Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 6

 Here we go again. Last week we improved from Week 4 with the lowest score being 6 out of 10 instead of 3 for 10. We’ll see how this one turns out. The fall is flying by. With October comes the end of the baseball season and the beginning of basketball and hockey. It’s also the time when football gets interesting. Teams start playing within their conferences and the competition gets tougher. Of course, this year the powers that be tried to make it more interesting at the beginning by scheduling power houses against each other, instead of all the early games being great teams having a practice game against also-rans.  So, here are your choices this week.

Get those guesses in by Friday night, 10:00PM EDT.

  1. Boise State @ BYU

  2. Ole Miss @ #12 Auburn

  3. #13 Miami @ FSU

  4. AFA @ Navy

  5. Army @ Rice

  6. Arkansas @ South Carolina

  7. KSU @ Texas

  8. Arizona @ Colorado

  9. B1G 10 Pillow Fight: Illinois (0-1) @ Iowa (0-2) These are conference records.

10. Tie Breaker: Guess the winner and the score – Michigan State @ #7 Michigan

Kevin doesn’t know if his tie breaker choice will be good for that, but I think it’ll definitely be the decider this week, as anything can happen when the Spartans and Wolverines go at it.

16 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 6

  1. By the way, AFA is the abbreviation for Air Force Academy.

    Boise State
    South Carolina
    Michigan State 21-20


  2. Boise State
    FSU (to shake it up a little)
    Michigan 28-14 (got that one from my husband; his alma mater)


  3. Chas’ wild guesses:

    1. Boise
    2. Auburn
    3. Florida State
    4. Navy
    5. Rice
    6. Gamecocks (of course)
    7. Texas
    8. Colorado
    9. Illinois
    10. Michigan 21-14


  4. What? Football gets interesting? I can not imagine that.

    Boise State
    South Carolina
    Michigan 30-24


  5. Peter, you weren’t kidding that anything can happen with UM/MSU. In the 3rd quarter it just started to rain and it looks like it might get pretty heavy with lightning possible.

    It should be noted that even though UM is usually ranked higher, MSU has beaten Michigan seven of the last ten years.


  6. A day of upsets. Who would have predicted Iowa State winning in Oklahoma?

    And only one of us predicted Michigan State would beat Michigan at Ann Arbor. Yes folks, yours truly was the only one to get the tie breaker game winner correct. And that is the only reason I win this week. Janice tied me with 9 correct, but because she picked Michigan, I win. However, since she let me pick a tie breaker when she won it a few weeks ago, I’ll let her pick the next tie breaker game.

    Here is how the rest of you did:
    AJ with 8
    Tychicus with 7
    Kevin, mumsee and Ricky with 6
    Chas with 5

    So, Janice, pick the tie breaker from the games found in the schedule for next week:

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  7. Cheryl can see invisible people! She also is correct that someone is missing from the list. That person got 5 correct and her name starts with the same two letters as the other person who got 5 correct.


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