51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-30-18

  1. Kare took a picture of toadstools?
    I wonder how they got that name?
    Some people call them mushrooms, but Mushrooms are edible.
    Some of those things will kill you.
    I once knew a man who would pick them up and eat them.
    I get mine from Harris Teeter.

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  2. OH! I forgot until I clicked.
    Good morning everyone but Jo and Tychicus.
    Nite nite Jo.

    NIte nite
    sleep tight
    don’t let the bedbugs bite.

    We used to have bedbugs when I was a kid. I haven’t heard about them in years.
    Same for head lice.
    They may have been eradicated.

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  3. Sorry, Chas, but head lice is still around. There was an outbreak in a nearby school recently. And a friend got bedbugs at a hotel when traveling. Many of the pests and diseases that the US has eradicated are still present in other parts of the world.

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  4. Good morning and good night: please chose your favorite and be blessed all the way through it.

    Thankful to know you have that fellowship group, Jo.

    Are those mushrooms the special ones known as truffles?

    The office was crazy because only one computer was able to print the bookkeeping monthly reports which are routinely done at another computer. That computer was where I needed to scan tax return documents. I had to copy documents for scanning later. I ended up sitting at the office kitchen table to work. That has never happened before.

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  5. Janice keeps reminding me that AI need to start my taxes.
    I have Turbo Tax, but I can hardly read the input data anymore.
    They are making it so small lately.

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  6. Those mushrooms are just one of many, many pictures I took on our hike along Boundary Bog trail in PANP. There are so many tiny vignettes all along the trail. It took way longer to hike than a ‘normal’ trail because there was just so much to see.

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  7. Taxes? Ugh. It is all in a box on the bottom shelf of the library table I use as a desk. I am going to have to face it soon. Every year I tell myself I am going to track expenses monthly. Every year I don’t. As evidenced by tomorrow being the end of the first month of 2018 and most are stuck in the zippered pocket of my purse.

    Being the Broker of a real estate agency sounds like a promotion and a good idea until you actually become one with 180 agents. If I am teaching a class, they hover outside the doors of the classroom like sharks waiting for me to walk out. If I am in my office with the door shut they knock then open it to pop in. If I manage to get something for lunch they think that is the perfect time to talk to me about whatever else they have on their mind. Bathroom break? Forget it.
    I still love what I am doing and am happy. I just find some of this humorous. Having a toddler is easier than being the broker and somewhat the same emotional turmoil. LOL

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  8. Kim – So chemo wouldn’t have been worth it for such a short amount of time. Must have been hard to say no, though. Even when we know that kind of decision is the right thing, it can feel like we are giving up on the person. That’s how I felt for a while as I had to give the doctors permission to stop doing CPR on Hubby.

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  9. Chas – Bedbugs have been spreading more for the past several years. They are very hard to get rid of, from what I understand.


  10. And yes, lice are still around. Nightingale got them from sleeping over a friend’s house when she was in middle school. Before we realized that, they had a chance to spread to the rest of us. Getting rid of them took a while.


  11. Morning!! The sunrise was spectacular this morning….such intense orange/red in the sky through the pines….just takes my breath away some mornings!! The temps are to hover in the 60’s today so my Mr decided it would be a great day to climb up the Peak once again….he’s in training. 🏃🏼
    Love the photo of mushrooms Kare…sounds like you had a wonderful walk in the woods. A dear friend cringes at the thought of my eating mushrooms….she proclaims “you are eating fungus you know!!”

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  12. Janice, truffles grow underground. That’s why people hunting them take specially trained dogs or pigs to find them, because you can’t see them and you don’t know where you’ll find them.


  13. I’ve never liked mushrooms. Sometimes I take them out of what I’m eating and sometimes I don’t, but I’m never excited about their presence.

    When I was seven and went to camp for the first time, I took a hike with the teenagers. (That’s another long story, and a funny one. I heard only “hike” and not that it was for teenagers only, so I showed up at the van where “we” were supposed to meet to go for the hike. None of the kids told me, “This is for teenagers only, and you aren’t supposed to be here.” Since the lady in charge wasn’t there yet, they simply kept me out of sight until we arrived at the hike location, and only then–from the not-at-all-pleased lady leading the hike–did I find out why they had told me to get behind the seat and be quiet. I just knew it was a game, but not what game it was. But the boys took turns carrying me on their shoulders when we crossed creeks or went anywhere that I couldn’t handle, and I had fun and I think they did too. When we got back at camp at the end, she told me that when something was announced for teenagers, I needed to stay at camp, and one boy whispered to me, “Don’t let her bother you. She likes you.”) At one point one of the boys saw some animal’s droppings with mushrooms growing in it, and called all the other boys’ attention to it, and that just made the whole idea of mushrooms even grosser to me.

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  14. Hold the mushrooms, please. I was rushed to the doctor as a tiny person when my mom caught me munching on a random mushroom in a lawn as we walked through our Hollywood neighborhood. I’ve never been fond of them since.

    I will eat something with mushrooms (they’re like bits of rubber, with no taste, so I can tolerate them), but I prefer not to see them on any of my food.

    Taxes will be a challenge for me this year as well. I think some of it’s in a box in the garage, though most of the vital info coming in now is being held together in the house where I know where it is. Or we’ll find out if I know where it is.

    Chas, bed bugs have made an amazing comeback, they were in the news maybe 10 years ago when outbreaks began to be reported, even in some of the finest hotels. Everyone thought they were long gone. And it’s true, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of. I read a story about a guy who literally walked away from his apartment (and all the stuff in it) after going through several professional exterminators with no success.

    I think these bugs just manage to come back stronger and more resistant to our insecticides. (And in some cases we also can’t use the stronger insecticides now as they’ve been banned.) Bed bugs win.

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  15. I like mushrooms. I like onions. Saute them in a little butter, add a splash of wine and serve it with steak….yum.
    I am careful about buying mushrooms. If their country of origin is China I do not buy them. My father said something rather off color a long time ago about the way food is grown in China and I just can’t bring myself to buy it.
    My husband has offered to buy me lunch today. He wants to go to Ox Kitchen. I have had the pork and collard green sandwich. Today I will order something different.


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  16. Childrens’ camps have issues with bed bugs. One camp we know of just burned the whole cabin – they just couldn’t get rid of them. It’s something we are very aware of and hope we never have to deal with.

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  17. My cousin was dealing with bedbugs when she lived in South Korea. I sent her a bag of diatomaceous earth. Her dad was making fun of her for it. Now he, living in Los Angeles, is dealing with them in his home and it is not as amusing.


  18. Head lice–we had a niece stay over night with our daughters when they were all children. She kept scratching her head and I finally checked her hair. She was crawling with lice. I took her home and washed what I could, which was not everything. None of us got them, thank the Lord.

    I have heard even theater seats can sometimes have bedbugs. 😦

    I have several relatives who hunt mushrooms and routinely eat them. Neither my husband or I care for them. All my children love them. Go figure. 🙂


  19. Kathaleena, I think of bedbugs when sitting in in uphostered seats, when I need to hang my coat anywhere (I won’t hang it where it touches another coat), and in many other settings. I’ve encountered lice (when I was a foster mom) and that was bad enough.

    With lice at least I had a workable strategy. I got them really badly the first time I had the girls, since I didn’t know I had them. I even had a nurse friend check my head just in case; she told me that wasn’t something she usually did, but she looked and didn’t see any. By the time I found them a few weeks later, they were bad. It was a Saturday night, and I spent most of the night washing my hair and didn’t get to church. After that, a nurse from church came and picked out all the eggs she could see, but I still had about a hundred more hatch over the next couple of weeks. What worked for me was to wet my hair every single day (for some reason it didn’t work with dry hair) and then pick through my scalp for any new ones that had hatched, and rinse them down the drain. I figured that if I got that generation while they were still little, not old enough to reproduce, then that would be the end of it. I also washed my sheets more than once in that time and tried to make sure I found them anywhere other than on my person.


  20. Lice and bedbugs are not limited to certain social dynamics, by the way. They go where they want to go.

    We have never gotten head lice from foster children but we have from public school.

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  21. A teacher’s worst nightmare is to check her mailbox in the morning and find a pair of thick rubber gloves and two long stemmed cotton swabs. It makes my head itch just to type this.


  22. I am sticking with Eve. If I get a nasty gram from the IRS I want someone who can stand behind me. My husband keeps offering to do it. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! You CANNOT do it.


  23. While I have never experienced nor seen a bedbug, I have seen lice. I was the Red Cross lady in the clinic at the kid’s elementary school in FL. There were kiddos from one family who were continually sent home with lice and we always sent the treatment shampoo home with them. I actually caught one on a piece of scotch tape and the PE teacher put in on our bulletin board in the teacher lounge so everyone would know exactly what to be looking for!! I would itch and itch when I came home from school and would wash my and my kiddo’s hair, drying with a hot dryer….we never got them….


  24. Update on the dogs I saw Sunday: I googled the name of the road and “dogs” and found a Facebook page on a site devoted to lost dogs. One is a border collie and one a Maremma sheepdog (I had thought maybe Great Pyrenees). Apparently the owner, who has goats, lets the dogs roam. According to reports they have been spotted at least 20 times on that road eating roadkill, and one has even been found on the highway. If the dogs are caught and returned to the owner he is very nonchalant. By what someone says, the border collie has been bred, so she may be with pup and even more interested in fresh meat. At least it wasn’t the dog that was dead beside the road, but allowing your dogs to roam onto a street with a 55 mph speed limit and even onto the highway is grossly inappropriate. No mention of the police showing up, just reports spotting the dogs Sunday morning and again yesterday morning, and people speculating how to get the owner to care (like taking the dogs to the shelter so he will have to pay to get them back). It isn’t only a danger to the dogs, but a danger to traffic to have dogs walking back and forth across the road and not paying much attention to cars. It’s also a nuisance to police or whoever else gets calls to deal with them.


  25. I thought of going to a tax preparer, but gathering the material is half the problem. And there is always something I forgot.


  26. And I like to add data as I get it.
    It’s just that the way we did it last year is not the way we do it now.
    That’s what bugs me.


  27. Origin of the “toad stool” name:

    late 14c., apparently just what it looks like: a fanciful name from Middle English tadde “toad” (see toad) + stole “stool” (see stool). Toads themselves were regarded as highly poisonous, and this word is popularly restricted to inedible or poisonous fungi, as opposed to mushrooms (e.g. toad-cheese, a poisonous fungi).

    I’ve never done my own taxes. I used to go to H&R Block and now go to the CPA who grew up across the street from us (he was a few years older than I was). No fuss. And yes, if something is questioned, I have him. Muy importante

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  28. Chas- Have you tried other computer tax programs? I used TaxAct for several years, but now I use CreditKarma. Of course, I don’t itemize, so it makes it much easier with any program.


  29. Hubby did our taxes each year using TurboTax or another similar one. This year, Nightingale and I are going to an accountant.


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