Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 3

Week 3 is here. Janice is not available to pick a tie breaker so she deferred to me. This week has a pillow fight of sorts. Purdue goes to Mizzou. Both teams have records of 1-1, but have been struggling the last couple of years. Let’s see which one can overcome the blahs. Sorry this intro is not up to past efforts, but who reads this part, anyway?

The first game is Friday night @ 10:15 EDT, so pick before then.

  1. Baylor @ Duke

  2. #23 Tennessee @ #24 Florida

  3. Notre Dame @ Boston College

  4. Oregon State @ #21 Washington State

  5. #12 LSU @ Mississippi State

  6. Kentucky @ So. Carolina

  7. #3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville

  8. Idaho @ Western Michigan

  9. Pillow Fight: Pur-don’t @ Mizz-ew

10. Tie breaker: Pick winner and score – Arizona @ UTEP

PS- There is no prize, especially no car to win. You get bragging rights and the chance to pick the next tie breaker game. Nothing else. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

22 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 3

  1. Chas’ well thought out selections:

    1 Devils take the Baptists this time’
    2 Florida
    3 Irish
    4 Washington State
    5 LSU Tigers
    6 Gamecocks
    7 Tigers in a tight one
    8 Western Michigan ???
    9 Go Boilermakers!
    10 Arizona 21-14


  2. I do. What is this talk of devils and Baptists?

    Notre Dame
    So Carolina
    Arizona 21-17


  3. 1. Baylor
    2. Tennessee
    3. Boston College
    4. Washington State
    5. LSU
    6. Kentucky
    7. Clemson
    8. Western Michigan – Go Broncos! (The first week they looked like they might pull off an upset over University of Spoiled Children, but got clobbered in the 4th quarter.)
    9. Purdue
    10. Arizona 28-21


  4. So mumsee reads the intro. I guess I won’t use the Latin filler some publishers use as demo text next time. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit…

    I’m guessing it’s the week of the cat:
    Duke (Even if they are Devils)
    BC (Eagles, I think)
    Purple Tigers
    Orange Tigers
    Tamed Tigers
    Wildcats 45-24

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  5. No fake Latin, Peter. It’s bad enough we have the fake news… ;–)

    1. Duke
    2. Tennessee
    3. Notre Dame
    4. Washington State
    5. LSU
    6. So. Carolina
    7. Clemson
    8. Idaho
    9. Purdue
    10. UTEP 28-21

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  6. And it comes down to the tie breaker. Chas continued his winning ways, but in the end, he loses to Tychicus, because Tychicus came “closer” on the tie breaker. Both of these gentlemen got 8 correct, but Tychicus was “only” 42 points off the tie breaker game to Chas’ 51 off. The final score in that game was Arizona 63, UTEP 16. At any rate, Tychicus is declared the winner this week. So he gets to pick the tie breaker for next week, unless he wants to let Janice have her choice, since she deferred last week.

    Our results; Ty and Chas 8; Rickweaver 7; Kevin 6; myself, AJ, and Debra 5; kare, mumsee and Janice 4.

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  7. I meant in. I did not mean that I am good company. That is ridiculous.

    On another note, I have no idea why I did not win or any idea of what four I got right.

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