45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-12-17

  1. Good morning. We fared well during the storm. We still don’t have power, and my sleep has been minimal. I am thankful that people stayed off the roads with all the trees falling. There are over a hundred trees down in my county.

    They are talking now about the coldness of this tropical storm that saved us from having tornados. It did almost seem like a blizzard with rain instead of snow.

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  2. This was a most unusual storm/hurricane. I am thankful it was not as bad as I expected in some areas. I saw the horrible damage on Sea Pines last January from Matthew. I know it was only a tropical storm here, but it could have knocked down many more trees.


  3. If you see the waves crashing over the sea wall in Charleston, that is at the Battery (officially White Point Gardens. though nobody down there ever says that.) I sold peanuts down there in 1941. They didn’t have street lights then and it was dark. Sailors used to bring their dates and park along the battery. I would stick my head in the car and say “PEANUTS?” They often bought some. five cents a bag. I got two cents.
    Sometimes I made almost a dollar a night.
    That was something back then.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone.
    Chas, Hurricanes form as waves off the coast of Africa and sometimes gains strength as it crosses the Atlantic, so hurricanes most often travel west. Cool weather pushed it back east. Wind patterns like the Gulf Stream and wind from the north west help determine. We all got lucky. It could have been so much worse.
    Janice I am glad to know you are safe.

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  5. In the end, that hurricane was exhausting amid all the drama and buildup

    Hope your power reruns soon, Janice, its surprising how disruptive that can be to our basic routine.

    I had one of those awful leg muscle seizure cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night. I usually have the presence of mind to stand up, that usually makes them go away, but I guess I was in too deep of a sleep and didn’t stop it in time. The muscle still hurts this morning.

    We also had another very too-warm night last night, the house barely made it below 80.


  6. The photo is taken standing at my back fence. That field alternates between corn and soybeans; one year it was wheat, and that was my favorite, since today’s wheat is so short and it’s harvested so early in the season–and its remnants after harvest draw snacking critters for months–that it gave the best view. But the clouds were so lovely that I went out to get photos of them, and included some of the landscape.

    Every night from the picture window in our library we see the sunset over those distant trees. This library, and that view, are definitely things we will miss when we move (even if we end up with something just as good at the other end).

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  7. BTW, photo tip: the natural tendency in taking the photo above is to divide the photo in half, half sky and half greenery. But experts say that makes the photo less interesting, so it should be divided at about the one-third point (that’s part of what is called “the rule of thirds”). There are always exceptions to any design “rule,” but in this case it seemed best to follow it. So the question was whether to make the sky or the corn and trees be the larger section, two-thirds of the photo. Since the cloud bank was so large, and since it was my main purpose for wanting to take the photo, I chose to let the clouds dominate. I included the entire cloud bank and then zoomed out enough to get a good bit of the cornfield for context. If you look closely you can see fence posts at the bottom; if I had gone any lower, I would have gotten the fence, too, and that would have put a “barrier” right at the front of the photo, which I didn’t want.

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  8. For a minute, I wondered if that was my photo up there, as I have taken some similar ones, but I couldn’t remember sending any of them to The Real. I’ve found that trying to take photos of field and sky can be challenging, as the brightness of the sky can make the field look dark and shadowy.

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  9. Yeah, Roscuro, I have the “dark and shadowy” problem, too. That’s the nice thing about digital, that you can play around with the camera until it looks right. And often changing the angle a bit allows the light to be more even–I kept moving the camera up and down a little until it had the lighting I wanted. I also have the setting on my camera where it takes three quick shots with different settings and merges them (it needs to be a non-moving object, and the camera needs to be on a tripod). I set it on a fencepost and used that setting for some of the photos I took that afternoon; I don’t think this is one of those, but it might be.

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  10. I love the header after the skies I have witnessed lately! It is brightening up finally but remains overcast. I hear the beloved sound of chainsaws in the distance.

    All is well at the office. Art has power there and welcomes Miss Bosley and me to come down to enjoy the benefits of power. I told him I prefer the benefit of sleeping in my bed at home instead of on the floor ♡ I feel ragged today. I don’t want to disturb Miss Bosley anymore than she has already been disturbed by all the changes in her world yesterday. And I am concerned about any clients who may be allergic to cats.

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  11. Now that I have seen the neighborhood, I think the count of a hundred trees down in my county that I heard on the news meant only trees down on roads. I think many more are down in yards. I posted some photos on Instagram/Facebook if AJ wants to share storm damage pictures on here from there.


  12. Janice, when you said 100 down, I thought that sounded low for the kind of storm you had. In Nashville once (a much smaller city in population, though I don’t know the comparison in land size), we had a storm go through that knocked down many trees. Within a few houses of me in both directions two large trees went down, one laid down exactly parallel to the house and in front of it, and one through the roof of a different house.

    I had a part-time evening job, and it was somewhere between two and four miles away, I don’t remember exactly. On my way to work, I saw multiple trees down, some in the road and some not. The total number throughout the city must have been enormous if I saw six or eight on one short stretch of road.

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  13. Pickle juice — prevention or cure?

    I rarely get them and hadn’t had one in ages, usually just standing up stretches them out and makes them stop


  14. Jury summons completed online, hoping for a 1-day-only stint again like last time.

    The guys came to take a look at the foundation a couple days ago. No word on when that project (I’m told it would take 1 week) might actually start. Once it does, it’s a race to the finish (I hope, depending on how quickly I can get the window people out to do their thing — a 1-day job with a big crew — afterward).

    Then paint.

    I’m now considering going white for the main color of the house.

    Green, blue, warm sand, I’ve been all over the map so far.

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  15. Thanks, Debra. This particular cornfield isn’t the one behind my house, but one a little ways down the street. When the monarch flew by, I quickly snapped the shot, and was happy it got included in the picture–I thought it “made” the shot too. And what was extra cool was that earlier that same day a male monarch had just crawled out of his chrysalis and flown from my yard–I don’t know if this was the same butterfly, but it might well have been. If it was, it was hatched, nourished, and grown to maturity in my yard.

    I didn’t see that butterfly (the one that came out of the chrysalis in my yard) until it was already out and hanging to dry. It hid its chrysalis well and I never found it. But I have another one (this one a female) set to come out tomorrow. I’m really hoping it will be a healthy butterfly, since on this one I should be able to see the whole process. I almost gave up on it, since they’re supposed to come out in about a week and a half, and this one will be 23 days. It’s cooler, so I thought that might affect how long it takes, but I couldn’t find anywhere online that said it might take longer than three weeks. So I was quite excited this morning to look at the chrysalis and see the butterfly showing through, ready to come out tomorrow morning if all goes well.

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  16. Michelle, I liked that article on ants until the end when it indicated the author’s theistic evolution bias. All that about how important ants are to life, but then he shows that God waited a while to get around to creating them?

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  17. Some people swear by a teaspoon of mustard for those cramps, too. I hate mustard, so I have never tried it.

    I am on jury duty for the month of September. So, far I have only had to call in and I am hoping it stays that way. If I would have known my grandchild would not be here yet, I would have tried to get out of it. It does not help the anxiety I sometimes get with my Graves Disease, either.

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  18. Pickle juice? Yes! It works for me…oh and don’t get me started on that episode of Andy Griffith when Aunt Bea makes her pickles! I declare it is the power of suggestion….a pickle making company made a lot of sales due to that episode!🥒

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  19. Oh no. I just took calcium/magnesium and potassium for a cramp in my foot before I read the end of this thread. I want pickles and mustard too. Maybe a little lettuce, tomato and bologna. But it’s too late now, the cramp is gone. I feel cheated. :–)

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  20. Mmm, bologna. We’re all going to have midnight snacks tonight. 🙂

    I should know better than to have opened up the topic of what colors to paint my house with Real Estate Guy (who is incredibly knowledgeable and has been an invaluable help in the nuts and bolts of fixing stuff & finding good labor but who falters when it comes to design imagination).

    I texted him that I was thinking of painting the house white, to take it back to a look that would be true to its spanish-mission style.

    “White with white trim is too white,” he says.

    “Um, yes, of course. But I’d choose a contrasting color for the trim if I painted the house white.”

    “What color?”

    “I don’t know yet, maybe an interesting shade of blue, green … ”

    “Your patio and facia are white. I can’t imagine a green patio or facia.”

    Meanwhile, some friend on FB who I thought I knew from the coyote page (someone who was more level-headed than most) messaged me on FB tonight asking if he’d seen me at a local market (we’ve never met in person that I know of). Not tonight, I said, though I do stop in there from time to time, it’s a small town so easy to run into people. “I thought I saw U” he said again.

    I didn’t respond. “U R Cute,” he says next. Oh brother, I’m lightyears beyond “cute” and know a phony/creepy line when I see one. I turned FB off for the night.

    Back to pondering house paint colors.

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