26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-5-17

  1. The early bird gets first! You’re up early, rk. It was 4:33 your time when you posted. How are you and yours getting along?

    And how are you, Chas?

    We’re finally getting some rain here.


  2. Not up early; finishing night shift. I have been so busy with seasonal stuff in addition to taking care of Miguel. He is doing better. Getting restless with the non weight bearing. I have been trying to get him out of the house regularly.

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  3. We had 4.5 inches of rain last week. That was more than we had all summer. It flooded where I had my portable pig pen. That resulted in a late night rescue. Always an adventure here.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. Weather Paul and I pulled the plug on vacation yesterday. It would be just my luck to be in Cozumel and the hurricane sit there and rain for 5 straight days. P was concerned it would ruin the diving he wanted to do. In addition, the forecast models show it Nate being in our area by Sunday or Monday and we discussed being away from home and it not being “secured”. We Everyone was quite reasonable, reservations were canceled and deposits were refunded. (He had bought travel insurance). Only the hotel in New Orleans by the airport wouldn’t refund because we didn’t give 24 hour notice. I suggested we go on to New Orleans and play in the French Quarter today, then come back home, but we decided against that as well.
    We looked at pivoting and going to Jamaica or the Bahamas but in the end decided to plan a trip for the week of Thanksgiving. I told him last night that I was disappointed we canceled but I still thought it was the best decision.

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  5. Good morning, all.

    I feel quite tired today. Leading the monthly meeting seems to tire me. I think it is because of the push it takes for an introvert to do such things. I had to ask about revisioning our group since we are not going to merge. I think we will be going to a more projects oriented time together. Next meeting we will be bringing things to do our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

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  6. Sorry about your vacation, Kim, but now perhaps I can tell the wild story of my relatives who went to Cabo San Lucas even though there was a hurricane warning (which they hadn’t know).

    Actually, I’m not going to tell the story beyond it was a harrowing escape but they’re alive. My cousin had a vision that got them out of the hotel, driven by a terrified taxi driver through a rain lashed town, entered an empty airport with people urging them to flee for shelter and then catching a final, desperate flight into the blackest cloud she’d ever seen.

    She thought she was going to die . . . but that vision . . .

    It should have sent her screaming to the Lord, especially because it was a vision that got them out of there, but it didn’t.

    However, she did want my opinion, “through spiritual eyes,” on what happened.

    I checked with my husband and told her God must have sent it. I then asked her why God wanted her out of there.

    She didn’t know and returned to real life.

    Honestly, how many times does He have to display his mercy before some of us see it?

    (Don’t answer that).

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  7. Good decision, Kim. I am doing some traveling today to visit a friend who emailed that she is in the area. A little further away than I thought, oh, well.
    south to get an 8am oil change and check up at the dealers for this van. Then looping around to go to South Lake Tahoe. I will probably come home along the lake to the north. I would say that the north side of the lake is about an hour closer to me. That’s where I thought she was.

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  8. Where I found the yogurt container lid for questioning minds!?!
    It had slid mostly underneath the microwave. Being groggy-eyes and under dim light, I suppose I did not notice putting something on the counter and managing at the same time to give a slight push to the transparent lid that was already there. Later I saw the lid partially sticking out

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  9. The days are getting very short, I can’t really get home anymore before dusk (fast becoming night) so I’ve been challenged in keeping my tree watered and doing the many other tasks I was used to doing after work. And it’s so dark in the morning — I actually felt ready to get up at around 6 a.m. today but it was still so dark I just couldn’t face it. 🙂 So I stayed in bed for another 45 minutes or so when it was at least semi-light out.

    Work is calmer, among our 11-paper group we lost something like 24 people in Las Vegas, 3 of them from our immediate circulation area. I need to check in again today on the two seriously wounded folks I’ve been following.

    I’d also interviewed another young couple, attorneys, who were there (found them through a former church elder) but that was very early during our search for local people on Monday and when I connected with them, turned out they were from Bakersfield which is a bit far from even our larger regional footprint. But we contacted the Bakersfield paper (not connected to us) and they were interested in their tale so we sent them their way. I liked them, of course, because they were both Christians and had some spiritual comments (they have attended this conference for 4 years running as kind of an anniversary trip). She was grazed in the arm by a bullet but otherwise they escaped (though they had a harrowing tale of rrunning and jumping over fences and then encountering over-crowded elevators in hotels, filled with panicked people, a woman whose head and face was covered in blood and had serious injuries to her eyes …).

    On the home front, the lighting job isn’t quite done yet, but almost. Patio lights got in yesterday but we’re having problems with the garage light settings. Last night it didn’t come on at all. And the motion lights for the side/back corner of the garage don’t quite reach around to the back area, so that was a disappointment. Don’t know if I’ll need to get another fixture for back there or not, but I really wanted that entire back-backyard to light up if something was back there.

    The front light post was straightened. 🙂 No more leaning.

    I’m returning the porch light fixture I bought today as it was too big and the front screen door would hit it — not sure I can find anything that will avoid that, so we may, for now, have to live with the old (very old) recessed porch light that doesn’t give out much illumination, really. But it’s something and it’s working for now (though it’s been out, off and on, through the years and needs tinkering with to get it up and running again).

    Meanwhile, I need to move some things off the front porch in preparation for the upcoming foundation work — part of the area that needs fixing is a spot where the porch is pulling away from the house, that needs to all be filled in and sealed.

    Another season of house chaos ahead — the window job also will throw the house into further disarray once again — but after that maybe I can take a bit of a break to enjoy the holidays and ponder house painting colors.

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  10. Apparently, a nineteen year old, the one who went to visit his bio mom, is back in the area. He showed up in Boise, staying in nineteen year old daughter’s car. She moved out of her rental when her housemate was getting married, thinking nineteen was going into the Navy. Then she got word it was not until next summer. Now she is living at sister in law’s until she goes in this December. Meanwhile, other nineteen showed up penniless and she let him stay in her car because she did not think sis in law would let him stay. She is right. We are trying to get him to be responsible, not a user. Anyway, the two nineteens tried to get him set up in a hotel room but lo and behold, hotels require a twenty one year old to sign the forms. They had been told but daughter is adamant that she is an adult and gets full privilege. That would be fine if everybody was responsible but they are not so the hotels have to protect themselves where they can. Anyhow, sis in law and daughter bought son a bus ticket to come back up here. Now, for me to decide if or how to help him. He is not someone I want around the little ones, unsupervised. He uses drugs and alcohol. He lets people who should not be on his internet for inappropriate things. Wait, he has internet? Maybe not anymore, we will see. Still has a smart phone? Maybe not, we will see.

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  11. Sixteen year old son was rather sullen yesterday. I suspect reality has tapped him on the shoulder. Knowing we don’t allow sixteen year olds to go to dances, he invited a girl on the first day of school. Did not let us know until recently. Husband told him he would have to have his grades up before he would even consider it. The grades immediately plummeted (I don’t think he likes playing football or going to dances with girls) and it may be he told her yesterday that he was not going. There would be some fallout from the friends and he could well have lost his standing as mr cool. Or the school may have told him something about his grades he did not like. He does not tell me so I just know he was a bit down yesterday.

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  12. Completed all my assignments done for this week. Next week is reading week, but there are three assignments due and two midterms to write the week after. That is, provided the college professors don’t go on strike. The program I attend is jointly operated through the local college and the university, and some of my professors and tutors work for the university and some for the college. I know that my clinical tutor works for the college; and we have to fulfill a certain number of clinical hours for graduation. Praying that the Lord will work out all things according to his will.

    I have to say, though, I’m glad I stayed in both my electives. They give me more work, but they are extremely interesting. I’ve mentioned a small part of what I’m learning in the History course, but I’m also taking an Anthropology course with a focus on medicine. As I listen to the professor talk about how anthropologists study different cultures, I’m realizing that some of the best practitioners of the discipline of anthropology I have ever met were Aji suun and her veteran colleagues – their analysis and understanding of the surrounding culture would make many an accredited anthropologist envious. There is in anthropology, however, when it comes to questioning what caused such cultures to arise, a strong evolutionary element, but I’ve been impressed by the professor’s intellectual honesty. He said today that, when speaking of ethnic medicine and how it often used beliefs in the supernatural to explain disease, that we in the scientifically dominated West might be inclined to be scornful of superstition and religion, but that we too operated in the belief that physical laws in science always worked and because we were incapable of saying absolutely that science explained everything, we could not, in all scientific honesty, rule out the possibility of there being a God. My father, who often dwells on how atheists have painted themselves into a logical corner by trying to state absolutely that God does not exist, would have cheered.

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  13. My response to Clau-dam of the Neighborhood Taliban:
    “My overall concern is that two people who work in real estate every day have warned about making the covenants and restrictions too strict and that negatively effecting property values!
    I participate in dozens of real estate Facebook pages, industry forums, and even the magazine from the National Association of Realtors; I constantly see where agents are looking for less restrictive neighborhoods and neighborhoods that have no HOA at all”.

    He keeps pushing us to accept the covenants and restrictions he wrote when the last time we met, we agreed to review the ORIGINAL CCR’s

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  14. Kim, tell him if he wants to write bylaws to run for town council. An aunt of mine lives in a housing development which has some community organization making rules about what can go on the front lawn, etc. When she first moved there, she left her outside broom outside on the step, as she always had. ‘They’ made inquiries as to why the implement was there, and my aunt, being sharp of tongue and knowing bikes and scooter might be left by the steps, said, “That’s my form of transportation.”

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  15. Yeah, give people a little bit of (real) power over their neighbors and it’s just not pretty. Someone wanted me to do a story on the original purpose of these groups that have spun so out of control from intent. They’ve become like a power grab and seem to attract those domineering personalities.

    SO glad there’s no association where I live.

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  16. I just got more than 100 photos of ants. (I am rather shocked it was that many.) Winged ants were swarming, many thousands of them, in their nuptial flight. I’ve always found the sight fascinating, and I was out there with a camera that could capture it, so why not?

    Then I found one lone female off removing her wings (which means she is ready to settle in as queen somewhere that she will nest next year). I got a bunch of close-ups of her . . . and then I crushed her, since she was settling in next to our newly painted fence and these might well be carpenter ants.

    Earlier today I went out to see if any warblers were in the apple orchard next door, and the place was simply alive with birds. I didn’t get any great photos–the light was wrong and warblers are super difficult–but I’ve gotten a few already this season, I did manage at least to see a new species, and it was lovely watching and listening to the hubbub at least.


  17. Nineteen year old made it back on the bus. He called and we went to give him a ride from the tree farm outside the town the bus stops, to his house. On the way, I asked him if he still had a home. He said he thought so but was not sure. I asked him if he had some food at home, he said he had a little bit. I told him I would buy him an early birthday present by stopping by the store and buying some groceries but no junk food or cigarettes. So we bought some grapes and carrots at my insistence, some cheese and bologna, some bread, ramen, peanut butter and oatmeal and canned chili. He is afraid to use the stove or microwave or oven because he is terrified of his roomie’s temper. So he heats water in a coffee pot and uses that to make oatmeal and ramen. He has been fed and dropped off at the house. I made a couple of job recommendations, including working with the guy who is doing odd jobs around here. We will see.

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