7 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-7-17

  1. Last week Douthat took on Hefner, and this week he is not backing down. I like to think of judgmentalism as “positive peer pressure”. It is less severe than the chivalry practiced by Trooper Travis Tyree in Rio Grande.


  2. HRW, Douthat hit both sides in the article. You are correct that Weinstein, O’Reilly, Ailes, Bill Clinton and Trump are all very similar. It is sad that the straight arrows like Ryan get very little credit. Conservatives gave very little credit to the role model Obama provided as a husband and father.

    I was giving Debra a little space on Corker. He is her Senator and her ex-mayor. Corker and Tillerson. Finally, two leading Republicans have had the courage to say that the emperor is naked.

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  3. Used up my free NYT for the month so didn’t read it. Men with power need to exercise it with more dignity. Usually the call for manners, dignity etc is considered a social conservative trait but i think all sides are lacking now. There’s sticks, branches and whole trees in many men’s eyes.

    Pence leaving the game may have been a setup. In any case it was a huge waste of taxpayer’s money. After all the security, he leaves because he’s offended by the exercise of free speech he could have reasonably expected to happen. Quite the drama queen.

    Kneeling isn’t offensive rather a sign of respect to an injured player or in deference to the coach. From this perspective it makes sense….the black community belives it is hurting from police brutality and they’re taking a knee.

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  4. Thanks Ricky. I was just a hair away from tweeting to Corker that as far as his constituency is concerned the day care extends around the entire parameter of DC. So if he wants to play spitball with the President we elected, we’d prefer he just resign now and let Gov Haslam appoint a temporary replacement. But fortunately, I regained my composure in time to delete. ;–)

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