60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-6-17

  1. I didn’t get the significance of some of the funnies.
    But the one about “return from the concert” was the most emotional “cartoon” I have seen so far.
    The mom and dad heard about the shooting, and waiting to hear.
    But they have cell phones now.
    We didn’t.


  2. Taking flight, that is an inspirational photo. πŸ™‚

    I’m up early, still had to haul the trash out (in the dark, but how wonderful to have outdoor lights now on the patio and in the driveway! Yay). I also have to get into work early today, I need to listen in on the harbor commission meeting that starts at 8:30 a.m. and we also will have a visiting editor from one of the other papers on hand all day to answer questions and troubleshoot with us on our new computer platform (wordpress).

    We’ve had some frustration with it in the past week and have run up against some glitches. Of course, we’re also having to do a lot more with our stories now, things one of the buyout guys used to do — embedding our own videos, photos and other media, running background checks. They kept promising us that with the latest cutbacks they weren’t going to ask us to “do more with less,” but of course that’s exactly what’s happened. Our editor especially has a gazillion more steps to go through as well (and they haven’t given him an assistant for the past couple years, so he’s going at it solo; plus one of the guys who used to be there late and helped him took the buyout). So he’s having to stay very late every night.

    We really are reaching a burnout stage.

    But, it’s up and at ’em. Today’s another day and at least it’s Friday. And they’re ordering lunch in for us so we can break bread with the computer editor & ask him more questions. Our editor was tired of pizza (our usual newsroom fare when the big wigs spring for lunch) so he made an executive decision without asking anyone and ordered Chinese. But half of us don’t like Chinese (which really irked him, he’s just not in a very good mood these days).

    So those of us who didn’t want Chinese got to order a sandwich from Togo’s on the company’s dime. We’re difficult.

    Oh, and yet someone else leaves today with the buyout also (the last one, i believe) — we’re having cookies and iced coffee for her, so we’ll certainly all be well fed today if nothing else.

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  3. Enjoying listening to port director try to pronounce ‘digitization’ repeatedly — being used in his remarks today πŸ™‚

    Did you all know about The World? Largest yacht where people buy onboard residences and just cruise the world continually in great luxury, apparently. Weird. It was in LA on a port stop recently


  4. I just heard from the coach. Seems sixteen year old has not been to practice in two weeks. Son told me he plans to play in the homecoming game today because he was going in early to get his grades up. What is that boy smoking???

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  5. Got violently ill again last night. That is twice in one week after months of being okay. The good news is that I think I figured out one more thing I am allergic to. Eating carefully is good.


  6. Morning! So there must be a hurricane a blowin’ somewhere near Kim? My dear friend left on a cruise out of Galveston yesterday….is that close?
    Foggy this morning but now the sun has broken through…time to get in the furniture, hammock and bird baths…gonna have some snow on Monday…but just for one day…then it’s back to πŸ‚ Autumn.
    Those silly CA dogs….next thing ya know they will be holding a latte whilst sitting in their chairs…must be warmer there though…that puppy is not wearing a parka 😊 🐢


  7. Linda,

    Now when you say road trip, do you mean in an actual car, or are you just gonna ride your bike for a really long distance? I know you do both, so I wasn’t sure.

    We’re taking a road trip tomorrow as well, but just an overnight. And lucky for me, there is no bicycling involved. πŸ™‚

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  8. I had fun taking pictures of Mrs. Oswald Chambers all around Lake Tahoe yesterday, such a scenic place. Getting a picture next to the water I managed to fall and hurt my thumb. Much better site to fall than off the cliffs where I was taking other pictures. That Biddy certainly does a lot of traveling.

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  9. NancyJill, we were supposed to be in Cozumel from yesterday through next Saturday. Instead there is a hurricane about to go over it which would have ruined the diving Mr. P wanted to do and we are “in the cone”, so we stayed home, and he is currently cutting plywood to cover our back windows should we need to. Alabama is under a state of emergency, which while we might not need it, does trigger the price gauging law so places can’t run the price up on gas, and other needed items.


  10. Hi Wandering Friends. Except for the prayer thread, I am three days behind in the comments, but wanted to pass this by you. This is what I have written to say at Leon’s memorial tomorrow. I thought it “looked” too long, but it would only take me three or four minutes to speak it. Please let me know what you think.

    Leon was a good man – a gentle giant, as our former pastor from Vernon used to say. He loved his family so very much, and did all he could to provide for us, take care of us, and love us, and his death leaves a huge hole in our lives.

    As you all know, Leon had a corny sense of humor and a great smile. Those both were even evident when he was having and recovering from his stroke. Emily explained that the medication they were giving him would ensure proper blood flow to his brain, and he replied, “That’ll be the first time in 62 years.” And when they asked him to smile, to see if his face was affected, he gave them a big, goofy, toothy smile. His humor was one of the last things to go, hanging on throughout his month in the hospital. That was my Leon.

    He enjoyed the simple things in life – especially being with his family, even if we were just hanging around the house, or doing errands together. He enjoyed watching certain TV shows with me – NCIS was a favorite – or an occasional movie on a Sunday afternoon at home. That was “our thing”.

    He loved his daughters – Emily and Christina – with all his heart. And of course, he adored his grandson Forrest, who was more like another of his own to him. Forrest even recently said, “It’s like Papa has three children.” He loved hearing about that, and agreed wholeheartedly.

    Leon was also a man of deep faith. We went through some dark & difficult times, but we both clung to the Lord, and He saw us through them, often in what seemed to us a miraculous way.

    The story that stands out in my mind was when Leon had been diagnosed with prostate cancer many years ago, and needed radiation for eight weeks, five days a week. But the job he had was such that he couldn’t just take off early to get that done before 5:00 each day. I was fretting about it, but Leon told me not to worry, that it would work out somehow. One day, while fretting about it once again, I remembered that God knew what we needed, and He would indeed take care of it, and a great peace came over me.

    Right before Leon was to start the radiation, one of the hospital’s two radiation machines broke down, so they extended their hours into the evening, and he was able to get in after work for all eight weeks. And just a couple days after his round of radiation was finished, the other machine was fixed, and the extended hours were over.

    I had fretted about it, but Leon had faith that God would work it out. There were other times when he was the one fretting, and I had the words of faith and encouragement. Our commitment in our marriage was to each other, but also to God and doing things His way.

    Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Leon and I both have believed that with all our hearts. I believe it even now, in the midst of the worst thing that has ever happened to me or our family.

    In the last few years, Leon had a habit, as he was saying goodnight, to often add, “Trust Jesus.” As his widow, I will continue to do that all the days of my life, and I will miss him all the days of my life.

    Thank you.

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  11. Kizzie, that is a lovely tribute, but I don’t know when it came about that the surviving spouse was supposed to speak at a memorial. I don’t know how anyone could have the composure to get through it. I know I couldn’t have done it for my father. God be with you.

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  12. Karen,

    That’s a fine tribute.

    But you make it as long or as short as you like. You say what you need to say. No one would expect otherwise.

    Continuing to hold you all in prayer.

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  13. Well done, don’t worry about the length and don’t worry about crying throughout. And it if gets too much, hand it over to the pastor to read the rest.

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  14. I can remember one memorial service where the widowed husband spoke. His wife had died of cancer. They were only 40-ish and had two “tween” children. It was hard for him to get through his remarks, but everyone was patient.


  15. DJ, you want to stay away from storm windows. If, for example, they are thunderstorm windows, there may well be lightning so unplug everything and stay away from water. Now, if they are hurricane windows, there will be a lot of wind and rain so you may want to tarp everything and tie it down. If we are talking tornado windows, head for the cellar and watch for Toto.

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  16. Well, my daughter invited me for Thanksgiving and to go with them to the Nutcracker performance and watch my granddaughter perform. So I just bought tickets. It is not week to fly standby. I will be back near Boulder and get to see their new home.

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  17. Well, whatever he is smoking, must have worked. The school just informed me that in the two hours he was able to bring the F in English up to a B, the F in Spanish is a D- and Floriculture is still a D- but that is good enough to play. The coach says he will be allowed to play even though he has not been to practice in two weeks. Guess he is right, he does not need to do anything but play video games to succeed in life.


  18. Mumsee, that is not a good lessonfor the boy. Don’t reward irresponsibility. He pulled it off and got away with it.
    Life isn’t going to give hima break..

    Karen, tha tis good. You might want to close with something on the order of:

    “He touched only a small portion of thise world. But the portion he touched is better because he was there.”

    I would hope someone . could say that about me.

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  19. This morning, the first thing I uttered as I opened my eyes was “Another day.”

    Also this morning, Nightingale replaced the batteries in two smoke detectors, which Hubby had been meaning to get to. I whispered, as if to Hubby, “She’s doing a good job, Honey.” Then I cried, because that was something he would normally do, but someone else had to do it. There are gonna be a lot of those moments.

    I am so blessed to have Nightingale so willing to help out so much. Even before Hubby was hospitalized, over the last few years, she had been taking on the responsibility of the yard work, & planning on how she would someday renovate the house (a little at a time), wanting to learn how to do all the things he did, since she knew she would be doing them someday anyway.

    We’ve had offers of help from others. One of her friends & her husband have offered help for various things, or for teaching us to do things.

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  20. Chas, no it is not. It is what we have been trying to teach him, actions matter. But the school just wants him there and they are willing to do everything they can, regardless of how it affects him. But we decided to let them do their best as he was unwilling to work with us at all. I was really sad to see them do this. Contrary to all of their previous actions with the other children, he gets special treatment. Without totally taking him out of this community, I don’t see any way to help him. Maybe he will go be a truck driver with husband.


  21. Kizzie, that was elegantly, and simply stated. It brought tears. I’m glad you have Nightingale to be with you at this time. And I know that you are as big a help to her as she is to you.

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  22. Mumsee, I’m shocked and disappointed at the school’s action. Why would the school want him there if they’re not helping him? Do they think they’re helping him?


  23. I teared up, too, reading your tribute, Kizzie. Beautiful. Will be praying for you tomorrow with the memorial service, as I have frequently this week.

    Nice header photos today, AJ. Soaring free — lovely.

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  24. Thanks all. And thank you for the lovely cards. I am deeply touched by your outpouring of love & support.

    I had wondered if it was appropriate to put in that testimony about the radiation machine, but it’s such a great story, & I tied it in to his having faith that it would turn out all right.

    I didn’t realize how much this type of deep grief affects one’s body. I have little appetite, & often feel I have to work at swallowing the food. (But I am making sure to eat enough, & drink enough water.) Haven’t slept enough, often waking for a while during the night & waking too early in the morning, after taking a while to fall asleep the night before. (Although, last night I fell asleep quicker than previous nights.) And my intestines have been messed up since Monday.

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  25. Further “shocking” news from the school. I looked at their power school to see what his new grades look like. And he does have a B in English, but several of the assignments that he has missed have not been graded so are not part of the grade. In other words, they want him to be passing so they are not grading his missing stuff as the F’s he has earned. One more warm body on the football field. Almost enough to make me want to go watch the game. Just to see how many of the staff ignore me.

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  26. Kizzie, 5:28, yep.

    Love the tribute you wrote, it’s the perfect length — don’t change it.

    I’m not adept at speaking at funerals, I’m either too emotional or just freeze up if it’s an invitation for spontaneous comments. Kudos to those who are able to do that.

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  27. Kizzie your words about your precious husband are beautiful and very fitting in describing just who he was and to whom he belonged. My deepest prayer is for the Word to go forth during the memorial service and for those who have been wandering will come to surrender their lives to our Savior….just as Leon had done….we love you ❀️

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  28. Amen with everyone else above.

    I’ve heard today from my friend the Coast Guard widow in Florida. I’m sure others have relatives there, but this was her description of life:

    Well, things around my home are fine, but Marathon Key and surrounding areas remain a huge disaster.

    The estimate just for the one hospital there is that it will take 3-5 years to rebuild so they will have to make do with a field hospital tent for the interim years.

    3/4 of the people cannot really live in their homes yet and many are doubling up, with poor people sleeping outside. One furniture store owner has been supplying a hot meal for 180 people a day since the storm ended and I’m not sure how much longer he will continue but it has been a great blessing.

    Her daughter and son-in-law, a pastor, are exhausted every day just ministering to people and working on logistics for supplies being sent and volunteers wanting to come, with no place to put them up and hotel rooms $200 a night,

    They should have a working shower in the church this weekend and can let one group at a time sleep at the church.


  29. Not sure I’ll survive this new work regimen. Every story is so labor intensive in terms of adding tags, hyperlinks, subheads, photos, photo galleries, headlines, social media ‘excerpts’ …

    Forget about writing. We’re digital machines.


  30. DJ, it would seem that those sorts of extras would be ideal for an intern or two, or someone who likes working with formatting and computer stuff. Leave the writing to the reporters, and bring in someone else for the other stuff.


  31. The Boy requested to sleep in Papa’s bed again tonight with his mama, & me in mine, of course. (I think I’ve explained that we had twin beds pushed together to make a king-size bed.)

    I said yes.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll be glad when it is over, but then. . .”Real life” zooms back in on Monday with things to think about, Nightingale going to work that evening, childsitting. Trying not to stress too much about what to do about the bills. Nightingale keeps telling me to take it one step at a time, deal with one bill at a time. It’ll get done. Little by little, I will tackle & organize Hubby’s disorganized system, & deal with the various things that need dealing with.

    Earlier I said I wasn’t eating much. This evening Nightingale ordered pizza for us. I ate more than I should have, & now feel over-full. Oops.

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  32. To put together even a simple blog post that I can write in 20 minutes easily takes an hour to add links, tweets, photos and adjust for SEO.

    And I’ve been doing all this for seven years. It’s hard.

    Add a complicated story or ones that aren’t “Flowing” or require more research and the entire day is gone.

    I’m shocked professional journalists working for a profit publication thinks the website details are a good use of your time. 😦


  33. it’s a lovely tribute, Kizzie,. It made me tear up a little. When my eldest uncle died (he was nearly twenty years older than my aunt), my two older siblings took turns staying with her for the next couple of months, just so she wouldn’t be alone. I’m glad you have someone staying with you through this difficult time, and if you need to talk, we are hear to listen.

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  34. I do know how to spell ‘here’… It has been a long day, and I’ve been going against the clock since this morning. It was my busy day at school, and I concluded the day by coming home for reading week.

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  35. Our younger daughter moved in with her grandmother after the loss of my father-in-law. We expected it would be temporary, but it was good for both of them. (Daughter was ready to “stretch her wings a bit,” and she’s saving for college–she’s 23, so not a high-school senior saving for college, but a kid who went one year and then decided to figure out the next step–and we were charging her some rent and I doubt her grandmother is.) Having someone in the house is a blessing, and mutually beneficial.

    I will warn you, though, that long-term the sharing a bed isn’t good. My sister let her only daughter sleep with her for a few weeks, and she found out that it led to disrespect, as though they were equals. I’ve heard pretty much the same thing about single mothers (though I have heard it said as though it were a good thing) that they often sleep in the same bed with their children and find more a relationship of equality. So I’d encourage keeping it to a limited time.


  36. Roscuro, you were also putting “listen” and “here” in close proximity, and your brain probably told your fingers “h-e-a-r.”


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