom in Massachusetts went well, and she had a wonderful time re-connecting with all her “siblings” in the family that adopted her when she lived there, along with their children and grandchildren. I’m glad it was a good trip for her, and glad that she’s home.

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  5. 🙂 Nightingale is taking us out to eat tonight. I haven’t been out to eat in quite a while. Although I was wearing nice enough clothes, I decided to change into a new top I recently bought.


  6. 🙂 Nightingale loved my new top, telling me it was flattering on me.

    We went to Cracker Barrel, which is about 35 – 40 minutes away. Had a nice meal, and finished off with coffee and dessert. (Knowing we were going to have dessert, I only ate half my meal, and brought the rest home.)

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