27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-7-18

  1. Good Morning Everyone. Amos gets wet food mixed with his medicine in the morning. You have never seen a pup dogger dogger so eager to get out of bed in the morning. Little booger has gotten smart. He eats around the tiny crushed pieces of his medicine.
    Me? Not so eager. I am working from home today so I can actually get something done. I am showing property tomorrow and Saturday. Friday I am headed to New Orleans for a class. Friday is going to be a really long day. We are taking a van over and back in the same day. Getting home late isn’t the problem. Getting up and ready to be there at 8am is the problem.

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  2. Morning and I see Waldo !! Congrats on winning the prize Jo! πŸ˜ƒ
    Spending the day with my neighbor perusing small antique shoppes and having lunch….building relationships, praying that she might know the grace and mercy of our Lord God Most High…. ✨

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  3. News of my morning. I noticed the pressure was down and hoped we did not have a leaking pipe. Now I see the whole county is on a boil water alert. I washed the coffee pot out before I knew. I did use bottled water for the coffee. I hope that is okay that the pot was rinsed in the tap water. I also see that the police headquarters is completely without power. My county is utilities challenged today. Also, my Publix got in the photo for sold out bottled water.


  4. Kim, will you have to get up at 5 a.m.?

    I managed 8 hours of sleep last night but could have slept longer. More and more I feel ready to not be working full time any more. I want to wander through antique shops and have lunch out like Nancyjill. πŸ™‚

    I see that someone finally took the 2 window valances left at the curb about a week ago. I didn’t even notice when they were first gone, I just assumed no one would take them after they’d been out there this long. I still have 2 more valances to take down in the living room — not hard, really, but they’re long and cumbersome and I don’t think I can do it alone. So I’ll wait for one of the guys to get back over here (hopefully this week) and ask them to do it.

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  5. So sorry for your neighbor, Jo, I read about it in the newsletter you posted on FB. This accident was NOT from an earthquake, right? Prayers for sure.


  6. Kim – When Heidi stopped eating up her medicine in dog food, I switched to putting the pills – whole, not crushed – in peanut butter. She licks it right up!

    Kare once shared (here or on Facebook) that she puts Keva’s pills in a chunk of cheese, and has another chunk of cheese ready for him. He wolfs down the cheese with the pill in anticipation of the next chunk of cheese. πŸ™‚

    Does anyone remember Gaines Burgers? Are they still around? My mom would use a portion of one of those pressed around a pill for our dog Taffy. He loved those things. (I took a taste of one once, but it was really yucky.)


  7. Cheese whiz.

    I covered a regular downtown improvement district meeting this morning which always starts at 9 a.m. They took a vote to move the time up to 8:30 (they wanted 8 a.m. but a few board members objected, thankfully). Still, 8:30 is early for me.

    Today’s discussion was over store vacancies and “dead space” — then one audience member/biz owner with a gray pony tail, turquoise glasses & a glittery turquoise scarf, who spoke during public comment (I know him), turns to me after he sits down and says I can’t use his name if I write something. Um, but this is a public meeting. “I know, but don’t use my name, you can use my comment but not my name.” Not the way it works, I tried to explain.

    I’ve had that issue at that meeting before — part of the downside of people knowing you for so many years — where folks will say to me “please don’t use what I (or someone else) just said.”


  8. Questions like: Do the washer and dryer come with the house?
    Is the attic insulated?
    How much is the property tax?


  9. No. Things like you put on the sellers disclosure the roof is 14 years old and the permits show it is 15 years old so I want you to put a new roof on it because you lied. The seller is the second owner. It was a mistake.
    I have decided I don’t want this house so I am not going to closing and I also want all of my earnest money back.

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