24 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-8-18

  1. A report from Europe: As predicted months ago, an imbecile can not be the leader of the Free World. Europe is now trying to figure out Plan B. So are the countries in Asia and the rest of the world.


  2. Oops. I posted this on the wrong thread. Let’s try again:

    This is a creative solution for a pervasive problem.

    Legislation offered by Rhode Island lawmakers would require internet service providers to block customers from accessing online pornography until after they’ve paid a one-time fee.

    Introduced by Democrats in the state Senate, the bill, “An Act Relating to Public Utilities and Carriers—Internet Digital Blocking,” would force internet providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable to impose a flat $20 “digital access fee” on customers wishing to view “sexual content and patently offensive material.”

    Rhode Island state law defines sexual content as depictions and descriptions of any act of sexual intercourse, “normal or perverted, actual or simulated.” The same statute categorizes “patently offensive material” as anything that is “so offensive on its face as to affront current standards of decency.”

    Fees collected by internet customers who’ve paid to deactivate the digital block would be relayed to the state and allocated toward the governor’s council on human trafficking, according to the bill.

    Additionally the bill would require internet providers to block access to sites that contain child pornography and revenge porn, as well as any sites that facilitate prostitution or human trafficking.

    “The purpose of this legislation is to first and foremost protect our children from viewing websites that could have possible detrimental effects to their psyches and developmental process,” said state Senator Frank Ciccone, a Providence Democrat who introduced the bill last week.


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  3. Yet another black eye for the FBI.


    “Top House Republicans said Wednesday that a senior FBI official had briefed lawmakers on the agency’s failure to respond to warnings about the teenager accused of carrying out a deadly shooting at a South Florida high school last month.

    Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich met with lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees Tuesday to discuss the missteps, which were revealed in the days after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

    Bowdich acknowledged that the FBI failed to follow its own protocol after it received a tip in January about the accused shooter, Nikolas Cruz, 19, and vowed to take corrective actions, according to a press release issued by Reps. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairmen of the Oversight and Judiciary committees, respectively.

    The FBI admitted just two days after the Feb. 14 shooting that it received a tip from a person close to Cruz the previous month warning about the teen’s gun ownership, desire to kill and erratic behavior.

    That tip “should have been assessed as a potential threat to life,” the FBI said at the time, but the warnings were never investigated further.

    Bowdich told lawmakers on Tuesday that the call to a tip line provided enough information to justify an FBI probe into the matter, lawmakers said, though information was not passed on to the agency’s Miami field office.

    The person who took the tip line call spoke with their supervisor afterwards, but that conversation was not documented, according to Gowdy and Goodlatte.

    Bowdich also said that the employee who took the January phone call was able to connect the warning to another tip from September regarding a threatening YouTube comment. That comment, posted under the username “nikolas cruz,” read, “I am going to be a professional school shooter.””

    So they even connected some of the dots, yet still did nothing.

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  4. If you’re concerned about this, and think it warrants investigation….


    “Congress is pushing forward with an effort to spark a federal investigation into the Al Jazeera, the Qatari-funded propaganda network that recently conducted a secret, months-long spy operation on American Jews in Washington, D.C., according to lawmakers and sources familiar with the effort.

    A bipartisan team of lawmakers including Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and leading House members such as Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, petitioned the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Al Jazeera to determine if it should have to register as a foreign-controlled agent under U.S. law.

    The Washington Free Beacon was first to report on this growing effort last month, when a bipartisan team of lawmakers and congressional officials began calling for an investigation after revelations Al Jazeera conducted a spy operation targeting American Jews on U.S. soil.

    The congressional call for an investigation appears to be the result of Al Jazeera’s effort to secretly record American Jews and Israel supporters as part of a documentary purporting to show Jewish influence in politics, according to sources familiar with the letter, which was formally sent on Tuesday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    As part of the upcoming documentary, a mole paid by Al Jazeera recorded pro-Israel advocates discussing efforts to combat anti-Semitism and boycotts of Israel.

    Cruz, who has criticized the Middle Eastern news outlet in the past, said Al Jazeera is publishing state-funded propaganda without regulation, similar to the Kremlin-controlled outlet RT, which was recently forced to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

    “The Department of Justice’s recent designation of Russia’s RT America as a foreign agent, as well as the questionable practices of Al Jazeera and China Central Television, strongly suggest the presence of a subversive threat in the United States,” Cruz said in a statement provided to the Free Beacon. “Qatar’s Al Jazeera, which the State Department has indicated is state-controlled, produces content that is anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel, while promoting positive coverage of terrorist organizations such as Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah and Hamas.”

    The Trump administration must take steps to rein in such foreign-funded propaganda outlets operating in the United States without restriction, Cruz said.”

    Then this certainly does as well.


    “The Republican Jewish Coalition is calling for the resignation of seven Democratic members of Congress whom it claims are “connected” to controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The group describes him as a “known anti-Semite.”

    Farrakhan has routinely spoke disparagingly about Jews over the years, as well as white people, in general. He was thrust into the mainstream spotlight again this week after excerpts from a speech he gave last week on the Nation of Islam’s Saviour’s Day surfaced online. During the speech, he once again described Jewish people — who he says “are my enemy” — in a pejorative manner.

    The lobbying group on Tuesday called for the following lawmakers to step down: Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Barbara Lee, D-Calif.; Maxine Waters, D-Calif.; Danny Davis, D-Ill.; Andre Carson, D-Ind.; Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y.; and Al Green, D-Texas.”

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  5. Like

  6. Old men (and women) sometimes die out in bitterness, always looking over their shoulders at the ‘good ol’ days’. My Dad is 92, and he’s vibrant and healthy and still curious enough about the world to read the news and stay in touch with those he has raised up over the years. He’s also a man who has known how to make the important things in life his top priority.

    I was thinking about the issue of immigration—or emigration, and I can see a value in it. I have listened to Dad tell stories of his time overseas. The church is growing there in all the countries he’s lived and labored—in Germany, South Korea, and the Philippines. But wherever there is church growth, there are also people simply making use of the church to gain wealth and influence; to further their careers. There is backbiting there too. There are sexual improprieties. Mishandling of monies occurs. Discipline is needed in the overseas church too. Maybe it’s not a bad thing that people who feel called are moving, as the harvest is ripened there too. And it makes way for new leadership here as well.

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  7. Here is the really bad news. When the Democrats take control in 2018 and 2020 (and retain control until the stink of Trump has finally dissipated), we will look upon these ridiculous times as the “good old days”.


  8. Hmmm. Sounds like the ‘blue wave’ may be nothing more than hype by elitist Democrats and their well-wishers.

    Republicans say the results in this week’s primary in Texas raise serious doubts about the blue wave that Democrats are counting in the November midterm elections.

    While Democratic turnout was high, so was GOP turnout on Tuesday, giving the party confidence that its troops have not been demoralized.

    “We kept hearing about this unprecedented Democrat turnout in Texas and the Republicans showed up in droves yesterday,” said RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel.

    The primaries — the first in the nation ahead of November’s general election — set up a number of fascinating races.

    Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, easily won his primary, capturing 1.3 million of the 1.5 million votes cast. That’s double the number of votes won in the Democratic primary by Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who will be his opponent.

    Mr. Cruz said the results puncture “the narrative that a lot of folks in the media want to tell.”



  9. I can’t help but think there would be much outrage and many lawsuits were the groups and material in question of a Christian nature and not Islamic. “Separation of Church and State!” would be shrilly screeched from the same folks pushing this.


    “A federal judge ordered the San Diego Unified School District on Tuesday to hand over evidence detailing its correspondence with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about the implementation of a controversial anti-Islamophobia bullying initiative at San Diego public schools.

    The development is the latest in a long-running saga concerning school officials in San Diego coordinating with CAIR, an American-Muslim civil rights and religious organization with known links to a number of anti-Israel groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The controversy began in April when the San Diego school district announced it was launching an anti-Islamophobia initiative to combat what it described as a vast and underreported epidemic of anti-Muslim bullying in the district’s schools.

    The multi-year anti-bullying plan, developed with assistance from CAIR, called for adding Muslim holidays to staff calendars, introducing new library materials on Muslim culture, encouraging Muslim-centered high school clubs, creating “safe spaces” for Muslim students and providing staff training about Muslim culture.

    Hanif Mohebi, the executive director of CAIR-San Diego, praised the initiative and said it should serve as a model for school districts across the country.

    “If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” Mohebi told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Mohebi was invited to give talks at more than a dozen San Diego schools starting in late 2016 to teach students and teachers how to reduce bullying of Muslim students.

    Hanif gave pamphlets to students that advised Muslim youth to contact CAIR if they faced bullying, which according to CAIR includes “insulting comments about Islam.””


  10. We saw something interesting in Texas in our primary elections. There is an anti-male wave. Women who have been abused or abandoned are voting against male candidates and for women in cases where both candidates were not well known. It will be interesting to see if that is a national trend and if that trend continues.


  11. I got this in an e-mail. I don’t know how much of it is true, but I remember some of it.

    In June 2007 (then) Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Declared that the USA “Was no longer a Christian nation.

    In May 2009 President Obama dismissed our 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse of “not wanting to offend anyone”.

    Sept.. 25, 2009, a Muslim Prayer Day was held on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building, the site where U.S Presidents have been inaugurated since 1981. There were over 50,000 Muslims In D.C. that day. President Obama dismissed our national day of prayer and now it is okay for an event at our capitol for Islamists?


  12. Debra, Noah Rothman is on to your plan. However, I doubt whether he and other young conservatives can defeat a coalition of Democrats and Trumpkins.


  13. I predict the Stormy Daniels story will continue to have legs. And editors will insist on a picture of Ms. Daniels each paragraph and simple headshots will not be enough …..(if ricky’s link is anything to go by).

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