14 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-2-17

  1. Not the news anyone wants to wake up to.



    “FIFTY dead and 200 injured as gunman with terrifying arsenal of weapons opens fire on packed Vegas music festival from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel: Shooter killed and ‘companion’ caught
    At least 50 people have been killed and more than 200 injured in the worst mass shooting in US history
    Shooter identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, who opened fire from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel
    Officers said Paddock was shot dead inside a hotel room alongside an ‘arsenal’ of weapons
    Cops have located Marilou Danley, described as Paddock’s ‘companion’ and roommate, for questioning”


  2. Don’t believe the hype.


    “Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera confronted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Sunday, asking her about her claims that people were “dying.”

    The mayor claimed, “There are people at all municipalities literally starving, dehydrating. We have had our hospital try to go back to speed but then the electricity goes off and we have to do all the bacteria testing, which takes three to four days.”

    Rivera said, “But are people dying? I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.”

    Cruz responded, “Dying is a continuum. If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people like we took out of a nursing home, severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

    The Fox News reporter followed up after the video interview, stating, “More houses destroyed, not people killed–the Mayor’s wrong about that.”


  3. 3rd times the charm….. not.


    “Being Houston-based, I watched in disgust as the national press corps attempted to politicize Hurricane Harvey and the resultant White House response, going so far as mocking the First Lady’s shoes.

    None of the attacks stuck as story after story from the ground proved the press corps wrong.

    Then came Hurricane Irma, and the cycle began anew. Again, events proved contrary to narrative. And now that Puerto Rico was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, we’re on the third iteration of the tired “Blame Trump” trope.

    Headlines across the board suggest Trump has botched the federal response to Puerto Rico, treating the island territory like a third-class state, but it’s simply not the case. Trump suspended the Jones Act, allowing aid to flow to Puerto Rico.

    According to the White House, the federal response timeline is as follows:


  4. rw: Has Mueller found a crime to investigate yet? The original Russia thing seems to be quite distant in the rear-view mirror…


  5. Linda, Income tax is tax on your personal income. Payroll tax is Social Security and Medicare tax withheld from paychecks.

    Tychicus, Mueller neither Tweets nor bellows, so we will all have to wait for the answer to your question.


  6. Tychicus, Mueller’s report will have two parts :

    1. He will report on Russia’s efforts to disrupt or influence the 2016 election. This should be of interest to all Americans and Westerners who desire to prevent similar acts in the future by Russia or other countries such as China or Iran.

    2. He will report on contacts/coordination between Trump and/or his aides and Russia as well as attempts by Trump and/or his aides to obstruct the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the election or Trump/Russia contacts.

    As the article explained, Mueller and his staff have been very tight-lipped. However, information about the investigation has poured out from Trump, his family, his aides his former aides, his fired aides, many Congressmen and Congressional aides, the FBI, Trump’s Justice Department, Trump’s lawyers talking loudly in a restaurant, etc.
    Based on this information I would give the following probabilities of outcomes of the Trump part of the Mueller Report:

    1. 10% – The report exonerates Trump and aides from all but minor offenses.

    2. 50% – Much like Comey’s initial report on Hillary and emails, the report sharply scolds Trump’s aides for various meetings with Russians and chides Trump for his clumsy, but persistent attempts to impede the investigation. However, the report alleges no impeachable offenses.

    3. 25% – The report alleges significant Russian interference in the election, significant though awkward attempts by Trumpkins to coordinate with the Russians and significant through comic attempts by Trump himself to obstruct the investigation. The Democrats push to impeach and convict, but Trump is saved by Republicans who stand by Trump even as Democrats saved Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal.

    4. 15% – The report is basically the same as in #3, but the Republicans are so sick of Trump’s antics and unfitness for office that they risk the rath of his cult and vote to impeach and convict.


  7. An amazing number of Southern Californians were at that concert, one fatality (a school teacher) and several wounded among them 😦

    Something spiritual is going on in our nation.

    But meanwhile, fumbling through on crisis mode with our new computer system amid a busy (putting it mildly) news day, our editor is coming unglued

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  8. Just an awful thing to happen (the shooting). As I interviewed several people today who were there, I couldn’t imagine the panic and pandemonium they experienced. One man, speaking of the carnage he witnessed while he waited for a friend who was in surgery (“critical” condition) at a Las Vegas hospital, said he’d never be able to forget what he saw. Another woman, an attorney, told me she knew the sounds weren’t fireworks when she turned and saw a woman with her head and face covered in blood, her eyes apparently shot out.

    They all hit the ground, tried to protect loved ones — and then ran for their lives, ducking under cars or dumpsters or whatever they could whenever the shots started up again. No one knew how many gunmen there might be or where shots would come from next.


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