36 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-7-17

  1. 😦 You all know my rant. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Nate messed up all of my plans. Couldn’t go to Cozumel because he was headed there and once done there is headed hear.
    I am hearing winds of up to 100mph, but the real danger with our Bay, Gulf, and rivers is the storm surge. Water will be the big issue. Mobile is rather low lying. Where I am is some of the highest ground along the coast, so I should be OK.
    I have a tank full of gas, and Mr. P has cut boards to go over our windows.

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  2. 🙂 Am I glad it’s Saturday. Whew. Work was crazy. My brain is not functioning well now.

    🙂 There is light! On my front steps, in the driveway, in my back patio and in the backyard. Yay. A couple things need fixing though — the fixture for the side corner of the garage midway in the backyard doesn’t illuminate the back of the garage and area behind it, so lights guy is coming back over today to try to figure out options. But it is so nice to finally have lighting all around the outside of the house. I was disappointed I couldn’t add a pretty overhead porch light, but the old one that’s recessed into the porch ceiling is, for now, working. It doesn’t give off much light, but with the post light near the front steps, it’ll work for now. Adding a light next to the front door would be too expensive right now. Maybe in another year or two I can do that. But foundation & windows and painting will all be quite expensive. 😦

    😦 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m bracing for a new season of house chaos as the foundation job will begin Oct. 16, a week from Monday, and then my wood windows will finally get fixed on Nov. 9. That will leave primarily just the painting, inside and out, but I do think I’ll be ready to collapse after that and just take a rest from it all until sometime early next spring. But we’ll see. If there’s no rain yet I may want to press forward on painting the outside asap. Still have to figure out color schemes.

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  3. Donna, maybe you could use the existing electrical and swag a light over to the side of the door – hanging down, but out of the way of the door?

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  4. dj, your light story reminds me of my husband’s comment to the visitors that come or leave from our home at night. He tells each that he has to do something about adding light for the sidewalk to the driveway. We have lived here for 40 yrs.! We do have a motion light in front and back of our garage and regular outdoor lights by the front and back doors. We need something more for some areas, however. There were some solar lights, but those do not work well when you have a few feet of snow or when too many hours of darkness have gone by. Since, my husband wired the whole house for electricity, it is not ‘know how’ that is needed. Sometimes he can put me in mind of Pa Kettle (for those of you who know who that is).

    Rant is way too small a word for Kizzie’s grief. Our God is not too small, though, and is a God of comfort. How those descriptions of God are a comfort to us! So glad for those who can surround her at this time.

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  5. 🙂 Forgot my rave: A whole week with our daughter, grandson and SIL. What fun we have had in exploring a couple of new places! She was also able to join her dad for an evening of music at his weekly jam. Those people also look forward to playing music with her, so that is a joy, too.

    🙂 Also, a weekend with two evenings of almost all the grands, including our youngest newborn, Clara. I was in the pool with Annika for quite awhile. What a challenge to have a newborn and a 16 month old who does not walk yet! It is gratifying to see my daughter step up to the challenge. I am so grateful she is pro-life! I cannot imagine not having these sweet girls.

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  6. The engineer bought something like this for our house. They’re cheap and we stuck them on with the tape backings they come with. Four years later, they’re working fine and because they’re motion detectors, they only come on as needed. (Come to think of it, ours are battery operated, but still, we’re on the original batteries)



  7. Some good ideas here. … I like the swag light thought (going to ask the guys about that before they leave) & the glow paint & the LED stick-on options for some corners.


  8. I have a couple electrical outlets inside that still have the old cloth wiring, unfortunately. Wish I could get those redone, but it may be too expensive.


  9. 🙂 Lights are done, guys paid and gone.

    🙂 Also got the front porch cleared off in preparation for the foundation work next week.

    😦 I’m tired even though they did all the work (though I did haul stuff off the porch alongside them). And it’s hot out today, 87.

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  10. The small people have pulled up almost all of the brick in the pathway. Husband says we did it wrong when we did it years ago and so we are redoing it. Husband is right. But I liked it. I suspect it will be nicer. It will get compacted when the guy building the patio compacts that.

    Sadly, we are unable to find anybody in our town who is willing to work for only fifteen dollars an hour. Even though we are talking to teens, because they are all busy playing video games. Including sixteen year old son. So, we went to Kamiah and got the son of old friends. He is doing an excellent job for a young whipper snapper.

    Minimum wage in Idaho is about seven something. The people in town still say they can get nobody under the age of thirty to work. Except my sixteen year old who works for people away from here when he is not playing video games. He likes his junk food.


  11. 🙂 Lighting job cost $725 — compared to $4,500 the lighting company told me it would cost if they did it. Still expensive, but a lot was done and it was one of those things high up on “The List.”

    I’d love to paint my porch and steps (instead of bricks or tile, which I’d prefer but would cost way more). But that is definitely not on “the list.”

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  12. Around here, the children are financed by their parents. For example, the sons of eighteen year old, his buddies for a few years, were regularly given new trucks. As they crashed theirs, their divorced parents would buy them new ones. They had fancy video game set ups, high quality tv’s, etc. The parents paid for their gas and phones and anything else they wanted. Including their college. The parents even stocked the fridges in their game rooms with alcohol so the boys would have lots of friends. But the expectation was they would help out on the parent’s farms as needed and take over the running of the businesses. All well and good but what happens if the boys go off to college and change their minds about coming back to podunk?

    Not something we had to offer our children so we decided to introduce them to Christ and offer them a work ethic. We will see how that turns out. Maybe the other’s plan works better.

    Anyway, because the children and young adults around here don’t need cash, they are not willing to work. So we are left with a community of fifty plus year olds, doing the work.


  13. RANT:
    People offering clothing and heading to areas effected by Nate with used clothing. THEY DON’T NEED OR WANT THAT.
    One woman who posted that she bought up all the generators Cabella’s had and is now selling them for $1,800. She doesn’t want to get stuck with them. Then why did you buy them all? I hope she does get stuck. But that’s just me being petty

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  14. Unless, of course, you are married to the sweetest woman in the world, in which case, she will be conscientious about making other folks days better by looking beautiful as well, and that takes time and complicated stuff.

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  15. Money given to trusted disaster relief organizations is always best — they know what’s needed and what isn’t in any given situation. But as the article states, it doesn’t “feel” as personal as donating items does to the donor. Interesting piece. (I don’t think I’ve ever given ‘things,’ only money — with the exception of the special collections taken up by our church for the homeless mission a couple times a year, but even then the items needed are provided by the mission and then we buy them.)


  16. Looks like church is out again. I don’t think I could make the car ride with the screaming and dangerous behaviour. She would probably be fine in church as she does not want others to see that side of her. Control it? Yes, she can.

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  17. Mumsee @ 10:08
    They hide the buttonholes so they can’t be seen.
    You have to slip part over hour head and through your arms before putting the other part on like a coat..
    you can’t immediately tell the front of the pants from the back.
    Men never have that problem.


  18. JO. I would, but she buys her own clothes and she presently has more than enough.
    She has always been conservative about spending money, but she insisted on being well clothed.
    It comes from her childhood when she was always embarrassed by what she had to wear.
    Even through high school.

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  19. Chas, I missed most of the TV shows in the latter ’70s through the mid ’90s — I had “a life,” working, school, career launch, boyfriend, girlfriends …

    I don’t think I’d even heard of Law & Order until the late ’90s when it had already been on the air for a really long time.


    I seem to be making up for lost time now 🙂

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