41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-22-18

  1. Yup you are. Off in the wilds of Texas, while I am second in the wilds of Papua New Guinea. No long drives for me here like you have there, though.


  2. OK! OK!
    Here I am, stop bugging me!

    Good morning all you night owls. And not one of you is on Eastern DST.

    To bed Jo. To bed.]
    I wonder what dogs dream about?
    I think it’s usually about chasing something.


  3. Jo- I think rk is actually in New Mexico.

    So, since several other time zones have chimed in, I’ll say: First in the Central Time Zone!

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  4. Kim, how can you tell it was a bad dream?

    We’d sometimes see our napping dog’s back legs twitching and making muffled woof sounds. We always figured he was chasing bunnies.

    On another note, thank you, Kizzie, for your efforts to moderate the storm. It sounds like Boston isn’t getting very much and Mrs B’s flight this morning is expected to be on schedule.

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  5. Oh, the discussion about dog dreams made me remember I dreamed I had some kind of menagerie. I was opening cages and holding the animals to get them used to me while they were still babies. I had gotten out one animal and held it a while and then put it down (don’t remember the species–possibly a duck), and then I got out a baby raccoon, and not only was I getting it used to me, but I was watching its reaction to the animal I had already gotten out of its cage, hoping it wouldn’t show any predatory instinct toward it. I had two or three other animals as well, still put away . . .


  6. I’m speaking in Springfield on June 12; Lyndhurst June 19, somewhere near Annapolis/Glen Burnie about June 21 (not decided yet), and Alexandria on June 23. I’ll also be at a wedding in Lynchburg on June 16 (the real reason I’m coming).

    And for those in California, I’ll be speaking at Jo’s church in Grass Valley on May 8–in the morning and evening.

    Per the advice of my friend who critiqued my talk two weeks ago, I’m focusing my takeaway a little better, wearing “cute” shoes (if I can find any in size 11!), purchasing a new blouse and wearing makeup (Ha!).

    At this point, this sartorial-challenged woman is wondering if SHE might feel more comfortable in a burka, but friends think such an outfit might detract from my message.


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  7. A friend’s daughter is the head of the IT department of a small non-profit in Seattle helping at-risk kids.

    No kidding, she had lunch yesterday with THE Bill Gates, who asked her what her IT department needed then wrote a check for $100K.

    She thought he was totally down to earth, but the four bodyguards left her feeling nervous.

    Can you imagine having to live like that?

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  8. Monsoon rain here, this coward decided to stay in an extra hour and skip the gym. Kid duty calls and then I’ll meet my prayer partner at a coffee shop to talk and pray rather than walk in the park. I’ve heard things are okay down south, but Santa Barbara area was braced for truly disastrous conditions.

    When do you think the people of California will work up and realize Someone is trying to get their attention? 😦


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  9. If Bill Gates wants to write us a check, he can. Of course, that might end husband’s road trips and he really enjoys them and it gives him a nice break from crazyland, so probably not. Then I have to consider my dislike of some of his causes. But then we have contributed to Microsoft over the years……


  10. Happy birthday, RKessler!

    Michelle, there are cute shoes out there that do come in size 11. The problem is that by the time they are size 11 they look like canoes or clodhoppers. Sigh… I feel your pain.

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  11. Happy Birthday to RK of NM!

    It’s raining here this morning, it could be our last blast of moisture for some time to come as we head into our long dry season lasting well beyond summer.

    The port unveiled new plans the other night for redeveloping the former ‘village’ waterfront attraction (which now largely sits in rubble having been bulldozed earlier this week). The new design is rather a stark example of the ‘industrial’ look (which someone compared to a concentration camp, another to the DMV). It strikes me as a bit extreme as well, but I also know that it likely will translate into real life differently and probably attractively. This development planning has a long history here, though, so there is a certain vocal segment that is just in a outrage, proclaiming its failure and ugliness before construction even begins.

    Personally, I hope it’s a grand success — and it is so tiresome to hear people bashing something before even giving it a fair chance (the long history, of course, also stems from bitterness and hatred of the port and anything it sponsors which has been well earned in the past — but there have been positive changes in the last 10 years there, too, and I think the port really is trying and spending a lot of money now to make the waterfront an entertainment and dining hub that will be a regional draw).

    The old ‘village’ was cutesy and typical of those kinds of attractions in the 1960s. Long-time residents will miss it. Most worked there as teen-agers and everyone has memories of going there through the decades. But it’s day had come and gone, the past 20 years have just been sad to see it waning away. Some even thought tearing it down was akin to taking down historic buildings, which is just silly to me. It was a faux seaside village slapped together in the 1960s, in part of mimic the “small world” feel of Disneyland which had opened the decade before it. These were not “historic” or original/authentic buildings.

    Retail, of course, is not what it once was so the new development focuses less on shopping and on what’s more of a ‘festival’ motif with lots of dining, public events and concerts (there’s a 5,000-seat outdoor amphitheater in the mix to be managed by one of the nation’s largest concert producers); also a waterfront promenade surrounded by plenty of open space with seating so people can just enjoy the real-life “theater” ambiance of watching the shipping channel where huge container and cruise ships move in and out 24/7.

    Time will tell (the initial portion of it opens on 1/1/21) but I am hopeful, unlike so many others in town.

    People can be so opinionated and negative. Is it more so here, Michelle? Sometimes I wonder if there’s something in the water or air that makes folks in this community so downright ornery and resistant to change.

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  12. Wait. I have children and grandchildren in Annapolis. I just sent a text to Grandpa asking if he wanted to go see the kids in June. Much better angle than I want to see my friend Michelle and hear her speak. 😉

    Cheryl, I finally had time to reply to your email. Yesterday was a success. I may send AJ some photos just so you can see what had me busy.

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  13. My opinion is people are crazy everywhere.

    They’ve particularly come out of the woodwork after the October events, full of suggestions and ideas that other people suffering from having lost their homes have to work through. At this stage, it looks like most people won’t be able to afford to rebuild–and almost all are being held hostage by their insurance companies. It’s a tragedy.

    As to Ports O’Call–first date with current husband while walking in the rain. I used to haunt the place from time to time, just to be entertained.

    (Loved seeing the Warner’s interior in the photo you posted).

    Until the port cleans up some of the homeless/gang activities, it’s hard to see why people would come down there to attend a concert event, but I don’t know there is one anywhere else along the shoreline, so maybe it would work? Especially if some of the unique restaurants are there as well.

    Shopping, though? Who wants to go shopping. I’ve been on Amazon myself the last two days–though the new zumba shoes are colorful, if not cute.

    BTW, found some cheap cute shoes in my size at Ross this morning. I should try them on . . . . totally cheap, but cute so it might work! 🙂


  14. Michelle, work is ongoing for a massive makeover of the city housing project across the street (now from the Iowa) — everyone will be placed in new affordable housing, but that rather large and dominating footprint will, in the future, combine different levels of housing products and at a variety of prices. So much of the community’s gang activity has been centered there over the years — breaking it up should, in turn, break some of that up as well. At least that’s the working theory. It also could help the surrounding neighborhoods, all those wonderful Victorians and Craftsman houses that have become cheap rentals and so rundown. 😦 That will take longer, no doubt.

    The homeless issue continues, however. I suppose the hope is that by 2021, when the new waterfront attraction opens, there will be some progress being made on getting folks at least off the streets and out of their tents.

    (And you’re right, shopping is quite the throwback, any new attraction will center more heavily around dining and entertainment; malls are dreary environments these days for most of us.) (Ballard appears in one of the embedded videos below, btw)



  15. Congrats on the cheap cute shoes (although cheap have always been uncomfortable to me).

    And here’s a thought — former 50-something colleague recently had a make-over at Sephora and it was pretty amazing. Turns out her foundation shade was all wrong and they proceeded to make her look wonderful, like she was wearing NO makeup at all. I think it was $50 with coupons for things you may want to purchase to pull the look off at home. All in all she was absolutely thrilled.

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  16. Jumping in to say that I just got off the phone with a lady from The Boy’s school. His dad was supposed to get him from the bus but didn’t show up, so the bus took The Boy back to the school. She is trying to get a hold of Nightingale, who is at work and not always able to answer her phone. I gave the lady Mr X’s phone number. I guess from now on whenever X says he’ll pick him up from the bus, I’ll have to stand outside looking up the lane to make sure he shows up.

    He’s been taking The Boy a lot more lately – one afternoon each week and an overnight on the weekend (usually for about or close to a full 24 hours). But he doesn’t have him brush his teeth or change his clothes when he has him overnight.

    Before I finished the above, X’s mom called to say that her husband is on his way to get The Boy and bring him home. She says that X was only planning on picking him up tomorrow after school for the overnight visit. But Nightingale had told me that she was told he was going to have him for a bit this afternoon, too. It is possible, of course, that Nightingale misunderstood, but it is also very possible, based on past experience, that X forgot about getting his son today and is now saying Nightingale misunderstood.

    At least The Boy is safe and will be home soon.


  17. Donna @ 3:58
    I’m always amazed at the things that happen in the “green room” at FoxNews. You would think those beautiful women were college kids. But most of them are in their forties & fifties. They all have had careers to put them at that level.
    Eternal youth if you can afford it.


  18. Interesting, DJ. AltaSea is Ballard’s group?

    It all looks lovely, but it makes me sad it’s no longer a working port. Is anything planned to be produced other than entertainment? I guess the real working terminal is further up the channel at Wilmington, now. When I was a child, the entire waterfront was busy with fishing boats. Times change. Beacon was never a safe street, even when I was growing up.

    And the projects? They’re WWII, right? The old homes were beautiful, but no one I knew but one devoted Christian couple, dared refurbish one and live there with their children.

    That family, btw, finished their house, sold it and moved to PVE, where they raised their five kids.


  19. Oh,don’t worry, the working port is going strong (though fishing is passing by the wayside due to a lot of changes). More containers than ever coming in, it’s bustling and they continue to expand those facilities.

    The recreational waterfront is something of a payback to the community for all the years of diesel and other pollution and ugliness. (I remember when people complained some 20 years ago the port resolved the issue by putting up a blue tarp along the chain link fence so no one could see beyond the land.) I believe it is 10% of the port’s revenue that now will be dedicated to the people-friendly waterfront in both Wilmington and San Pedro, a long time coming if you ask most residents.

    I was talking to a former reporter a little while ago who said she was going over some of the old Ports O’ Call and waterfront stories she’d written back in the 1990s and she said nearly every one of them opened with angry people screaming into the microphone. 🙂 So why change now, I suppose.

    I know some folks who are rehabilitating old Victorians near the waterfront. But one couple, who bought a charming 1920s Spanish style house in that neighborhood, finally is selling after 20 years. When they bought it, talk of improving the waterfront was going strong and they figured it would be a prime neighborhood soon enough. Still waiting, although their house sold quickly and I’m sure they made money on the deal.


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